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F2: The Golden Ring


FAWC 2 :The Golden Ring

(Author's note: (This story is a submission to the second Friendly Anonymous Writing Challenge (FAWC). The true author of this story is kept anonymous, but will be revealed on August 16th, 2013, in the comments section following this story. Each story in this challenge is centered around a random determination of four "mystery ingredients." There are no prizes given in this challenge; this is simply a friendly competition.)

(The mystery ingredients for this story were Envy, Vehicle, Affectation, and Sport.)

* * * *

"Hey! Come on guys. Quiet down!" yells Jimmy to try and catch everyone's attention. He claps his hands together when that doesn't get it.

Sipping at a bottle of water I look away from from the conversation I'm having with my friend Billy. I can see Jimmy's getting flustered. "Alright, guys listen up!" I call out to help.

The rooms settles to a calm stillness, the very air seems charged with energy. I imagine it must be similar to what soldiers must see and feel just before a major battle begins. All eyes turn to the promoter, Jimmy 'the ghost' Silva. He gives me a nod of thanks then turns to address the others.

"Alright, I just want to say thank you for all for coming tonight and for being here on time, it makes my job easier," there are several chuckles. I smile as I see Jimmy hide his own as he lifts the clipboard. "Okay, this the draw. The first match will be Rocco Gibraltar vs Digger Jones."

"What? I got to wrestle this honky again?"

Laughing I look over to Digger. He's grinning like a cat, his bright gold capped teeth blazing against his dark skin. A literature major working on his Masters degree he never ceases to amaze me at how 'ghetto' he can makes his voice sound.

"Yeah boss, I don't want to wrestle him either," says Rocco pointing to Digger with his thumb. "He keeps taking me for granite."

I toss my nearly empty bottle of water at Rocco. Mine's not the only one to come flying in at him amide the groans.

"Alright Hush! Come on guys, we don't have a lot of time. Tickets are already being torn. Okay, second match is Possessor Red Neckus vs Slick Billy. Third is The Mountain vs the Sumo Kid, now boys I want a lot of action between you two."

I join the others in looking over at our two biggest guys. The Mountain at 6'10'' three ninety and Sumo at 6' 5'' with a billed weight of four hundred and sixty pounds, they together make me start thinking about how well I set up the ring.

"Can I do my Brokeback lock on him?" asks the Mountain. I know my eyebrows aren't the only ones to climb.

I see Jimmy thinking about it.

"If you can lift him without breaking your back. I need you this Saturday at the Omnni," Jimmy points his finger in warning. The Mountain nods his big head and then flutters his long eyelashes at Jimmy while blowing him a kiss. The promoter just shakes his head and goes back to the card. "Alright, I need a street fight between Atom X and Double Tap. I want you two to get the crowd really into it boys we need the draw for Saturday," he looks down at the clipboard.

My eyes go to our highest flier Atom Extreme,and our 'submission specialist' D.T 'Double Tap' Malone. They move towards each other and ignore the rest of the card as they start to play it out between them. I notice then that I'm ignoring it as well. I know my match. Me and Jimmy worked it out earlier. I still want to grin when I hear him announce it though and see the look on the others faces.

"Alright, the main event will be 'Ramblin' Ricky Rhodes vs the Sandman. That's a no time limit boy, so lets give it everything.

"I'll bring the house boss," I promise as I look over at Sandy. He gives me a thumbs up.

Jimmy raises his voice.

"Aright guys...remember. We know that they know... and they know that we know. Do the dance, take the bumps, and sell it so they forget!" he starts to clap. "Come on guys lets have a good show, don't let me down, and don't die!" He points that warning finger again. "The paper works not worth your asses"

Laughing we break up and head for either our bags, to the cooler or to talk to our opponents. I signal Sandy I'll be just a second then chase after Jimmy.

"Hey Jimmy?"

Silva turns at my voice about to say something to one of our sound guys who looks to be at whits end. "Yeah Ricky?"

"I was wondering... well I was wondering if you had given what I asked you any thought?" I rub at my left biceps where it's been hurting since my fall a month ago. I see his eyes go to it so I stop doing it.

"Yeah I have," he takes a deep breath. "look... you know I love her and I want to use her, the ladies pull a hell of a draw. But I just don't have another female wrestler for her to work with. Not since Mindy went to Shimmer. As soon as I can find another..."

