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Face to face

byBlack Tulip©

"I'm behaving like a teenager." Elvi was irritated by her own behavior but she was so nervous, she couldn't help herself. He was coming, today, here. Nerves threatened to tie her stomach in a knot and almost desperately she tried to think of something to distract herself.

There was nothing to take her mind off things though. The first time he had mentioned the possibility of meeting she had almost panicked. It had been so long since she had dated, that she almost pushed him away but, in the end, she had agreed to have dinner with him. Since then they had shared many thoughts and he was no longer a stranger, at least not in her mind.

Although there was no telling how they would react to one another, she wanted to be prepared for all possibilities. She had spent hours in the bathroom, shaving her legs, grooming her pussy, polishing her nails, making sure she smelt nice and felt smooth. God, she felt awful, all tense and coiled inside. For the hundredth time she looked at her watch. She had two hours to go but she couldn't bear the waiting.

Sitting at the edge of her bed she carefully donned a pair of sheer black nylons. Would he like that? Touch them in maybe a couple of hours? She felt her body respond to the exciting thought of his hands on her legs. Would he find her sexy in the black satin lingerie? Shaking her head she tried to suppress the fantasy.

Next came a black skirt that reached to mid-thigh and a silver and black top that clung to her body and shimmered with every movement. Lastly she stepped into a pair of black stiletto heels. She looked into the mirror and frowned at her reflection. Would he want her? Find her attractive at least?

A touch of kohl and dark red lipstick were the perfect finish. With two hands Elvi fluffed up her short dark hair. She smiled at herself and watched the long black and silver earrings swing gently. Should she switch them for the silver hoops? No, she decided, it was time to go.

In the hallway she hesitated, "The sensible or the elegant?" She laughed, as if there were any chance she would choose the sensible. Not today, today she could only go for elegant. So it was the grey fur coat - not real, of course, but it looked gorgeous all the same. She grabbed the black purse, checked on the cats and locked the door behind her.

"Why did I quit smoking? I wish I could light one up right now." Elvi was standing at the railway station, a tall bundle of nerves, anxiously looking at the clock, the railway tracks and the hordes of people leaving the city for the weekend, hosts of students hauling enormous bags - no doubt dirty laundry for their mothers - young couples with little children. It looked as if the city would be empty for the next few days.

Finally the train came and Elvi swallowed. She knew he was tall and, from the photos, silver haired. It should be easy to spot him. There, was that him? No, too bald. There? No, not tall enough. Then, suddenly, he was standing in front of her.

"Elvi?" The stranger had silver hair and green eyes and his wide mouth was grinning. Before she could say anything his arms folded her in a hug and he kissed her on the lips. "I am so glad to finally meet you."

His hands cupped her face and Elvi could feel herself blushing like a young girl. "Roger?" Without thinking her arms had wrapped themselves around him and she found she had to look up to him. She laughed. "You are really tall. Good. I like that." She shivered a bit in the gust of cold wind. "Let's get out of here. Your hotel first?"

She had given it some serious thought but had booked a hotel for him instead of inviting him into her home. Why make things complicated by involving her son? He knew she was on a date, which was enough. What 18-year-old wanted to know what his parent was up to?

Located smack in the middle of the city, at the central square, the hotel was within walking distance of numerous bars, cafes, bistros and clubs. While Roger checked in and freshened up, Elvi waited for him in the cafe next door. It would have been appropriate to order a pot of tea, but she decided she needed something else to bolster her spirit. Grinning she thought how fitting it was to speak of Dutch courage.

Halfway through her glass of wine she saw Roger coming in. Her heart made a little jump at the sight of him. Tall, with distinguished silver hair and a light suntan, his lean body had her fluttering inside. Elvi swallowed and did her best to hide the effect this man had on her. She did not want to look cheap or easy.

Roger hesitated for a moment as he stood just inside the cafe. He knew exactly what he wanted and how this weekend should progress but was not sure about her. He had been charmed by her wit at first. It had been fun to email with her, and the unexpected shyness he detected in some of her responses had made him curious to find out more about her. His suggestion to meet in the flesh was not completely blocked but he sensed it had been a close thing. When he stepped off the train this afternoon he had expected to find a cheerful buddy, a woman he could spend some enjoyable time with, maybe even share some pleasant sex.

