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F6: Deidre


This story is a submission to the sixth Friendly Anonymous Writing Challenge (FAWC) and a tribute to the founder of FAWC, slyc_willie, who we lost unexpectedly in October 2015. The true author of this story is kept anonymous until the end of the competition. Authors base their story on a list of four items. Their choices included the following letters: S L Y C. Each item was used in the story. There are no prizes given in this challenge; this is simply a friendly competition.

The list for this story includes: Lecturer, Licorice, Laundry room, and Lech

* * * *

Once in a while a person comes into your life that can teach you things about yourself that you don't already know. They seem to know you better than you know yourself. For me that person was Deidre Waterford.

To be honest, after I first dated Deidre I was ready to give up on the female of the species. It wasn't just her, but she was the last in a line of failures. Kristina Naples was the first. Kristina and I became a couple during our sophomore year of high school, and gave each other our virginity after our junior prom. We'd known each other since eighth grade and had been close friends since. We applied to and got accepted to the University of Massachusetts, and lived together in an off campus apartment. Up until two weeks after graduation I thought we were on the same page. Our plan was for me to join the Navy while she continued her education; she was studying to be a cardiovascular surgeon. She was accepted to Johns Hopkins at the same time I was reporting for Officer Candidate School in Newport Rhode Island.

I feel stupid when I look back. I blame it on the fact we were both busy and our communication fell off. I did make it to Baltimore often to see her, but I didn't pick up on the differences then.

Shortly before my time at OCS was over I was tabbed to attend the Center for Information Dominance in Pensacola Florida. I rehearsed how I would break this news to Kristina. On one hand I would be a long distance from her, but once I went into full service the chance was decent that I would be assigned to shore rather than on a ship. When I sat with her to discuss the situation, she hit me with those four words every guy dreads; "We need to talk."

"Chris, I've met someone," she said avoiding my gaze. I said nothing so she continued. "Dr. Bradford was a guest lecturer in one of my classes. I stayed after the lecture to ask a few questions." She paused to wipe her eyes. She glanced up at my face quickly the returned her gaze to her hands and continued.

"As I was asking him things he asked if I'd like to go have a cup of coffee. Coffee led to dinner, and I ended up in his bed that night."

"Ok, I have to ask; was this a one-time thing," I asked keeping my tone even, my officer training was helping already, "or are you leaving me for him?"

"I've been seeing him for five weeks now," she said. "I want to be with him while you're away, but I'll be only yours while you're on leave. When you get out of the service we can go on as we planned." She looked at me expectantly, "I know we have enough love for each other that this won't affect us."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She wanted to fuck this guy while I was in harm's way, she didn't know yet of my career path change, then be with me like nothing had changed. I wondered how two way this street was. "So while I'm away we're free to sleep with others, but we'll be monogamous when I'm home?"

The look on her face told me all I needed to know. "I figured you'd be at sea and saving yourself for me."

"Oh. So you get to play while I stay faithful." She nodded her head but I saw the resignation on her face. I looked at her hand to see that the promise ring I had given her for high school graduation was missing. "You don't bother wearing my ring anymore," she looked embarrassed.

"I take it off for..."

"For fucking your douche bag doctor boyfriend," I said cutting her off. "Well I am glad you told me this before I proposed and put this engagement ring on your finger," I said patting the imaginary ring box in my pocket. "I'm sure I can get my money back for it."

Her mouth moved like a fish out of water gulping the air as her tears started in earnest. "Good luck Kristina," I said rising. "I hope this asshole doesn't make a habit of taking future doctors out for coffee." I turned and walked away.

"Oh God. Chris wait," I heard her wail as I walked off but I didn't look back. She didn't deserve to see my tears. I was back in Newport by evening and the next weekend found me in sunny Florida.

I spent my first weeks in Florida learning my new craft. I never had a moment to stop and think about the Kristina sized hole in my heart. Once I settled in and things slowed down I decided it was time to fill that void, but since I had never really asked a girl out I had no clue how to proceed.

