I wake just before dusk, safe and secure in my room. Enveloped by darkness, but still able to see the faint traces of the sun's last light under the door to my bedroom, I sit up and pause at the edge of my bed. I pull my hair back away from my face, only to have it tumble forward again. The fog in my head clears at the same moment the light winks out from under my door. Bright-eyed and alert now, I can think about the night ahead. I slip off the end of my bed and pad around the room. The floor is cool against my bare feet and it heightens my senses even further. Yes… tonight I am hungry. Tonight I will hunt.

Smiling to myself I quickly go through all the necessary motions, getting together clothing, money, keys, etc. In the shower I ponder my options. Should I go to the park, the library, or the clubs? The warm water on my skin is delicious, like thousands of warm fingers on my skin. Drying myself after the shower, I return to my options. Remembering the last fiasco at the park, and the sadly empty library, I once again decide on the rather obvious choice and start laying out my clubwear. Though not raver wear nor the typical Goth uniform of black on black on black, I am dressed fashionably enough to be noticed without drawing too much attention. Feeling the fabric against my skin focuses me and I walk with purpose from my room. Dressed and out of my own special room, I begin to play at belonging again. Breathe, don't glide, and don't move too quickly; nothing out of the ordinary here. After leaving the house, I climb into my car and start out into the city. On my way in, I pass a huge four-wheel drive monstrosity carrying three men in camouflage. My teeth flash as I laugh in the shadows of my car. I realize that's what this body is to me; it's my real-tree camo.

I'm now submerged in the sights, smells and sounds of a city at night. The old have gone home from their day jobs, living their little suburban lives. The young have taken over the city and all is as it should be after the moon comes to preside over her children. I realize it's Sunday night, and that means thinner crowds… well thinner crowds everywhere but at that little club just outside the city's safe edge. They call it the Church, and it's filled with people absolutely obsessed with darkness and debauchery and the pleasures of the flesh. It's the image that they wish to portray; these lonely, desperate children, playing at being adults and making choices based on what feels good. I love them for it. I stroll in smiling, unlike the somber black-clad youths trying to look like what I am. I chuckle to myself as a walk through the dark entryway and head directly upstairs. I can see the dance floor from there, and I can see I'll be leaving soon. All I have to do is find the perfect… and there you are.

Dancing to the music that pulses like a living thing, the movement of your body is fluid and beautiful. Not alone on the dance floor, you move from partner to partner with your eyes closed. Bodies slide and grind against you, you return the passion. Fueling the movements of those around you, touching when touched and slipping away, you tease the entire dance floor. I make my way down the stairs and scan the dance floor. Knowing you'll make your way to me soon enough, I enjoy the heat and the press of warm flesh against me. The smell of sweat and musk and perfume and hairspray and cigarettes and alcohol is everywhere. And over all of it is sex, raw human desire. I allow myself to swim in it, the feelings and sounds and smells bombarding my body are more intoxicating than any liquor. And suddenly, you're there, your body against mine.

I open my eyes and look down into your face and the connection is made. Your eyes slip open halfway and you smile up at me. You're grinding against me; I can feel your breast pressing urgently against my chest. I am moving with you, our bodies writhing in concert… both of us feeling the movements of the other and matching them. Songs blend into others as we dance. You spin and now you're facing away from me, our bodies just as close as before. You slide down my front, your hands on my thighs as you sink towards the floor, never breaking contact with my body. Pushing off from the floor, your hands slip to my inner thighs before quickly sliding around to my ass as you continue to wriggle and move to the music.

As the music changes to a slower song, you turn back to face me. Looking me in the eyes you seem to be considering something. The decision is made easily enough and you take my hand and lead me off the dance floor. When we don't head towards a bar or towards the stairs, I'm honestly confused for a moment. I follow, smiling as the hunted leads the hunter by the hand into the dark corner near the back stairs of the bar. Pulling me to you, you lean in and whisper in my ear, "You're mine now." Still smiling, I turn and say very softly into your ear, "No, little one, you are mine."

