Fact & Fiction of a Mother & Son


Mom kept licking, and then she took me back into her mouth and repeated what she had done before, but with more fisting. I came even faster than the first time and more intensely. I threw my head back and something like "Maaa..." came out as I spurted hot cum into her mouth.

That a mother could do that for her son floored me, and that it was my mother who had just let me come in her mouth made me feel like I was in a made-up story. But my mother was kissing me and telling me she loved me, and it was real.

The sex did get better, and so did we. If practice makes perfect, we worked toward perfection as much as we could. We learned each other's body and heart. We made each other feel good and no one could have told me that we were doing anything wrong.

For almost a month we felt good and made love almost every day. It sounds ideal, and it was for a while, but life and its desires have a way of intruding. When mom got her period, she usually felt really bad. And of course that was when the intrusion took the form of Laurie. It was Laurie for many reasons, which I understood later. When it happened I wouldn't have admitted that it was a way to vent my anger at the Zanders presumption of superiority. Nor did I know how much I wanted to have a child. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Laurie pursued me. Yes, it was an ego thing in part. I just wasn't the guy that girls ran after. So when it happened, I was seduced by it. Was there a part of me that knew that it might be a way for Laurie to get at her parents? Maybe, but I wasn't smart enough to realize it. So after the phone call and her 'Accidentally' bumping into me, and asking me take her here and there, I found myself making out with Laurie Zander again.

For a few reasons I knew I shouldn't sleep with her. I felt I was being disloyal to my mother. Even though mom had said I should see other girls, I didn't believe she really wanted me too. In the entire world, she had specifically asked me not to be with only one person, Laurie Zander.

I had a mother at home who loved me, a mother who had opened herself emotionally and physically for me. So there I was, like a fucking idiot, with Laurie Zander, in a fucking motel – literally. You know the one, outside of every small town, no questions asked. So we had sex. Sex is fun. Sex feels good, but I couldn't help comparing. Besides having to use a condom, which I didn't have to do with mom, it was better with mom.

That motel wasn't the only place we had sex during the following weeks, but it was the most conventional. Laurie was looking to get caught, or something. She wanted to do it behind the bathrooms in the park at night. She'd wrap her legs around me while I had her against the wall. Sounds spontaneous, but she always had it planned.

She wanted to do it in the abandoned ranger tower during the day. It was fifty feet up and anyone could have seen us climbing up the open stairs, but she insisted. She got on her knees when we were up there and sucked me. Just as I was about to come she got out of the way and jerked me until I shot against the wall. What a mess. Did it feel good? Of course, but it was better with mom.

And yet I continued to see more of Laurie. I was self-conscious when I had sex with my mother and that took something away from it for both of us. I wanted to say something, but I didn't. I knew she sensed it because she asked me if something was wrong a lot of times. I had excuses, or I didn't come home until late, or I didn't come home at all. Mom didn't smile as much anymore.

Laurie and I didn't talk much, but I got to a point where I was thinking of what it would be like to be married. The idea of it gave me a good feeling. And since I didn't think I could marry my mother, there was Laurie. And the best part of it for me was thinking of having a baby. That thought alone made me happy.

The best thing I did was mentioning this fantasy to Laurie. Her reaction said it all. Actually, she said almost nothing. "Oh...that's what you were thinking?" That was the extent of it, except for looking at me like I was a little crazy.

The next few days it all came together for me. I wanted sex and love, but not particularly with Laurie. I wanted to have a baby, but not with Laurie. I wanted marriage, but not with Laurie. I was reluctant to do it, but I knew that if I had any chance of making things right, I would have to tell mom what had been going on.

I came home late one night and went into her room and woke her. She smiled sleepily and said, "Hi baby." Her warm smile almost broke my heart. I told her everything. She said, "I kind of figured that was it, but I just didn't feel right saying anything...because if that was what you wanted..."

I said, "Mom I hope you can forgive me, that's over now. I know what I want. I want you. I love you mom."

She got teary and said, "There's nothing to forgive baby, I'm here, and I also know what I want." We kissed and I took the sheet off her. I lifted the nightgown she wore over her head as she raised her arms. I threw my clothes off and joined her in the bed where we'd first found each other. Mom urged me over and was on top of me using my hardness to impale herself. She smiled at me and bent over to kiss me as she rose and fell on my shaft. I looked up at her loving face and realized that I had a wife. I said, "We're married now aren't we mom?"

I didn't have to explain. She said, "Yes we are darling." She rose up and came down letting her weight fall completely on my cock and she said, "OHhhhooooo..." as she stayed down with all of me up inside her. She ground her hips as I penetrated her completely. Again she moaned and said with her eyes closed in a far off voice, "Yes darling, we're married."

