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Eyewitness to Orgasm


Author's foreword — Be sure to check out my previously posted offerings Male Sub Ch 01 — Sting of the Lash and Male Sub Ch 02 — Riding the Pole here on Literotica! Enjoy!

* * * *

Emily sat on the doctor's scooter stool in an examination room as she awaited the arrival of Dr. Dan. It was time for her gynecologist to make sure she was in good health. She wished the cheap paper gown would cover her better as she looked over the medical posters and charts on the walls.

Some women have secret crushes on their male gynecologists and Emily was no different. He knows how and why a woman's body works as it does, and they're always courteous and professional while handling their intimate organs. They also handled their sexual parts without thinking he was going to get laid when he was done. In addition, Dr, Dan was nicely handsome and very rich. Rumor had it bears wished they were hung like him.

Dr, Dan arrived and closed the door. "Good afternoon, Emily," he said professionally.

"Good afternoon, doctor."

He consulted her chart. "Well, it looks like it's been seven months since your last exam," he said conversationally. "Have you been having regular periods?"

"Yes. Just like clockwork."

"Any strange discharges or odors?"


Dr, Dan took her pulse, temperature and blood pressure. Then he used a tongue depressor to have a look inside her mouth and noted his observations on his chart. "Any tenderness of the breasts?"

"Only during my periods, but that's normal for me. You noted that on my chart a few visits back."

"Okay," he said absently, looking over the chart again. He found the notation he made more than a year ago and nodded. "Keep track of that and let me know if it changes."

"Got it," she replied.

"Hop up onto the table for me, please."

Emily stood and got onto the examination table. "All right, I'm going to open your gown and take a look at your breasts," he said as he cautiously opened her gown.

Dr, Dan did the breast exam, feeling for lumps, thicknesses and looking for unexplained discolorations. "How long since your last mammogram?"

"More than two years."

"Now Emily—" he began reprovingly.

"Yes, yes, I know," she grumbled. "But you certainly have heard other women complaining about getting their twins squashed in an ice-cold hamburger press! Can't medical science find an easier way?"

"You'll be the first to know when I find out," he said, a medically professional non-answer. "But in the meantime—"

"I'll schedule a mammogram before I leave today, you nimble-fingered sadist."

Dr. Dan grinned and continued the breast exam. He noted the findings on the chart when he was done.

Emily's observation of his nimble fingers was right on the mark—she had gotten a bit turned on by his kneading, knowledgeable fingers. She knew there were medically important reasons for the methodical fondling, but it still felt good.

"Okay, sit back for me please. Put your legs in the stirrups."

Emily lay back on the exam table's upright cushion and placed her legs in the support channels in preparation for the pelvic portion of the exam.

"You and your husband been having a good sex life?" Dr, Dan asked as he rolled the scooter stool into position.

"Yeah, pretty much."

He looked up at her. "`Pretty much'?"

She looked a bit embarrassed. "My husband says I don't climax as easily as I used to," she admitted.

"Okay, we'll look into that," he said as he carefully moved her paper gown out of the way.

A few minutes passed as he did some mysteriously important things. Emily tried to stay still and relaxed as she looked up at the ceiling while he was busy.

"I'm ready to start the internal examination," he reported.

"Go ahead."

She watched as Dr. Dan squeezed a bit of lubricating jelly onto the fingers of a stainless-steel speculum, making sure it was evenly applied. "Okay, please relax and hold still. It might feel cold. Let me know if you feel a pinching."

"Go ahead."

Emily willed herself to stay still as the handsome Dr. Dan inserted the speculum into her vagina. It slipped in easily. "I'm going to open it now."

"Go ahead."

Dr, Dan worked the handle to cause the internal fingers to spread apart. Emily tried a lot harder to hold still as her vagina was slowly stretched open. After a moment, it began to feel like he was trying to get enough space to let his Great Dane come in out of the rain! But she knew he needed her genitals open enough to see her vagina walls and cervix.

