F.E.M. Pt. 04


As I walked toward the shower room at F.E.M., I realized I was getting used to my job there. Which meant I was getting used to women being in control.

"How did it go with the client yesterday?" Miriam asked from behind me. I turned and saw her young, pretty face and her bright blue eyes as they roamed up and down my body. "I'll bet she was satisfied..."

I nodded. "I think so. Both her and her grandchild."

Her eyebrows rose. "Oh. Another generation brought into the F.E.M way—nice!"

As I turned to push open the door to the shower room I felt her hand on my ass. "I am such a fan of your butt."

I could only stand there and let her grope me. A male working at F.E.M. had no choice. We were all hired with the stipulation that we had to do as any female F.E.M. employee wished.

Beyond the half-opened door of the shower room I could see a handful of women, all clothed, in the midst of a group of nude men. Some of the guys were on the way to the shower. Others were toweling off.

"Thanks, Miriam," I said. I faced her. "Trudy is expecting me upstairs pretty soon. I just have to drop off my coat and my shower toiletries.

"Yuh, yuh," Miriam said, waving her hand with impatience. "Before you go to work at your department, you have a job to do for me. "

What was she up to? I wondered.

She waited impatiently while I finished putting away my things. Then she grabbed my hand and pulled me. "Follow me."

We went up two floors, down a corridor. We came to a door of expensive cherrywood. "Executive Boardroom" proclaimed a sign to the side of the door. Miriam was a Vice President at F.E.M. She pulled out a badge and waved it over a scanner set right below the sign.

Miriam looked up and down the corridor. There was no one around. We went inside and she quickly shut the door. I heard the click of a door lock. Lights flickered on overhead automatically.

"It's too early for anyone else to be using this room," she said. She plopped down in one of the many plush leather chair set around the long cherrywood table. She peered into my eyes. "We will not be bothered," she said with a mischievous grin.

I approached a chair and went to sit down.

"Uh, uh!" she commanded. "You are going to be standing up for a bit."

I looked at her. "Why?"

"Because I said so. I wanted you all to myself for a little while. I will sit and enjoy while you please me."

"Oh." What else could I say?

She leaned forward and tapped her long, slim finger on the conference table. Up out of the smooth surface popped up a slim, sleek monitor. Beneath it a keyboard lit up, apparently embedded into the wood. She tapped and music began to flow out of the walls.

"The walls are carefully insulated. No one outside can hear anything in here. Makes top level meetings totally private. And, so, I thought to myself," she said, as she brazenly stared at my crotch, "why not use this for my very private pleasure?"

"I see," I said. "What specifically did you have in mind?"

"Well, I like watching men strip. I go to male strip clubs often, but there is nothing like true individual attention. So, you will now dance to the music and slowly undress. You have such a nice body. I know I have seen it all before, but I can't wait to see it slowly unveiled—just for me!"

"Hmm. That's a lot of pressure."

"Well, I think you need to learn to deal with it. Now, get to it!"

I knew it was comply, or potentially lose my well-paying job. No real choice. I began to wiggle and shake a bit in sync with the music. I went slowly, as she had instructed. One piece of clothing after another came off. After a few songs, I stood in front of her wearing just my very tight briefs.

She curled her finger. "Come closer. I want you an inch away when your cock pops out."

I moved so close I could feel her hot breath on the skin of my belly. I grabbed each side of my briefs and pulled down, keeping the movement incremental. I watched her eyes grow wider and wider. She licked her lips. Finally, my cock popped out and I drew my briefs down to my knees. My fully erect cock hung suspended an inch from her mouth.

"Nice!" she said. "That was a pretty good strip show." She leaned forward and kissed the meaty tip. Then she looked up at me. "Now, I want you to really dance. II want to see your cock and balls bouncing around!"

I threw my underwear aside and found the beat in the music. I was starting to really enjoy it. I hated to admit it, but I had come to realize after my experiences so far at F.E.M. that I rather liked being objectified.

I bounced all over the place.

"Oh yah!" she said as she clapped. "Turn around and shake that ass for me!" The slap she gave my butt cheek showed how much she liked it.

I liked it too. The sting on my ass made me harder. My gyrations became more pronounced. My ass swung wider side to side. I bent over a bit, to let her see my balls jiggling.

I could hear her intake of breath.

"Mmmm. So glad we hired you!"

Then,now truly inspired, I turned, went up to her, spread my legs as far as I could, which enabled me to straddle the chair, grabbed the top of the chair and pushed myself up to her until my balls reached her lips. She chuckled, slid down just a bit and brought one of my balls into her mouth. She sucked it and began to stroke my cock with her hand. Her other hand rubbed my ass. Then she raised a finger and probed into my butthole. I felt it work its way up inside me. A brand new sensation spread warmth throughout my belly.

