tagBDSMEzmerelda Ch. 02

Ezmerelda Ch. 02

byL O Reins©

Ezmarelda" Part 2: Ezmarelda's Delicious Purple Ass

"Who does he think he is? I had done nothing wrong. So, Why did he spank me?"

In the privacy of her quarters, Ezmarelda rubbed her stinging behind though her nightgown as she pondered her master's strange behavior. She had tears in her eyes that she would never show him.

"...And why was he acting so strangely? Sir seemed to be thinking about something else. He was like a child on Christmas Eve."

"...And ordering me to bed without "relieving myself"--who does he think he is?"

She thought about that day at the beginning of summer when he had hired her from her once a week cleaning duties to full time housemaid. She still became aroused when she thought about that spanking in the laundry that sealed their arrangement. It was like a contract. He still could not resist the temptation to spank her at any infraction of his rules. Ezmarelda enjoyed his stern treatment of her. She always became wet when she stood before him listening to him lecturing her in that rumbling voice, knowing she would soon be bent in submission over his desk or the table or his lap.

"But tonight he spanked me too hard and for nothing. And then he leaves me wet and hungry for his cock. If he thinks I'll be his slave tomorrow morning, "bright and early" in his fucking Vineyard then he is in for a surprise—an Ezmarelda surprise."


Though it was early fall and time for wine making, the air was still quite warm at nine O'clock. Leonard decided to use an age-old method for the first pressing of the grapes. The grapes had already been dumped into the wooden vat the afternoon before. This was a family tradition, a weekend of wine making and dinners to produce an abundance of wine for himself and his brothers. Leonard had arranged for them to come later in the afternoon with their wives, when it would be cooler to press the grapes into a rough mash with the wine press. But this morning he would have Ezmarelda all to himself.

Ezmarelda, is nine O'clock bright and early to you? And I asked you to wear old clothing."

"Sorry, Mi'Lord, I just couldn't get up this morning after last night's... after last night."

She had worn a brightly colored full skirt and a white blouse that laced in the front. She had haphazardly laced it to reveal her full bust line.

"Very well then, Ezmarelda, Remove your sandals, rinse your feet in the bucket and step into the vat."

"But Sir, it is sooo many grapes. It will take forever for me to even make a dent in this mountain of grapes."

He wanted to see her in the tub. Leonard loved Ezmarelda's rich sumptuous body. Her raven black hair and her fiery eyes drove him to all ends of fantasy and distraction; he had dreamed of having her in this tub of mash all summer.

"There will be others this afternoon. I just want you to begin the pressing this morning." Now remove your sandals, rinse your feet in the bucket and get in the tank...Now. "

Stepping out of her sandals she wiggled the toes of her right foot in the cool water in the bucket. She withdrew her foot and perched it on the edge of the tank. Her foot sparkled with glistening beads and her silver toe ring looked like chromium against her dark complexion.

"Wouldn't Mi lord rather I place my feet in his lap like we have done before? You love it when I pay special attention to you with my pretty feet. I always see you admiring them whenever you can. That is why I wash the windows bare footed, Sir--to see the way you look at them when I am on the step stool.

"Ezmarelda, I will not ask you again..."

"But sir I will ruin my clothes."

"I told you to wear something loose and old."

"But I wanted to look pretty for Mi Lord," Ezmarelda said with a petulant pout.

"Don't worry about your clothing, Ezmarelda, you will be out of them soon enough."

"Sir, you are joking. Someone would see me." She toyed with him, knowing that through taunts and teasing she could control this man's lust.

"I will not be seen naked out here in this barrel of rotting fruit," she huffed.

"Ezmarelda, get into the vat. Now."

Ezmarelda lifted her skirts and tucked them into her waistband. Her perfection didn't stop at her toes. Leonard bathed her legs in the heat of his inflamed stare. Ezmarelda was strong and toned from hard work or at least from the hard work she had done before entering into Leonard's employ. Now she spent more time dreaming up teasing scenarios to temp and taunt her lord. She stepped over the rim of the vat. Her first few steps were tentative but the grapes felt so sensuous under her feet. The grapes crushing and tickling her between her toes as the mash squished this way and that.

"Sir, it feels so icky. My toes are going to be blue for a month."

Fall was the time to make wine. The vat was eight feet in diameter with three-foot high sides that slanted outward. It looked like a giant version of a washtub but it was made of wood. Steel bands bound the oak staves like a barrel. It was about one third full of grapes--plump succulent concord grapes. Their skins were crisp and the fruit full. They had thrived in the hot sun and were rich with nectar from a generous proportion of seasonal rain. Ezmarelda felt the lust in his eyes and it warmed her from within. She knew just how rapt his attention to her beauty could be. She feasted on this attention.