I enjoy the look of indignation, the little pout as you pull away and narrow your eyes at me. I'm changing the rules of your little game and you don't like it. I know right now is a make or break moment for the night, and I know how badly you want to think you're in control of the game. But I also know that I'm not playing a game and I sense you've been in control of every one of these little rendezvous. I can feel you wanting to let go of the wheel, just once, and let someone else drive. The pout breaks and you tilt your head slightly and say, "Alright, let's see what you got. You're not like the men I usually meet here…" I dismiss this quickly by saying, "You don't meet men here. You meet children playing dress up." I step forward and take you into my arms, catching you off guard. The thunderous rush of your blood beneath your fragile, delicate skin taunts me. The musk of your sex, almost covered by the other scents in this place, teases me for the first time and I realize I want more from you. I lean in to kiss you and you readily respond, collapsing against me, surrendering yourself to the moment. The sweet taste of rum is still on your tongue and the intoxication you feel is nothing compared to the waves of desire that flood through me. The kiss is exquisite torture. Both of us want more, and both of us delay it every moment we stand here in this place. You had meant to play with me and toss me aside, now you know we'll finish the night together. I take you by the hand and lead you outside and to my car. I open the door for you and walk around, looking away, giving you every opportunity to leave if you so wish. I hear your door close and open my own and sit down behind the wheel. I look over at you for the first time since we were inside. You smile, lean in and kiss me and say, "I'm yours."

The drive was a blur, your hands everywhere and the slight smile never leaving my face. I can feel you starting to worry, since even with your hands sliding between my legs, nothing stirs. "Don't worry love," I say when you touch me there again, "I promise you're doing everything right." We rush into the house in a flurry of movement, touching and kissing. You've given over all control, letting me touch you, kiss you, taste you. My hands are slow and deliberate. I can feel your pulse everywhere my lips touch, my teeth graze your skin and you shudder with pleasure. Your nipples strain against the fabric of your bra, showing even through it and your blouse. I oblige your desire and peel the thin shirt from your body. I pull you to me, trying to take my time with the rest of your clothing. My skin remains cool to the touch, even in this passionate embrace, but your warm skin is so inviting. Temptation starts to seize me and it is all I can do to keep from taking you right now. You keep pressing your hot skin against me, stirring the old hungers as well as the new. I am suddenly passionate, matching the frenzy you've been barely containing. Your bra and skirt are gone, my shirt torn from me in a desperate dance of seduction and consummation.

You drag your nails down my back as you pull me closer to you, bare breasts now crushed against my chest. My white flesh remains unmarked by your passion, your nails leave no trace of their passing. Your hands find their way into my hair and the back of my neck, pulling my mouth away from yours and to your neck. Kissing, licking, trying desperately not to…

"Bite me," you moan into my ear, "Please. Bite me hard…"

The invitation sends a shudder through my entire body as the newer hunger washes over me. The fact that I want to give into both is the only thing that keeps me from accepting your invitation. My body will not respond without the help of your blood and something about you makes my hunger less important than pleasuring you. I place my teeth on your neck and the need almost overtakes the desire. I release the sweet flesh between my teeth long enough to whisper, "Not yet, love… not yet."

I lift you into my arms and your legs naturally wind around the backs of mine. Your lips touch mine again for a moment, then our mouths open as we explore each other. Tongues entwined, tasting each other. I can no longer wait. I carry you to the bed, sliding my hands down your body as I place you onto the bed, I take the final slip of silk that stood between me and your sex and cast it aside. You spread your arms and writhe on the bed, inviting me to join you. My pants slip to the floor and I lean over you, kissing your mouth, your breasts, your stomach. Kneeling onto the floor I start again, this time at the pulsing artery at your ankle. Trying desperately to resist its song, I kiss my way up your calf. You spread your legs willingly before me and I kiss your inner thighs. The blood courses through you there like a river, and I know the hunger will not be held at bay much longer.

