tagSci-Fi & FantasyFabled Infatuation

Fabled Infatuation


Lydia lay silent, unmoving, holding her breath in her bed as the shadows closed in around her. Tonight, she had prepared for the intrusion, and she would discover who watched her so quietly at night.

The clock ticked, the only sound in her bedroom, counting down the seconds, the minutes, the hours. He appeared every night now, around two o'clock, and that witching hour arrived in just a few minutes. Her anxiety skyrocketed as she watched the hand move around in a circle, and she strained her ears, wanting to hear that mild breathing which had become familiar to her, even lulling her to sleep at times.

There would be no such lullaby tonight.

She thought she heard a clink at the window, and Lydia froze, the hair on the back of her neck standing up and sending an electrical tingle down her spine. But no sound followed, and she was ready to scream her frustration.

Several more minutes passed, and the sound repeated, this time with the soft hiss of a sigh. Attuning herself to the rhythm of the breathing pattern, so faint she almost decided she'd imagined it, she smiled to herself. Her visitor had arrived.

With painfully slow movement, she curled her fingers around the string and began pulling, her eyes closed and all her energy focused on audio reception. When she felt tension, she counted to three silently and gave a sharp, microscopic tug. The other end, tied to the lamp switch, flicked the light on so instantly and unexpectedly that her visitor was caught as if rooted to his spot, crouching in her window.

Sitting up in bed, Lydia blinked several times at the...boy? Man? What was he?

She broke the silence first. "How long have you been watching me?"

He raised an eyebrow. "How did you know I was here?"

"I asked you first."

"Three weeks, two days." His tone was deadpan, but his voice was seductive, lyrical, a tenor pitch that drew nails gently down her back with a shiver in response.

She huffed. "Why?"

He shook his head. "I answered your question, you answer mine now."

What childish play! Fine, she would answer with a childish response. "I heard you breathing, woke up and saw your shadow. Figured I'd put it in the drawer and keep it till you came back."

He self-consciously touched the points of his ears. "Alright, I get it. I'm not Peter Pan, and I'm no Lost Boy. So no more cracking jokes."

She smirked and started to say something, but as she formed the words, he snapped his fingers, and nothing came out. Magic? Should she be frightened, intrigued, or indignant. He chuckled and snapped again, and her voice returned mid-sentence. "...acting like a child, maybe I wouldn't poke fun at you." She drew the cover up farther around her, covering her chest and her scant clothing. "And by the way, what right do you have to take away my voice? You're the intruder. I should have you arrested."

He rolled his eyes. "Right. Call the police and tell them you have a nameless pointy-eared fairy creature at your window. They'll come alright, and there'll be a lock-up, but it won't be me, and you won't go to jail; you'll go to the psych hospital."

He was probably right, but he'd brought up another point. "Well, if you're going to sit in my window and spy on me in my skivvies, the least you could do is tell me your name."

His face scrunched like a young boy's as he considered that. "If I tell you my name, will you let me touch your hair?"

His odd request took her off guard. "Why do you want to touch my hair?"

He held out a hand and made a motion like he was caressing it. "The silken black waves...they call to me. They shine in the dark." As he spoke, a soft blue light glowed around her, and she pulled a lock in front of her face. Her hair did shine, as if it had its own power source. Her eyes grew large, and she swallowed audibly.

"Sure," she decided, awed by the magic he possessed. She wondered what the touch of a magical being – one who identified as a fairy-creature – would feel like.

"My name is Link."

An odd name, but she supposed that James or Mark wouldn't be magical enough. She nodded. "I'm Lydia. Come over here, and you can touch my hair."

He hesitated for a moment, then seemed to glide across the floor as if his feet weren't even touching the ground. Link sat on the edge of her bed and reached out, barely brushing his fingertips over her crown and down the length of her tresses. "Your hair is perhaps the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

His touch ignited something within, and she swallowed again, resisting the urge to run her hands over his face, his chest which looked rock hard beneath the suede vest he wore, and every other part of him. She felt as though she needed to explore him from head to toe, and she wondered if he wielded magic over her even now, implanting that desire in her.

"What are you?" she whispered, and instantly winced at her forward question, which she had thought, and not meant to speak.

His hand moved to her neck, her shoulder, and every place he touched, her skin heated like a flame had been held to it. "A nymph," he replied, his own voice soft as he watched her with curious eyes that changed colors from blue to aqua to green to yellow and back again, so bright she could even see them in the dark. Lowering his voice and pitch even further, he asked, "May I touch more of you?"

