tagSci-Fi & FantasyFading Stars Ch. 03

Fading Stars Ch. 03


Author's Note: For maximum enjoyment, I'd suggest you read the previous two chapters of this series.

As usual, thanks to my lady love for invaluable input and to my editor, bikoukumori, for turning merely serviceable writing into a good read for everyone.

Warning! This chapter includes tentacle sex, male on futa and vast amounts of cum. All participants are adults.


03: Escalation

The sun crested the horizon and the sky erupted in a brilliant green. Veridius VIII had been settled by the Nor Republic a scant fifteen years ago after a passing science vessel had discovered a wide variety of naturally occurring rare trace elements. The planet had quickly gained the nickname "The Republic's Emerald" due to the particular color of its atmosphere.

Landing Point, the main settlement was a curious hybrid of science station, processing plant and tourist resort, housing a quickly growing population of six thousand plus almost as many tourists. On the main plaza, even at this early hour, scientists, workers and tourists from a dozen worlds mingled as the former hurried to work and the latter prepared their sightseeing trips for the day or had breakfast after a night of otherworldly excess. The processing plant in the east, smokestacks towering over nearly all other buildings in the city, emitted a constant deep rumble interspersed by the occasional clang of metal. In the west, the lights of the pleasure district fought a losing battle against the encroaching daylight. Holographic projections of scantily clad men and women writhed on flat facades in time to stomach-churning bass beats, colorful light beams criss-crossed in the sky, reflecting off green clouds. The Stargazer Hotel's front showed a real-time view of Veridius VIII from orbit, the exhaust of incoming passenger liners colorful plumes of light in front of the slowly rotating green orb. Compared to that spectacle, the main plaza was shockingly utilitarian, encircled still by the prefabricated buildings which had been airdropped to get the city started.

The scientists and workers had already moved out, leaving the boxy white and grey structures available for enterprising traders who had quickly turned the former city center into a busy marketplace for food, drinks and services. From Gravon ganbison steaks to Grey protein paste, leisurewear to paid companions, pretty much everything was sold and bought with equal abandon. Since Veridius VIII sat on the outer edge of Nor space, restrictions on trade were rather lax and many a shady dealer was peddling less than reputable items freely and nobody seemed to care much. Everyone enjoyed a relaxing high or exotic companionship once in a while, which made the Emerald a prime destination for pleasure-seekers, despite its out of the way location.

For this mission, her name was Rejka and she wore the shape of a young Gravon woman, old enough to leave her clan but not old enough to undergo the Maturity Rite, in which her already fit and curvy body would be augmented by cybernetics. A quartet of thin braids of golden hair tickled the patch of bare back skin between the hem of the colorful, skimpy top struggling to hold her breasts in place and the belt of her low-riding shorts. Metallic discs had been woven into the braids, softly clicking against each other when she moved her head. She leaned casually against a street light next to a Zuthrian sand dragon eatery and smiled when pedestrians, male and female, openly ogled her body with a mix of arousal and jealousy. She could feel the small barbs of envy or the heady thrum of blossoming desire. It was like a minuscule hit of endorphin. Her eyes, of a rich emerald green to suit the location, sparkled with amusement. Rejka focused her energy and a Marked Zuthrian passing by, erection budding under the loose loincloth she wore, gasped as waves of pleasure washed over her. The joys of being a Faceless Manipulator.

A telepathic whisper came from within. "Is that necessary for the mission?"

Rejka scowled. "I felt like it and it is not detrimental."

"The Collective thinks otherwise. You should not draw unwanted attention."

She had to fight to keep her mask in place. "Unwanted attention? I am disguised as a barely legal Gravon sex kitten. I could only get any more attention if I were to drop down naked and start handing out blowjobs."

"The disguise is appropriate, your conduct is not. Try to focus more on the mission and less on your amusement."

Rejka concentrated and shut out the voice. The last thing she needed now was the Faceless hive mind looking over her shoulder or, much more irritating, offering advice. Maybe she was becoming too independent, something the Collective didn't exactly appreciate. But without Infiltrators going deep undercover, there would be no Collective, no worlds to secretly settle and no information. She shrugged and turned her attention back to the crowd.

