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Facing the Facials


Hello, my name is Emily and I've been reading some of the stories here and felt like I should relate to other readers how my husband gets off the best. We've been married a year now and let me tell you that until you get married a man doesn't really level with you about what he needs in the bedroom. I suspect there are other men out there who hide their desires as well.

Jim and I went out for three years and were engaged for one of them before we tied the knot, but it wasn't until we lived together that I discovered what he really likes in bed, and also found that I'm happy to oblige. If you'd told me years ago that I'd enjoy the thing he likes best to do with me I'd probably say something like "Ick!", but now I know how to please him and that's more than all right with me. It's a simple thing, after all.

A little personal description and background: I'm a 23-year-old petite brunette with small features and a look that's been described as elfin. My hair is about shoulder length and I part it a bit on the side, so it tends to hang over my large brown eyes. Like I say I'm petite but well proportioned, with medium sized breasts that have nipples set a little high up from the center, so they seem to be pointing upward. It used to bother me that they didn't sit correctly on me, but Jim can't get enough of them so now I'm happy about their look.

I tend to be a little hairier than some girls because of my dad being Sicilian (my mom's Irish, what a combination), so I'm pretty fastidious about keeping my pubes trimmed and even spend time about once a month shaving my backside parts (this takes time and care, trust me). It makes me feel more feminine. My pussy lips are prominent and a medium shade of pink, and just inside them theskin is super-sensitive to the touch of a finger or a tongue, so I guess I'm fortunate that it isn't only my clit that gives me pleasure.

Actually I'm sensitive all over, and the right stimulation can bring me quickly to orgasm. I also get very wet and always have, back as far as I can remember, even if I'm not particularly aroused. It's been hell on my underwear budget! Even in my early teens my mom had to get me extra pairs. We've never discussed it to this day.

Yes, I'm wet right now while I'm writing this, as I just read a hot story and am feeling good. In fact, I'm sitting on a bath towel since I had to put another pair of panties in the hamper.

Anyway, aside from an ass that men have always told me looks great in shorts, skirts, slacks, bathing suits or even just panties, I guess I've described myself physically for you (except to add that I keep my legs as shapely as possible with regular exercise).

My background is small town Connecticut, transplanted to Boston during my college years. I had a good childhood and teen-years life, no complaints, and was reasonably popular in school with both girls and boys. No unusual sex stories to relate from that whole period, just the usual coming-of-age events.

I got a job as an admin assistant at an accounting firm in the city after college, but my dream is to run my own retail jewelry store, probably outside of Boston because the city is too competitive. I met Jim where I work now, when I was assigned to help him and a few other team members on a rush project for a large client; one thing led to another and now we're married.

Jim is tall and medium built, with a nice head of hair, a winning smile, and long muscular forearms (which I just love on a man). His personality comes across as reserved and a little judgmental until you get to know and trust him; that's probably due to his work at the firm as a senior manager. He wears glasses that are out of style, but he dresses better since I helped him grasp some fashion sense.

He hasn't got a lot of body hair, which is fine by me because I like getting real intimate with a guy without hair getting in the way. I mean, it's so much better licking his behind and down to that place just below his balls without having to pick at my tongue in the middle of things to peel off a short-and-curly. Also, I like to spoon and there's nothing worse for that than a hairy back.

Jim's cock looks small in the shower but gets surprisingly large when he's aroused. I measured it once and he's about 7.25 inches, with a nice thick head and very smooth tip that curves ever-so-slightly upward. His balls hang low, which is fun when I feel like playing. He has a sensitive left nipple, believe it or not, and can get an erection practically anywhere if I play with it. Just the left one, isn't that crazy?

Like I said, we went together for awhile and of course we made love in all sorts of ways and did the things I imagine all couples do when they're caught up in the grip of passion, like screwing outside in the woods and even a few times at work. Jim was the first to take me in the ass, something we still do every once in awhile even though it's more for the nastiness of it than any extra special pleasure. I really like his finger brushing over my rear hole when we're fucking more that having his cock in there, anyway. Once we peed on each other in the shower but decided that looks better in porn videos than it feels in real life.

