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F6: A Day at the Carnival


This story is a submission to the sixth Friendly Anonymous Writing Challenge (FAWC) and a tribute to the founder of FAWC, slyc_willie, who we lost unexpectedly in October 2015. The true author of this story is kept anonymous until the end of the competition. Authors base their story on a list of four items. Their choices included the following letters: S L Y C. Each item was used in the story. There are no prizes given in this challenge; this is simply a friendly competition.

The list for this story includes: cleavage, cabbage, carnival and clerk

* * * *

One good thing about a dragon rampage, five years later you have great farming soil. That is if anyone is left alive to till the fertile loam. Gabriel contemplated this as he steered the horse drawn cart over the rutted road between the lush untended fields. Behind him came the soft snores of Myracel asleep in the blankets of the cart bed. He rubbed his seat as the cart jolted over another deep rut wondering how his companion could possibly sleep with all the bumps. After another sharp jolt threw him into the air he espied colorful tents off in the distance. Myracel stirred in the back after being jolted awake by the last bounce. A sleep filled face peered out from the fur pelts bunched in the middle of the cart bed.

"I swear you are deliberately riding into the biggest pot holes you come across."

Gabriel grinned at Myracel as she crawled out from under the pelts. His grin widened in appreciation for the cleavage displayed before him as Myracel worked to disentangle herself and crawl up to sit beside him.

After vigorously rubbing her face, Myracel looked over at the grinning lad, "What?"

Then she followed the path of his eyes down to the gaping front of her blouse. "Oh."

After pulling the blouse tight against her, which pulled the fabric tighter around her full chest she colored at the boy practically drooling next to her.

"Stop that," she cried as she freed one hand to punch him hard in the shoulder.

Annoyed at Gabriel's lack of response, she caught sight of a motion in the brush beside the road. Grinning she pointed her finger just past Gabriel's nose and let fire a small streak of crackling flame that burst past the startled lad as it singed his nose before shooting out to the quivering brush.

Gabriel fell backward into the cart at the abruptness of the shot, "Myr, what the Hell?"

The lithe blonde continued to grin as she jumped off the slowing cart and walked to the small burning bush. She reached past the small licking flames to hold up a small charred rabbit. She held it aloft for Gabriel to see as her soft suede boots stomped out the small fire.

"I caught dinner while your eyes were otherwise occupied," Myracel called triumphantly.

Gabriel rubbed his nose, "You could have warned me."

Myracel chuckled as she returned to the cart, "Like you would have paid me any attention."

She looked around before settling on a small clearing beside a running stream not far from the road.

She pointed in the clearing's direction, "Let's camp there."

Gabriel jumped from the cart and walked forward to grasp the dangling reins of the young horse tethered to the cart. Gabriel pulled the horse and cart towards Myracel, admiring her shapely figure through her breeches as he followed her.

"Stop staring at my ass or the next bolt will hit your nose," called Myracel without turning.

Gabriel chuckled but continued to stare. He still could not believe in his luck or rather lack of luck that had led him to her. He had returned from several day s of hunting in the deep woods only to find his homestead smoldering, his parents dead, livestock slaughtered. The tracks around the farm clearly told the story of an orc attack. After burying his parents, Gabriel set off at a stiff march following the clear trail left by the small band of orcs. After several days Gabriel was disillusioned of ever exacting his revenge when he saw smoke in the near distance.

After a quick dash the woods cleared to a small farmstead much like his own ruined home Gabriel had left behind days ago. Four swarthy orcs were charging past their two fallen companions to storm the small house. A bolt of fire flew out the window to harmlessly crash against the large metal shields held by one of the orcs.

Gabriel was stunned to hear a loud scream from the trees to his right. Two of the orcs turned at the sound to see both Gabriel and the blonde emerging from the forest near him. Gabriel watched as the girl paused to point at the lead orc, fire dancing from her fingers to fly out and strike the surprised orc in the face, dropping him instantly. Gabriel shook himself out of his freeze and notched an arrow before sending it into the breast of the other orc facing them, dropping him as well.

The last two remaining orcs turned toward their new threat, forgetting the danger from within the house. A fire bolt struck the back of the head of one of the orcs felling him. As his companion fell the last orc took off towards the woods to the right of the farm. Before making the edge of the trees he was struck by a fire bolt and arrow simultaneously putting the end to the encounter.

A woman emerged from the house. Gabriel could easily see the resemblance with the young girl standing near him. The woman from the house ignored the two to run off into the nearby field. Gabriel watched as she ran toward the prone body of a horse tied to a plow. He turned his head at the gasp from the girl near him.

"Pa" she screamed as she ran toward the woman now kneeling in the field.

Gabriel stayed with the Myracel and her mother while they buried their father/husband. Myracel's mother Celeste decided to move to the large city of Algeron rather than take care of the farm alone. Gabriel and Celeste were surprised when Myracel told them that she would follow him as he continued to search out roving bands of orcs that terrorized the area. Many months and quite a few less orcs in the world later, Myracel was still with Gabriel. He enjoyed her company tremendously.

"If you're quite finished staring at my backside could you be of some use and get a vegetable or two to go along with the rabbit that I caught by myself whilst you were otherwise distracted like you are now again."