Her mark came into view. His name was Robarth and he worked as an aide to the local head scientist. Lyzanis' research into gene therapy and xenobotany was groundbreaking and the Collective had decided to acquire her knowledge. Sadly, the Nor military knew how valuable the ability to transplant complex ecosystems would be and Lyzanis was under heavy guard at all times. A direct approach was out of the question. A new lover, out of the blue, would only draw suspicion so Rejka had decided on a multi-stage approach. First find someone close to Lyzanis, assimilate him and work from there.

Enter Robarth. She had found him last night in a holo-theater and Rejka had spent most of the evening playing the innocent but willing to learn off-world bumpkin. She had to admit, as far as Nor were concerned, he wasn't half bad. A bit bulkier than most, with scintillating silver hair, amazing blue eyes and a nice tan from the local sun. He reacted quite strongly to her veiled innuendos and 'accidental' caresses or touches and, when she said her good-bye for the night, she playfully had hugged him and checked out his package. After all, to a Faceless, the whole body is a sensory organ and she liked what had pressed against her thigh. She was taller than him, easily a head and a half, but that only seemed to turn him on even harder. Rejka waved and Robarth quickened his step until he could hug her waist and smile up at her.

"So, your call was not a prank?" Robarth asked. "You really want to spend the day with me?"

Rejka bowed her head and looked deep into his eyes, pursing her lips. Robarth was a brilliant researcher but years of postings on unimportant backwater worlds and in assistant positions had eroded his self-esteem. Which in turn made him an easy target for her. Tentatively, he breathed a kiss onto her lips.

"Hmmm, I like that," she whispered, a large hand cupping one of his firm butt cheeks. "You were such wonderful company last night, I had to see you again." She placed a shy kiss onto his nose, causing him to smile in surprise. "But...do you have time for me today?"

He sighed. "Well, I have to collect some data from a recently opened dig which would take me out of the city until the day after tomorrow. They seem to be having trouble with their comms equipment so I have to drive there."

"Oh." Rejka pouted. "Most of it is driving, yes?"

"Yeah. A long, dreadful drive."

Her eyes lit up. "You know, I could keep you company. And besides, you could show me around a bit, places a lowly tourist like me wouldn't see, right?" She pulled him closer and swayed her hips under his hands. "I promise I won't get in the way."

"It's not like the dig site is top secret or anything," he mused. "But I have to tell you, it's a boring trip, just bumpy jungle back roads."

"Don't say that," she purred, caressing up his spine. "You will be there. And besides, we can always pull over and take a break. You could help me with my xenobiological studies and... all... that..." She let her voice drift off suggestively. As expected, a look of surprise and barely concealed lust fluttered over his face and his manhood twitched against her.

"Hell, why not. It's bad enough I have to do this when there are enough interns Lyzanis could send on that damn errand."

"Maybe your boss thinks this an important enough job for you?" Rejka mused. "Anyway, what do we need?"

"Well, since you're coming too, we should probably get another sleeping bag and stock up on provisions. I have only a small kit in the trunk of my HV."

Rejka slid from his embrace. "I'm sure one sleeping bag will suffice for the both of us."

Her right hand touched his chest and slithered down, over his flat stomach, halting barely within a few hairs of his erection. Robarth gasped. Smiling, she twirled away. "Let's buy some food and be off then. Can't wait to see the jungle."

* * * *

"Hmm, the breeze is so nice," Rejka sighed, stretching. The cockpit of the hover vehicle was nice and compact, so body contact was inevitable. Her knee rubbed against Robarth's, who was focused on the narrow, laser-burnt gap between the viciously growing, eyewateringly colorful vegetation. Giant mushroom stalks in orange carried huge, purple umbrella-like hats, teal and blue vines snaked between the stalks, plants with red and brown leaves grew near the ground. The climate controls of the vehicle worked close to breaking point, keeping the temperature just bearable, so she had opened one of the windows. The car's airflow tugged at her hair and caressed her sweaty skin. Even without her conscious effort, her nipples hardened, straining against the fabric of her tight top.

