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F5: Mystery Night


F5: Mystery Night

(Author's note: This story is an entry into FAWC (Friendly Anonymous Writing Challenge), a collaborative competition among Lit authors. FAWC is not an official contest sponsored by Literotica, and there are no prizes given to the winner. Every story for this FAWC begins with the exact same line. Where it goes from there is up to the author.)

* * * *

Upon the table lay three items: a handkerchief, a book, and a knife. These items caught my attention momentarily before I was enrapt by the appearance of my bedroom.

No lights were on in the room but it was aglow with the light of dozens of candles. As I entered the room I was taken aback by all of the time my wife had to have spent setting this up. I was also slightly ashamed that I hadn't been the romantic one in this case.

The next thought that hit me was that I had somehow overlooked an important event. I racked my brain, Valentine's Day was a couple of months past, and our wedding anniversary was still six months away. Her birthday and mine are both in November.

Even the anniversaries that only the women seem to remember didn't come to play. Our first date had been on New Year's Eve, and our first time in bed was just a week later. We started living together a month before we were married.

After running through every inane reason for celebration, my mind asked, "What did she do?" Did she wreck the car? Did she go on a shopping spree and blow the mortgage payment?

My mind was working overtime when I heard her behind me. "Don't say anything or turn around. The items on the table are your evening in a nutshell. Go take a shower and get EVRYWHERE clean," she finished my giving me a playful swat on the ass. Whenever she did this I knew she was ready for a night of debauchery.

I almost asked her what was going on, but I decided to take this ride and see where it lead. I went into the en suite bathroom and stripped out of my work clothes. On the counter was my razor and shaving cream alongside a note that read; "Use me." As I shaved my face as smooth as a baby's butt, my mind was still trying to figure out exactly what Sabrina was up to. One part of my mind was sure there was bad news on the horizon, but the pleasure centers were telling that part to shut up. I made an agreement with myself to fully enjoy what lay ahead and then let the chips fall where they may.

I turned on the shower and gave it a few minutes to get up to temperature. When I climbed into the shower the first thing I noticed was my usual cake of soap was missing. In its place was a bottle of a popular brand of men's body wash and a funny looking scrubby thing.

I have to admit that the body wash did smell better than my usual soap, and the scrubby was a pleasant experience. As I was washing, I sensed, more than heard furtive movements in the bathroom beyond the shower stall. I kept expecting my wife to join me in the shower, presumably to help clean certain parts of my anatomy.

After a few minutes of stalling and avoiding my raging hard on, I finally concluded that she was not indeed joining me and ended my shower. When I left the stall I found one of our huge fluffy beach towels waiting for me. It was sitting on Sabrina's stool she sits on to do her make up each morning. I picked the towel up and was pleasantly surprised to find it had just been pulled from the drier and was quite warm.

As I was drying off, I noticed a note on the stool. "When you are dry and ready, sit down facing away from the door and say my name."

"How cryptic?" I thought to myself. I did as I was instructed. I dried off and applied my deodorant and aftershave, which had been conveniently left on the counter. I then sat down, facing away from the door and said, "Sabrina."

After a few minutes of waiting I was about to call out louder, but I heard the door open and heard the distinct sound of high heels on the tile floor. "Good," she breathed as she placed something over my eyes. I instantly recognized the blindfold as the handkerchief I had seen on the table.

"If at any time you wish to stop," she whispered in my ear as she tied the handkerchief. "Just say the word."

"The word." We had once watched the movie "Eurotrip." In the movie a horny sex obsessed kid goes into an Amsterdam brothel. During his visit he is given a safe word to say to stop the action if it became too intense. That safe word was long and in a foreign language which the kid didn't understand.

At one point he manages to say something along what he thought the word was, which triggered an even less desirable result. Between gales of laughter, I looked at Sabrina and said, "If we ever need a safe word it will be 'word' not fleufenkegenheifel."

With her introducing a safe word I immediately wondered what was about to happen. Once she was satisfied I couldn't see through the blindfold, she had me rise and lead me from the bathroom. When we got to the bed she instructed me to lie down in the middle of the bed.