Nothing had prepared him for the sight awaiting him. He had this picture in his head of a boyish woman in jeans. Hell, that's how she looked in the picture she had sent. But the tall, long-legged woman who blushed when he kissed her stirred his loins like nothing in a long while. He checked in, showered and shaved in record time. God, he didn't want to miss one minute of being near her. Yes, he knew what he wanted. He grinned secretly at his own fantasies. If it were up to him, he would be fucking her brains out. Make that body quiver under his hands. Ruffle the elegance and transform the sophistication into lust. He swallowed and felt his cock respond to the fierce thoughts.

For a moment he just stood on the threshold, taking in the short dark hair, the dark eyes, the silver earrings accentuating the slender neck and the black and silver top clinging to her breasts. They looked full and firm and he noticed her nipples making small bumps. Nervous, cold or excited?

With a few strides he stood beside her table and sat down next to her on the leather couch, his leg almost touching hers. It seemed only natural to put his arm on the back of the couch, placing her in his reach, so to speak. He was pleased to see a light flush creep into her cheeks. At least she was not impervious to him.

Elvi suddenly grinned and turned. "You want some Dutch courage too?" She lifted her glass of wine to him and took a sip, keeping eye contact over the rim. "Or is it strictly female to be nervous in a situation like this?" She put her glass down and licked a drop from her dark red lips.

Roger cupped her shoulder in his right hand. "I prefer a handhold to steady my nerves." His fingers caressed the sensitive skin above her collarbone but she did not protest. In fact, she leaned back into his arm as if she had decided to give up resisting. Quick to seize an advantage, he pressed his leg against hers feeling her heat seep into him. He was about to land his hand on her thigh, when he spotted a waiter approaching their table. With a sigh he stopped himself and ordered a glass of wine as well.

The minute the waiter turned his back on them, Roger took his chance. His right hand softly turned her face to him and, as he kissed Elvi on the lips, his left hand stroked her leg, one finger tracing a path from her knee to the hem of the sexy skirt.

"You have been lying to me." His finger trailed along the hem of the skirt, from one leg to the other and back. "This is not even close to jeans." He chuckled. "You really surprised me, you know."

Elvi stirred, a bit uneasy. The teasing finger was creating a major turbulence inside her and her low voice dropped another notch. "Are you saying you would have preferred me wearing jeans and a sweater?" Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm down. "I can always go home to change. Shall I?" She smiled at his fake horror.

"Can you do that again?"

"What?" Elvi appeared confused.

"Smile. You have the cutest dimple when you do that." Roger touched her face and let his fingers explore her soft skin, studying her expression as he did so.

Elvi cleared her throat. "I, uh, I think we had better go. To eat I mean." She looked suddenly like a frightened little girl and Roger had to make a big effort to not take her into his arms right on the spot.

Walking through the brightly-lit city streets was a pleasure. Elvi fitted exactly under his arm and their legs had almost the same stride. He would have preferred to walk behind her though. Watching the shapely legs in high heels move, made him want to let his hands glide over them. Roger was not sure he wanted to have dinner. He was far more interested in tasting this fascinating woman.

Elvi led the way to a small Italian restaurant in one of the many streets that lead off the central square. Most streets were lined with old houses and paved with cobbled stones. The uneven surface caused her to grip his arm on more than one occasion and finally she gave in and circled his waist, seeking support from him. She laughed.

"I am not used to this. Having a strong man to lean on, I mean." Roger felt her hand burning through his coat.

"Lean all you want, hon, makes me feel useful, you know." He gave a quick kiss on the top of her head and hugged her for a moment.

Elvi looked at her companion, sitting across from her in the candlelit room. She had no idea what they had been eating, It had tasted good but she suspected anything would have tasted good this evening, in his company, his eyes constantly moving over her face, exploring her body. His hands were wrapped around a mug of coffee and her eyes were drawn to the strong fingers. Her face got a dreamy expression as she imagined those hands on her body. With a sigh she admonished herself to stop fantasizing.

