Face Up To It


He was remarkably well endowed and I felt my breath catch as realization hit me like a cosh. My eyes flitted to his face and, whilst his features were disguised, I could now paint a mental picture.

Pam tried not to laugh at my astonishment and once again gestured for me not to say anything. As I watched she joined him on the bed and then with a grace that her size belied, she knelt astride his head facing down his body.

I expected him to protest, perhaps even to try and fight her off, but he remained silent as, inch but inch, she lowered herself and closed her legs together to seal him in a denim clad cave of darkness.

Once she was settled, with his head pressed deeply into the bed, she spoke sotto voce. "Okay, he can't hear us now."

I had so many questions that I did not know where to start. Eventually I asked the obvious one. "What the hell do you have over him?"

She smiled almost condescendingly. "Absolutely nothing. He is here entirely of his own free will." I stared at her incredulously. "It's perfectly true. He phoned me a couple of days after the party to ask me out, but then I knew he would." "How could you know?" "They're all the same. Once you've had them under you they always want more and the more arrogant they are to start with the more susceptible they are."

Under any other circumstances I would have accused her of talking bullshit but the proof was there to see. He must have been in a living hell trapped beneath her but his erection remained undiminished.

"If you want to you'll find some condoms in the drawer." Her presumptuousness was as stunning as it was audacious, she must have known that I would refuse point blank, but my hand seemed to be reaching towards the drawer of its own volition.

It was as if I was looking down at myself as I used my fingernails to break the foil and then I savoured the heat and firmness of him as I slowly slid it on.

His reaction as I did so was unexpected. He began to struggle against his restraints but to little effect. "Poor dear. He's been looking forward to this all evening. I just didn't let on that there would be two of us." She wriggled just a little but it did nothing to calm him. "I would add another couple if I were you. He does tend to get overexcited." I smiled as I broke two more pouches and slipped them on to him imagining just how frustrating it must have been to be so desensitized.

The whole situation was surreal but I had moved from arid nervousness to moist expectation in an obscenely short time. I was still not quite comfortable enough to undress in front of Pam but I was more than ready to take up her offer. I slipped my panties down from beneath my skirt and kicked them to one side.

I got onto the bed to kneel across him and then, curtained by my skirt, I reached from his erection.

He struggled as I pulled it towards me, against its natural inclination, but Pam squirmed on his face to quieten him. I eased over him, teasing myself for a moment or two with the latex covered head, and then I relaxed and allowed gravity to take charge.

It was a long descent but the feeling as I came to rest on his pubic bone was delicious. I had never felt quite so "filled" and the tightness meant that I could feel his anxious pulse.

Pam smiled when she saw my look of contentment. "He'll be ready in just a moment." I was not sure what she meant but she was prepared to illuminate me. "His breath is making things pretty damp and that includes me. Listen."

At first I was not sure what I was listening for but then I heard it, the distinct sound of sucking. Pam opened her legs a little stretching the moisture darkened denim more tightly over his face and, as she did so, I felt him buck slightly.

She began to rotate her hips in a tight circle and I could only imagine the abrasive effect but his excitement was obvious as his body began to jerk. I was taken by surprise but as Pam continued to grind him down I began to ride the waves.

A vibrator can be good but it cannot beat the pliant warmth of the real thing and over the next few minutes I rose and fell building up an unstoppable excitement. As I started to come I was dimly aware of Pam taking hold of my hands. She squeezed gently signalling that she too had reached a climax albeit more controlled.

I fought my breathing back to normal but, despite the violence of it all, he was still as rigid as ever. "Was it good?"

I could hardly speak and answered with a grateful smile. Pam, for her part, lifted herself from his face and stood by the side of the bed. He began to gasp for air and his face was a fiery red with all the signs that it would still be sore come the morning.

Pam stroked his cheek gently and then, to my surprise, she slipped off her tee shirt. In spite of all that had transpired I felt a little ill at ease but she had no such misgivings. She quickly removed her bra and cast it aside to reveal an enviable pair of breasts.