Luckily I had made a few friends. One guy's wife set me up with a co-worker of hers. Not only was Pamela Miller the sexiest woman I had ever laid eyes on, but over a two month span she showed me things in the bedroom I had only read about in Penthouse Letters.

The idea of marriage hadn't yet crossed my mind. With Kristina I had known from an early age that I wanted to spend my life with her. Pamela asked me several times how I felt about marriage. I wasn't sure how deep my feelings for Pamela ran. Two days later I would find out.

The exercises for that day were centered around satellite intelligence and gleaning intel from "ferret" satellites. An hour into class, something happened to the satellite we had clearance to use. After an hour of our instructors haranguing their superiors we were dismissed for the day.

Since the weather was bad I knew Pamela would be home. I got to her apartment and could see through her window that she wasn't in the front room. I decided to surprise her so I retrieved her spare key and let myself in. The surprise was on me.

I could hear them as soon as I entered the apartment. I walked back to her bedroom and saw her on her back while a short haired red head girl fucked her with a strap on. The plastic cock that was splitting Pamela's pussy was larger than any dick I had ever seen on the internet. I felt like a lech as I stood there watching, but I couldn't tear my eyes away.

Pamela's moans and urging got louder and the red head pounded into her harder. They were fucking so hard I expected the bed to start bouncing. As her orgasm peaked, Pamela let loose a shriek that I am sure had every dog in a five mile circle barking. As the girls slowed and collapsed I began clapping.

Two sets of eyes locked onto me as I clapped. Pamela's eyes got wide. "Who the fuck are you?" asked her friend. Pamela didn't seem to be able to say anything.

"I'm just someone Pam used to know," I said as I turned and left the room. I was just out the front door when I heard Pamela call for me to not leave. For a moment I considered waiting but in the end I left her spare key by the door and left.

I didn't see her again the rest of that week. On Saturday I came home from morning PT to find her sitting on my door step. "Hiya stranger," she said trying to sound jovial. "I haven't heard from you since the other day and I've been wanting to talk to you."

"I'm not sure what can be said. I mean we aren't married so you don't owe me an explanation." "I know you were hurt. It was on your face, and what you said confirmed it. I should have told you that Kara and I play once in a while. She's upset because I didn't tell her about you. I just want to beg your forgiveness.

"I'm over it Pamela. No need for you to beg, there's nothing to forgive. Like I said, we aren't married and we never discussed exclusivity. Besides, I am only here for another week."

"Another week? Where are you going?" she asked with a sniffle.

"I'll be going home to Boston for a few days, then I am off to San Diego for fleet orientation, then I'll join my task force in Yokosuka Japan." She seemed to be genuinely stricken by the news. "No, please tell me you're just upset about catching me and are yanking my chain. Please Chris, this isn't funny."

"I told you I have no hard feelings. I'm not fibbing, my orders have come down."

"Damn you Chris. You make me realize that I am in love with you and you're going away. Why Japan? Can't you go somewhere closer, like here?" "Love? What part of the strap on fucking made you realize your love for me?" I hoped that didn't sound like a dig.

"When I saw the look on your face as you turned to leave, I felt like I had betrayed you. I know we've never committed to each other, but I saw your pain and it killed me that I had hurt you."

I didn't know what to say. She asked if she could spend the week with me, and against my better judgement I said yes.

On the day I was set to leave Pensacola I awoke to an empty bed. A quick search of the apartment proved that she had left. I found a note on the table which read;

My dearest Chris, I feel like a complete heel for not saying good bye in person, but I couldn't handle seeing you leave. If you are ever around these parts again please look me up. I wish I could go with you. I love you and will miss you terribly. Pamela

I thought about driving by her apartment on my way to the airport, but in the end decided against it. I wanted to say good bye but I figured she either wouldn't answer the door or wouldn't be home. So I honored her wish and went on my merry, or less than merry way.

My parents weren't too thrilled to hear of my port assignment. "Didn't you join the Atlantic navy?"

"No dad. I joined the United States Navy. They'll send me where ever they need or want me. Most of my class was destined for the Pacific fleet."

"But you don't know Japanese. How will you make it in a place that you can't communicate?"

