tagBDSMEyes of Rose Ch. 01

Eyes of Rose Ch. 01


Master always enjoyed attention late in the afternoon as work was dying down for him. I was purring softly into his thigh innocently, but I knew very well what it did to him. He stroked my ears and the top of my head to encourage my nuzzling as I kneeled there.

I was on my knees bent over his chair into his lap like usual. My arms around him I usually napped while he stroked me and gave me attention. Sometimes Master was grumpy and neglected touching me. Even preferring me to go lay on the couch in the office. Sometimes he was angry and I tried my best to sooth him by being so close. Master always appreciates me though.

His fingers rubbed the tips of my ears as I nuzzled there peacefully. I was already soaked, feeling a small bead of wetness leaking down my thigh as the time of day when Master would fuck me came closer. Even if Master was not there or I was not in the office I always became hot this time of day like clockwork. My body learned to anticipate this.

Master Malus pushed his paperwork aside and leaned back, looking down at me with that sexy smile. I grinned back up at him, purring in the back of my throat.

"Master, do you need relief? You worked awful hard." I said to him lovingly.

"Such a considerate girl you are, Rose." He told me. Grasping my cheek he examined my full lips with his lustful eyes. "Your mouth, Rose." He instructed. Even before he finished saying my name my hands were unbuckling his belt and unzipping. My small hand fished for his cock and found it. Master was already hard. Lowering my mouth down I mouthed the tip and eased forward. Taking him down my throat was so easy, feeling every vein of him throbbing inside of my throat made me so much hotter.

His hands pressed down on my head, not pleased with me till my nose was buried in his pubic bone. Sucking at him I began to move up and down, letting him fuck my throat. And did Master love it... He was groaning so loud so quickly. My fingers kneaded at his balls, squeezing them gently to pleasure him more.

I grinned, knowing I could easily make Master very, very ready. Pulling away I stroked his wet cock, lubricated with my saliva and mouthed his balls, suckling so gently and humming. Master was swelling harder than I have felt him in a while.

Master began grunted and gasping out words to me. So into what I was doing I understood them a bit late. He was telling me he was going to cum. Lifting my head to late he shot all over my face. I mouthed the last few shots, but I felt the warmth running down my cheeks and my nose. I looked up at him scared I would find displeased eyes.

He only smirked down at me. I was silently, but my fingertip drug across my cheek and gathered some of his cum. I took it to my lips and licked it clean, suckling hungrily at the tip.

"My little kitty..." He said breathlessly. Master pushed his chair back and stood up. Grasping my hand he pulled me up too and turned me around like usual. I bent over the desk as he pushed me forward and pulled up my little skirt, revealing my wet virgin sex to him and my ass that he regularly used. Master Malus always fucked my ass because he said he wanted to save it for something special. I always assumed maybe a special guest would use me and take it and I was being saved like a fine bottle of wine.

But as his wet cock head ran against my pussy and began to enter I was surprised more then ever. I was already moaning as he stuffed the first few inches of his cock inside me, meeting a fleshy barrier as he slowly filled me with what he could without bursting it. I grasped the edge of the desk and did something I knew was a bad girl thing to do. I pressed back against him, letting his thick cock impale me. Malus rammed forward as it began to give and stole my virginity from me so easily.

My eyes welled with tears as I whimpered, moaning in so much pain as some blood coated his cock. I couldn't see but I knew there had to be a little blood from the sudden heat I felt.

It did not take long however to feel his tip hit inside of me, feeling him touching the wall of my womb. Now I was starting to cry and whimper in pleasure, pressing my little hips back into his cruel thrusts. He was taking me for the first time like he would take a woman well seasoned in sex. His thick cock banged inside of me almost violently, his hands holding my thighs.

My body was giving him soooo much nectar to use, feeling it run down the back of my legs. This felt so much better than when he took my ass. He taught me how to let it feel good by playing with my pussy the first few times he did it. But now to have him inside of my sensitive body was to much. Feeling him bang against my wall I began to orgasm, squeezing his cock as he buried it inside of me.

Master must have been loving the feeling too. Not only was he so swollen but he was in bliss. I heard his groans as he thrust into me.

It was too much again when he reached under me and began to rub my clit. Orgasming again I became limp on the desk, almost unable to move.

But Master stopped. His thrusts stopping a moment my pussy ached in slight pain after the pleasure left. The sudden surprise of his slick cock invading my ass made me forget the pain.

At one time this was my only pleasure. Feeling Master's cock inside of my ass felt more natural than in my pussy. I felt like such a dirty girl. He made me feel special that he would rather fuck my ass than return to his bride immediately and use her. I tightened my asshole around his thick cock to pleasure him, moaning weakly to his advances as he continued rubbing my clit.

It took so long, but I began to quake and spill my thick nectar all over the oak desk. Master grunted out, grasping tightly as I felt him shooting his thick seed inside of my ass. It felt so warm, making me lay in post orgasm bliss and purr at the warm sensation.

I have a very good Master.

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