"Oh!" I couldn't help but exclaim. "That feels good."

She shoved it in more as she sucked and jerked harder. "Ahhh!" I moaned. I felt my balls rising, filling with abundant need and cum.

"You are my man toy!" She gritted her teeth. "Now, you are going to give it all to me! All of your sweet cum!!" She opened her mouth wide. She stroked faster. My balls rose and locked in place. I felt the need ready to explode from me. One stroke, two strokes...

I was there! I felt the river of cum rush up from my balls and blast from my tip.

I watched her swallow and swallow as she emptied my sacs, until she couldn't take anymore. She spit out a big puddle of my goo onto the table.

When I was finally done, I dropped heavily into a chair. My eyes glazed over.

She was grinning widely, licking cum off her lips. "Nicely done!"

I was too weary to speak.

I vaguely heard her cell phone buzzing.

"Damn. Bit of an emergency. Got to go!Make sure you clean this all up and get out of here right away!" she ordered. Then she was gone.

I sat in the chair, naked and in a daze, but I had to get going. I managed to get dressed and was reaching for the doorknob when suddenly the door began to open. I heard female voices. At first, I panicked and froze. The door began to open wider, then it stopped. Something dropped to the ground and one of the female voices swore.

I looked around frantically. Along a wall in the room there was a group of sliding, slatted doors. A closet of some sort. I rushed over to it, grabbed a knob, slid the door along its metal track, stepped inside and slid the door back in place just as two women entered the room.

My heart was pounding out of my chest. I focused on controlling my breathing, so I would not be heard.

I watched through the slats as Trudy entered the room, still fumbling with her ID badge. "I am so clumsy," she said to the other female.

When I looked at Trudy I forgot all about my predicament. She looked stunning. She wore a short, mint green silky dress that wrapped around her, flowing from her right shoulder, diagonally across the swells of her tits and down to the hem, which was well above her knees. It was all held together by a length of silk tied around her waist. Her curly auburn hair cascaded down to her shoulders. Of course, I loved her long, thin legs, emphasized by black high heels.

Despite just being jerked off by Miriam, I felt my cock stirring to life.

Then I noticed the other female. I had to cover my mouth to keep my gasp from being heard. She was even hotter than Trudy. This woman I had never seen before, but she was incredible. She had abundant soft blonde hair, blue eyes the size of a quarter, plush lips that were made to be kissed and a body that seemed to be trying to force its way out of the clothes that tried to contain it. Huge, but nicely firm tits spilled out of a plunging white silk blouse. The short, pencil skirt just emphasized her toned thighs and thin legs. Whoa.

Either one was every man's wet dream. Seeing them both, especially from a secret view, where my eyes could linger, was almost unbearable. I instinctively reached down into my pants and began stroking my limp cock.

What were they doing here? Trudy had told me to meet her this morning upstairs at her office. Change of plans I guess. Indeed, I think anyone would change plans for that blonde.

Trudy headed towards counter space where there was a coffee machine. "Ah, there is the good coffee machine!" Trudy said

The lady silently stared at Trudy, walked up to her, then reached up with both of her hands and gently held her face. "You know what I want and it ain't coffee!"

Trudy pulled the woman's hands down. "Kate, it isn't a good idea for us to be together. You know I care, but..."

"But what? That you work for F.E.M. and you think you have to pretend to like only men? Isn't true femdom being fully in control of your sexual life, free to decide how, when and with whom you want to be with, including men and women?"

Trudy's face showed her sympathy for that argument.

Kate returned her hands to Trudy's face.

"I have missed you terribly!" Kate said.

Trudy sighed. Then she nodded. "I have missed you too, Kate."

Their faces melded together in a long, passionate kiss.

My cock grew in my hand as I watched, safe in my voyeur perch, as Kate's hand slid down from Trudy's face, down across her tits, down to her waist and to the tie of Trudy's dress.

"But we might be caught," Trudy said.

Kate was having none of it. "You locked the door from the inside. And you said this room isn't booked for use until noon. We have plenty of time."

Kate yanked off the silk tie. Trudy's dress spilled open. Kate stood back, so she could see, which let me see too.

Wow. I was treated to the sight of Trudy in a lacy mint green bra and matching panties. Her stomach was firm. Her excitement level was obvious from the dark moisture spot at her pussy lips.

Kate pulled off the dress completely. She turned Trudy around. That showed that Trudy wore a thong, which highlighted her firm ass.

"Mmm," Kate said. "Just as I remember you!"