They were heavy but nicely shaped with fetching pink oval nipples which now began to betray their excitement.

Her jeans followed and I could not help but notice how wet they were. She was not wearing panties and she had to peel them away from her crotch before stepping out of them.

She stood majestically naked, completely unabashed, looking for all the world like some sort of warrior princess. She casually raked her fingers through the damp thicket that adorned her sex releasing an invisible cloud of musky scent and I found myself breathing a little more deeply but I was not only one affected. I watched as his nostrils twitched and then I felt him throb inside me.

It seemed barely credible that he would be prepared to surrender himself to this. He was a man who liked to be measured by his machismo, which bordered on the misogynistic, but here was the living proof. The urge to rip off his blindfold and let him actually know who it was that was witnessing his degradation was strong but I managed to resist, at least for the moment.

Pam insouciantly approached the bed. "Get your tongue ready lover." She flowed over him until she had again mounted his face but this time she had her back to me.

Her skin was flawless and I could now take in the full beauty of her curves at my leisure. She had a long torso which tapered nicely at the waist to emphasis the fullness of her hips. My eyes followed her natural lines as if she was a beautiful piece of sculpture and they were drawn inevitably towards the magnificence of her seat.

The twin globes had a rounded softness but I was fully aware of their weight and, at that moment, they must have seemed to him to have the mass of marble. She remained very still and it seemed certain that he would suffocate. She was melded so closely to his face that it was lost to sight in a darkness that must surely have been devoid of air.

I awaited his anguished struggles, wondering what I would do, but then I felt his erection jerk inside me with renewed vigour. I was aware of the supposed connection between asphyxiation and sexual intensity but it was hard to tell if the bucking of his body was driven by pain or pleasure.

Whichever it was I began to ride with it but whilst I was exerting myself Pam remained almost immobile. "Deeper...I want to feel it right inside."

I had no idea if he could hear her, buried deep in his prison of flesh, but a slight shivering of Pam's body announced that her message had somehow been received.

His hips jerked with an almost regular rhythm suggesting that he wanted to come but the layered contraceptives put paid to that. I rose and fell with him and his frustration only added to my arousal. He must have been painfully stiff but I did not care as I worked myself against him unheedingly.

"Lick me..." Pam eased up a little and there was an audible, agonized, gasp before she settled once more. This time she leant forward to take some of her weight on her arms but only to fill his mouth with her sex and to present her clitoris for the attention she demanded.

Somehow, he must have managed to comply as she began to gently jiggle herself onto his face. The resultant rippling movement was almost hypnotic but I had my own needs to feed.

His movements were now a little less controlled, almost violent, as he sought release but I used my weight to press him down and made the most of his discomfort.

I do not know who started to come first. My orgasm was strong and prolonged reaching down into the very depths of me but, at the same time, Pam closed her legs and gave a low growl which grew in intensity as she began to melt.

We both remained in place as we tried to catch our breath but even in the throes of the pleasant aftershocks I was still aware of his as yet unrelieved erection.

The temptation to try for a third time was strong but I now had genuine fears for his wellbeing. I reluctantly eased myself off of him but it was another minute or two before Pam lazily got back to her feet.

He was rasping for air but he managed to form a few words. "You bitch! That was too much." His red face was so wet it looked as if he had been dowsed with water but one or two stray curly hairs stuck to his skin told their own story.

Pam looked completely unfazed by his outburst and simply smiled as she stooped to pick up my discarded panties. Using the simple expedient of pinching his nose she forced him to open his mouth and, before he was even aware of what was going on, she stuffed them into his mouth.

I know that I should have been appalled but the thought that, for the next few minutes, he would be tasting nothing but me sent a new jolt through my sex and Pam was fully attuned. Let's have another glass of wine and then he can try a taste of the real thing..."

Chapter 4

It had been an evening never to be forgotten and the beauty of it was that he had no idea it was me. Pam teasingly decided to leave him blindfolded throughout but, at the same time, she hinted sufficiently that it had been someone else from the office.

