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Eyes For You


Liam overlooked the scenic view of the lake from his small camp. The small campfire was the only source of light as the last rays of the sun receded behind the mountain range. The smooth opaque surface of the water showed a reflection of the first stars that pierced the heavens. He inhaled deeply, taking in every scent and sound of the wilderness around him. The woods were so calming, while he didn't dislike people he enjoyed the solitude of nature.

Liam laid down on his sleeping mat, listening to the crackling fire as he stared at the stars. He wondered about his decisions in life. He scratched his stubbled chin and let the stress seep out from his bones. He heard a small twig snap somewhere on the bank of the lake. Liam sat up to look towards the sound. However, he couldn't see anything, as the darkness of night covered the valley. Liam pulled out a 9mm pistol in case it was wolves. He sat in complete silence for a moment, after hearing a chirp from a squirrel he relaxed.

"Good, y'all are still in the valley." Liam mused to himself.

He knew that birds and squirrels go completely silent if wolves or cougars are in the area. Even though Liam relaxed, he kept the pistol close, just in case. He closed his eyes and let the mistress of sleep whisk him away.

It wasn't long before Liam began to dream, he heard two deep feminine voices talking to each other.

"He's cute." One said.

"Yeah, he is, a little skinny but he has a certain rustic charm you know?" The other said.

"Do you think he'll think I'm cute?" The first one asked.

"Of course." The other answered.

"I think he'd like our camp over this one." One of them giggled.

"Hey mister, do you want to come visit our camp?" The voice whispered to him.

Liam envisioned two large, busty women beckoning him over.

"Yes..." He murmured.

The two voices giggled and he felt their hands pick him up and carry him away. This dream was very vivid, but he'd had similar dreams before where he could have sworn he'd been actually kissing women. But dreams are an escape and Liam just enjoyed it.

After an hour or so he felt the hands lay him down on something soft, it felt almost like fur. Liam snuggled into the soft, warm surface. He groaned as he rubbed his face in the furs. In his dream he was in a teepee like structure with fur bedrolls.

"Would you like to snuggle into something else?" One of the voices asked.

"Mmhmm, sure" He said sleepily.

Liam could have sworn he felt warm, soft skin on his cheek. While this was the most realistic dream he'd ever had, he wasn't going to waste it so he sluggishly wrapped his arms around the woman. He felt her voluptuous thighs, they made the perfect cushion.

"Are you cold my dear?" He heard the other voice say.

Liam just groaned as he lovingly stroked her thighs.

"I'll take that as a yes." The voice cooed.

He felt the warmth of soft skin pressed against his back. Liam dreamed that he was between two sultry amazons. Then he fell into the deepest sleep of his life.

When Liam woke up he saw he was no longer in his own camp but in some kind of longhouse. He panicked for a brief moment as he looked up to see a buxom cyclops. She was still asleep.

"What the? Was it all a dream?" He whispered to himself.

He felt the large Amazonian woman behind him wrap an arm around his waist and sigh in his ear. The woman behind him pulled him closer to her, if that was even possible. She was so much bigger than him! While Liam wasn't short this woman must have been 7 or 8 feet tall!

He looked around the room. A cozy fireplace was built into the wall, he was laying on a pile of furs. They were so soft. He could see a large wooden door. He would have looked around more but a noise tore his attention away from his observations.

"Well look who's awake" The voice cooed.

Liam looked up, deep into the eye of an admittedly beautiful cyclops. Her iris was a deep hazel, her hair was a dark brown but was kept short. Liam couldn't help but take note of her muscular frame. Liam tried to move but the sleeping cyclops prevented any movement.

The massive cyclops carefully laid down next to him. She moved stealthily as she sandwiched him between herself and the Amazonian monster girl behind him. She scooted close to Liam with a lustful smile. Her voluptuous breasts pressed tightly into his face, making his breathing become heavier.

"Go ahead man-beast, suckle them..." The cyclops whispered.

Before Liam could give her an answer, she wrapped a powerful arm around his head, pulling his mouth into a large, beautiful nipple. He started sucking on it tenderly. His tongue danced around her areola, occasionally flicking her nipple. The cyclopean woman slid her other arm around his head to pull him closer to her bosom. She moaned softly, trying to stifle her sounds of pleasure.

Evidently the noise stirred the sleeping cyclops as she moved her waist forward. With that move, Liam was pushed between the other cyclops's thighs. He could feel her moist vulva already dripping fluid onto his rock-hard member. She let out a small yelp before shuddering. She leaned her head down and nuzzled her face in his hair.

"Now the other one..." She whispered seductively.

Liam slowly pulled his lips from her breast with a gentle kiss, eliciting another hushed moan. He kissed every inch of her bosom as he moved his head to the other breast. He began working on the other nipple, causing her fluids to flow freely between her thighs.

Liam couldn't help himself, he thrust gently. As he did so he rubbed her soaking wet clit with his manhood. The cyclops was panting as she desperately tried to keep quiet. His movements were slow but she was clearly enjoying it. He looked up to see her blushing face. Her one eye stared back down, lovingly at him. Liam noticed the smallest amount of drool forming on the corner of her mouth.

"Not a fan of sharing him sis?" A voice came from behind him.

The other cyclops giggled before continuing.

"Here, let me help." She offered as she started thrusting her own hips which moved Liam's waist for him.

