Facial Fantasy

byStout chap©

"Cum on my face cum on my face cum on my face cum on my face..."

I felt the pints of semen flood my cock as it began to convulse in her wildly wanking hand. I gazed into her eyes as she pressed her lips to my shaft. This was it.

A huge, powerful jet of viscous spunk burst against those pouting lips, immediately drenching them. It splashed wildly over her cheeks and flooded her nostrils completely. Oh christ. She carried on talking. "Cum on my face cum on my face..." Huge globs flew up into the air and rained down upon her, splashing her forehead, her nose, even into her hair. I gazed at my drenched cum-slut as I shuddered and buckled. My ejaculation was so powerful that it was almost impossible to distinguish the first blast from the second, which spurted out violently now. It washed over her creamed features fiercely, dousing her in another layer of sticky slime. Rivers of cum coursed down her cheeks as she rubbed my splurging cock on her lips. The cum gushed down her neck and covered her breasts and dripped off them on to her thighs below. She carried on talking as I spewed the third blast, and I looked on gleefully as I watched her mouth become filled with my spunk. I watched as it spilled out and ran down her chin as my cock spurted wildly on those drenched lips. I watched as she desperately tried to keep her eyes open, fixed on me, my cock gluing them shut with every blast. The fourth and fifth squirts blasted her cheeks and nose, splashing into her hair. My entire body shook and bucked wildly as I watched my powerful spurts splash on her face. Globs of cum were flying from her sticky hand as she tossed, all over her as well as me. She slapped my cock all over her face as my cock spent its final loads. Loud sploshes abounded as the cum in her mouth poured out freely. My lady kissed the tip of my cock hungrily as it choked out its last load. She blinked a series of times to stop the cum from flooding her eyes as she looked at me, the last few dregs of spunk slicking her lips once again.

She sucked upon my twitching, tender cock as I looked on. That was insane. Seriously. The cum hang in great lumps from her face, and fell occasionally, splashing on to her wobbling breasts. It stuck to her cheeks and slid down slowly to join the hanging lumps on her chin or to course down her neck. A mighty pool of the stuff lay betwixt her thighs as more cum dripped from her spattered breasts. My lady had been completely drenched in my spunk at last.

"Oh God," she gasped at length, cum spewing from her lips. "That was incredible. Are you done?"

I looked upon her. Her face was completely drenched. I couldn't see one bit of her I didn't blast my cum. Her face was glazed, and shone in the light. My cock ached painfully. I could have slept for days. I was filled with the desire to push my cock all over her sopping face; to slap it violently upon those lips. I grinned at her stupidly. She beamed at me and resumed her gentle suckling. She then pushed my cock all over her face, drenching it in my own cum. She slapped my cock on her lips, splashing the semen on them. I winced a little in my tenderness.

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