Speaking of porn video, that's where I learned what Jim really likes to do with me. It wasn't that he hid that he watched adult movies from me before we were married, but we never discussed what went on in our apartments when we weren't together and I wasn't particularly curious, since we were at each other night and day in those times anyway. Who needs to talk about sex when you've got each other's genitals in your respective mouths?

When we moved in together after the wedding it was another long stretch before we noticed anything at all about our lives other than sex, getting married being such an aphrodisiac. I was sore for a month. I hope you've had the experience.

It was me who suggested one night after having some excellent dinner and an even better wine that Jim go up to the corner video store and rent an adult film, just for kicks. He gave me a hot look and charged out of the house. This was no more than a new game to play together as far as I was concerned, just another way of foreplay. While he was gone I stripped and donned one of his long basketball team shirts, with only panties underneath. No surprise, they were moist already.

I hadn't seen an adult movie in years, back in the VHS-only days, and those tapes were old in the first place. I remembered dumb plots but some good-looking guys, most of whom had moustaches so I guess it was vintage early-'80's period. It was a novelty then to see all those big penises, but now I had my own to play with; I couldn't wait for Jim to get back so I could start. Another glass of wine only added to the feeling of arousal growing in me as I idly thumbed through the meager entertainment offered on cable.

When he returned I grabbed him in the kitchen and gave him a big make-out kiss. Jim has warm lips and an educated tongue, so I lost myself in him for some good long moments. I felt his cock pressing up against my belly through his slacks, and his hand on my ass. I was happy.

We watched the movie on the couch with me snuggled up against him and each of us with our hands between each other's legs. Jim remarked as always that I was sopping wet, something he always says to me like it's the first time he's discovered it. I guess he's proud of getting me hot. I had his dick out of his slacks and was coaxing precum from the tip as the first sex scene got hot and heavy.

I don't remember the title of the disc (and this particular video store doesn't give out the picture cases when they rent), but I remember it was at least shot on film and there seemed to be a decent enough budget. There had been little preamble in the whole thing as the two initial actors got down to business, but I was too horny to mind the abruptness as we watched a not-bad blonde woman go to her knees and start fumbling with an in-shape guy's belt. She was naked already but he was only nude to the waist.

I decided to mimic her actions and abruptly shifted to move down to Jim's lap and pull his pants completely open. He just breathed deeply with approval as I engulfed his cock to about the middle of it and swirled my tongue all around. I was rewarded by my husband reaching under me from behind to get a better angle on my cunt, his fingers sliding past my panty vee to get inside my lips and up to my swollen clit. My ass rested on his palm. It was soon squirming as I sucked his dick and struggled to keep watching the screen.

The girl had the guy's member out and was using her hands to rub it all over her face. She did this with a lot of exaggeration, and it was nice to see his penis growing visibly between her fingers as she stroked it and ran it over her cheeks. The camera went super close to show all the ridges and veins. Under the lights you could see the hole in the tip glistening. That was very nice. Soon her lips were parting to take in the knob, and this too was in close-up.

Jim's balls had a nice earthy smell as I slipped his cock from my mouth and brought my lips low to nuzzle deep into his crotch. I've always been a snuggler like this, getting right down and dirty with a man's body. It makes me feel warm, and I've never had a lover complain. Sometimes a guy will smell bad, but Jim's never been that way.

My hands were busy, one to stroke on his hot erection and the other to push aside his briefs to root out his testicles so I could put them in my mouth. With one eye I peered at the screen as I laved my husband's balls. The blonde had him deep in her throat now with her lips almost touching his belly. I was impressed, since the guy's dick was no small matter. I knew from experience that his knob must be past her gag point. In my mind I pictured it getting all purple and then bursting, like a flower spraying out its seed into her throat. It was an arousing image.

I realized that I was now grinding against Jim's hand and that he had two fingers up my pussy, and also that his other hand was under my shirt and massaging my aching breasts. Maybe we should bring a movie home more often, honey, I thought, almost giggling at how that sounded like an advertising slogan.