"Ezmarelda, try to stomp through the grapes with high steps. Yes! March, Ezmarelda; march through the grapes."

"Yes, Commandant." She laughed as she lifted her knees high and swooshed her skirt from side to side, marching through the heaps of grapes.

She flung her hair wildly and stepped down harder into the piled grapes. They sprayed up and out from beneath her feet. Big droplets were landing on her skirt and on her white blouse. Her bodice was partly unlaced and there was a glob of purple juice on the tanned upper swell of her breast. It oozed down into her ample cleavage. Leonard could not suppress his enthusiasm for her performance.

Yes, yes! Ezmarelda, march through the grape. Squash them with your pretty feet."

Just then she caught her leg on a clump of grape. Or at least it seemed that she had; she went down on one knee. The wine grape felt so luscious to her as it enveloped her to her thigh and the acid crispness even tingled between her legs. She froze in this position and looked back over her shoulder at her master.

"Sir Leonard, you will be so angry with me for falling?"

"Ahhh, Ezmarelda, now you have certainly ruined your clothes."

"Would Sir prefer that I remove them?"

"Yes, I would prefer that you removed your dress," he croaked out in response to her teasing question.

She was out of her loose skirt in a flash and flung it out over the edge of the tub. She stumbled again and her white panties and blouse became even more stained with the purple mash.

"Oh! Sir, I am so clumsy. Look at my blouse."

"Remove that too, Ezmarelda. In fact, why don't you take everything off?"

"If you wish, Sir." Ezmarelda took her time standing from the swampy slurry of grapes. She rose to her full height and stood proudly erect and smoked Leonard with her dark eyes. She unlaced her blouse slowly and peeled it from her shoulders. The purple was everywhere now. She slipped out of the white garment and wrung it out into the mash. Then she stood before him in only her panties. Once bleached white, her panties were now splotched with deep purple stains and the contrast against her olive flesh was vivid in the crisp morning sunlight. She stood defiantly facing Leonard in the center of the vat. Her proud nipples were as dark and engorged as two of the fruits in which she stood.

"Take off your panties too, Ezmarelda."

Ezmarelda, in control now, was deliberate in her pacing. She was going to exact a bit of torturous revenge on Leonard for spanking her so hard and making her wait so long for her pleasure. She grinned at Leonard as she writhed in the sunlight.

"Did sir plan to have me squash the grapes in the nude all along? Was that your plan?"

"Ezmarelda, there is never anything serendipitous about your nakedness before me. It is just part of your duties. Now remove your panties and come closer so I may touch you."

Bending forward, she peeled the panties slowly down her hips; her hair fell to the sides of her face—her pendulous tits hung down and away from her body. Leonard licked his lips. The beauty before him made his mouth dry and his breath caught in his throat.

"Come closer to me, Ezmarelda."

"Does Sir want me to come into his arms then."

"Yes, Ezmarelda. Come closer."

"...But Sir, your clothing...it will be ruined.

He stepped up to the edge of the tub as she swayed towards him. He enveloped her in his arms then slowly pushed her down into the grape until she was kneeling in the tub before him. Ezmarelda opened the drawstring and his loose work pants dropped around his ankles. His engorged cock was already hard as a rod. There were many benefits to being Sir Leonard's servant but this cock was at the top of Ezmarelda's list. It was the most magnificent penis she had ever seen.

"His big cock will be as purple as my skin is, in payment for this," she thought as she took it in both hands and rubbed the grape mash and juices deep into his stiffness. She stroked his full testicals and prick until they were as purple as if they had been dyed. Then she took him into her mouth and swooshed the head of his cock with the slurry of grape she scooped up into her mouth with her hand. Leonard swooned and held her head gently in his hands then he coiled his fingers through her hair at her temples and began to move her head slowly and forcibly over the length of his now purple pole.

"Mi' Lord, you will truly have blue balls when Ezmarelda is finished with you."

He loved the way she coaxed and teased his turgid cock with her hands and her words. She had his cock sheathed deep in the back of her throat and he thought he would surly explode soon. Then she slowly wagged her head from side to side, retreating; she let it come all the way out to the tips of her lips. A long strand of her purple salive still connected them. Looking into his lust soaked eyes, Ezmarelda whispered to him.

"Sodomize me, Master. Put your cock inside Ezmarelda's ass...deep inside my ass.

"Turn around, Ezmarelda." That deep rumble in his voice that she loved told her his lust had reached the ends of his ropey nerves.

"Get out of the tub, Ezmarelda." She knew what he wanted but she also knew how much better it would be if she taunted him further, now when he was so wired.