I could only imagine his unease as he walked into the office on the following Monday wondering which one of his many female colleagues had borne witness to his submission.

What I did not take into account was the backlash of his anger. I worked hard to polish the draft of my thesis and sent it to both him and Rachel for consideration. I thought it was a good piece of work but at our meeting on the following morning both he and Rachel verbally tore it to shreds.

I could understand Rob's attitude given our recent history but, in light of her earlier encouragement, I was expecting some support from Rachel. I walked out of the room unsure what to think. My immediate reaction was to tender my resignation. If my future prospects in the bank were to be determined by personal rather than professional considerations then I wanted no part of it.

Pam came and found me fuming in the canteen and, yet again, I found myself pouring out my heart to her. She listened quietly and then took my hand. "You have to play them at their own game but you should be prepared to offer a sacrifice." "I don't understand."

She offered a conspiratorial smile. "Don't take this the wrong way. You're a young woman and right now your career should be the most important thing to you. There will be plenty of time to contemplate settling down later on. Let's face it, you are not going to want for male attention. You will be able to take your pick and I am sure that you will make the right choice."

"You're starting to sound like my mother." "Okay, let me be more blunt. I can arrange for Rob to put in a good report."

I thought about this for a moment before framing my question. "Are you suggesting he will do what you say?" "You've seen him. You've seen what he secretly craves." "But he was so angry. I worried about leaving you alone with him afterwards." "Oh he left in high dudgeon but he came back on Sunday to apologize. I won't tell you how many orgasms I made him lick me to while I read the papers"

Even now, after all that had I had through, I found her openness quite shocking. "Okay, lets say that you can bring him onside. What about Rachel?" "You're serious? You don't know why she's pissed off?" "I haven't a clue." "She's had the hots for Simon and now you've trodden on her toes." "You're joking! She must be ten years older." I was being a little unfair. I knew, from things that she said, that she was in her thirties but she looked a lot younger and she had no trouble attracting men. I asked my next question without thinking. "What does she see in him?" "Perhaps the same things you did. He scrubs up nicely and he is actually quite an interesting guy."

As she said this there was the faintest hint of amusement about her eyes and I wondered if she knew more than she was letting on. I was still conjecturing this when it occurred to me just what she was suggesting. "You're saying that I should move over and let her have Simon?"

I was suddenly overcome by a strange sense of possessiveness. Simon was attractive and genuinely likable but, looking back, I think my jealously had more to do with the strange netherworld that he and I had begun to explore together. "So what do I do? Dump him and send her an e-mail?"

"It's not that simple. Even before you arrived on the scene he wasn't showing a lot of interest in her. If you're going to get into her good books you're going to have to help things along." Those words echoed in my head for the next two days. Whilst it went against my better nature Pam was right; I had to stand up for myself or I would forever regret it.

Having made the decision the difficulty came in trying to engineer the situation to my advantage but fate took a hand. We were coming to the end of the day when we were told that the systems in New York had crashed. The emergency response plan called for our office to act as a proxy site with the result that a number of us worked well into the night until New York was back on its feet.

We sat and ate take-out pizzas at our desks and then taxis were organized to get us home. We each gave our destination and then, where possible, cabs were shared. I was put together with Tom and Rachel as we all lived fairly close to one another south of the river and I wasted no time in phoning through to Simon to see if he wanted to join us.

Geographically, it made no sense but Simon read it as an invitation and jumped at it. Tom was blissfully unaware but Rachel knew that we were a long way out of Simon's way. She looked annoyed but made no comment.

I insisted that we drop Tom off first, which was not entirely logical, but he did not protest overmuch. My flat was next and then it was hard to say which of the two of them was more shocked when I asked them both in for coffee.

Rachel refused at first, probably seeing it as conduct unbecoming, but when I suggested that she could share a cab with Simon afterwards her face brightened almost as quickly as his dropped.

Once inside the situation was awkward to say the least. Simon sat beside Rachel on the sofa whilst I took the armchair and, as we sipped coffee and discussed the evening's events, I began to tease him.