Not that we needed this kind of stimulation, but it was sure a hot moment that night. As I've written, Jim and I have a strong passion for each other. I love to suck his cock until he begs for mercy and then to taste him on my tongue and feel him gushing down my throat as he practically collapses from bliss. He loves to slowly slide in and out of me while sensually fingering my clit and just inside my cunt lips, as I drip juice all over his wonderful erection and climax again and again. I've practically broken his nose with the intense spasms I have while riding his face; in fact, more than once the sides of his face have been red from the force of my thighs as I cum uncontrollably from his licking and sucking at my pussy. Here I am as I write this, practically forcing my fingers to stay above my lap and work this keyboard.

But, I digress. I was busy at work again licking and sucking my husband's increasingly-reddened member as he brought me closer and closer to orgasm with his hands. He pinched my nipples ever so delicately, just like I love it, driving me mad with desire. His other hand palmed my drippy cunt as his fingers stroked in and out of my sheath, one talented knuckle managing to bump up against my nub. Another finger, his little one I think, from time to time traveled up to touch my back door.

It was clear from how Jim was working me that he wanted me to cum with his penis in my sucking mouth, and for my part I couldn't wait to do so. It was all I could do to concentrate on the hot cock between my lips, never mind look at the TV.

I think it was the sounds that brought me off that time. Filling the air were the erotic, base sounds of Jim grunting with pleasure and the faint squishy noises coming from my crotch, as well as my own sucking noises and labored breathing as I blew him. As well, the two on the screen were making similar sex noises, expanded by studio trickery to an exaggerated level. The guy was giving out with stuff like "That's it, suck it baby" and the like, with the girl moaning low in her throat as she took the big dick deep, augmented by what sounded like a wet gurgling from her mouth.

And I was suddenly there. I didn't expect the sudden onset of my orgasm. Helplessly, I spasmed on Jim's hand like I was in the throes of death. Sometimes when I've had sufficient red wine I'm known to cum like this, and here it was again. I was bucking and mewling and unable to breathe, so intense was the pleasure as my insides contracted and I melted all over his fingers. My cunt lips throbbed.

His cock popped out of my gasping mouth and I just stared down in lust at that beautiful pleasure stick as drool literally slipped out of my lower lip and hung suspended a scant centimeter above it. I felt my husband pull me to him with the hand that had been playing with my tits, drawing me close as he continued to fuck me with the fingers of his other hand, edging out all the pleasure he could from my super-heated core. I felt my muscles give out all over my body. Surely I would fall dead on the carpet.

But, I recovered enough after about a thousand years to open my eyes and focus on the TV. It seemed peculiar to my fuzzy, pleasure-addled brain that the man was now standing over the kneeling figure of the blonde girl. I noticed her hair was now pulled back, over her ears, where before it had been hanging free. Also, the camera angle was different, looking down over his right shoulder now.

As I say, I thought this was all peculiar because I had expected the scene to go on with them fucking, but it was clear that something else was happening. I suddenly realized my hand had been gripping Jim's swollen cock like mad all during my orgasm, so I quickly put it to use sliding it up and down him again as I opened my lazy eyes wider to take in what was happening.

"Come on my face" the girl was urging him as the man masturbated.

This struck me like a slap to the head. Those videos I'd watched years ago always had the men pull out and ejaculate, that was true, to show the moment that everyone wanted to see, but this I'd never heard of before. As I recalled, they'd come on their partners' lower belly, mostly, and sometimes on their ass (I kind of liked to see that). In my limited experience with these things even a girl performing fellatio tended to jerk her guy off onto her chest; if she sucked him to completion it was enough to show some semen on her tongue or lips.

I guess you'll think I've led a sheltered life, but I have been pretty active. Somehow, a guy coming on a woman's face I'd never even considered. When I was younger of course I'd masturbate boys into the palm of my hand or out onto the ground, and even if I sucked one of them I did the same when he reached climax; the night I lost my virginity and stupidly didn't use protection, I likewise made sure the boy (Alan was his name; sorry Jim if you're reading this) pulled out in time so I could milk him safely outside my danger zone. As I recall, we rushed to the hall bathroom sink that time, right outside my bedroom.