"But sir, not like that—in here, with me in the tub." Ezmarelda crawled on her hands and knees away from him towards the other edge of the tub.

"Come in here with me, Leonard if you want me." Like a purple panther she stalked towards the far edge of the tub. She lifted one paw over the edge than the other. Arching her back in an elegant reverse curve; she felt the sludge slither down her spine. She bent forward and felt her nipples dip into the mash. The sun was burning through the trees. Spots of sunlight and shade gave her the dappled look of an animal. She watched over her shoulder as he sloshed through the grapes towards her. His purple cock and balls obscenely erect and unnaturally colored.

Ezmarelda reached down and came up with a few whole grapes. She checked to make sure he was watching , then she lewdly pushed them, one at the time, into her anus—one, two then the last one. She stood now, legs spread and tensed, head thrown back and waving her hair slowly to brush the outward curve of the tops of her glorious ass cheeks. She felt the hard grapes work deeper into her rectum. It delighted her to wreak this revenge on Leonard.

"Does Mi Lord like grapes?" she taunted as she softly gyrating her flanks towards Leonard. She felt his breath on her shoulders and neck now.

"Yessss, Ezmarelda," his voice hoarse with lust as he put his hands on the outsides of her muscular thighs.

"Show me, Leonard. If you want me so much then suck them out of Ezmarelda's ass."

She put one hand down onto the ledge if the tub and then the other. Lowering her head and tuning back towards him, she rattled her tongue like a reptile. Leonard fell to his knees behind her. He grasped her ass with his big hands and separated her cheeks revealing her pussy and her dark, little hole. His face was drawn into her as if pulled by some powerful rare earth magnetism.

"Push them out Ezmarelda he mumbled as he devoured her slurry of grape juices and cum. Ezmarelda writhed back on his face and forced the first grape out of her anus. Leonard ate it like a fruit from the goddess she was. Then she pushed the second one into his hungry mouth and she felt her orgasm swell through her. The third grape came out next and it seemed to inflame her master, who was now hypnotized by this spectacle.

He slithered up to his feet and arched his powerful back. His cock, bending in a slight arc from the strain, was poised at her open and well-lubricated anus.

"Please Don't..." Ezmarelda swooned. "Pleeeeassse..."

She yelped a little and gave an inward "hisss" as his cock head pushed past the tight ring of muscle. Leonard paused there and waited for some movement from Ezmarelda to signal that she was adapting to this assault of her ass. He pushed again and she hissed out a long "yessssss." And with that movement her resistance against his member loosened. She chanted a string of unintelligible words in Spanish as his cock snaked further inside her sculpted ass. Leonard had never taken her this way and he savored the moments, slowly stroking his cock in and almost out of her.

"Take it out, Leonard. Take it out and then put it back inside me. I like that best."

Leonard pulled back slowly till just the turgid tip of his enormous cock was still buried in her anal ring. They remained like that for moments till Ezmarelda hissed at him.

"Hurt me. Hurt me, Master." and she tightened her muscles and thrust back towards him. He lunged back at her sliding his organ the rest of the way into her again. Ezmarelda hissed and spit out,

"Aye Ca Rumba! You are sooo big. I can feel you up inside me. I want to feel your balls slapping against my pussy."

He began to pound all his weight into her. She reached back and savagely grasped her clit. He felt his cum boil up from his purple balls. It surged with so much force and power that he felt as if he would black out. He screamed out her name,


When their paaion subsided he slipped out of her. His cum, and her wetness, and the grape slurry all mingled into a pearly, purple ooze that dribbled between her thighs. Leonard kissed her at the base of her spine then, trying to regain his composure, slapped her ass sharply. Leonard still had his shirt on over his shoulders, though it was splotched and stained a bright purple.

"Clean up and come up to the house, Ezmarelda."

Then he found his pants at the other side of the tank, slipped them on and walked away towards the house.

Ezmarelda climbed from the vat and walked languidly towards the old porcelain bathtub that was full of clean rainwater. Leonard said it was for irrigation but she knew he liked to watch her bathe in it on hot days. She stood in the cold water and washed her body. She knew that she would be able to hide whatever stains she couldn't rinse off under her clothes.

"But poor Leonard, he will not be able to hide the purple stains on his face and mouth...maybe I'll let a little purple show on my breasts tonight. It will embarrass him so, in front of his family."

To be continued...


Dear reader, I hope you enjoyed this story. Please vote; it's the only way I can gauge responses. Its true for all of us writers, your votes and comments are the fuel we run on. Or should that be the fuel on which we run?


L. O. R.

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