tagIncest/TabooFact & Fiction of a Mother & Son

Fact & Fiction of a Mother & Son


If this were a story made up for a website of erotica, it would go a lot different that it actually did. It certainly wouldn't be as messy or complicated as it was, and the people would all be ideal character types. But this is what happened, and is happening to me.

Let's get the descriptions of mom and me out of the way. If we were characters for a website - let's call the imaginary site, Lit, we would be perfect. I would be quite handsome and of course have a ten-inch dick. Mom would be beautiful, with Bing cherries for nipples on her massive tits, and an ass that steel balls would bounce off. In reality, the most apt description for mom and me is average. You wouldn't notice us. We look like the overwhelming majority of people; that's what average means.

In a Lit story, an overwhelming passion would have enveloped us into a dramatic situation in which the only possible outcome is for us to end up in bed together. As it turns out, we were two lonely people that tried to make our lives a little more livable, and we made a conscious decision to try an unconventional way to do it. Here's how it happened.

My father died when I was three. I'm happy to report that I don't remember a thing about him because my mother told me what a miserable son of a bitch he was. He came as close to beating her as he could without actually doing it. My mother said he was bereft of kindness, and I found out later that the only sexual satisfaction she ever had, was by her own hand. The best thing he did was die on the job, in an accident that was his employer's fault. So mom got a settlement that paid for the small house we live in.

Mom still had to work, but the burden of a mortgage was lifted. She's had the same job for as long as I can remember. The job is to do everything for the Zanders that they don't want to, and can afford not to do. So mom cleaned up, shopped, baby-sat the kids, did a little cooking etc. The good part for her was that before I started school, they let her bring me to work. Will Zander was a year older and Laurie was almost a year younger. Will and I roughhoused and played together while Laurie played with the usual dolls and playhouses and hung on to my mother most of the time. At least that's how I remember my childhood.

Childhood seemed a long way away after I graduated and went to work for Carl Harris. He does lawns and landscaping in the summer, and snow plowing in the winter. Mom wanted me to go to college, but I didn't really like school. Carl paid me well and he promised to teach me the business. I thought it might turn into something.

Next month mom and I have a birthday to celebrate. I'll be twenty and she'll be forty. It's the last year she will ever be twice as old as I am. After that I'll start to catch up by percentage. I like that.

Most of what I can tell you happened in the last year. I may have to skip around to explain some things. Like why I was making out with Laurie Zander when my mother was naked, waiting up for me to join her in bed. That was the night she had decided to sleep with me. The night before, we had talked about it. We were kissing and mom had said, "Do you think we should have sex?"

I said, "Do you?"

Mom said, "I'm not sure, why don't we think about it a little longer?"

I said, "Okay." We kissed a little and went to sleep in each others arms."

I know, it doesn't sound very passionate or spontaneous, but that's because we had talked it to death the night before, when the talk about sex first came up. I won't go through the path that got us there, but the short version is that we had taken to watching TV together on mom's bed when we'd both come home exhausted from work. Night after night our bodies seemed to edge closer to the each other. Hands began touching hands. When she'd lie on my chest, sometimes she would stroke my face.

One night we were both affected by a movie; she was crying, I was choked up, and we kissed. Then she leaned over and we kissed again. I didn't want to be the aggressor so I waited, and then a kiss that started out as a bud, blossomed and opened. We kissed for a long time.

When our tongues touched, I could feel my already hard dick, strain. Mom didn't say anything as we kissed, but it all felt very loving. I would have thought it would feel strange making out with my mother. It didn't. I was anxious to touch her body and my heart went to my throat when I put my hand on her breast and fondled it. I felt her stiffen a little and I stopped and said, "Is it okay to touch you mom?"

She said, "Yes baby, it's okay, but we have to talk about this."

So we talked about it. She said, "Brian, this could be a very serious thing for both of us if we go on like this." I understood what she meant and we kept discussing it for hours. Mom wanted to be sure that I could handle the idea of having incest. I didn't care. I was excited. She thought that maybe having sex might make us feel better for the moment, but cause a lot more pain for both of us in the future. So after talking almost all night, mom decided that we shouldn't have sex yet, but she asked me to stay with her through the night. I kept waking up excited and I kissed her a lot, but we ended up not having sex.

