I walk up to you with fire in my eyes. My face is serious and the usual smile on it gone for now. Once I get up to you, I pull on your hair making your face tilt upwards to mine. I kiss you, my lips pressing hard against yours as my tongue forces its way into your mouth. My other hand reaches behind you grabbing your ass and pulling you tight against me. I grind my body against yours, you can already feel how hard I am for you, how much I want my little slut. Not caring what is going on or who is around us, I claim you as mine. My actions, taking you, controlling you. My lust threatens to overwhelm you as I continue to kiss you. The passion, the lust, the naked desire transfers between us by way of our bodies.

All I was supposed to do was pick you up, not this, not this right now, there are people that could see but I don't seem to care as I drag you with me. Our lips and bodies one as I guide you to my car. Once we get to it, I pick you up and place you on the trunk, not to gently as I spread your legs wide and pulls us together again. My lips fuelling your own desire as I grind my hard cock against your pussy.

My cock presses against your pussy as my body grinds against yours. I can't seem to get close enough, have you enough, take you enough, so I keep pressing driving you back against the car then pulling you back towards me. My mouth leaves yours as I roughly tug on your hair and sink my teeth into your neck, I growl into your flesh I bite and kiss and suck. You moan, then remembering there are people around you quickly clamp your mouth shut but you can't help the mewling sounds that escape your throat. I push your head to the other side as I bite and suck on opposite side of your neck. My other hand grabs your tit through your shirt and I play with your nipple as I ravage your neck. My cock still rubbing your pussy.

"Stop it Dave, people can see," You say, trying to regain some sort of balance in the situation.

You fail to shake me.

"Let them watch, they might learn what kind of naughty little slut I own," I whisper in your ear then my tongue traces your jaw line.

You shiver at my words and actions. A low sound escapes you as my cock presses your pussy, fits right in your the clothes go with it inside a little as I push harder against you. My arms holding you tight, not letting you move. You look around, trying to see if anyone is watching but I keep distracting you as my hands roam your back, working their way down to your ass. Taking it both hands, I grip and squeeze it and pull you hard against me. My desire for you is obvious as I kiss and suck on your neck then bite down hard. You grip my shoulders, finger tips digging into my flesh as I savage your neck. You legs wrap around my back as you feel yourself giving in to my will, your pussy is already wet and your panties are soaked as I continue to grind against you.

I move my hands off your ass and bring them around. I grab your shorts and panties and pull them down, just enough to reveal your clean shaven pussy to my gaze. I stare at it then look into your eyes. You gasp as the possessiveness in my eyes, the raw desire, the iron will I show in containing the lust I feel. I look back down and smirk at your wetness which causes you to blush but it sends a quiver through your pussy as I my fingers stroke your pussy, slick and wet against your skin, all because of your hormone driven brain.

You glance nervously about, again trying to see if anyone is watching but not really caring. His hormones have infected you and just want him to take you here and now. His fingers are still pressing against your very warm naughty place and when you look back at, I'm staring at you. An evil look passes across my face as I push my fingers inside you, brining a gasp and a shudder out of you. You can't look away as I stare and enjoy the affect my touch is having on you. Working my fingers deeper and deeper inside your pussy, you realize you love my touch but you would love to feel my cock penetrating your pussy.

"Please, stop, Dave, please stop, someone might see us," You say to me.

I continue to tease your pussy with my fingers my thumb brushing then pressing hard against your clit as I thrust my fingers as far as they will go inside your pussy. I smile at you, my eyes continuing to show you that I am in control but still desiring you greatly. I kiss you softly as I draw my fingers out of your pussy before breaking the kiss and bringing them to my lips. I like your juices off my fingers and suck on them, a look of pleasure on my face as I continue to stare into your eyes. You attempt to pull your panties back up but my other hand reaches out and stops you. I hold you soaked panties in my hand preventing your from covering your little fuck hole.

"No Sara, I won't stop," I say to you, my voice filled with the dominance you love and enjoy.

Once I am done licking my fingers I trace patterns on the skin of your inner thigh with my finger tips. Your skin is soft and my fingers are gentle as I tease you. Leaning forward I hover my lips just before yours and wait. You wait and wait for me to kiss you but I refuse to bring out lips together; you can't see my smirk but you know its there and it maddening. You want me to kiss you and you know I want to kiss you but I am in control and my lips stay in place. Staring into my eyes, you can't take it any more and you lean forward and kiss me, giving me your submission with your desire. My hand latches onto the back of your neck as we kiss; fingers twining in your hair as I squeeze and keep your head under my control. My tongue licks your lips as we kiss.

"Take them off, Sara," I order you, letting go of your panties.

"Here?" You ask.

"Now," I command.

"Yes, sir" you reply submissively.

You slowly push down your shorts and panties, glancing about making sure no one can see you behaving so slutty in public. You kick them off onto the ground and you are again taken into my arms as I kiss you. My crotch grinds against your bare pussy, the rough cloth of my cargo pants stimulates your naughty place as my teeth scrape across your lower lip. You feel one hand on your pussy rubbing it as the other unbuttons my pants. Pushing them down just low enough to free my cock, I rub the head against the entrance of your tight little pussy. You feel my precum mix with yours as I pull your head to the side. I push my cock into you fast and hard, all the way in as I bite your neck at the same time. You almost cum right there, my cock inside you where it belongs and my teeth on your neck. I thrust in and out as you gasp and quiver against me and the cool metal of my car.

"Please sir, fuck me harder, please sir fuck me.. oh please please please," you moan out as you writhe against me.

"Anything my little fuck toy wants," I say to you, which causes your pussy to clench and you almost cum again as I fuck you.

Totally lost in the moment, we both fuck and grind and kiss, the motion of our bodies together rocking my car. I growl into your ear as I pound your pussy against the hard metal and your legs wrap around my ass, urging me to go faster and harder. Pulling on your hair tilting you face towards mine so I can stare into your eyes, I see my own lust reflected in them as we fuck hard and fast. The control over you and my willingness to take you at any time or place just makes you lose it. As you think about who could be watching, where you are at, what I have done to you, you cum hard against my cock. You feel wetness coat across my cock and drip down your thighs onto the car as I continue to pound your little pussy. I revel in the feeling, knowing you are my little toy to fuck and take and tease and pleasure whenever I want. As your pussy spasms clenching down and releasing my cock, you feel me spurt my cum deep inside you as I bite your neck hard, sending you into another orgasm. I thrust a few more times into your pussy pushing my cum deeper inside you as we both quiver and shake.

"Thank you sir," you say to me, once you have regained your breath. The muscles of your thighs still quivering lightly.

"I love taking my little bunny, whenever I want. You are such a good girl too," I tell you, as I slowly pull my cock free of your pussy.

You miss it but the lust is sated in you for the moment and you look down at your shorts and panties on the ground, a question in your eyes when meet my gaze.

"Go ahead bunny get dressed, we still have to go to your friend's house for the party, but I want my cum filling your little panties all night. I will drag you away to check and if its gone I will refill your sweet pussy again, Sara," I say to you.

You get goose bumps as those thoughts fill your head and you slowly retrieve you clothes and put them back on. You smile, ready and willing for me to take you.

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