tagNonHumanEyes With Red Coals of Fire

Eyes With Red Coals of Fire


"Doctor Burnside, Mrs. McHenry would like to see you."

"Thank you nurse Jones. She is a spry old gal at ninety-two, but I don't think that she will last the night."

As Dr. Burnside strode into room 217B, he observed Mrs. McHenry laying on her back. She was white as a ghost. In a soft whisper she commanded. "Close the door. Sit here on the bed. My time is near. They can not breed me again. I must tell you, Doctor. They are here. You must stop them."

Burnside was an intelligent man. He knew that when a person was about to die, they often confided their deepest secrets. He knew that Mrs. Mc Henry was lucid. She had his full attention. "Tell me, who are they? What have they done to you? What is this about breeding you again?"

Mrs. McHenry patted the good Doctor's hand. "Tell the nurse not to interrupt up. From the moment that I tell you about them, your life will be in danger." Mrs. McHenry trembled with fear.

"Tell me Woman, tell me?"

"The year was 1929 when it started. Times were tough. It was hard to find a man who was willing to marry. Like many of the woman in my township, I would go to the local tavern on Saturday night. There would be dancing. There were always strange men hanging about. On that fateful evening, late in October, it was cold. The storm gods raced, as the wind bent the trees. Rain fell in torrents. The street lights swung, casting an eerie frightful dance of shadows.

In the tavern, while speaking to my friends, I was tapped on the shoulder. I turned to find a tall dark stranger with piercing black eyes. I was mesmerized by the red coals of fire in the center of his eyes. He had a strange grin on his face. "I am Putrin. I must dance with you. You are what I am looking for. Come with me." I followed him. I could not speak. I was in a trance. During the dance, he stopped to kiss me. His long narrow tongue went well down my throat. My mind told me that something was wrong, but I could not speak. I obeyed his every command.

"We will leave now." He said as he put on my coat. He opened the door to his model A Ford. He said nothing to me. He drove to "Resurrection Cemetery." He drove to the far corner where the crypts are located.

He got out. Opening my door, he said in a booming deep threatening voice, "We are here. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ah, ah, ah, aaaahhh. Your time has come, my love."

My eyes went wide. I was afraid for my life. But, he had a power over me. I meekly let him lead me to the entrance of the crypt. The cold rain drenched my head. My hair blew across my face. He unlocked and opened the gates. We entered the chamber. He pulled a lever. The floor slid away revealing a stairway down into the depths of the earth. There was the rank smell from the decaying bodies in the nearby graves.

We passed through a passageway to a large room. There were over one hundred coffins in the room. In the center was a raised bed like device, unlike anything that I have ever seen before, or since.

As he raised his hands, I saw that his fingers were long with pointed razor sharp nails. He hiked them in my clothes. With a quick swipe, they were slashed off me. I was naked. For the first time, I could speak. I screamed, but was unable to move.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha aahhh. Yes, woman, we want your excitement to reverberate throughout the chamber. Tonight we will breed you, breed you, and breed you some more. Ha, ha, ha aaahhaaaaa."

Effortlessly, he picked me up, placing me on my back in the contraction. I was bent with my legs down one side, and my upper body down the other side. At the peak, my cunt was like a tunnel of a railroad, waiting for the night-train.

Putrin opened many of the caskets. In each lay a creature much like Putrin. To each he intoned, "We have to breed."

As they were stretching and stepping out into the rancid stale air, moans and deep snorts filled the air.

Putrin took off his clothes. I screamed again. From the neck down, his body was covered with a coarse black hair. His legs were short, thin, bony, and held feet that were like long hands. The upper body was long. Between his legs was a sack for his balls that was as big as a grapefruit. Above it was a long sheath, not unlike a dogs, but much longer. From the end extended a beet red, four inch long, straw thick, penis extension, with two flicking feelers, like a cobra. With the scream of a banshee, Putrin leaped into the air. He caught four hand holds located at the four corners of the bed. They suspended him, face down, above me. He begin to drool, hiss.