Here's how I ended up making out with Laurie. As a teenager, I somehow fell into an undeserved reputation as a tough kid. It had more to do with the way I looked than what I did. I was a bit bigger than most and I liked wearing black. I had a scar across my eye from a fall. What sealed the deal was when one of the kids saw me in a police car being taken to the station. I had witnessed an accident, but the story that got out was that I had beaten some kid, (Or robbed a store – I heard both accounts) and my scar was then attributed to a gang fight.

I never bothered to set anyone straight and it came in handy when anyone bothered Laurie, all it took was a few words from me, and the boys backed off. I guess Laurie looked up to me and we were friends, but it caught me off guard when she asked me to take her to the Prom. She saw my surprise and said, "It's not like a boyfriend-girlfriend thing; I just want to go with you."

I didn't have a lot of girls asking me out, and I had only dated a few girls up to that point. I went with Laurie and the way she danced with me showed me that she wanted to be more than friends. When I took her home she said, "Brian, will you take me out?"

I knew her parents would hate the idea of her going out with the 'Help,' and what was going on with mom was on my mind, so I tried to make a joke out of it. I laughed and told her, "You don't need me to take you out; you have so many boyfriends you don't know which one to pick."

She said, "Don't tease me Briney, the boys I like never like me, and the boys that like me, I never like."

"Poor baby," I mocked her voice.

She slapped my arm and laughed and then got coquettish. "Are you going to kiss me goodnight?"

I said sure and kissed her on both cheeks. She closed her eyes and pointed to her lips. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it so I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and she said, "Briney." It sounded serious. She started kissing me and when girls don't usually go after you, it's hard to resist when they do. I was a confused guy and I let it happen. We kissed for about ten minutes and she went in. That was the night I came home to find mom naked in bed.

It was late, but she was wide-awake. She was under the covers and she said, "Did you have a nice time?"

I said, "Sure."

That was the end of that conversation because the next thing she said was, "Brian, I think we should do it." She sat up and the covers fell exposing her breasts. They were nice, about a handful. In a Lit story, they would point to the sky. They didn't, but they had a pretty curved shape even if there was a touch of slant that comes with maturity. Then she said, "Do you think we should?"

I got hard and I certainly didn't want to discuss it. I said, "Yes, I think so too mom."

I took off my clothes and before I got into bed she said, "Turn off the light honey."

I said, "Can I look at you first?"

She made a face and said, "Okay, but put on the night light."

So I turned on the small lamp and shut the overhead light. She took off the covers and I looked at her pussy. She had a bush that was only slightly trimmed. It wasn't thick, so I could see her vaginal folds and the hood that covered her clit. I didn't have much to compare it to, but I said, "You look pretty mom."

She smiled and said, "Okay, now turn off the damn light." I turned it off and I joined her as she pulled the sheet over us. We kissed for a while and all you could hear was both of us breathing harder as we touched. I sucked on my mother's tits, taking as much flesh into my mouth as I could, and then drawing down to the nipple tips which elongated. After a few minutes I had to take her hand off my cock because I was afraid to come. She must have understood because she didn't say anything and just let me touch her.

Her pussy was moist, and when I brought my hand up over her breasts to her neck I could smell her fragrance. It was a mixture of her own scent and something she must have bathed in. When she said, "Be inside me Brian," I got directly on top of her and she took my cock in her hand to guide it.

She put me inside her. It felt good to be inside my mother's pussy, and I felt what was missing in my few past encounters, love. It felt especially good because it was the first time I was inside a woman without wearing a condom. I knew she was protected because she never would have let me be inside her if she wasn't, especially after the thousand times she had warned me not to have sex with anyone without a condom.

It also felt especially good because the fit was good. I filled her, and she held me firmly as I pushed in and out of her. And it also felt especially good because she was my mom. That's probably why it was over pretty fast for me that first time.

I moved inside her for a while, but and she didn't say anything like, "Oh Brian, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." She hardly said anything. She moaned softly and moved under me and stroked my back while I stroked her pussy.