Lydia's heart sped as moisture coated the space between her thighs at his words. She wanted his hands, his mouth, his body everywhere. But she needed to know one thing. In a shaky voice, she asked, "Why have you been watching me?"

A hint of a smile played at the corners of his lips as his eerie color-changing eyes finally met hers. "Because you intrigue me. I feel a magic in you that draws me, and I don't think I've ever seen the likes of your beauty. And your hair..." He trailed off, combing fingers through it and drawing a moan of pleasure from Lydia.

She didn't hesitate this time but leaned forward and touched her lips to Link's, wanting and needing to taste him. He complied, opening to her and letting their tongues mingle and dance together as their breath and heart rate quickened together and worked in sync.

Whatever magic this was, the effect brought her to physical and mental ecstasy the likes of which Lydia had never dreamed possible. And as he sighed, she could tell Link fell victim to it, too.

When he leaned into her, Lydia let him push her, and she lay back on her pillow, welcoming the warmth of his body as he lay on top of her. She wrapped her arms around him, afraid he would suddenly disappear and hoping that, if magic worked that was, clinging to him would mean she went with him. He slid a hand beneath her, caressing her back with the gentlest of strokes.

"You sleep with no clothes on," he whispered against her lips. She shuddered deliciously.

"I don't like to feel restricted. I like to be free."

He drew away from her and smiled down at her, a seductive, mischievous smile. "Very convenient for peeping Peter Pans."

She giggled, but he cut her short with a hand on her breast, the laughter ending in a gasp. She arched her back, wanting to feel more of him, and he complied, squeezing and molding her, pinching and tugging her nipple in obvious fascination.

Her hands splayed over his chest, feeling the taut, hard muscles and the smooth expanse of skin, and she started to push the vest off his shoulders. She cried out as his clothing completely disappeared, leaving him as nude as she was, and she shifted so they were touching all the way to their toes. His erection pressed against her stomach, and she found his desire for her more erotic than anything she'd experienced in the past. Wrapping her arms around him and brushing fingers and palms over his wickedly perfect back, she wrapped one leg around him, urging him to move against her.

He moaned, his mouth consuming her neck, her throat, and kissing its way down to her breasts. When he took one in his mouth, rolling her nipple around with his tongue and biting at it with gentle but sharp teeth, she cried out again, and without bidding, her body shuddered with a release that left her wet and begging for him to enter.

Still, he didn't quit, and he slid down her body, kissing and licking until he reached the juncture between her thighs. When he suckled and licked at her clit, she found herself panting his name and fisting her hands in the thick, blond curls on his head. He lapped and laved until she came again in sweet, forceful release, writhing and whimpering with the intensity of the feeling.

Link chuckled and crawled back up her body, and Lydia instinctively reached for his shaft, making him gasp as she curled her fingers around it and stroked tentatively, getting a feel for the size and shape of his cock. He was well formed, and she wanted desperately to feel him inside her as he thrust in her hand, helping her in her ministrations.

Link pressed his lips to her shoulder once, then took her mouth again, making love to it with thrusts of his tongue and caresses of his lips. He nicked her lip with his teeth, but she barely noticed, taking pleasure in his attentions, including the hands that eagerly explored the rest of her body. They stopped on her hips, and she felt him shifting. She spread her legs in invitation, wrapping them around his back and linking her ankles together to hold on.

He touched the tip of his head to her, begging entrance, and she thrust her hips forward, just enough so she could feel him pressing inside, his head throbbing with the need for more. Link took the cue, and in one long, slow stroke, found his way into the sheath of her. They shivered together, squeezing their eyes shut at the completeness of the connection, and when Lydia opened her eyes again, Link smiled down at her and raised his eyes to the room in a gesture telling her to look around.

She sucked in a breath, not believing her eyes. One by one, candles appeared, hovering in the air and giving off a magical glow. And in their rings of light, silver glitter seemed to hang by the thousands of bits as if suspended in some sort of cloud. When she turned large, awestruck eyes back to Link, her heart raced. A faint blue aura shone from his body. He lifted one hand, and his palm was like a mirror. Staring at her own reflection, she barely recognized herself – ruddy pink cheeks, eyes glowing emerald green, lips swollen from kissing, and a purple haze around her, an aura of her own.

"How did you do that?" she gasped.

He shook his head. "I can do all the things you see here by wielding my magic, but I cannot do more than draw out your magic. You've done that to yourself, through your connection with me." He kissed her softly again, his palm cupping her cheeks, and she sighed.