"Jimmy she can wrestle a guy! She's every bit as strong as say... Atom X. Hell that would be a hot match. His high flying, her looks and collegiate wrestling ability." I see Silva's already shaking his head. "Well, then you could let her wrestle me. She's my girlfriend so if I touch her someway inappropriate she wont mind."

"Damn it it's not that. I know she's a tough girl and not going to take any shit but... were a family show. Guys wrestle differently than women wrestlers. The holds are different, hands go in different places. What happens if her top comes off in the match? I've got kids in the audience, Ricky."

"Well, what happens if my trunks get snagged? Any one of us could do the full Monty in the ring any night of the week but that doesn't bother you!"

Jimmy stops looking at me and signals the sound guy to give him a minute. When the guy, shaking with frustration I note nods, Jimmy turns to me and sighs. He then reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose.

"Okay... look... how about this, is she here tonight?" at my nod he gives me a second sigh and a nod of his own. "Okay, this is what I'll do. Have her come to the ring as your escort."

I start to bridle up but he stops me with a look.

"She can interfere with your match with Sandman. Have her distract the ref, you knock Sandy out the ring. Then you pull the ref around and she can go to work on him. Keep it going for as long as it sells. Tell Sandy I said that he can exchange a few blows with her if she and him agree. Alright?"

After a second I nod.

"That will work, thank Jimmy."

"Yeah yeah," he turns to the frothing at the mouth sound guy.

Leaving him to sort it out I head towards the door, Sandy catches my arm just as I'm about to head out.

"What's up?"

I give him a grin.

"Feel like a three some tonight? You, me and Erica?"

Sandy smiles that baby face shit eating grin of his. The one that makes him need a mask to play a heel.

"In ring or out?" he asks hopefully, still grinning.

"In... you couldn't handle her out," I tell him with a shake of my head. Sandy falls in next to me and follows me out to my truck. "Jimmy said that she can run a scene with you tonight as part of our match.

"Cool, I get to get beat up by a girl. Just what I always wanted," he says it way to enthusiastically.

Glancing over my shoulder I give him a look.

"I wonder about you sometimes." He grins that shit eating grin at me. As I tap on the door to the big rigs sleeper I look back at him again. "Other times I'm sure."

A very sleepy looking Erica Von Rize pops open the door blinking. The shirt she's wearing, one of my tank tops, shows a huge amount of beautiful cleavage that pulls both our eyes to her chest. She looks down then back at us two smiling at her. She give a sigh of the long suffering.

"What the fuck do you two perverts want?"

"Too know exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of... " I pop Sandy on the back of the head. "Oww!... a tootsie roll pop. Call it my need to know," his eyes drop back to the open top and the wonderful view.

Erica sighs again "Men!" she mutters, then sits up and stretches but that just makes her nipples press the thin shirt out like little tents. I can make out the marks her piercings make clearly. So can Sandy I'm sure.

"What?" she asks after a moment. "I was trying to sleep."

"Naps over beautiful, you got ring time tonight," I tell her grinning. I love the delight that comes to her face.

"Really? I've got a match?" she asks happy as a school girl.

When I have to explain to her what's up though I can see that 'evil' school girl that is her in ring persona come quickly rising to the top. I try to stem it off by telling her that she and Sandy can mix it up for as long as they can sell it.

"Who knows maybe we can talk Jimmy into letting the two of you go at it down at the Omnni Saturday. It's a bigger venue, larger crowd you two going at it tonight could really pack seats."

Miss Disaster finally agrees. Her and Sandy start to talk about what they want to do. Looking off towards the entrance and the people coming in I wince when I hear him mention hitting her with a chair.

"I'm going to go sign some autographs be right back," I tell them. I have to get away. I care to much about Erica to listen to another man talking about open hand slaps to her chest and choke holds. I mean I know she's tough as nails and he will be pulling most of it but still... she is my girlfriend.

Crossing the parking lot to where tickets are being sold and torn I try to get a head count. Maybe fifty still outside. Given that Jim said tickets were already being torn we may have about two hundred in attendance. Not a bad nights draw for a Wednesday night. As I walk towards them some of the crowd recognize me. I feel tremors of apprehension start waking butterflies in my stomach. I take a deep breath and feel myself pulling 'Ramblin' out and put him on almost like a mask. By the time I'm up next to my fans you could almost say I'm not me.