She bit her lip nervously as she watched Roger sip his coffee. Soon the meal would be over. Should she suggest a bar? Or maybe a visit to the jazz café? He had told her once he liked jazz, hadn't he? One hand crept up to toy with the long strands of her earring, a gesture that betrayed her uncertainty while she tried to read his expression. He liked to look at her; she knew that by now. But did he want to sleep with her? Under the table she clenched her thighs together. God, the thought alone was almost enough to start her moaning.

The green eyes studied the woman above the rim of the coffee mug. He thought she looked gorgeous with the flushed cheeks and the bright brown eyes, her nipples almost poking through the sensuous material of the top. He saw her hand reach for the strands of her earring again, learning fast to read her body language. Suddenly he smiled, put down the mug and took her hand in his own.

"I think it's time to go. Come."

Not waiting for an answer, Roger pulled her up, bundled her in her coat and took off for his hotel. Since he had not let go of her hand, Elvi was forced to follow along. Normally she would have made a bitchy remark but tonight, with him, she was happy to let herself be hurried on.

She had no idea how they got to the hotel and up in his room, but suddenly she felt his arms around her and his lips against hers. God, she had been waiting for this from the moment he stepped off the train. She closed her eyes and made a small sound at the back of her throat.

Roger groaned inwardly. He had promised himself to savor every minute. He had not been sure she would agree to sleep with him but he had vowed to make it last for forever if she did. That promise was hard to keep right now. He could feel her body giving in to him and it turned him on big time.

Elvi felt his hands cupping her face, stroking her neck, sliding down her back to grab her ass. The touch of his fingers turned her insides almost liquid and she felt the heat spreading from her belly outward. Their coats were long gone and she felt his fingers creeping up her back again. She shivered when he touched the sensitive skin of her neck.

"Hmm, you like that?"

His voice turned her on even more. Heat from deep inside started travelling in waves up and down her body and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts against him. At first shyly, but gradually bolder, she kissed him in his neck, along his jaw and finally reached his mouth. The tip of her tongue brushed against his lips. Her hands caressed his neck and his shoulders, reached to the front of his shirt and started undoing the buttons.

Impatiently, she opened his shirt and, with a happy sigh, let her hands slide over his chest, rubbing her cheek against the silver curls. Roger didn't give her much time to enjoy the feeling though. When she looked up at him he caught her mouth and started kissing her in earnest. One arm was behind her back, the other pressing her hips into him, making her feel how much he wanted her.

Again she moaned softly and he plunged his tongue deep into her mouth causing her to press her hips even closer to him. His hands slid under the top, but she stopped him with a gesture of her hand.

"Wait. I'll make it easy." She had a naughty grin on her face as she did a step back.

"Are you going to give me a show?" He smiled to let her know he would appreciate that and sat down on the edge of the big double bed.

Elvi said nothing, but kicked off the high heels and grabbed the hem of her top. In one fluid motion she got rid of the thing, and next she stepped out of the black skirt. She looked incredible in the thigh-high black nylons, the black satin bra and bikini briefs. Sure, you could tell she was not exactly thirty any more but, to Roger, she was gorgeous; round and soft and enough to fill his hands.

"Come here." Roger held out his hand and Elvi let herself be pulled between his knees. "Can I do the rest?" She nodded and placed her hands on his shoulders. He felt the gesture gave him permission to rule her body and he let his hands explore soft, warm curves. While his mouth was busy kissing her ribs and her stomach, he took the chance to slide his hands up and down her long legs.

He took hold of her hips for a minute, then traveled further up to her breasts. Both hands cupped her breasts, the thumbs almost touching the clearly swollen nipples. Circling her back he unhooked the bra and let it slide off her arms.

"God, you're beautiful." His voice sounded gruff as he looked at the slightly sagging breasts with the puffy pink nipples. He never saw the look of pleasant surprise on her face as he softly touched her, feeling the weight, the firmness and the softness of her breasts. His fingers teased the nipples into hard peaks, and he felt her hands clutch his shoulders in response.

Elvi let out a shaky, little laugh. "You certainly know how to please a woman, don't you?"

"Am I pleasing you, Elvi?" Roger pulled her onto his lap and started licking and sucking the pink peaks. His hands firm on her hips, keeping her exactly where he wanted her. He felt her arch her back and he nipped her lightly. Her gasp made him grin in satisfaction.