"Mom, most of my time will be aboard a ship, either an aircraft carrier or an Aegis cruiser. I most likely won't need to spend much time in Japan itself."

"What about Kristina? How can you repair your relationship with her if you are on the other side of the planet?"

"No relationship to repair dad. She chose to sleep with the visiting professors and such thus removing me from the equation."

"She asks about you all the time Chris. I think you two should seriously try to work your issues out."

"Sorry mom. I am not one to stand in line. If I am in a relationship with someone I expect to be the only one."

"What does the Navy think of your bull-headedness son? Surely they want obedience."

"They have my obedience and loyalty dad. My orders will always be carried out to the letter. In a few years I'll be giving orders. Kristina made her choice. She decided for us the direction our relationship was going to take; I exercised my freedom to seek another path. Can we talk about something or someone else? I have to leave for San Diego in three days."

"I think you're making a huge mistake Christopher Elliot Bernhard. Marrying Kristina has been your goal for as long as you've known her."

"That was before she wanted someone else mom. I can't be two hours away and have her be loyal, what could I expect when I am thousands of miles away?"

"Well if you had joined the Atlantic Navy that wouldn't be an issue son."

By the second day home I was ready to walk to San Diego to escape the constant badgering. At least to their credit they didn't have Kristina come see me. I'm not sure I could have handled that. I found out the morning I left why Kristina hadn't been around.

"I wish you could stay another day Chris. Kristina hasn't been able to get time off from her residency program to come down to visit."

"That suits me just fine mom. I'm sure Dr. Delightful or whomever she's currently banging would like her to stay in Baltimore anyway."

"No need for rudeness Chris. She still loves you and always asks about you. It's killing her that you are this close to her and she can't see you. Please wait another day or two."

"Sorry mom. I'm not risking prison for a woman who didn't want me in the first place."

"Prison? I think you are being melodramatic."

"No Susan, he isn't. If his orders are for him to be in San Diego tomorrow he needs to be in San Diego tomorrow. Next time you come home for leave son we'll have to make sure Kristina gets enough notice so she can come see you. Maybe you kids can work something out."

I just shook my head and called for a cab to take me to Logan Airport. At least I knew I wouldn't be hearing about how Kristina might get tire of waiting for me and marry a doctor, or what a mistake I was making by not marrying her before I got shipped out. Unfortunately I realized that coming home couldn't be a spur of the moment thing and I was likely to get ambushed the next time I was home.

I actually spent a week in San Diego. Fleet orientation and everything I had to do before being sent out took mere hours leaving me five days to see sights. A couple of us went to LA for a day and saw the tourist stuff there.

On our next to last day one guy suggested going to Tijuana to see some sex shows. A CPO that overheard our chat strongly suggested that we stay north of the border. "They don't always take kindly to US sailors in TJ," he said. "We have lost many officers and recruits because of trouble down there."

We ended up heeding his advice, and the next day I took the longest damn plane ride I have ever taken in my life. After what seemed like a week in the air, I touched down in Japan. A bus met us as we debarked and took directly to the Yokosuka Naval Base. I had a two day stay there before my first voyage started. I got to see a little bit of Yokosuka before I left for a three month cruise.

Most of that first cruise was spent just putting our new group through the paces. We mainly cruised around Thailand. Our second cruise was more demanding, but still fairly tame. We spent most of that one off of the west coast of Russia. My main job was looking through the intel we got from radio communications, and some satellite to ship communications.

It was mundane, but we practiced our craft well. When we got back to Yokosuka, we were given a week's shore leave. While on leave I attended a party put on by a local women's group. The party was a traditional Japanese tea party and I actually had a good time.

I also met Naoko. While many of the girls attending the party spoke English, Naoko's was perfect. As we talked I learned that she had attended school for six years in New York. I didn't sleep with her that night, but we did make a date for the following evening.

The following evening we went out to eat and then ended up at her apartment. We didn't leave until I had to report back to my ship. I had to give Naoko a lot of credit for honesty. She told me that her father didn't approve of Americans, and she was forbidden from getting serious with any sailor. She was also engaged to a guy name Kenji.