Gabriel shook his head and tied their horse to a nearby small tree by the edge of the brook after releasing it from the cart. Gabriel headed back out to the main road and looked to the left and right deciding which way to go. He remembered the tents that he had seen off in the distance. He trotted off in that direction curious as to what he would find. Soon the road widened and became smoother. The road branched to the left and as Gabriel rounded the corner a colorful carnival opened up before him.

He stopped and stared at the entrance listening to the quiet all around him. It seemed the carnival was deserted. Intrigued, he wandered through the opening in the fence by the empty ticket booth. Everywhere tents and flags of red and yellow waved in the breeze and glowed in the setting sun. Gabriel checked the packed ground before him. It did not appear as though anyone had been to this carnival in quite a while. He was surprised that the tents were in such a good state of repair.

In what appeared to be the center of the spread of tents, Gabriel stopped to turn in all directions watching as the sun set in the distance. Around him with a whoosh flames danced from the various lanterns hanging around the lanes between the tents startling him. Shaking his head, Gabriel nervously edged back toward the path that led to the entrance. He was stopped by a sultry voice behind him.

"Why must you leave before sampling everything we have to offer, good sir?"

Gabriel spun to stare at all the alabaster skin wrapped in tight deep purple satiny fabrics. Long luxurious raven colored hair framed the slender face before cascading down the woman's shoulders to fall to the base of her spine. Gabriel stared at the smooth skin and inviting mounds of flesh that shown in the opening between the two strips of material hanging from her shoulders.

The woman smiled at his stare, stretched out her arms and waved her fingers, beckoning him toward her. Gabriel merely stood and stared, not sure what to make of the woman before him.

Still smiling, the woman reached back and up to her neck and the silver clasp that held her thin garment together. With a click, the purple silk slithered down her body leaving her bare before the gasping man. Her dark, rosy nipples and triangle of raven pubic hair stood out from the ashen pale skin. With a smooth motion the woman swayed over to the frozen Gabriel.

She purred as her hand caressed across his chest, "Do you like what we have to offer, kind sir?"

Gabriel gasped as he felt the hand moving across his body clasp on the front of his trousers, squeezing with an agonizing force.

"I think I will love what you have to offer," she continued to purr.

Gabriel felt her push and slid to the ground without a protest. The woman swung her leg over so she was straddling the prone figure. Her fingers slide down from the top of his pants searching for the flesh she knew was there. Gabriel gasped when he felt her hand curl around his throbbing stalk and tug on it.

"Oh, yes, I very much like what you have to offer," she purred as she leaned down to swipe her tongue across his cheek.

Gabriel shook his head as in the increasing darkness her hair appeared more greenish than black. He lost his thoughts at the feel of her tugging again as her other hand pulled his trousers down below his knees. His cock swung up to stand upright as she lowered herself onto it groaning. Gabriel reached up to clutch the swaying breasts above him fingers pushing in on the hard nipples.

The woman ground her hips into Gabriel pushing harder and harder bringing groans to Gabriel's lips. The woman clasped her hands together high above her head, a sharpened branch held between them. She started to quiver, grinding harder the hands pulled back ready to plunge.

With a loud screech the woman exploded in a burst of flames falling off Gabriel. The sharp branch fell harmlessly on his heaving chest.

Gabriel looked over at the burning pile of sticks next to him and then over at Myracel standing legs spread, her hand still pointing in his direction. The carnival spun and swirled before vanishing, exposing a large clearing with the night sky shining above it.

"Cabbage," yelled the panting girl. "I sent you out to get cabbage not get yourself killed."

Gabriel shook his heavy head. He could not catch the swirling thoughts in his head. He just laid still for a time. As his head cleared Gabriel became aware of his exposed glistening cock before looking over to Myracel. With a gasp he jumped up, pulling on his pants.

The two silently stared at each other with only the crackling of the fire on the ground next to his feet to break the stillness, until they both became aware of a thudding noise near them. The two cautiously walked to the edge of the trees where they found the noise coming from a broken trunk of a tree. Gabriel pulled out his short sword and wedged the blade carefully in an opening on the side.

With a crack, the front of the bark fell down exposing a man tied in a ball in the confines of the squat tree. Myracel reached down to pull the man up as Gabriel carefully cut the bonds that tied him. The man crossed himself at the sight of the still smoldering wooden corpse in the glade.

"Saints preserve us, The Wood Nymph is dead," he cried.

Gabriel looked back at the blackened corpse, "Wood Nymph?"

The man next to them nodded his head vigorously, "she has killed many a lost traveler along this route."

Gabriel looked at the man, "Why not you?"

The man reached in and fished out the wooden cross hanging from the cord around his neck. "I'm a man of God, she had no power over me."

Myracel grinned at the clerk, "well she had the power to tie you up."

The man blushed before nodding again. "Yes, a stout stick across the back of my head as I turned to run away did overpower me at that."

Myracel swatted the back of Gabriel's head. "The rabbit's cooked, if you think you can rustle up some vegetables without any more trouble."

She turned and walked back toward their camp. Gabriel and the clerk stared at the swaying backside of the girl before becoming aware of each other. Gabriel swatted the back of the priest's head.

"Stop looking, you're a man of God."

"Don't forget, I have a fire bolt with your name on it if you don't stop staring as well," laughed the girl.

Gabriel grinned and clasped the shoulder of the clerk.

"Let's get some vegetables before we both end up on the wrong side of her fingers."

With that the two rummaged for their dinner and had a quiet night ahead.

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