"Okay, that's enough," he said at last.

"You're telling me?" she muttered, annoyed. Emily felt like she had been opened far enough to allow the storage of two motorcycles and a riding lawn mower in her coochie.

Dr. Dan professionally ignored the snarky remark as he scooted the scooter stool closer. He placed a headband-like device on his head that held two slim flashlights and lowered his head for a look into her nether recesses.

Emily waited and tried not to move. The internal was the most difficult part of a gynecological exam—for both doctor and patient. There was no use in twitching or complaining since it merely drew out how long the process took overall. She wondered if he was enjoying the view in there, just as she wondered how many pussies he looked into every year.

"How long since your last intercourse?" Dr. Dan asked.

"Three days ago."

"I see a bit of discoloration of your cervix, that's why I asked," he said thoughtfully, still peering into her vagina. "I'll swab it for testing." Emily watched as he got a long cotton swab, peeled off the wrapper and inserted it. She felt the thing touch and stroke her cervix a few times.

He withdrew it and popped it into a plastic tube for its journey to the lab. "Did you climax then?"


"Do you climax when masturbating with a vibrator?"

Her cheeks reddened; she knew he had reasons for asking, but the question was quite personal. "Yes, but they don't come as easily as they used to."

Dr. Dan sat back, turned off the headband flashlights and regarded her. "The discoloration could be some kind of progressive condition," he told her with professional gentleness. "There's an examination I'd like to do, but it's controversial."

"Like what?"

"It involves bringing the patient to climax while the doctor watches what the cervix is doing," he reported. "American medical science thinks it's a waste of time, but it's used in some European countries with a better than fifty-fifty success rate."

Emily looked skeptical; it sounded like he wanted to masturbate her to orgasm while he stared up her speculum-spread pussy. She could surely imagine the women in Europe weren't complaining even if the controversial tests did come up inconclusive.

"It's not yet approved for use in the United States," he added, "but I think it's an option we can try."

"Well," she said hesitantly, "I guess we can try it. If nothing else, I get an orgasm out of it!" She shrugged. "Go ahead, doctor."

Dr. Dan nodded, stood and went to a cabinet. He opened the door and removed several sets of beige leather restraints and returned.

"Uhh… doctor—" she said nervously.

"I have to massage your clitoris with a vibrator to induce your orgasm," he said gently, heading off her protest. "You'll be writhing around uncontrollably while I'm needing you to hold still. These are just to make sure you stay as still as possible."

That did little to settle her nerves. "Well… I suppose."

"You're sure?"

"Not entirely, but go ahead anyway. You're the doctor."

Emily watched as he placed a restraint strap over her lower hips and buckled it. Then he placed another set over each upper thigh, each knee and both ankles. Her legs were now secured to the exam table's support channels.

Next he placed a set of restraints over her chest as she watched. It was buckled snugly just below her bustline. An identical set was buckled just above her bustline, making her breasts stand out profoundly under her examination gown. Lastly, her wrists were restrained to the sides of the table's upright backrest. "I can understand restraining my arms and hips, doctor, but why my arms?"

"You might try to unbuckle something in the heat of your excitement," he explained as he got back into position on the scooter stool.

Emily watched as he picked up a vibrator from his equipment table and held it up where she could see it. He activated it and it made a pleasant whirring sound. "Ready?"

She swallowed and nodded nervously. "Yes. Go ahead."

Dr. Dan touched the tip to her clitoris. He used it to draw small circles on her nubbin as she began to quiver in reply. She swallowed again as her breathing became labored and uneven.

The doctor watched as her sexual excitement grew. Emily involuntarily twitched and worked against the restraints as her horniness climbed to new heights. She reached a certain point and Dr. Dan turned the headband flashlights on again before lowering his head again. He peered into her speculum-spread pussy as the vibrator buzzed about its duties.