While his mouth was still busy teasing her nipples, his hands caressed the modest curves of her bottom, descending to her legs and taking the smooth nylons down with them. Once he got rid of those, his hands traveled back up, caressing the soft skin and the clearly defined muscles of her thighs.

One playful push was enough to land Elvi on her back on the bed, and Roger looked down at her for a moment. His cock jumped impatiently at the sight of that enticing body, clad only in a pair of black bikini briefs that were definitely getting damp.

Elvi felt incredible, so wanted, so sexy she thought she could cum from that feeling alone. Roger was playing her body like his personal instrument and she loved every minute of it. He teased her with tiny kisses all over, disallowing her to do the same to him. When she started begging, he gave in and let her kiss and touch him till she reached for his cock. He was still wearing his pants and he caught her hands in his own.

"Not yet, sweetie. I want to make you cum first." With that he peeled off the wet black briefs and looked at the trimmed dark curls. Firm hands spread her thighs and he enjoyed the sight of a smooth, shaved pussy, blood-filled and glistening with moisture.

When his lips touched the inside of her legs Elvi gasped with pleasure and, when his tongue slid over the satin folds, she cried out: "Oh god, that feels so good." Her hips bucked when he reached her clit and sensing her need, Roger abandoned the soft touch. His tongue attacked her clit and he plunged first one, then two fingers in her pussy. He revelled in feeling the hot wet walls clench around his fingers as he stroked her as deeply as he could. He felt the tension building in her body, curled his fingers and found her g-spot.

His fingers fucked her furiously while his thumb stroked her clit and he moved his body up along hers to kiss her fiercely. Her body arched up off the bed and she started to make tiny sounds. She tensed and he felt the ripples of her orgasm travel up and down her body. He plunged his fingers once more deep inside and pressed his thumb down on her clit, making her explode again and again. She moaned and bucked her hips against his hand, the powerful muscles inside her clenching around his fingers with every wave that rocked her.

Elvi sighed deeply as she finally came down to earth again. She opened her eyes and gazed at the face that smiled down at her. "God, Roger, that was incredible." Her hands came up and touched his mouth, then pulled him to her to kiss him fiercely.

Pushing and prodding him, Elvi managed to get Roger on his back. Still laughing she looked him over and then her face got a funny expression. She hadn't noticed him removing the rest of his clothes but she did see his sturdy cock rearing its eager head. Licking her lips she quickly removed the long earrings and proceeded to trail her silver fingernails down his chest while her mouth followed the same path a little slower.

Roger clenched his fists to keep from taking the initiative again. God, he wanted to fuck her so badly, but he was also dying to let her explore his body. Right now she was sitting on her knees, at his side, driving him slowly insane with her stroking and kissing. The touch of her fingers to the base of his cock made him groan, and he bucked his hips to get inside the mouth that was hovering over him, blowing softly on his tensing erection.

To his surprise she did not take his cock into her mouth at once. Instead she rubbed her face against it and smiled, a bit embarrassed at him. "I like the feel, so soft, just like velvet." To clarify her point, she closed her eyes and brushed his still growing erection over her cheeks. It didn't take long though before she started kissing and licking him and Roger felt his cock getting wet from her mouth.

Almost snarling he grabbed her ass, surprising her with the vehemence of his gesture. "Roger? Did I do something wrong?"

He saw the genuine concern in her eyes. Otherwise he would never have believed such innocence in a grown woman. She had told him, she was not very experienced, but surely.... A second look at her face convinced him of her sincerity and a sudden grin split his face.

"No, hon, you did nothing wrong." He used his bigger strength to flip her on her back and as he spread her legs, he saw a sudden flush spread over her face. "Exactly. You make me want to fuck you till you explode." Kneeling between her legs, he used his fingers to open her pussy. "Will you cum for me?" He felt her open her legs even wider and enjoyed the way she moaned at his words.

He wanted to tease her with his fingers for just a little longer but the sounds she was making in the back of her throat were too much. The tip of his cock slid between the slick lips his fingers held apart and he closed his eyes at the exquisite feeling. Unable to hold back any more he plunged in, savoring the tight and hot walls that clenched his erection.

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