tagSci-Fi & FantasyFabian Succubus Hunter

Fabian Succubus Hunter


Authors Note: Dear reader, thank you for your interest in my tales. My name is Fabian and I am from a different time and place. A porthole created by happenstance, magic and a well timed leap from peril has left a conduit to relay my words through. Goulgotha, the underworld is vast and encompasses my current town, New Penumbra. Once Europe dipped down into it's interior and travelers used to exchange my stories; but the opening has long since been closed when Colony Maleficia was established. I now record my tales and field notes on parchment by candlelight and place them in the waiting hands of Goulgotha Publishing, who now owns the conduit and allows me some communication with your world. I can only trust my words will be found and duly relayed in the finest volumes of your culture.

Chapter One

For I am Fabian Succubus Hunter

The small forest clearing was drenched in midnight blue, it writhed among the flora and coated the ancient trees in a thick effervescent paint. I pushed through the vegetation cautiously like a mouse approaching an entry to a forbidden room. The woodland, comprised of branches, leaves, dirt, vines, fungus and other natural bric-a-brac, some of which oozed, and though very different and distinct, seemed to be of one mind. One consciousness or spirit that brooded deep in the terra firma and controlled malevolently. Just then a leaf abruptly swatted across my face as an unseen branch slipped underfoot, crackled and decided to inform the rest of the hollow I had arrived. Suddenly from across a shallow ravine, one of it's creatures appeared and stared directly at me. A Succubus. One who I had painstakingly tracked for the past few days.

Her name was Merridia, and had been made a vampire/succubus recently by Count Aldeberry, who incidentally kept a small collection of brides in his cellar. Male vampires only seemed to take the most intriguing women, and Merridia was no exception. Even in death, had beauty not only smiled upon these scavengers, but the Goddess Lust had blessed them with a fair amount of sensuality as well.

But now the moment had come. I glanced at her. She glanced back. I smiled, and she followed suit revealing two sharp eye teeth that twinkled like diamonds from the glare of my shuddering torch. A faint moan rolled from her throat and in a flash she appeared in front of me. Hissing.

To understand the psyche of the female succubus you must know this. Number one on their brain is a deadly thirst for blood, for that's how they were made. However, bubbling right underneath that thin veneer is their desire for sex, which regrettably concludes with number one.

Let me begin with an introduction. Once upon a time in a different place than yours, and long before you were born dear reader; vampires struck fear in the hearts of your average god fearing villager. I understand your times have changed, and they no longer inspire terror. I understand they have been swallowed by your modern culture and regurgitated as super heroes. All of my old foes of yore have disappeared as well, in much the same way as "if you cut a forest down so goes it's inhabitants." Alas, time marches on, but I come from an old world when the countryside was covered in a blueish haze and the moors bled with mystery. It was within that mystery that vampires, and succubi, and even witches and demons roamed the hollow earth, Golgotha. These were interesting times, and the career path that had chose me, was that of a healer. I mended the unholy through seduction.

I am Fabian Succubus Hunter.

In front of me stood a snarling fair haired lass with green eyes and liquid pupils. Her nipples pierced against a transparent nightgown, and her legs quickly tightened in a dominate stance. In that moment a ray of moonlight gallantly surged through her thighs revealing freshly trimmed sexual fur.

Much like a man might see the girl within a woman, I saw the woman within the demon. But alas dear reader, a demon was still a demon aside from any blatant femininity. The sinewy hair, the azure skin, the pointy ears and last but not least, the disagreeable disposition.

She raised clawed hands to her shoulders, till they poised at my chest like ten long delicate darts. Her head rolled in circles and she continued to snarl loudly.

I stood my ground, studied her. I did not run, nor did I scream. Not even when her ice breath slid down my neck and scurried inside my collar. At that moment instead, I disrobed. Unbuttoning my woven shirt slowly to reveal a muscular chest. I felt her heavy gaze graze my neck and shoulders then wander below to my tight stomach. I reached down to unfasten my trousers, then let them slide to the ground innocently. Surprise, I wore no underpants as was customary in the day. The cool wind washed through my bare legs and I pushed my long hair back in my fingers, as if to say "come hither Mrs. Succubus."

Her demeanor paused.

Much has been said about the "pause". This pause was my junction between life or death; the last breath of anticipation before a deadly attack. I will speak more of this pause later but suffice it to say I used this special moment to retrieve a finely crafted hand puppet from my shirt pocket. It's name was Poppi and it swiftly perched on my left hand smiling, bobbing and speaking in a high pitched vicarious voice.

"Hi my name is Poppi!"