"But I have enjoyed my time with you, so if you are willing, I will be your girl anytime you are in port. But I will be with Kenji while you are gone. Kenji will understand if he wants to stay with me."

I wasn't sure how to feel about the arrangement. She was asking Kenji to basically take the same deal I had walked away from with Kristina. I didn't commit, but told her we'd talk the next time I was in port.

Our next cruise took us into the northern Sea of Japan where we listened in on North Korea. Pyongyang of course was displeased with our proximity to their territorial waters and spent a lot of time and energy sabre rattling. Our ASW, anti-submarine warfare, guys worked around the clock as did the two carriers in our group. I think I saw top side twice in the four months we were up there. When I wasn't asleep I was in the cramped communications room poring over data. We knew the sonar guys had tracked several subs just beyond our outer pickets, and Korean fighter jets could be often seen on the edge of our radar scopes.

One night before we were to head back into port, the subs actually made it inside our defense ring. The pinging from our subs and their subs reverberated through our ship's hull making it impossible to hear normal conversation. We were all relieved to get two weeks' leave when we returned and many of us headed to the bars to settle our jangled nerves. I had no inclination to find Naoko again, I empathized with Kenji. I was drinking with a couple of guys from one of our carriers when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

"Were you planning on telling me that you were back in port Chris?"

I turned to find myself staring into the unwavering gaze of Naoko. "We've only been back for a few hours," I stammered out.

"Finish your drink and come with me," she said. I'm not sure why I did it, but I gulped down my beer and followed her all the way back to her apartment. Once there she turned and started stripping. "Please hurry Chris. I have missed you terribly."

I almost asked if Kenji wasn't getting the job done, but thought better of it when she latched her mouth onto mine and kissed my soul. It wasn't until we came up for breath that I noticed that she'd opened my fly and had pulled my cock out of my trousers.

She said something in Japanese then started stroking my hardening cock. I groaned and looked down just as she looked up and I lost myself in the dark pools of her eyes. She never broke eye contact as she took my cock in her mouth and slowly took in the entire length. After four months of no sex I didn't last long. Within five minutes I was spilling my load down her throat. She swallowed every drop then removed her mouth from my cock and smiled at me. "That was a lot Chris. Now the rest of these two weeks can proceed."

It didn't dawn on me that she knew how much shore leave I had nor that she had known I had already disembarked and headed to the bar. It seemed every time we got together she knew how long I was going to be in port. I found out later that her friends in the ladies' group knew when our ships came in. I also found out that Kenji traveled for his job and was gone almost more than I was.

For the first four years it went like that. I was either at sea or in Naoko's arms. Several times I came back rattled after being off the coast of North Korea. The worst was a six month cruise we made into the Persian Gulf. I knew going in it could go bad. I was highly thankful for our perimeter defenses; they saved our ass several times.

We had just returned from a Thailand cruise when I had three months left on my commitment. Naoko did her best to reduce me to jello then looked at me and said matter of factly, "Chris, I am supposed to get all teary eyed and tell you how much I'll miss you if you don't re-enlist."

I wasn't sure what to say, or what she wanted to hear. I was saved by her continuing. "Chris I hope you know how deeply I feel for you. I love having you when you are here, and I hate having to put you back together after they send you to bad areas. Chris I am torn between two feelings."

I hadn't given much thought to re-upping, but I knew the pitches would be coming. I had never imagined they'd get girlfriends to pitch for them. I told her that either way, I'd see her next time we were in port. I figured that we'd go to a peaceful area on this cruise. I was wrong. We were headed for North Korea again. This time felt different. For the first month it was all the same sabre rattling as always. About half way through they fired a missile at our position. Outer perimeter defenses shot it down. Then I scored a big find.

I happened across two pieces of communication. One was a directive to an air base north of our position spelling out an attack on our group, the other to a bae south of us outlining an attack from the south while our attention was turned to the feint from the north. I immediately contacted the group commander and he was able to use the information to successfully meet both sorties and repel the attack. For my part, I received a commendation, which due to the secrecy of our mission was not part of my public record, and I was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. I also accepted another four year commission.

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