tagBDSMEyes of Tessa Ch. 01

Eyes of Tessa Ch. 01


I watched Mistress stretch out on the bed, her silken garters so graceful as she sprawled out on the bed. I was at the door after Mistress sent me to investigate the knock.

I already knew who the guest was. Mistress briefed me about the Earl who was coming this evening and that I should be on my best behavior like always and put something nice on. She picked out a beautiful dress that made me not look like a maid, but her lady. She had me soak in her fragrant bath after she had finished so I would smell like roses as well.

Opening the door just a bit I saw his foreign eyes looking down at me. Seeing these large brutish men that always came to see my Mistress almost makes me stutter in fear. His skin was a dark olive and his black hair and blue eyes were so different from the people of this world. Venusians were common though in my Mistress's presence despite his Highness's dislike for them. I always wondered if that made her like them more.

"Mistress Tremaine, I present Marcus Vermillion, Earl of Saepic." I announced after looking away from him frightfully. I fear men. Mistress taught me that men are all evil creatures who rape and enslave women. Seeing how the men around Mistress act I learned that lesson quick.

He came in and kneeled beside the bed Mistress laid upon, keeping her legs together to tease him and not let him see her sex for now. Mistress had met him at dinner and spoke to him most of the evening, but was unhappy that he would not agree with her. She told him to come visit her this evening after they had rested to discuss more. I am not sure what Mistress and him spoke about because Mistress said eavesdropping is bad. And I'm a good girl.

As they began to speak I walked back to the bed and sat on the stack of pillows Mistress had put there for me. Soft, silken pillows of every color laid there for me to bask in. Mistress is so sweet to me. I nuzzled one, but started to pay attention to Mistress and the Earl until she needed me.

The Earl looked down at her with a lustful look on his face. The same way his Highness looks at her when she starves him of her body for a few days. She was speaking to him sternly, but was being seductive as she batted her eyes and rubbed her knees together, making him anticipate them opening.

"Marcus, my precious sister would make a fine wife. She is young, beautiful, and fruitful. Despite her having one child she is in no way damaged or dishonorable." She argued.

"Please, your Highness. I need a beautiful untainted bride. Can not your daughter do instead? I know you have plans for her and my cousin Antonio, but do consider me over..."

Mistress interrupted him by spreading her legs wide, exposing her swollen sex. Some of her juices leaked down her thigh. Although Mistress desired to share her bed with the Earl, she had me ready her before he visited. That nectar came from my tongue. As did her mood.

"Look, Marcus." She interrupted as he stopped speaking and just stared wantonly. "Dia is a precious gem. And not marrying her offends my heritage. Does not the tree of Tremaine produce the greatest beautiful and supple bodies?"

Marcus could not even speak. He just kneeled, bending over slightly to kiss her hand she offered him. "I will take her as my bride, Queen Aria. I am sorry I offended you." He said almost begging her forgiveness so he could be invited into her bed.

"Sweet Marcus." She said softly, more agreeable now. "Come into my bed and show me what my sister should expect. She needs a very rough lover to keep her at bay." Aria said, smiling seductively.

He stood and began to undress. As he pulled his shirt over his head after removing his vest Mistress pointed at me as he could not see and then pointed at the Earl. I crawled on my hands and knees a few feet to where I was kneeled before him, assisting him by un-buckling his belt and the front of his pants. Mistress leaned over and stroked the back of my head, knowing I hated this. She was pleased with me and it made me smile as I stuck my small hand inside and pulled out a rather large member.

I stared at it a moment, hearing Mistress having a sound of glee in her voice on seeing it. "Well you are certainly very gifted, Marcus. More then your Father and your Brother." She said proudly.

My mouth was already on the tip as she was complimenting him. Humming softly to pleasure and ready him as I took as much as I could into my mouth and throat. It was impossible to take all of him even after Mistress trained me with a toy. Although the jaw exercises worked in taking more, it was too big. My hand did not quite fit around it, my other hand kneading as his balls as I prepared him. Resisting a slight gag, I noticed he was swelling a bit more larger and I needed to back off a bit more or I'd surely choke.

After a few minutes and the beginning of his precum saturating down my throat I pulled away, licking my lips in reflex as he pushed me aside and climbed on the bed with Mistress.

He grasped her legs in an effort to just take her, but Mistress swatted one of his hands and winked at him, insisting to take something that big she needed to take her time and adjust. Having in lay on his back she mounted him, grasping his thick member as best as she could and slowly sat down on it. The look on her face was so complex. She whimpered in suffering and pleasure at the same time, able to take more and more of it as she slowly rode his cock. Soon her nectar leaked down the sides of his member even before he made her bottom out inside of her, bumping into her womb and making her moan in ecstasy.

As he penetrated into her womb she resorted to shivering and moaning loud enough for this part of the wing to hear. Mistress liked them hearing and loved me watching her.

I was becoming soaked watching, but since Mistress installed this awful belt I can no longer pleasure myself. Only when it amuses Mistress to see me quake and spasm in my little whimpers.

Soon she was riding him so fast and hard, slamming her ass down on his cock, speaking to him weakly about how glorious it was to have him inside of her and how Dia's pussy was like hers and he could have that every night. She screamed his name, her fingernails raking the flesh on his back as she continued to have wild sex with him on her bed.

She came once not long after he had made her take it all. The second time was only a smaller orgasm by how she reacted. But at the end as he was tensing up I saw the glazed look in her eyes, her lips so red and her nipples so swollen. Goose bumps overtook her body as she tingled. Mistress definitely must have been squeezing him very tight because some of the Earl's cries were in pain. That did not keep him from cumming though.

He shivered, groaning as loud as Mistress and began flooding her with seed. Those large balls emptied so much into her as he continued orgasming even after over a minute.

Mistress laid on top of him, whispering to him how talented he was and how he would make a good husband for her sister. A small trail of red leaked down his cock as I stood behind them and kneeled at the bed post. He torn her a little bit.

"Next time, Marcus..." She breathed out. "I will let you take control."

They snuggled for a while before Mistress told him he better get ready for tomorrow's travel home. He would be taking Dia with her and would have it arranged. Just as I closed the door after he left I heard Mistress's soft voice when she spoke to me.

"Tessa. Come here." I was drawn to her almost instinctively as I kneeled beside the bed between her legs. She had sat up and was looking down at me with a listless face, tired from her session with the Earl.

Her put her hand on the back of my head and eased me forward, my tongue going inside of her to clean her. Nothing ever pleased me more then licking and pleasing Mistress. I would rather taste her then eat. She just laid back and pressed down on the back of my head. "He left a lot in there, Tessa. You will need to clean me extra good."

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