I lay down and wondered what I was in for. She had put the silk sheets on the bed and the burning candles permeated the air with the scent of jasmine, with an undertone of vanilla. "What an odd combination," I thought as Sabrina grasped my right hand and guided it toward a corner of the bed. Once there she secured it with a leather cuff. Before I could wonder where the restraints had come from, she secured a cuff around my right ankle.

After she had me completely restrained, I heard her leave the room. A few minutes later she returned only to leave again. She made several trips in and out of the room, each time my anticipation of what was to come grew. My cock was standing at full attention and I was afraid that it wouldn't take very much to make me cum.

After what seemed an eternity I felt her climb onto the bed. She didn't say a word then I felt her breath on my balls. For what seemed like forever that was all I felt. Once again I started to feel like one heavier breath would put me over the edge.

I felt her shift her weight and then she grabbed my cock. She didn't give it a stroke, but instead fitted a cock ring around the base. "Looks like I'm in for a long evening," I thought. As soon as she had the cock ring in place I felt her leave the bed and the room again.

A moment later I heard her come back. I felt the bed shift as she climbed on, then I felt something lightly touch the head of my cock. Just a wisp; just enough to let me know something was there. Then it came again, a little firmer this time but still faint. I felt my cock twitch at the third touch.

At first I thought she might be tickling me with a feather, but as she started moving over more of my body, it began to feel like a soft brush of some sort. After several minutes of this, she abandoned the brush and began tracing lines all over my body using just the tips of her fingernails.

She started at my face just under the blindfold. She lightly grazed my lips, then my chin and down my throat. She was making me so damn hot. She continued down my chest, scratching a bit harder around my nipples, but nowhere near enough to hurt.

She lightened up again almost to the point of non-existence as she worked down my belly toward my groin. I was anticipating that feeling on my cock and balls when she bypassed them and worked down my thigh. She spent extra time at the back of my knees. "GO BACK TO MY COCK!!" my mind screamed.

As she worked down my calves, a fear set in. She knows I can't stand to have my feet tickled. Would she take this opportunity to torture me? Fortunately she didn't. She lightly stroked the soles of my feet, then ran her hands back up my legs once again stopping shy of my cock. I actually whimpered when she stopped. She let out a slight chuckle and placed her head near enough to my cock that I could feel her breath again.

Then she moved away and off of the bed. I heard her doing something; there was some sounds above my head. Suddenly I felt my feet being pulled upward toward my head. I could hear the tethers running through the pulleys as my ass was lifted off of the bed.

I felt her get back on the bed and felt her breath on my now exposed ass. "Oh, he washed everywhere," she said as her finger traced the crack of my ass. Her nails danced around my hole then back up to my sac, causing me to twitch.

To the best of my knowledge, she had never even thought about my asshole, now she was face to face with it. For long torturous moments she ran her finger up and down and around, barely grazing my hole and my sac. Just when I thought I could take no more, she gave my hole a lick.

I lurched at the contact, but the restraints kept me in place. She giggled as she continued her new found game. I swear it felt like she was trying to force her tongue into my ass at times. After a few minutes of rimming, I felt her reach around and grab my cock. As she licked me her hand was giving me a slow and gentle hand job.

I was in such bliss that I don't know how long she kept that up, nor do I know how I avoided cumming. At one point she stopped licking my ass and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. As she did this her hand job became more persistent, and she slipped a finger into my ass.

A girl I had gone out with in college had given me a prostate massage once, I don't remember much else but having one of the most intense orgasms of my life. As I recalled that experience, it dawned on me that my body's positioning made it a given that when Sabrina pushed me over the edge, my face was going to get sprayed. Before I could decide whether or not that thought bothered me, I felt my impending orgasm begin to build.

Sabrina has always had an outstanding sense of timing. I am also embarrassed to admit that she knows my body to a far better degree than I know hers. Once in a while I can sense her orgasms' arrivals before she has one, but she has always had a knack for knowing when I am going to cum before I do. And she has often used this knack for wringing the most out of our sex sessions.