The hover vehicle, gliding over the rough road on a ground-effect force field, barely rocked, only the largest bumps in the path caused it to shudder on occasion. The miners had carved and burnt a trail through the jungle but the vegetation already was creeping back, turning the once wide road into a treacherous, narrow trail. They had driven for the last six hours and Rejka grew restless. You couldn't wear the body of a barely legal Gravon without inheriting some traits, like an overabundance of energy. Robarth stared glumly ahead, trying to thread the boxy hovercar through narrow gaps in the foliage without scuffing the vehicle. He certainly deserved a little appreciation for his efforts. Rejka pulled her top off and adjusted her seat's back rest, tilting it back as much as the cramped cockpit allowed. Her fingers made quick work of her shorts' buttons and she pushed them down towards her knees, along with the tiny g-string she wore underneath. Her hands caressed over her body, one hand on her breasts, the other snaking between her thighs, over her hairless mound. Her fingers made wet sounds as they slithered into herself, audible even over the drone of the engines. Rejka sighed in pleasure. It never took much to arouse her and the heat and slight breeze were more than enough to get her going. She had to remind herself not to apply any Faceless tricks to her masturbation, like fusing her probing fingers into a thicker phallus to fuck herself with or growing a sucking mouth-like opening in her palm on her nipples. As much fun as that was, she was disciplined enough as to not jeopardize her disguise.

"Robarth..." she moaned, licking her juices off her own fingers. "I'm so hot right now..."

That got his attention. He glanced sideways and nearly swerved the HV into a mushroom trunk.

"Maker's balls!" he cursed, slamming the brakes. "How about a little warning next time?" Despite his outburst, his eyes roamed over her body.

Rejka hooked her leg over his, spreading herself even wider. "Do you want to rant some more or help me with this?" she said, panting happily as she re-inserted her fingers into her dripping pussy.

"I guess-," he gulped, eyes fastened on the hypnotic display of two fingers slowly fucking herself, "I guess we have earned a little rest. Hold on." He placed his hand on her knee to push it off his. Rejka's free hand snatched his and placed it on top of her mound.

"Why don't we take...this outside?" Robarth suggested. His fingertips explored her sex, the protruding clitoris, the moist lips.

He was right, sadly. The cockpit was not built for sex. Even now, he had to twist his body uncomfortably to reach her. "Fine. But let's hurry."

Robarth, with visible difficulty, tore his attention away from her and gunned the engine. Only a few seconds later, he swerved off the road onto a patch of relatively open terrain under an enormous mushroom cap, hovering like a cloud nearly a hundred feet over their heads. The HV settled onto its landing skids and Robarth pushed his door open. She heard him rummage in the storage space behind the cockpit then saw him on one of the rear view monitors, shaking out a plastic sheet. The scientist then placed a blanket on top of the sheet. Pushing the shorts and string completely off, now wearing only her trainers, Rejka hopped from the car and made her way over the jungle floor, feeling Robarth's eyes like a gentle caress all over her. He struggled to get out of his scientist's overalls but, instead of helping him with the unwieldy garment, Rejka melted onto the blanket, offering him more views of her snatch and her fingers diving into it. Finally, he had wrestled himself out of his suit and ended up on his knees next to her, his sizable dick near her face.

Wide-eyed, she looked up at it. "And what should I do with that?" Rejka asked playfully, her breath hot on his member.

"You can stroke it..." Robarth lamely suggested. "Or... or..."

Maker preserve me, Rejka groaned inwardly. I am supposed to be the student here! "Or do you want it in my mouth?" she suggested, licking her lips.

"I'd like that very much. But only if you feel like it," he said, caressing her hair.

Stifling a groan, she craned her neck and dragged her tongue across the underside of his rampant hard-on. His mental waves screamed how much he would like nothing more than to just jump on her and fuck her silly. But instead of acting on his instincts, he throttled himself, his desire about to be snuffed out by his guilty conscience. Rejka decided on another gamble. She broke character and pulled him close. He dropped to hands and knees and she hungrily engulfed his sweaty rod with her mouth. On her soles, two sets of gills opened as she swallowed his glans, causing the surprised Nor to gasp and whimper at the overwhelming sensations emanating from his dick. Both hands clawing at his firm behind, she nudged him to move, to slide his schlong deep into her throat.

"Maker... Maker...what are you doing to me?" he whimpered hoarsely.

I'm showing you a good time, Rejka thought. Enjoy it for as long as possible before... She didn't finish that thought. Robarth had one hand on her sex, two fingers going deep into her. The last thing she wanted to think about was how she would soon assimilate him. No. She deserved a little pleasure before she had to...

