Faeophobia: Pregnancy Scare


Here, Bridgete had found the acceptance she craved. Even her roommate Nancy, not to mention the other girls in her old high school had always treated her like a child; just because she was as flat as a board in a country where women's average bust size seemed to increase by a whole cup every year. But it was all to attract vile, male animals! Bridgette didn't need wobbling mountains of breastflesh that could only be contained in a G-cup brassiere! She didn't need it because she didn't need men! The unconditional love of her Lesbian sisters was enough. For that matter, she didn't need the odd tingling on her chest....or the strange ripples of sensation in her crotch.....


"And my tits just filled up like water balloons!" Howled Jasmine Cartwright. The blonde human brandished a hefty boob; barely concealed by the flimsy fabric of hastily-donned maternity clothes. Jasmine clutched at her belly; still unaccustomed to the great weight of the offspring gestating happily inside her. She let out an involuntary, throaty moan.

"And ye've come ta me seeking advice?" asked Dr. Sheamus, with a suspicious gleam in his piercingly green eyes as he shut the door to his office tightly. "If'n ye thinks these pregnancies be not yer own, then ye should see the Nurse lickety-split! Madison University has clinical magicians who…"

"Revenge!" barked Fauna as she pouted with arms crossed under her vast mammaries. The bowling-size of her pendulous globes was now much more consistent with the standard bust-size of Fae women. "A lot of humans were offended when I burst my leotard."

"They thought it was some slutty, Fae stunt," Added Freya, the Nymph's twin sister, who was similarly burdened. She subconsciously rubbed her hands over the sweeping globe of her distended abdomen beneath the maternity gown they all wore, as though to comfort the crop of infants that were not her own. "And the coach decided to kick us both off the team to be on the safe side!" In spite of their obvious rage, both mountain nymphs still looked adorably cute to Sheamus.

Fauna spoke up again, one hand on her hip as she angled the fertile payload of her gravid body forward. "It would be one thing if we had chose this for ourselves, but…we never even had sex! At least….not this year…It's not our fault!" Sheamus gazed thoughtfully at the ripe girls for a moment.

"So someone singled out you four lassies alone fer some sort o' magical pregnancy prank?"

"Th-there's one more…" spoke Bridgette softly. She was already painfully shy, and to become so hugely pregnant in such a manner had apparently caused her unimaginable shame. "An elf girl…from the Sigma Epsilon Xi sorority, but…well….she's such a slut already that she didn't think anything unusual had happened. But….I saw her…she sprouted a belly and….and….b-boobs, j-just like me." Rail-thin Bridgette was perhaps taking her transformation the hardest; since she wasn't rail-thin anymore.

Sheamus knew that flat-chested beanpoles like her often times received the most benefit from fertility spells. It was as if the magic responded to a greater need, and Bridgette, who formerly would have trouble filling an A-cup needed more help than Jasmine, a natural C. Where once she could have passed for a teenage boy, now the formerly-mousy brunette sported a whopping pair of melons easily equal to the bowling ba- wait…no….the human's tits were throbbing steadily, and with a slow creep of fabric and flesh, her feminine mountains were growing yet again! The shocked human clutched at her bosom, as if trying to suppress the gorgeous globes while they transcended the confines of human decency. Clearly, all the girls were caught in some run-away fertility cycle, and Bridgette's boobs had reached the size of basketballs before she lost control of the milk. (Maybe Sheamus should try to dribble them!) As the stain of warm lactation darkened the front of the floral-pattern maternity dress, the beleaguered human moaned sensuously. The mammoth teats dribbled enough on their own, and this seemed to effect the other girls as well.

When Jasmine and the two Oreads saw this development, it was as if their own glands kicked in out of sympathy. All of them sighed from the release of pressure. But wait….Sheamus was noticing another sort of stain; on Bridgette first, but also the other girls. All the female thighs in the room were slick with the constant release of womanly juices. Girl cum from their agitated cunts had saturated whatever underwear was available, and the delighted Leprechaun could almost see pussy lips quivering with need.