One moment I am in heaven, her finger is in my ass, her hand is pumping my cock and I am powerless to do anything about it. I can feel that familiar tingle that tells me an orgasm is imminent. One more stroke and I would have cum. Just one. Sabrina stopped dead. Finger was gone, hand was clear and with no way of completing the job myself I wasn't cumming.

I felt her leave the bed. I know I whimpered in frustration, but she didn't indicate that she'd heard. A few minutes later I feel her return to the room. That feeling is confirmed when she unhooked my tethers and retuned my legs to the prone position, and fastened them in place. I was relieved that my night wasn't over.

She left the room again and was gone for about five minutes. When she returned I heard the sound of dishes being placed on the nightstand. Was she going to feed me while I was tethered? I hoped not. I only wanted to cum.

I heard her moving around the bed, and then she climbed up on my left side. There was a pause then she straddled my face. I lifted my head and tried to get a taste, but she raised her ass up just out of my reach. It was maddening, I could smell her arousal and feel her heat on my face, but I couldn't touch my tongue to her.

Then she licked the head of my cock, sending electric shocks up my spine. I moaned and tried again to lick her pussy and failed. Another lick caused me to cry out again. Several times she licked and then waited. The anticipation was excruciating. Then for a few fleeting seconds she lowered herself to my hungry lips.

For those few seconds I attacked her slit like a starving man. And my chin revealed a surprise. She usually keeps a tuft of hair above her clit, but tonight that tuft was gone. I couldn't wait to see shat her new grooming job looked like and cursed the blindfold.

A moment later, much to my chagrin, she rose up just out of reach. Then she licked the head of my cock several times before taking it into her mouth. Then came surprise number two.

Sabrina loves giving me head, but she cannot take my entire length into her mouth and throat. She pushed down about half way and stopped. This is quite normal for us. Then she pulled back and went all the way down. I have never known what it felt like to be in her throat. Last time she'd tried she gagged badly and had to stop. This time she went all the way down like a pro.

She kept me in deep for several moments, moving her tongue as much as she could. Then like clockwork, as soon as I felt my orgasm building she quickly pulled off. I was, however, rewarded with a few moments of dripping wet pussy in my mouth. I guessed that Sabrina had douched with something, because her juices tasted different but before I could figure it out, she lifted up again, denying me further access.

Before I knew it she had my cock in her mouth again. It felt different this time. I couldn't tell exactly what was different, but I knew something was. She didn't try to take me all the way into her throat this time. This felt like a normal blow job. Then a thought occurred to me. I didn't feel her body shift when she leaned over to get at my cock. Maybe she had leaned while I was eating her, but it felt like her tongue was in the wrong position.

I was trying to concentrate on where the tongue was when she lowered herself again and I got distracted eating her pussy. I worked her clitoris over with my tongue; I held it in my teeth and flicked it rapidly until my tongue started to cramp then I sucked on it. This time she didn't lift up and during my third assault with my tongue I felt her shudder with an orgasm, but oddly the mouth on my cock never missed a beat.

She was working my cock with her mouth harder now. I love it when she moans while sucking me off. She moaned and I felt my balls tighten. Then like before she pulled off. "Oh damn it," I said. Then I feared by saying something I had ruined the night. She got up off of my face and left the bed.

For several moments I wasn't sure if she had left the room or not, then I heard the "clink" of a cup being set onto a saucer. "Oh great! I'm tied up, dying to cum and she's having a cup of tea."

After a moment I felt her lean onto the bed. I wasn't expecting what happened next. Her mouth enveloped my cock again, but it wasn't the warm mought that had been sucking me previously, it was ice cold. I could even feel an ice cube being maneuvered over my cock. Then she lifted up. Just as the tepid air in the room hit my cock it was enveloped again.

This time her mouth was warmer than usual; almost too hot. I figured she had spit the ice cube out, but I didn't understand how her mouth could heat up so quickly.

Then as fast as she had put her hot mouth on my cock, she pulled off again. Moments later her mouth was ice cold. It was then that I put two and two together and realized that Sabrina and I weren't alone in the bedroom. This realization almost made me blow my wad, but Sabrina must have picked up on it and pulled off again.