Gurgling happily, she placed her thumb between his butt cheeks and massaged his anus. He froze, ramrod-straight, nearly knocking out her teeth with his pelvic bone. Rejka giggled wetly and released his thoroughly slathered member.

"Relax...you're going to enjoy this," she purred. "I would never do anything to harm you," she added. Until I have to, that is. "Now come, relax." She caught his cock with her lips again. Robarth closed his eyes and resumed his shallow strokes into her throat. Her pussy sucked on his fingers like a second mouth and when she thought him sufficiently distracted, her thumb returned to his crack.

Again, he seized up, a plaintive wail erupting from his mouth. A burning, sour stench attacked her nostrils and gills. Robarth rolled away from her, offering her a glimpse of what was happening. Above them, holes had appeared in the huge mushroom's cap, thick, purple fluid oozing from them. Robarth was rolling around on the ground, trying to deal with his smoking and sizzling back. And while she watched on in horrified fascination, she saw movement above the mushroom, the rapid fluttering of wings. A moment later, an organism she had never seen before dove through the hole, a writhing cluster of chitinous claws, feelers and wings. It convulsed and a gleaming stinger, propelled by a sharp, whistling expulsion of gas, shot down and impaled poor Robarth. His screams redoubled.

Rejka rolled to the side, trying to scrabble to her feet when a vicious stab caught her. Horrified, she looked down. From her neck, at least two feet of gleaming stinger protruded. A nanosecond later, the pain came, lancing through her whole being. Thankfully, a Faceless' body is rather hard to incapacitate. She allowed herself to dissolve into a semi-liquid state and seep apart, getting rid of the stinger in the process. To her dismay, the pain didn't go with it. There was a thumping clot of agony still within her. She reformed a few feet from her last position, only to see the alien monstrosity on top of Robarth. It was holding him down to the floor through weight alone, while a pulsating organ puked obscene amounts of the purple goo onto him. He had stopped screaming but his body still was jerking underneath the monster.

I would have given you a quick, painless death, Rejka thought. Another shockwave of pain hit her, almost bringing her to her knees. She clutched at the source of the agony, the back of her neck. Normally, she could easily regenerate even vast amounts of tissue damage. This time though, there was an ugly, gaping hole which refused to seal.

Around her, she noticed more movement. There were even more monsters around, crawling through the foliage, seemingly trying to burrow into the mushroom stalks and spraying purple goo everywhere. The...thing on Robarth seemed to be finished with the Nor scientist, his body now not much more than a feebly twitching mound of purple slime. It slipped off him and turned to face her, antennae trembling.

The pain throbbing through her made the decision simple. No need to stick around. Survival was paramount. The spine-throwing monster advanced, pointing a shiny stinger in her direction. Rejka grew a hard shell of bone around her. The first shot hit her square in the chest but didn't penetrate. The force of the impact knocked her off her feet regardless. She rolled with the blow and struggled upright again, dodging and weaving until she had the boxy hull of the HV between herself and the monster. She slid into the cockpit and thumped her fist onto the engine activation button. A shrill whistling announced another fired stinger which clanged off the driver side doorframe. Rejka sprouted two flexible tentacles and yanked both doors closed then she floored the accelerator. Another spine-thrower had appeared, landing right in her way on the jungle path. She barreled through him, the ground-effect force field not strong enough to absorb all the impact energy.

Groaning, Rejka used one of the tentacles to rummage through the compartments of the cockpit until she found a first-aid kit. It had a small ampule of painkillers, which she greedily absorbed. The pain receded to tolerable levels; didn't vanish entirely though. She needed a medical scanning station and quickly. There were few things a Faceless couldn't simply grow back and every one of those were vitally important. The dig site would be her best chance to find one. Gnashing her teeth, Rejka looked around. The sky above the jungle was alight with hundreds...thousands of glowing pinpricks of light, like the biggest meteor shower she had ever seen. But going by the riotous explosions of movement, the suddenly appearing columns of smoke, she suspected that these "meteors" were only more of those alien lifeforms coming down from orbit.

She flicked on the radio. Emergency broadcasts on every frequency, urging residents and visitors to remain calm and head for the nearest shelter or evacuation point.

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