That was the moment of action. I had exploited the glitch in her programming by doing the unexpected. I watched her vampire brain temporarily disable and her liquid eyes flicker. Quickly I signaled my servant, Lerskell who had been hiding close-by to drop the capture net. With a prompt back step a nearby tree squawked and release it's bounty. My web fell swiftly, hissing in the wind as it traveled, to encapsulate the succubi below.

I quickly came around behind her, tying her hands back behind her waist with soft cord, I dropped to my knees to bind each foot to tangle-wood roots. She began struggling and I could tell her thought process was returning. I had to work quick. Grabbing her shoulders I pushed her down onto a tree stump, then pulled slack from the tangle wood ropes. She kicked and I pulled hard, like fighting a fish on a line. Putting my shoulder into it and pushing forward with all my might, I was finally able cinch the rope, then knot it. With a sigh of relief she was now immobile and I motioned for Lerskell to leave us alone.

Standing back to eye my prize, the beautiful creature floundered in netting. The night was still young and I stood before her with hands perched on my hips. The wind pushed through my long mane and licked against my bare neck and shoulders. Now, the same devil moon that had shown through her thighs earlier now suddenly fixated upon my huge erect cock in the forest clearing.


How to seduce the Succubi

Merridia wrestled against the netting, but I managed to slip the safety cloth into her mouth, this was always the first step. Once accomplished I was slightly more cavalier. However if you were going to rehabilitate a demoness you had to play her game.

Poppi hung on a nearby branch, motionless. His painted on smile seemed to imply he was watching in enjoyment.

Turning to place my hands on the vampires cool shoulders, I leaned in close bringing my muscular chest a few feet from her glowing eyes. I had doused my body in a combination of scents which I knew would overwhelm her acute sensory. My neck smelled of village cookies, my chest smelled of citrus and my thighs smelled like the flowers of the highlands. This was part of my curriculum and I could tell it was working as she began to calm. My hands slid down her icy arms, pushing her frilly nightgown straps down as she watched my bobbing cock.

Dear reader, I was a professional. I understood the importance of a good looking cock, and in my case it was my weapon, my sword if you will. I kept it well trimmed and evenly tanned in the summer months, sliding it back into it's sheath for winter; though removing for polishing every few nights. I loved to lay back on the plush white grazzle beast rug in front of the castle fireplace touching and stroking myself. Many nights the fire danced across my skin as I brought myself to climax while thinking of some sweet unknown female that would one day read my words and heal my deviated soul.

But I digress...

I stood over the helpless creature and continued guiding the gown down her body. Her breasts blossomed once exposed to the cold night air and my purple crown brushed against her soft skin as I knelt. My leading hands continued down her pale thighs and I leaned in, pushing my chest against hers; then slowly rocking back and forth to generate warmth.

I felt her nipples tighten against mine, and saw a hint of transformation as her pupils twitched between fluid and fixed. I could tell her mind was fighting the demon and the human; between the blood lust and the warm call of human sexuality. I felt sorry for this beautiful creature and wanted to help her in my own special way.

My knees dug into the soft ground at the base of the stump as my strong hands slid across her thighs and wrapped behind her lower back, pulling her tighter against me.

I looked deep into her eyes, past the fluctuating pupils and through the lens to her soul. I saw the girl trapped inside, a free spirit accidentally entangled by a demon's wrath. Her small spectral presence inside called to me. It said, free me Fabian.

To make a demon cum is to make her human again. The succubi can only go through the motions and fake it at best, it's how they are programmed. But if you bring them to orgasm, you bring them to mortality. The demoness is tricky business, their sensuality is a playing card thrown down on the table to entice your bid. The normal man gives in, I call their bluff.

In that moment of introspection I heard a branch snap.

"Well Fabian, I see you are at it again" came a familiar but unexpected voice.

I whipped around quick to see my arch nemesis, Count Aldeberry the 3rd himself, standing behind me and wearing a three piece suit.

"So you found Merridia." he spoke in a very European way.

"I believe she has found me." Trying to hide my nervous surprise.

"You realize you are vithout clothes and at a disadvantage."

"You realize the sun will be rising in five minutes."

"You realize I could kill you in five seconds."

I hesitated for a moment, "You realize, if you began to feed on my neck, you could not stop within five minutes. Thus becoming a flaming pile of char. I would then retire to the bath and rinse you away."

He paused to consider.

"So be it!" Came a highly dramatic voice. Suddenly he ran his fingers through his hair as his shirt began unbuttoning itself. "Two can play this game you play."

I didn't know what to expect as he approached Merridia, dropping his shirt to the forest floor. She looked at him with eyes wide.