The cyclops giggled again.

"Cassandra loves it when you tease her first." The cyclops behind him said mischievously.

The cyclops behind him reached a powerful arm over him and grabbed her sister ass. She squeezed it firmly. The cyclops known as Cassandra moaned loudly.

"Keep sucking on her tits man beast, I'll toy with you too." She said with a seductive tone.

The cyclops behind him adjusted herself so she could gently push Liam into her sister's womanly flower. He moaned in ecstasy as Cassandra's surprisingly tight walls engulfed his manhood. Cassandra let out a soft cry as he penetrated her. Liam could hear the cyclops behind him breathing in his ear, her heavy breaths were so alluring. He turned his head to admire the woman behind him. Her eye was a beautiful hazel with a slight green tint. Her hair was completely black and was longer than Cassandra's. It reached just past her large breasts.

"Artemisia, you have to feel this! It's like nothing I've ever felt- Oh my goddess! Don't Stop!" Cassandra moaned.

Artemisia traced her hand up Liam's thigh, then over his stomach. She leaned into his neck and kissed it passionately as she kept pumping her hips, guiding him in and out of the cyclops's dripping sex. As Artemisia pumped Liam's hips, he could hear her heavy breaths of passion in his ear. However, Cassandra's increasingly loud moans nearly drowned out all other sounds.

"I'm so close baby! Keep him going sister!" Cassandra practically yelled as she moved her hips with Liam's.

Artemisia licked from his shoulder up to his ear.

"Let's give her what she desires man-beast." She panted in his ear.

"Oh goddess! Here it comes!" Cassandra screamed and she clung to both Liam and her sister.

Liam felt Cassandra's already tight walls clench around his member with surprising force and he felt her powerful muscles pull him as close to her as possible. She held on to him to brace herself as she shuddered in raw pleasure. Artemisia clutched on to his back and gently kissed his neck and check. He was sandwiched between the two cyclopean beauties.

The three of them laid together panting for several minutes before Artemisia spoke in her seductive voice.

"Can I try him my sister?" She asked softly.

"Hmm, I don't want to let him go but yes I'll share him with you." Cassandra murmured.

She slowly scooted back, allowing his still hard cock to slide out of her cavity, making a lewd noise. Artemisia sat up and moved Liam on to his back before straddling him. He looked up at the beautiful, Amazonian cyclops on his hips. She grabbed his member and slid it back and forth on her moist lips before sliding him in. Liam groaned in pleasure. Cassandra seized the moment and began passionately kissing him. Her tongue was large and flat, he could feel it exploring his mouth with surprising ferocity. She cradled his head in her muscular arms and continued kissing him deeply.

Meanwhile Artemisia started grinding her hips into Liam's. She was just as tight if not tighter than Cassandra! Liam tried to moan but was stifled by Cassandra's oral efforts so he moaned into her mouth. His hands moved up Artemisia's thick thighs up to her wide hips. She took notice and started pumping. Liam was panting heavily now.

Cassandra grabbed one of his hands and put it on her breast. He began toying with her voluptuous bosom. Artemisia sped up her assault on his hips, bringing her shapely form down on him again and again. Sending powerful waves of ecstasy through his whole body. Liam was already getting close, he could feel the pressure building like a dam about to burst.

"Oh my goddess! Sister you were right, this feels incredible!!" Artemisia moaned between heavy breaths.

Cassandra broke away from the lovely kiss to respond.

"He is perfect, we have to keep him." She said.

"I would fight a troll to keep him here Sister! I can see why you didn't want to share!" She called.

Cassandra turned back to Liam.

"Are you close? Please, don't hold back." She said softly.

Those words alone nearly pushed Liam off the edge.

"You belong to us now, what is your name man beast? I want shout it from the mountain top." Artemisia asked

"L-Liam..." he struggled to think as Cassandra affectionately pinched his nipple.

"You belong to us now Liam." Cassandra cooed as Artemisia kept speeding up.

"Liam, give me your seed. I need to feel it inside me!" Artemisia commanded from her dominant position.

He was already about to burst and her command was followed as Liam came inside the cycloptic Amazon. He groaned loudly but was drowned out by Artemisia's thunderous roar.

"Oh yes!! Goddess, I can feel all of your cum inside! Give it all to me!" She shouted as her movements ceased with one final thrust.

Liam sent several large jets of cum into her womb. A thick fog of pleasure washed over his mind and he squeezed Cassandra's breast. She let out a loud cry of passion. Artemisia tipped her head and every muscle in her body tensed up. Liam could feel the heat radiating off her.

Cassandra resumed kissing him and this time Artemisia leaned over him and joined in the kiss. He had never been in a threesome before but to feel two tongues sliding over his own was a sensation he never wanted to end. Liam wrapped one arm around Artemisia's lower back, just low enough his fingers could feel her thick ass. He wrapped his other arm around Cassandra's back and gingerly stroked the back of her neck with his fingers.

"I hope you like that Liam *kiss* because now *kiss* it's my turn." Cassandra said lustfully.

Liam still had no idea where he was, but wherever he was this was his home now. Anywhere was home while he was with these two Amazonian cyclopes...

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Expected him to be more surprised, worried, frightened, concerned about being kidnapped.
Why was he in the woods to start with. Surely he would be missed.
Why were the cyclopian women there, at his camp.

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