So knowing I was in my mother's pussy and feeling the added stimulation of her bare flesh wrapped around my bare flesh made it impossible to resist the urge to come in her. I held on as long as I could by trying to penetrate her slowly, but finally I felt the eruption begin. I told her I was coming.

I said, "Mom...mom...mom," a lot of times as I released all the pent up cum. She said, "Yes baby...yes." That was it. If I were making this up, I would have given my mother a shattering orgasm that rocked her to the core. As it worked out, she didn't come when I did.

When I asked her about it, she said, "Honey, I don't want to lie to you. Don't worry baby, we're going to learn to make each other feel good." It made sense to me.

After a few minutes of her stroking my body, I said, "What should I do mom?" She showed me how to give her oral sex.

I did what she told me to do with my mouth and tongue. It was the first time I'd tasted a clit. I could tell that massaging the rubbery button was making her feel the way she wanted to feel. I learned more in twenty minutes about a woman's body then I knew in total. Twenty minutes is how long it took her to come. She didn't have to tell me that she had come. I knew it by the way she raised her hips and the small sounds, and especially from the long, slow exhale.

There was no screaming orgasm, but she seemed content after she finished. She smiled at me and extended her arms. We held each other and no one said anything for a long time. It was a peaceful quiet, without my mind doing its usual racing ahead. I was just there, and it was nice.

Before we made love again, Mom asked me if I had ever thought about her sexually when I was growing up, and I said, "I guess maybe if I saw you in a bra or something, but I never thought we would actually...you know...did you think about it mom?"

She said, "I never told this to anyone, but I guess it doesn't matter now. You remember the Cruz family who moved away about ten years ago? Well when I was growing up, I went to school with the two brothers. I guess they were my best friends. But I always wondered why they hardly ever went out with girls even when we got older. Anyway, one night when we were at a party, drinking, they told me that they were both having sex with their mother. At first I couldn't believe it, and I thought it was disgusting; I couldn't imagine how a mother could do it with her own sons.

Later on I couldn't get it out of my mind and I asked the boys about it all the time. I guess I was excited by it. I think it's something that was always lurking somewhere in my head. I always associated it with sex, and let me tell you, I had some wild pictures in my head."

I said, "Like what mom?"

She laughed. "Oh God, I can't tell you all this... well, they told me that sometimes, they both had sex with her at the same time." She was a good-looking woman...and every time I saw her, all I could think about was the three of them...anyway, when you got older, I realized that I would do anything for you. And when I asked myself if I could have sex with you if you wanted me to, I knew the answer wasn't hard for me; I could."

I put my hand on mom's pussy and said, "Hmmm...so, you would anything for me?"

She laughed and said, "Yes, I would do anything for you."

I said, "Would you even fuck me again?" It wasn't a word we often used around the house.

She said, "Yes baby, mommy would fuck you again...and again."

I kissed her, and from the way she kissed me back, I believed she would do anything for me. Our hands searched each other's bodies. Her tit was warm and just filled the space in my spread palm. I sucked the nipple that poked between my fingers. I said, "If I see the Cruz brothers, I'll tell them I know how lucky they were."

She slapped my back and then said seriously, "I'm the lucky one; come be inside me baby."

Mom was wet and I entered her fully with my first insertion. I wasn't as nervous as I was the first time I was in her. It was calm and easy at the beginning, and we flowed into a rhythm that was pleasurable. I knew I would stay in her longer because I felt confident in my control, and she was encouraging. She said, "Yes baby, that's good, so good inside me...yes, push in slow, slow, oh that's good love, you're doing it so good love..." She brought one of her legs back and moved in a way that created a different angle of entry. I could feel the difference, and so did she. She said in a sharper voice, "OH, OH, yes baby..."

I was deeper in her and I started talking to her as I got more excited. I know I wasn't saying anything poetic or profound, but I wanted to tell her anyway. I said, "Mom I like being in your pussy, your pussy is so good, it feels so good." I was getting more excited just talking about her pussy.