"You must love me!" he commanded then easily removed the safety cloth from her mouth.

I have to admit the master vampires had plenty of seduction games of their own, and in particular I imagined that Aldeberry would have been a handsome man as seen through the eyes of a woman. Sudden visions of Merridia wandering the countryside alone, looking for blood like an animal burned in my mind. I could not allow this to happen. She was an innocent. I watched with repulsion as the count took her mouth in his and began slowly engulfing her soul.

The wind picked up and seemed to howl around us, I saw poor Poppi beginning to flail on the tree branch. I didn't know what to do, but I had to act fast.

Quickly I darted around behind them and loosened Merridia's hands from behind her back, hoping her sudden rapture would keep her blind to my actions. Their mouths still locked and were ridiculously unaware, I quickly untied her bare ankles and slowly pushed her off the tree stump from behind. As I pushed, their bodies hovered with a strange gentle ease. I held Merridia's curvacious hips and eased her down to the earthen floor. Then taking her ankles in hand, cautiously pried her sweet legs apart. Her pussy was glistening, and calling me forth. Swiftly I pulled her towards me forcing her down onto all fours. The count was to busy to notice as I slid my fingers between her legs and touched her clit. She felt so good as I started tracing small circles just inside her moist lips, I realized there was still hope.

I was becoming so aroused I nearly forgot that my arch rival was only three feet away with his lips bolted to hers. Perhaps it was the moonlight. Perhaps it was having this sensual creature so close to me. Or perhaps it was the village wine earlier in the evening, but her wet pussy felt so delicious in my fingers that I could not resist. I had become so hard and was aching to be inside her soft azure body. I advanced further and laid my hands around her waist, and with a quick motion before my rational self could change it's mind, I slid the head of my throbbing purple cock inside her. She accepted me in measured undulations.

I held her tight and pressed on a little deeper. I felt the cool night air hiss between us then circle around my balls to evaporate between my hot thighs. I brought my hand down around her waist and pulsed her clit in soft percussion. She was getting so wet and I couldn't control myself any longer. I eased in till the warmth of her cunt enveloped my cock completely. Oh my god she was so amazing. I closed my eyes and began thrusting in slow pleasure. Feeling her butt rhythmically slap my bare thighs stirred a deep growl from my chest. I looked down at Merridia, who was still helplessly lost in the demons mouth.

I realized in my selfishness, that he had removed his shiny black pants. They now lay on the forest floor with moonlight dancing on them. Mocking me.

Vampire gentleman were usually much older and well to do. They came from a time well before my own. A time when antiquity still ruled their present tense. And it was that same mental disposition that allowed them to dress quite oddly formal. Quite, horribly, oddly... formal.

He was wearing bloomer style underwear made from taffeta. The ill fashion continued with shin straps that latched onto clinging black socks followed by fancy spatted shoes. How he had removed his pants was one of the great tricks of the master vampire. However, even by the standards of the day this was considered tacky. I laughed at his dress code.

Yes I dared laugh at the dress code of the master vampire.

Suddenly enraged by my jest, he pulled his sticky lips from hers to glare at me indignantly. His eyes glowed red and his eyebrows winged skyward, when suddenly he noticed that Merridia's soft quivering pussy was now sliding back and forth against my medicinal cock.

"This cannot be!" He sat up on his knees, with bulging bloomers in full view.

"She is turning human!" I screamed as the wind howled louder. "Her hands and feet are untied, yet she is not attacking me!"

"I vill take her back! How dare you take my vife! "

Merridia writhed in my strong hands as I shouted.

"One of your many wives Count, who you've left as blood sucking creatures to roam the countryside!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing!"

With a snap of his fingers his pants magically shot up from the forest floor and reclaimed his body, and, in an amazing wrinkle free formalness. He thrust his right hand out at me dramatically, six inches from my neck and made grabbing motions. For a moment invisible fingers compressed my neck and closed my airway.

But then, abruptly, the universe twinkled and the first ray of dawn cracked over the small earths edge.

Aldeberry looked perturbed. "I must leave you now, but I varn you Fabian... Succubus Hunter... your days are numbered!" and with that the Count dissipated.

Breathing a heavy sign of relief I relaxed. I knew that Merridia was pretty confused right now, her brain was probably waving like a flag in an uneven breeze. It was not wise to interrupt an intervention once it had begun and this one had gone completely astray. I was unsure of the consequences and I did not want this poor creature reverting. Looking around as the nights stronghold turned to morning dew, I decided it would be best to take her back to my castle and give her some private tutoring.

Goulgotha Publishing MDCCCXCII

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