From the cock pouch, his cock begin to appear. It was like a snake, turning, twisting. The feeler at the end was homing toward the scent of my exposed pussy.

I let out a blood curdling scream. Putrin joined in with a long howl.

The feelers begin to flick at my cunt lips. I could not see the end. But I knew I was being slowly entered. The head of the cock itself was parting my cunt. The feeler was now at the end of my cervix. Then I felt it. The feeler had entered the mouth of my cervix. It was in my womb. The cock begin to expand with a huge knot inside me.. Putrin grunted, whined, as a look of intense effort crossed his face.

My pussy extended to where I thought that it would burst. Putrin let out a howl. His cock begin to shake, vibrate, as he went into a convulsion. His body turned red, thrashed suspended above me, like a man being electrocuted. As it thrashed, it took my vagina with it. My whole body was lifted clear of the table, suspended by my cunt. Only the ties on my legs and wrists held me from being shaken like a rag doll.

My breast were flailing, as were the cheeks of my ass. With his cock in full motion, my insides were like a clothes washer spinning with an uneven load. In my womb, Putrin's feelers located my eggs. All of them. While his body thrashed, a steady stream of his sperm was being sprayed directly on them.

As my orgasm ripped through my body, Putrin screamed, "Yes, you will deliver for us seventy children, each on Halloween, from this nights lust. Yyeeessssss."

Soon, Putrin had emptyed the contents of his balls. His place was taken by another of his kind. It went on for twenty-four hours. During that time, I was in constant orgasm. By the time they released me, I had lost twelve pounds. I was given a shroud from a coffin to cover my body during the walk home. It was Halloween! The ingestion period of their kind is exactly three hundred, sixty-five days. For the next seventy years, a force that I could not describe, or control, would draw me to the crypt. Fully at term, I would waddle down the stairs. On that same obscene table I would give birth to one of them. It would be immediately taken from me. I would be thrust out to fend for myself for yet another year.

As I lay here, I am now a discarded woman. But they know. Their kind is all around us. While giving birth, I have overheard their comments. They now have birthing centers beneath every cemetery in the country. Half of the babies are female, so they kidnap men to breed them. I witnessed such a breeding. May God have mercy on my soul. I was in a coffin in labor.

Down the stairs walked a stunning redheaded woman, leading a man by the hand. She was wearing a pants suit. I was about to scream at her to run for her life, when she looked at me. Her eyes were coal black with red coals of fire. She smiled a wicked smile. I knew then that it was he that was the victim, the breeder.

She tore his clothes off. She picked him us as easily as I had been. Her strength was like three men. He was tied as I had been with his cock sticking straight up. With a piercing scream, she flung off her clothes to reveal a chest with six full size tits. She was covered from her neck to her knees with the black coarse hair. As she turned to crouch to leap upward to grab the four handles, I saw her cunt. It was six inches long, and deep red, like a cows. She was in heat. She let out a low, long, howl.

Her cunt begin to thrust lower, lower, lower. It suddenly sucked in his cock and balls. She reacted like she had been electrocuted. Her body, that which could be seen, turned beet red. He was lifted away from the table, like I had been. His cock was carrying all his weight. She screamed out, " Lapupina shall have all your seed."

The man was moaning "Aahhhaaa."

"Cum in me fool."

"Aaahhhaaaa, yes, yes."

At that moment, Lapupina's cunt clamped shut, cutting off the man's cock and balls. He screamed. Several of the coffin dwellers pounced on him. He was devoured, eaten alive, until just a few of his bones remained.

Naked, Lapupina lowered herself. Purring like a cat, she walked to an open coffin. She lay down inside. It was shut. A coffin dweller said as the lid shut. "We will see you next Halloween for the delivery of your child, my Dear."