And he began a rhythmic thrust, almost like a dance atop her, drawing his cock out until only the very tip brushed at her walls, then reentering to the base of his shaft, massaging her pussy with his movements until she started to rock with him. Lydia's eyes rolled back in her head, and she lost herself in the act, passion overwhelming her as the magic she felt built inside her. She breathed in unison with Link, their hearts beating at the same speed, and on the back of her eyelids, she could see herself melting into Link until they were a single, glowing white being, hovering in the heavens above on a pair of thin, gossamer wings.

For an instant, there was intense pain in her back, as if someone tore at her skin, and she winced, digging her nails into Link's shoulders. "Unbelievable," he whispered, holding still, buried deep inside her.

Alarmed at the pain and his exclamation, she opened her eyes and pleaded with her gaze for an answer. But his hands were already running over the wings wrapping around them, a pair of translucent purple gossamer wings that moved as she felt waves of pleasure pour through her, wings that belonged to her.

"You are part fairy," he told her, his voice full of disbelief, wonder, and admiration, all combined with the incredible desire and sexual tension between them. His fingers on those wings sent lightning bolts of heat through her body, and she reached for his hands, kissing his palms and rolling her hips in her own need to complete the coupling. She wrapped the wings around both of them, enveloping them in a cocoon which only the light of the candles could pierce.

With an almost pained look, Link began moving again, faster and harder, almost desperate. They two clung to each other, grasping at limbs and shoulders and hips and hair. Their individual lights glowed brighter, swirling around each other within the veil of her wings, creating an incredibly beautiful show, and when she came again, fireworks exploded around Lydia.

With a final thrust, Link cried out and joined her in the ultimate pleasure, his cum making her shout out his name as she felt his release and it drove her orgasm to new heights. Slowly, Lydia began to recover her breath as Link lay atop her, heaving for his own. She felt as if her lungs weren't big enough to support her body, and her brain seemed to be deprived of oxygen. All in all, she wondered if she hadn't dreamed everything, if perhaps she wasn't ill and delusional with fever.

But when Link's fingers found her cheek and strummed it in a familiar, loving manner, she smiled and let the pleasure of that caress roll over her, her wings fluttering slightly at the affection he showed.

After long minutes, Link rose above her and looked down, searching her face. "I think that explains a lot."

His voice sounded soft but not weak, just tired and happy. She frowned at him. "I'm not sure what you mean."

Before he answered, he drew himself out of her and shifted to lay beside her, on his side with his head on his crooked arm so he could look down at her with those strangely gorgeous eyes. "I've been drawn to your window for a long time. I managed to stay away for months, and then I couldn't any longer. I've watched you sleep, desperate to touch you and your hair." He ran a hand over the sweaty mess now, a smile playing on his lips. "And all this time, you've been suppressing a very important part of you without even knowing."

Lydia shook her head, still not understanding. "But how could I be..." She trailed off. She couldn't imagine being a fairy. It sounded ridiculous to her ears, and yet, here she was, staring at a very attractive nymph who had just given her the most intense pleasure of her life. Mythical creature or not, there was something about him she wanted and needed, and he'd given her no reason not to believe in the reality of magic.

"One of your parents is a fairy, Lydia, and they just never told you. But you are part fairy, and you carry more magic than any mere human could ever possess. On top of that, we were meant to have a connection, and that is why I was drawn to you, why you sensed me, and why you welcomed me in even if I seemed a stranger. In our hearts, we are not strangers."

It all sounded so fatalistic, but at the same time, Lydia could feel it in her heart, that something lay between them, like a thread tying them together, one that was unbreakable. She stared into his eyes, trying to imagine how she could go about her life now, how she could continue to just go to work, come home, and do mundane things.

As if reading her mind, Link laid a butterfly kiss on her lips and told her, "I hope you are ready for change. Your life cannot be the same. But I can teach you to use your wings, control your magic, if you wish. And I can make our love grow, give you everything you ever desired."

She swallowed past a lump in her throat. Love. Yes, he was a stranger, but she knew him with everything she was, and she did love him. Overwhelmed with emotion and afraid to speak, she nodded and managed, "Thank you." His smile settled her, though it also made her body crave more of him, already. With a sinister smile, she ran one finger down the center of his chest and looked at him through lowered eyelashes. "Could you also show me more of this amazing coupling magic?"

He chuckled seductively and rolled her over on top of him. "I am more than willing to aid in that."

And he was, she could feel it.

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A good read.

Good work it was an enjoyable story.

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