I forget my pretenses, my illusions; I drop the veil of humanity that I wear like suit and see the understanding in your eyes. You know what I am, you always did, and you were inviting the release. Now, lying beneath me, naked and defenseless, you show the first trace of hesitation, the first moment of fear. You don't withdraw; you don't recoil from my touch, which brings a smile to my lips. I descend again, slowly kissing from your inner thigh to the silken flesh that surrounds your lips. Mouth open, I lightly suck your lips and clit into my mouth. Starting at the taut skin where your sex begins, I slowly drag my tongue all the way to your clit and slip it side-to-side back down. Continuing this motion, I begin to apply firm pressure with my tongue, flicking it deeper within you on the way up as well as down. The slight tension that had found its way into your body dissipates and you begin to rock slightly along with the rhythm of my tongue.

All of my senses are focused on the slightest change in you; your shallow breathing, your light sighs and shuddering moans, and always, always the sound of the life in your veins. Your heart is pounding now, and I change before you can climax. Releasing the suction, I start to use just the tip of my tongue to caress and just barely part your lips, teasing you. You stop rocking, hips squirming beneath this new lighter kiss. Knowing not to keep you waiting too much longer, I quickly suck your clit into my mouth, tugging it and pulling bracing it ever so lightly between my teeth before beginning a rapid butterfly flick with my tongue. You won't last long with such direct stimulation, so, keeping your clit in my mouth but releasing the suction, I begin to thrust my tongue deep into you. Instantly reacting, driving your sex into my face, you start to cry out. You begin to buck wildly against my mouth, hands full of my hair, your thighs quivering as they tense before the exquisite relief. One fluttering gasp is followed by a long cry of pleasure as your orgasm flows through your body.

Wanting you now, knowing that I'll need you so that the old desires can be met I move up your warm, flushed body. You understand desire, but the hunger is something that you will never know. I pause for a moment at your breast, slipping a nipple into my mouth for but a moment before continuing on. The thunder of your heartbeat is hypnotic, and I know I can deny neither my desires nor yours any longer. Raising myself up over you, I look directly into your eyes. Parting my lips so that you can understand fully what I seek, I whisper, "Ask me again…"

You look back without hesitation and say, "Bite me. Please."

My lips meet your neck just long enough to find the sweet source below the skin. A bright, piercing pain draws a hiss from your mouth before the bond takes us and we are suddenly one. A connection is made as the blood starts to leave your body that you've never experienced. A heartbeat becomes heartbeats as my body reacts to the gift you have given me. Blood spreads through the surface of my body, hardening me in response to both the feed and the desire I have for you. The old hunger forces the now sated one aside as I slip into your willing and soaked sex. Lightheaded and connected in a way you've never experienced, the penetration is beyond pleasure.

Using my tongue to quell the bleeding at your neck, I begin to slowly rock my hips. Unable to focus on anything other than the moment, you immediately respond to the rhythm of my thrusts, grinding your clit fiercely against me. The first climax you experienced fades to insignificance as this bond only intensifies and overshadows what you've ever felt before. From deep within you a moan begins, and it draws a similar sound from me as we continue to climb towards a place neither of us have been. I can feel every sensation, not just my own.

As the blood weakens you and strengthens me, you are experiencing everything I am. I know what it is to be filled, from the infinite variations deep within to the electric, almost too-sensitive clit. You know the exquisite feeling of the sensitive shaft and head slipping over and over again into your tight, perfect warmth. We remain entwined, your precious blood just one of the things we share, our orgasms building as you begin to fade. Pleasure on pleasure, more ecstasy than either of us has ever known building to a climax impossible without the bond we share. Your entire body begins to quake as the moan escalates into a cry then into a scream of pleasure. My teeth slip free from your neck as I withdraw from your sex, and the weakness that normally follows an orgasm is doubled from your gift. You taste blood in my kiss before I rise from the bed. It's your last memory of me before you fade...

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