Minutes passed as Emily got more and more agitated. The wave of orgasm was building inside her; some portion of her mind was thankful Dr. Dan had the forethought to restrain her first. She was an active lover and moved a lot when aroused.

Dr. Dan watched her cervix as she got closer to climax. She was trying to twist her hips side-to-side and thrusting them upward to meet the vibrator, but the straps made sure her movements were limited. He took professional note of the increased glistening of her vaginal walls as she secreted lubrication in preparation for intercourse.

Finally, Emily climaxed. Dr. Dan watched the mouth of her cervix open and extend to drink from the puddle of semen her lover would've deposited in her during his own climax. It extended, opened and quivered a moment before retracting. Her cervix repeated this seven times as her orgasm swept through. He took professional note of the way it moved evenly, without it twisting one way or the other.

He withdrew and deactivated the vibrator as Emily climbed down from her wave of ecstasy. It was placed on the equipment tray, then he started to close the speculum. "You'll be happy to know your orgasmic responses are right in line with a woman of your age and health," Dr. Dan said as he removed the speculum.

"That's good to know," she answered breathlessly.

Dr. Dan removed his smock and flopped it on the backrest of the scooter stool. Then he unbuckled his belt, pulled down his zipper and dropped his trousers to his knees. "What are you doing, doctor?" Emily asked.

"Showing you that my orgasmic responses are right in line with a man of my age and health," he said professionally as he brought his rigid penis forward. He placed its blunt head against her vaginal opening as Emily noted the rumors were true—Dr. Dan was indeed hung better than a bear.

"Doctor, is this medically ethical?" asked Emily, not sounding worried that her gynecologist was about to rape her.

"Absolutely," he said with a sigh as his erection was pushed into her.

Emily didn't try to struggle away from the penile invasion; she just lay calmly on the examination table, still in full restraint, as she felt him tunnel into her. She watched as the good doctor thrust in and withdraw as he began to fuck her gently.

Dr. Dan indulged the warmly moist embrace of her pussy. Then he reached up and opened her examination gown, exposing her breasts. Emily watched without fear or revulsion as he fondled them as his pelvis continued to pump her. He admired the way the beige over-and-under restraint straps framed her magnificent C-cup breasts.

Emily began to feel the increased tingle of his thrusting. Her pussy was happy to be a temporary home to his boner as it worked its erotic magic on her, and there was no concern or disgust on her face as she watched the doctor claim her genitalia for his own use and needs. She did not try to struggle free of the restraints, nor did she swear, demand him to stop or scream for assistance from somebody in the outer office. She simply let the good doctor proceed.

Dr. Dan's horniness level increased with the level of semen in his testicles. His orgasm was approaching and he stepped up his thrusts. Emily watched with a knowing smile on her lovely face, still contained in twenty-point restraints and still apparently at ease with the rape her gynecologist was committing.

He erupted into climax a moment later. Emily clenched her vaginal muscles upon his penis to heighten the effect on him. She felt his seedlings seep into her satisfied pussy as his orgasm tapered off.

He bent forward and rested his upper body upon his patient, breathing hard while enjoying his afterglow. Emily was amused; his bare ass was pointed at the door while his feet supported his weight. She felt his content erection start to wilt within her.

A few moments passed as he recuperated. Then he looked up at his patient. She grinned at him lovingly; a casual observer might think Emily was satisfied to have her gynecologist be guilty of raping her.

"You okay?"

"Of course."

"Do you suppose Dr. Meschberger knows we're using her medical equipment like this?" he asked as he stood. He began to get his clothing back in order.

"We'd better hope not," answered Emily as she waited to be released.

He started to undo her restraints. "Why should we hope not?"

The last buckle was undone and he helped her stand. "I don't know about you, but I don't feel like finding another job!"

He chuckled. "I suppose you're right."

Dan and Emily got Dr. Meschberger's medical equipment cleaned up and put away. Then the husband-and-wife team got back to the business of cleaning the offices on their assigned floors of a high-rise office building in downtown Baltimore.

* * * *

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