Grinning, flirting, kissing the odd single girl (no matter what her age) I work my magic on the ladies of the crowd. I make fathers worry, brother angry and boyfriends jealous. Girls have their hands all over my chest and abbs from almost moment one of me walking up. I give a shimmy shake when one little lady, maybe all of eighty, tries to snake a hand down the front of my tights. She settles for pinching my butt as I turn to walk back inside.

Maybe Jimmy needs to rethink the whole 'family show' thing. God knows we wouldn't be the first wrestling promotion to use the old sex sells gimmick

* * * *

I'm a bundle of energy waiting to explode in every direction. I listen just outside the curtain to the crowd cheering. While not a packed house it is a better one than we have had of late. Jimmy told me he cut ticket prices by five dollars per head so we would pull more.

But that doesn't matter.

I'm hopping with the need to get to the ring, it's got me just shaking or maybe that the stage fright. I have gone through my customary need to puke, need to piss twenty time, can't sit still for more than ten seconds. My hands were doing their normal shaking as I oiled down my muscles to make them show better. Since then I've been watching match after match through a hole in the curtain. I just shook my head in awe when the Mountain managed to lift Sumo Boy up above his head into his Brokeback lock. He couldn't hold him and they had both crashed down with a sound that made the ring set up man inside me cringe

But that doesn't matter.

I feel Erica's hand on my shoulder trying to make me calm down. Trying to get me to settle into some kind of a more professional style wait but I can't. Sandman is doing it. He's standing there in his gas mask and trench coat looking all dark and spooky. I saw him do some stretches before he got into his entrance attire but that was it. Now he's into his inner psyche. Letting himself fall away and becoming his ring persona. That's what he told me once after a match. He's got music in his head playing right now, over and over. His entrance theme 'Enter Sandman' is playing for him alone behind those glass lenses. It plays there till it plays for us all. When the speakers take it from his head and give it to the fans he's ready to wrestle.

But that doesn't matter.

"Will you please settle down?" asks Erica next to me. "I swear you're getting worse Ricky. If I didn't know better I would check your bags for speed."

I grin at her.

"Don't need it. No drug beats this rush. Nothing does!"

She slides up against my back.

"How about sex then? Doesn't that beat it?" she reaches between the front of my rhinestone encrusted duster and runs her hand over my cock through my tights. I catch her hand as I start to rise.

"Stop it! I can't go out there sporting a hard on!" I wiggle to get away from her other hand as it tries to come around too. "Stop it."

"With your gimmick a hard on would help," she says with a wink and a wicked chuckle.

I look down at her naughty school girl outfit.

"Look who's talking."

She backs away looking down at her clothes. The white button up shirt, tied in a knot under her breast, the incredibly short bright red plaid skirt. Those long white stockings that I get to peal down her legs so often after a match. Only the black 'goth' style boots break the school girl image but then she's a naughty school girl. Catching the front of her skirt as she pulls it out about a foot.

"Really? You think a hard on would help? I could get a strap on and wear it to the ring... then maybe wear it after we get done... in the sleeper. Ever wanted to be ridden?" she asks full-on naughty Miss Disaster.

I feel my cock rise another few inches. When I looks down I know I'm going to be in trouble.

"Damn it Erica!" I have to reach down and shift myself around. Naturally it's at that moment that the Mountain comes walking his big ass back through the curtain. He stops and looks down at me with my half hard cock in hand and just gives me a long look. He then flutters his hand in front of his face.

"Why Ricky I didn't know you cared." he looks to Erica and gives his finger a snap "He's mine now, you Bitch!"

Shaking my head I move out the way as he goes to grab my nipple. He keeps trying and I swear Erica is helping him by holding me by my jacket. His massive hand runs over my peck like a lovers till I manage to get away from him. Chuckling he has to move as the Sumo Kid comes walking through the curtain. I notice he's limping a bit.

"You okay?" I ask concerned.

The big Samoan nods. He points to the Mountain.

"Fairy queen here dropped me on it wrong. I'm fine."

"Sorry about that Sam. You're the heaviest guy I've ever lifted. We should have practiced it, first." the Mountain comes over and helps his big friend towards the medic.

"Well, you got me up..shut the fuck up!" says Sumo before Mountain can make a comment.

Looking over I'm about to comment on it to Sandy. He's not moved. Head half down his mask swaying to the music only he hears I feel an almost chill run up me. But then that's the point of his gimmick. To be spooky. Well, at the moment he's doing too good a job.