There are thousands of their children roaming this earth, each born on Halloween. I have no idea how long this has been going on. I was just one breeder, Some of my monsters are now seventy years old. They will live for centuries. I heard some of them speak of breeding Queen Elizabeth, while other spoke of breeding Queen Victoria."

A shaken Dr. Burnside inquired in a soft, halting voice, "How will I know them? Is there any way to destroy them?"

A very weak Mrs. Mc Henry's last words were, "Doctor, if you take their picture, their eyes will show little red dots.If you thrust a cock into their ass, they will collapse like a deflating balloon to as pulpy mass the size of a basketball. But be very careful. Only the pure bred have the hair, and six breasts. The half-breeds are the ones that will fool you.They look just like us."

Mrs. McHenry, having done her best to warn mankind, turned her head and died.

A shaken Dr. Burnside walked to the nursing station. He had been having an affair with Sandra Jones, RN. "Sandra, when you get off duty, drive to our apartment. I must speak with you."

With an alluring sexual smile, Sandra said, "I'll bet you do." Thinking to herself how she intended to use her cunt to capture the good doctor. He would become a wonderful trophy.

A gentle knock on the door. Ted Burnside let her into the small apartment that he had rented to be his love nest. "Sandra, Honey, I have something to tell you."

Putting her fingers to his lips, she said, "Not now silly. I have been waiting to be with you. I am very wet." Sandra led him to the bedroom. Soon they were entwined in a sexual mass. His cock was deeply in her pussy. Her tongue was deeply in his mouth, as her hands rubbed his shoulders, back, and then drew his ass towards her throbbing cunt.

Doctor Ted Burnside was now obsessed with "Ass fucking." Perhaps it was a Freudian self preservation impulse. In any event, he lifted Sandra's legs. He pulled his cock out of her cunt, and abruptly shoved it up to the balls in her ass.

"AAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhaaaa, Hiissss, Hiissss, Hiisss, Sandra screamed, and then growled, as her body begin to shrink. The Doctor rolled off her in horror. Soon, there was just a putrid mass of red slime on his bed.

Arriving at his home, he took all his family albums into his study. After locking the door, he went over all his family pictures with a magnifying glass, looking for the tell-tale "Red Eye." He reeled in horror. Both his brother-in-laws were "Red Eyed." His Mother-in Law's" eyes were an inferno of Red. He knew what he had to do. Yes, He knew.

An evil sneer played on his face, as he mumbled to himself, "Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Yeesssss!"

Weldon had no chance, as the either soaked cloth was placed over his nose. His pants were lowered. The good Doctor's cock was thrust in his ass. Weldon shook, shivered, as a hissing sound came from him. Bertram was hit on the head. A knife cut open his pants. The cock treatment rendered the same hissing sound. Two down.

Mildred Slovick is the personification of what a Mother-in-Laws from hell is. Considering herself the world's leading expert on religion, politics, medicine, and human relations, she injected her opinions into every conversation she had ever heard in his house. He was never right. His wife was never wrong. Warned that her kind were strong, he injected her with sodium Penn Athol while she was sleeping. He took her to his apartment. She was chained over a couch.

Might as well enjoy her some. Revenge! After she regained consciousness, He explained to her that he was going to fuck her for a week. He even planned on bringing in all the homeless men in the area to fuck her too. Her eyes bulged in anger. She gargled out obscenities toward him. The ball gag prevent her from making a loud noise. "First, you Bitch, I am going to fuck you long and hard."

He stood behind her stroking his cock. He rammed it in to the balls. He pulled it out. As hard as he could, he rammed it into her again. But, this time, his cock and balls disappeared into her cunt. Her cunt slammed shut, cutting off both from his body. Mildred flexed her muscles. The chains snapped. She spun, diving onto to his thrashing body. Her mouth tore off large chunks of his flesh as she devoured him. When she was part way finished, she phoned her daughter. "Joan, come to 2026 Sherman Way, apartment 14. You can join me. We are having your husband for dinner."

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