Trudy turned back around and fairly launched herself at Kate. Trudy smothered her in a wildly lustful kiss and her beautifully manicured hands latched onto her tits and she squeezed them hard. Trudy then attacked Kate's neck, kissing and sucking as she unbuttoned Kate's blouse. Kate's big tits were tightly restrained by an almost transparent bra. They were magnificent. The big pink nipples were erect. I now dropped my pants to the floor and was in full jerkoff mode.

Down went Kate's skirt. Now both women were in just bra, panties and high heels.

I hoped with all my might that they wouldn't stop there.

To my joy, they didn't. Kate's hands slid behind Trudy's back. She expertly unclasped her bra. I was treated to a magnificent sight. My boss' beautiful tits bared for me. Kate dove on them. Her mouth eagerly sucked one erect nipple, then the other.

As Kate sucked, Trudy undid her bra.

They mashed their tits together and french kissed like eager teenagers. Then each pulled off the other's panties.

Finally, there stood before me two gorgeous nude women, moaning, shifting this way and that and grinding away against each other, their sweet asses, shaved pussies and fabulous tits revealed as they devoured each other. I loved that each kept on their high heels.

Trudy stopped suddenly, pressed back Kate by her shoulders. Kate scooted her ass onto the table. Trudy pushed her flat on her back, had her raise her knees, then she sat down in a chair and attacked Kate's pussy with her mouth. She ate that pussy with loud relish as Kate squirmed and moaned.

I don't think I had ever been so turned on and so hard in my whole life.

"Damn, I miss your pussy!" Trudy said as she shoved a finger deep inside Kate. Kate gasped. I loved seeing the sheen of Kate's juices on Trudy's face.

A minute later Kate let out a loud orgasmic cry, which Trudy hushed by clamping a hand over her mouth. I watched as her shuddering orgasm coated Trudy's hand with female juices.

They kissed as Kate recovered. When she slid off the table, there was a puddle. I watched both of them bend over, their beautiful asses and pussies bared, while they used paper towels to clean up the mess.

Oh damn did I want to shove my cock into both of those hot, wet pussies!

Kate tossed the paper towels into a waste basket and immediately dropped to her knees, spread Trudy's pussy with her fingers, and began sucking her clit. Trudy clutched Kate's head and pressed her closer. Trudy's eyes glazed over and her breaths were hoarse and rapid.

I soaked in the scene: Kate's head in between Trudy's shapely legs, latched onto Trudy's cute pussy. Trudy's pink nipples were fully erect. I badly wanted to suck them.

Kate ate her until Trudy's body clenched and she let out a quivering moan. Rivulets of her juices ran down her shapely leg.

I was near the end of all restraint, still pumping my cock, and I carelessly let out a moan.

They froze. Kate abruptly stood and they looked at each other. "I heard something," Trudy said. Her eyes moved directly to the closet.

I gulped. Damn it.

They both rushed to the closet, opened it and gasped. "Mac? What the—? How—?"

Trudy looked both angry and worried.

I held up my hand and explained everything. I noticed, as I talked, both of them staring at my huge, pulsating erection.

"You won't say a word to anyone —understand!" Trudy said. "And I won't have you fired for being a male in the boardroom."

"I understand."

Kate had looked upset, but the longer I stood there, the more her demeanor changed. "Well, yes, what he has done is bad. But—perhaps he still could be of some use..."

Trudy raised her eyebrows.

Kate responded. "Hey, you lit my pussy on fire. Now it's more than ready for a stiff cock!"

Trudy was worried. "We have pushed our luck already—"

"Let's push it some more," Kate said as she turned, bent over and said: " put that cock in me. Now!"

My, did it look amazing. Without any hesitation I went to her and impaled her with my throbbing erection. She was incredibly wet and hot. I hammered her repeatedly.

"Yes! Yes!" she wailed. "Give it to me!"

I was wild with excitement. I couldn't believe I had lasted this long without coming. I slammed her again and again. She moaned and moaned.

Trudy came up behind me and grabbed my ass as I pounded Kate. She pressed her soft lips to my ear and whispered: "You love seeing bent over, wet pussy, don't you!"


That did it. I lost all control. I came harder than I had ever come, shooting a huge load into her steaming hole. I unloaded once, twice. I couldn't believe I had that much to give. But I did.

When I was depleted, I dropped right to the floor, breathing heavily. I felt my eyelids drooping.

Wow, I kept thinking in a dreamlike fog.

A short while later, somehow Trudy got me standing. She managed to work with me to get dressed. Then they dressed. We were all a bit bleary eyed, but we were presentable. When we were all ready, Trudy opened the door and peeked out. "Ok, let's go. She turned to me. Remember, — not a word to anyone!"

That was fine with me. Silence for the memory of a lifetime? Deal.

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