I felt her breasts as she moved on me. Even though she hadn't seen anyone in over a year, I wondered if she'd been like this with other men. I decided not to visit that dark alley and only said, "You're for me now, aren't you mom?"

She looked at me and said, "Of course, baby, I'm only for you."

She closed her eyes and put her head back, arching her back as she rose and fell on my hard pole. I watched as my dick went into her pussy over and over. I said, "Look at it mom, it's so beautiful."

She looked down at where my cock met her pussy and she smiled and said, "Yes it's beautiful sweetheart." She put her hand there and touched us both. I also put my fingers over and around hers as we fucked. Her wetness was all over us and covered the soft folds of her pussy.

I pulled her down to me and I kissed her. She said, "Brian, I love you so much...tell me that you love me baby."

I said, "Of course I love you; you're my perfect mom." And she was, because of the way she loved me. And that's why being inside her felt perfect. I turned her so I could be on top of her again. I could feel her opening her pussy, and herself to me. And I knew she was giving me more than any other woman could, because she was my mother. It was even more than her body and her heart, and it was precious to me because almost everyone out there would say she shouldn't be giving it to her son. Splitting her wet folds with a cock as hard as stone, we moved as one.

As I stroked deeper into my mother's pussy I tried to find a way tell her what I wanted. Finally I just said it out straight, "Mom, I want to have a baby, with you...I want us to have a baby."

She said, "Oh God, sweetheart..." She stopped moving for a minute and I could see that she was surprised and overwhelmed. I thought that maybe I had gone too far. I had just told my mother that I wanted to get her pregnant.

But it was what I really wanted and I said, "Tell me you'll have my baby mom."

She started moving again and said, "Yes darling, yes I'll have your baby...I want your baby inside me...it'll be so beautiful...oh love, but we can't stay here...we have to..."

I said, "None of that stuff matters now, we'll work it all out, as long a we're together, and you have our baby."

"Yes darling, yes, I will, I would be so proud to have your baby, our baby...yes...yes...thank you love..." Mom was excited and aroused and with each thrust that pressed into her pussy, she got louder than I'd ever heard her. The intensity was evident. We were both feeling it and I lifted her legs to get her into the position that got me the deepest into her pussy. We both began moving in the rhythm that we had learned would bring us to a mutual orgasm. For me, I was making love to my wife, lover, and mother, at the same time.

She said, "Oh Brian, Oh love...I want to feel you come inside me." I drove deep with quickening thrusts. I felt my mother's pussy rubbing along each inch of my cock as I could hear the pounding of my heart. We were moving and breathing so close together, I thought I thought I could even hear the pounding of her heart.

Mom was almost clawing at my back as she moved in the way that told me she was approaching orgasm as fast as I was. Even in my anticipation of the physical gratification she was about to give me, I was filled with love for the woman that had told me that she wanted to have my baby. I knew that she could feel me loving her, because with closed eyes, she smiled beautifully as I penetrated in and out of her pussy. I could have looked at her smile forever. I could have fucked her forever. I kissed her hard on her mouth, and then I came inside my mother. She cried out as she felt me releasing into her and said, "Oh yes, darling, give momma your love...yes baby...yes...Ohhhh..."

I shot my sperm into my mother's belly and with each stream that came out of me, I thought about the day I would do it to give her a child. Our juices mixed in her pussy as we both moved with abandon to intensify the last spasms of pleasure. If mom wasn't protected, I know we would have made a baby right then and there.

We did wait until we moved and got settled before mom stopped taking the pill. We were both anxious for it to happen. Each time we made love, we talked about it, and every time I came inside her pussy, I would tell her that I hoped she would get pregnant and have my baby. And she would always say, "Yes sweetheart, I will have your baby, soon."

It seemed as if it took a long time because we were waiting for it to happen, but mom missed her period the very next month. We had already bought a home test, and I'll never forget the moment when she came out and said, "Brian, I'm pregnant, I'm going to have your baby." It was amazing. We celebrated in and out of bed. It was a special time.

It's been a few months now and she's starting to show. Knowing that my mother is pregnant with my child makes me want her all the time. I think she looks great. Her breasts swelled and her nipples have darkened. They seem erect all the time, and I seem to be spending a lot of time sucking on them, and stroking her slightly rounded belly.

We're glad about it all, and this would be a happy ending, but like all real stories, you're always in the middle, and working it out each day. But it did show me that you don't have to be a model to find to love; it's for average people too. And I wouldn't blame you if you were skeptical about the whole thing. If this weren't my mother and me, in love, and having a baby, I'd also think of it as just another made up story on Lit.

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