My skirt had already ridden up a little and I did not bother to adjust it. By the time I had reached for my coffee a couple of times the hem was somewhere up around mid thigh and I was amused to see him run a finger around the inside of his shirt collar.

This was not lost on Rachel who proved shrewder than I would have imagined. "Look, I have to be going. I'll take a cab and Simon can stay and finish his coffee." "No, don't rush away. It's my fault; I forget how easily Simon gets excited." As I said this I looked down at his lap and Rachel, who had got to her feet, followed my gaze. He was doing his best to disguise his erection by covering it with his mug of coffee but he was failing dismally.

I was pleased to see the look of wry amusement on Rachel's face but Simon was blushing to the ears. "He's a bit of a 'leg man' aren't you Simon? Don't you think that Rachel has nice legs?"

I could see that Rachel was trying to fathom out what the dynamic was but she unconsciously shifted her feet. The tiny movement caught Simon's eye and for a second his gaze flashed to her legs.

Rachel is a natural runner with long, toned, legs which were shown off to devastating effect by a light, flared, skirt which ended just above the knee. It was clear that Simon had never thought of her in sexual terms before but, now that the seed was planted, I could see him doing a subliminal re-evaluation.

Rachel enjoyed the effect that she was having on him but that did not ease her confusion. "Would you like to tell me what's going on here?" "Well, at a guess, I would imagine that Simon is thinking about kissing his way up your legs."

She looked at me and laughed at the joke she undoubtedly took it to be but some instinct made her then look at Simon. His face was a picture. He could not believe the casual manner in which I was treating him, and, as he saw it, our potential relationship, but, at the same time, he was being driven by a primitive urge over which he had no control.

Within the office hierarchy he was notionally a rung above Rachel on the ladder but, guided by her female instincts, she realized that, just then, some subtle shift in the balance of power had taken place.

"Is that what you would like to do Simon? Would you like to come over here and kiss my legs?" She had served the ball into his court. He could now either laugh along with us or, as I think she suspected, he could surrender to a darker desire.

I found that I was holding my breath as the tension hung in the air. The three of us remained frozen in place, and I feared that I had pushed things too far, but then Rachel took me by surprise.

As I watched she took hold of the hem of her skirt and slowly raised it a couple of inches. "Come and show me..."

This was a Rachel I did not know. That she was self assured, confident in her authority, was never in doubt but now she was displaying a hitherto hidden sensuousness and Simon was captivated by it.

He rose from the sofa and went to her as though in a trance and for a dreamlike moment I thought that he was going to propose. He dropped to his knees but then he bowed down to kiss her gently just above the knee.

She was clearly taken aback but she managed to retain her composure. Without a word she lifted her skirt a fraction further, offering a clear invitation, and he could not refuse. He kissed a little higher but then seemed loathe to move on.

I had to give her credit. She totally ignored me, and seemed completely unembarrassed, as she put his compliance to the test. I wondered if she was being in any way influenced by Rob's recent humiliation; she had not been at the party but she must have heard the story.

She lifted her skirt altogether to reveal that she was wearing stay-ups and, to my surprise, an almost obscenely abbreviated thong. It was a vey sexy look and seemed so out of keeping with her work persona. I would like to think that his hesitation was founded in a misplaced loyalty to me but I suspect that he was engaged in some internal, Faustian, struggle. As if to confirm he gave a low moan of surrender and, having sold his soul, he rubbed his face against her sex.

"Oh God..." Her whispered response was more appreciation than surprise and with disarming alacrity she pulled her thong aside.

I was afforded a fleeting glimpse of her smooth pudendum before she clawed at his hair and pulled him to her. For a second or two her legs threatened to betray her and I felt a little jealous, my own sex growing hotter as I imagined his tongue now buried deep inside.

I opened my legs just a little and it was almost more than I could do to keep from touching myself but I need not have worried. Rachel was now lost in a world of her own and she paused only to rip off her thong altogether before she made herself comfortable on the sofa.

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