Jim and I always used condoms (we want to be ready when we have children, not be taken by surprise), in fact there were some right there in a drawer in our living room end table that night in case we needed them, so I'd never had Jim's sperm anywhere but on my hand or wrist or inside my mouth. This idea that was going on in front of me was something new, something I had no idea if I liked or didn't. How was I to know that, these days, such a thing is practically required in sex videos?

There must have been three cameras involved when the guy came. I felt Jim's steely penis throb strongly in my grasp as we watched the white ropes of sperm spray over the girl's upturned face and into her open mouth. It went everywhere and seemed to go on forever, spurting onto her forehead, cheeks, the side of her nose, her chin and lips, exaggerated by the different camera angles being edited together, one after the other. All the while the woman kept her eyes open and looked up at the man, her expression of acceptance seeming at odds with having strings and gobs of semen clinging to her skin and dripping down her countenance. One of the camera angles was an extreme close-up, making it so I could practically smell and taste the cum.

Overlaid was the sound: The guy groaning and the girl gasping with pleasure. Once she was heard to faintly say "Oh yes" with enthusiasm, though her lips hadn't moved. Indeed, they couldn't, as they were now glazed with the jism that the guy was stirring around on her face with the tip of his spent but still-tumescent cock, drawing the fluids to her parted mouth.

I had never seen anything so dirty in my life. It shook me, that's true. On the one hand she was being used and on the other it was the two of them indulging in a dirty aspect of sex. From that view it was the both of them, not a one-sided thing. Like the time Jim and I had peed on each other to see if we liked it, it was presented as consensual. As I felt Jim's prick throb in my stroking hand and his fingers gently extricate themselves from my pussy I could not fail to notice that there was an air of anticipation in our living room.

Neither of us noticed what was commencing on the TV in the next scene as I turned to look at my husband. He was studying me, his eyes flickering from mine down to where I held his cock, and then back again. He had a needful look on his face. Part of it was just that he needed to ejaculate. The other part was new.

I breathed deeply and got off the couch to peel my sticky panties down and to kneel on the floor, my hands leaving his cock relunctantly. My shirt was soon joining my underwear, tossed to the side. I sat on my hauches and turned my face up.

Jim stared at me wonderingly. When he saw my mouth open in a mimicry of what we had both just seen, he struggled to his feet. "Emily" was all he said as he hurried to pull his slacks and underwear down to his ankles. It was the way he said my name that I loved.

I admired the length and breadth of his manhood as he took it in his palm and began a familiar motion. It looked very big from my vantage point, kneeling on the carpet. I could see the deep pink color, the flanged knob, the weeping eye of his cock, the smooth yet ridged surface. All of it was right there to study. I could also watch the way he was making a fist through which his flesh could slide, the way his hips were starting to move; he was fucking his hand like it was my pussy gripping him.

Above and beyond that I could see the lustful expression on his face, tinged with perhaps some guilt about this dirty thing he was doing. We were doing. His eyes were locked on mine. Behind me I could hear some more moaning and groaning on the TV.

It seemed to me like slow motion for a time as I sat there on my haunches, knees digging into the plushness of the carpet. I vaguely felt my moist cunt giving out with a small twinge and realized Jim could look right down at the lips pouting open. He could also see my breasts with their erect nipples. My nipples stay hard for many minutes after I cum.

I could imagine being him at this moment. There I was right in front of him, below him, like a living centerfold. My face upturned with his cock mere inches away from my open mouth. Below that my naked tits and shameless parted cunt on view. Waiting, waiting for him to ejaculate on me. I stared at the weeping tip of his member.

It was hot, not warm, when it came. His fluids spattered my like a small explosion, streaming over my face and into my mouth. Instantly I could smell and taste the bleachy, thick semen, strong in my nostrils and on my tongue. At first he made not a sound as I watched the knob of his cock swell and eject hot cum onto me, but after the first few strands and gobs spurted out to land on my cheeks and lips Jim was suddenly groaning like a man in intense pain, and swearing god knows what at the world. I had never heard him like this.

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