But that doesn't matter

The Metallica guitar music comes roaring up from our Marshall speakers just outside the curtain. I watch Sandy start to let his head sway more with the music. Just as the first lyrics come up he steps forward and the curtain parts.

"Say your prayers... little one" comes through loud as sin then the curtain drops back muffling it.

"He's a nice guy but he's also fucked in the head," says Erica next to me. I nod agreement and wait for his song to stop and the crowd to stop booing him. It takes a few minutes. He has to shed his ring attire and the old style gas mask that he wears over the black and green mask that he wears in the ring.

I'm suddenly calm. It comes on like a wave of powerful lust. I feel Rick Kerensky falling to the side as Ramblin Ricky Rhodes fully takes the controls, ready to step on stage and strut. I turn to Erica and grin at her, she looks back with the white stick from her candy between her teeth.

"Some day I want to fuck you with you like this," she says pulling the sucker from her mouth with a pop.

"Why not now?" I ask running my hand up the side of her bare midriff to half cup her left breast.

My music come up.


"That's why," she says as they pull the ropes and the curtain opens.

Stepping through the curtain with a huge grin and a boner that's going to make headlines I let my feet take me to the ring 'Horse Trotting' the whole way to the screams of the ladies. Looking over my shoulder I see little Miss Disaster swaying to my music and playing with her sucker. I let my jacket drop as I go up the steps and with my hands on my hips do the side rocker steps down the side of the ring. Catching the ring post I lean back from it whipping my hand over my head lasso style.

Then I start to 'almost' dry hump the metal post.

The crowd goes wild! The women screaming, the guys booing.

Sandman's not even blinking behind his black rimmed eye holes.

What more could you ask for.

* * * *

"Oh for FUCK sake!" I scream into the rag between my teeth as our ring medic slash sound man pops my right shoulder back into socket. It comes out as "UM FUR Uck Ake"

"What he said," says Rocco with a grimace. "Dude, I know that has to fucking hurt. Why the hell do you do that shit?"

Spitting out the rag I wave off the bottle of water he's offering me for the cold beer in his other hand. He hands it to me and I guzzle the stuff down hardly tasting it I'm swallowing so fast. After the first deep drink I give my shoulder a rotation, wincing at the old familiar ache. Since violently dislocating it, back when I was backyard wrestling in my mid-teens, I've been able to kind of pop it out at will. However except for one time when I was really drunk I don't put it back into place myself.

Still hurts like a mother though, no matter who sets it. So I don't do it often.

"It sells the show," I tell Rocco grinning. I look back to Philip our sound guy, some times doctor. "Thanks."

"Any time Bro," he closes his tackle box and picks up the red plastic box where he put the needle he stitched up my head with. He points to my head. "You know what to do if you start getting dizzy?"

"Yep," I lift the cold can. "Get more beer."

He shakes his head but says the opposite.

"Exactly," he looks to Rocco "You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a jammed finger. I pulled it back out. Now it's just sore," flexing his fingers he looks to me. "I've got to hit the road Ricky, my kids got softball practice tomorrow. I need to be there to pick him up" he looks to his watch. "Hell in about six hours."

Chuckling I nod and watch him turn and leave, his bag with his ring attire over his shoulder. He was the last 'wrestler' to leave. Now it's just 'ring crew', Erica (probably asleep in my truck again), Jimmy in the back filling out paper work, and me.

Getting to my feet with a groan I walk, feeling every step as a blaze of pain, back down to the half torn down ring. I notice that my doctor has gone back to being the sound guy. He has his tall black rolling boxes pulled into the auditorium and is loading them up with wiring, lights and every other bit of electronic paraphernalia we use. His 'personal' speakers have already been rolled out and loaded into the back of his truck. All the rest is being loaded into the back of my trailer.

Walking up I start shaking my head as I watch one of my guys whacking the ring connector with a sledge hammer. Over and over. The very sound of it a pain that makes me hope the meds kick in soon. When it finally pops out, from where it bent after the Mountain and Sumo's collision, the way it rings off the concrete floor makes my hair hurt.

My shoulder pain and all the others quickly gets push to a distant though as I start to take my normal hands on guidance to getting everything torn down and carried out to the rig. The repetition of shows makes the Tetris style packing needed old hat to me but these dumb asses could do it twenty time and still fuck it up if I didn't keep after them.

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