Shocked would be an understatement for what I felt. I just couldn't believe Sabrina would allow this let alone set it up. I had once joked about having her co-worker Rebecca over for a threesome. You'd have thought I was suggesting bedding her little sister.

After a week sleeping in the guest room she finally thawed out enough to start speaking to me again. Needless to say; I kept all future threesome thoughts to myself. Now here I was being orally tortured by my wife and some mystery guest. My mind immediately went to work deducing who it might be.

I knew who it wasn't. It wasn't Rebecca; she had moved north two years ago after her fiancé had been killed in a car accident. Every other woman that Sabrina worked with was just too large to have been on my face the way the mystery woman had been.

I was pondering all of Sabrina's friends when I felt someone climb on the bed again. I felt four hands on my thighs; four distinct hands rubbing my cock and balls. Then someone mounted me cowgirl style. She lay completely on me, her breasts on my chest, she kissed me deep. It was Sabrina. "I hope you're enjoying this," she breathed as she broke the kiss.

I smiled, but before I could reply Mystery Woman guided my cock into Sabrina's dripping wet pussy. I suddenly knew I was not the only one enjoying the activities. I could feel her hot exhalation as my cock entered her. She always did Kegel exercises to keep herself tight for me and each time they paid dividends.

She started riding me with her usual pace. She had a way of controlling her pace to make sure I didn't cum until she wanted me to. Sex with Sabrina is always complete bliss, but that night it was something more. Just when I thought it couldn't get any more erotic, Mystery Woman started sucking on my balls.

Between my wife's gripping pussy, and the lips working on my balls I knew I was going to burst at any moment. Then came the toy. As Sabrina rode me and Mystery Woman played with my balls, I felt action near my ass. It felt like Mystery Woman was rubbing something on it, but I was too into what Sabrina was doing to worry about it.

A little experimentation showed me I could put my feet flat so I was able to plant them and thrust into Sabrina. As I was thrusting, I felt Mystery Woman push something into my ass. It wasn't all that big around, not much bigger than a thick finger, but never having had anything in my ass before it felt huge.

The kicker came when she turned on and I could feel the buzzing clear into the head of my cock. I then realized, Sabrina had a vibrating egg in her ass so any control I had over my impending eruption went right out the window.

I could feel it building and I knew Sabrina had to know it was coming. I steeled myself for the inevitable pull out. But she didn't lift. She rode harder! When I came it was almost painful.

The first burst even seemed to take Sabrina by surprise because I could hear her startled "OH!" when the first burst surged from my cock. I myself screamed out during the following five shots.

Somehow during my ecstasy, I missed the onset of Sabrina's orgasm. I could feel her rhythmic clasping and the sound of her sucking in air through her clenched teeth; all hallmarks of an epic orgasm. If the sucking air and clamping muscles hadn't been enough evidence, she collapsed on me. She kissed me deeply and said, "That was awesome!"

She lay on me for a moment while our mystery guest caressed my balls and the inside of my thighs. She also shut off the toy in my ass, but didn't remove it.

Sabrina rolled off of me and lay next to me. "You almost blew my head off mister," she panted in my ear. She knows that any kind of action near my ears is a guarantee for a hard on. She reached down and stroked my cock. "No going soft mister, you have a guest to impress."

Go soft? No way was that happening. If the cock ring didn't do its job, then just the eroticism of the moment would keep me up. I had given up trying to figure out who Mystery woman was, I figured if I was meant to know Sabrina would have un-blindfolded me.

I felt Mystery woman climb up further onto the bed and poise herself above my cock. "Oh I promised myself I wouldn't but I have to try it," she said breathily. I didn't recognize the voice at all. I did wonder what she was going to try.

She grabbed my cock and held it as she rubbed her slit all over the head, eliciting shivers from me. "Oh, mmmm," she purred as she rubbed. I could feel her dew dripping down onto my cock. "Oh yeah," she moaned as she stopped rubbing and began lowering herself onto me.

"Oh god that looks so fucking hot," my wife moaned from beside me. Meanwhile Mystery Woman had me about a quarter of the way inside her. She stopped momentarily, lifted up a bit then sank even lower onto me.

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