Mom said, "Yes honey, I like it when you're in my pussy too." I guess she knew I really wanted to hear her say it too. After moving in her for a while, mom said, "Wait Brian." She motioned me off her and turned onto her hands and knees. She lowered her ass and spread her legs apart and said, "Be in me like this baby." I went back into warm moisture of my mother's pussy, and when I pushed in fully, she made a long sounding "OHHHhhhhhh..." It felt like I was as far inside her as I could get and I could feel the globes of her ass against me at the end of each long thrust. I did it a few more times and she made the same noises, adding, "Yesss baby, yes, yes..."

I stroked her back and then held her ass as I drove into her. It was amazing. I was in mom's pussy and I knew I was having an experience that not many sons ever did. And looking at her ass with its small pucker opening slightly as I plunged into her, I knew that when I wanted to have her that way, she would let me, because she really did mean it when she said that she'd do anything for me. Then I stroked her long and hard until neither of us could hold back. I felt her quiver as she momentarily stiffened and said, "OH Brian, Brian, Brian...don't stop."

I bucked hard into her pussy and sent cords of cum shooting into the deepest part of her. We had been building for so long, the relief of coming exhausted both of us. We were panting as I collapsed on her and she quietly said, "My God..."

After we relaxed for a while, we fell asleep for a few minutes and Laurie was in my dream. It wasn't sexual, but I started thinking about Laurie, and after wrestling with it for a few minutes, I decided to tell mom what had happened between us. After I did, she said, "I don't think it would be a good idea for you to let it go any further. You grew up with her like a sister...and Brian please, I still have to work for the family."

I said, "I know mom, it wasn't my idea to begin with, just forget I brought it up. Besides her concern about her job, I wasn't sure about her feelings, so I said, "Are you upset that I made out with Laurie?"

She said, "No honey, I don't expect you not to go out with girls, just not Laurie. This thing between us is to make us both feel good right now, but I'm your mother and we can't...I do want you to see other people, okay baby?"

Even though at that moment, other girls were the furthest thing from my mind, I said, "Okay, mom." But with sex, love, mother and son as relationship ingredients, nothing is going to be 'Simple as pie.'

For a while, the sex made our lives better. It was warmth we could both look to share at the end of the day. And since we were mother and son, love added pleasure to the sex we had. Mom became more positive. I didn't realize how much of the time in the past she had been depressed, until she got better. She smiled more.

Everything moved her. One night I brought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers that needed to be thinned from one of the gardens I worked on. She was so happy with it. She put them in water and then sat on the couch and looked at them for the longest time. She said to me, "Come here baby." When I came to her she undid my pants. She took me in her mouth and sucked me while her two hands moved on my shaft. It was a gentle loving motion and I could feel how much she wanted to do it for me.

I reached into her dress to hold her tit while she did it. As she sucked me, she undid a few buttons and took both of her tits out of her bra. I had been in her mouth a few times, but always only until I was hard enough to be in her pussy. This time she kept sucking. With her hands and mouth working at once it didn't take me long to build toward an orgasm. Her mouth sucked on the head and whatever flesh her hands pushed up. I watched as her lips widened when I pushed in and sucked tight as I pulled back. Each time, she made a small sound; to me it said, "I love you Brian."

When she took my balls in her hand, I knew that it wasn't going to be long before I would explode. She massaged me as she sucked until all the stimulation became too much. I tightened my hands on her shoulders and said, "Mom...mom, I'm coming." I was coming, and half expected her to pull back, but she didn't. I came much harder than I expected to. I reached down and pulled on her tits and said, "Mom, mom...MOM...and let go into her mouth. After two hard releases, she gagged a little and some of the thick white cum came out of her mouth. Some of it dripped to her breasts where I was massaging. When I finished, she said, "I'm sorry baby, I never did that before; I'll do better next time."

I said, "Mom, it felt great...and if I knew, I would have brought you flowers a long time ago." She laughed and then kissed my wet cock. She then took my cock, lifted it and did the most arousing thing I'd ever had done to me. With the flat of her tongue she licked my sack, pressing on my balls. She licked firmly and my cock came alive in her hand. When she took sucked each of my balls, I couldn't believe how fast I had gotten hard again.

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