Bridgette broke down finally, and with a lurid howl began fingering herself. The eyes of the Oreads lit up; for no Fae can retain control when she sees someone else in sexual pleasure. Sheamus could sense the flowery aroma of Fae lust wafting fragrantly from the throbbing pussies of the twin nymphs. Almost as one, the twins turned on Jasmine. The blonde human was hauled unceremoniously off her feet. Her cry of shock was stifled quickly by the dripping, fairy pussy that was shoved into her face. Fauna wrapped her sleekly muscled legs around the human's face, forcing her moist sex onto the girl's lips. Simultaneously, Freya had disposed of Jasmine's panties, and soon an expert tongue was slipping and sliding within the blonde's own inner sanctum. The effect was immediate; the twins had pleasured each other for years, in order to partially satisfy their raging fairy sex drives, and they knew how to force more orgasms out of a pussy than any woman had a right to experience.

Smiling wistfully, Sheamus turned away from the muscular mountain nymphs ravishing the human girl. Bridgette was lost in her own world; the lips of her pussy flared out luridly, uncontrollable sexual urges were beating down the last vestiges of restraint, propriety, and decency. "Aye lassies, ah kin do a bit o' magic ta find out what spell's gotten into ya. So's ye can get revenge on the culprit. But…ah need some first hand experience…" he chuckled menacingly, as he began undoing his pants.

"C-cock…."moaned Bridgette. "….Was…wrong….n-need men….need cock…" she whispered while fingering her slit.

"And ah think ah kin oblige ye…." Bridgette's eyes, clouded with lust began to widen. The tiny prick of the leprechaun revealed from the discarded pants rapidly expanded into a great rod of manmeat at least a foot-long! That throbbing male member was one-third of his total height! The brunette stared child-like at the organ; Soon she would experience and understand the hypnotic powers of the Leprechaun's cock. Leaping forward, Sheamus grasped Bridgette's pregnant belly for purchase, hooked his legs around her thighs….and hammered himself with one fluid stroke into the slippery delight between the girl's thighs.


She was flying. Dimly, the girl remembered that her name might have been Bridgette. But that name belonged to a darker place, a harsher, colder world with less sexual freedom, less beauty, and little magic. She awoke amongst lavender sheets softer than silk, and as she gazed down at her perfect, toned body with ample breasts she shuddered with delight at the men eating her pussy. They were well-muscled, red-haired studs, and they lavished her with tongue and cock alike. It went on for hours, yet lasted less than a moment.

The human who had been Bridgette saw a golden sky tinged with magenta as though in perpetual sunset. The sun was bright enough for normal vision, yet the horizon had the cozy calm of dusk that soothed her nerves. She knew that she was loved here; not just by the muscled men working fingers and cocks into her ass and pussy alike, but also by the crowds of perfect people below. No disease, no ugliness marred the people that flitted about in this fairy tale kingdom; and no woman had breasts smaller than a DD-cup.

The why of it mattered not. She knew only endless pleasure amidst natural beauty. It seemed right and proper to be surrounded by handsome men constantly driving her towards orgasm. Their cocks belonged in her pussy, just as she belonged in this soothing world of sing-song sensual delight. The grass here was greener, the water here was clearer, the breasts were perkier and the cocks were larger. And then…and then…

Her World exploded.

It would take time before Bridgette would be able to speak again, clinging to the awesome memory of supernatural pleasure granted to her by the Leprechaun's cock. "Aye lassie, that be were we come from. But the magic be fadin', so Earth shall be our home now. And someday this world will look akin ta that one." Bridgette could do nothing but moan with the heady delight of supernatural afterglow. Her infants kicked as though sensing her pleasure. "And let's be seein' who put the spell on you….."


"Yes, you might say zhat I am havink, 'woman troubles'. One een particular. Her name ees Nancy, I believe that she ees een your Thaumaturgy class, and..." Began Sergei, tentatively. As he sat in the surprisingly disheveled office.

"First of all laddie, Ah need ta disabuse you o' whatever loftier notions ye've got. Ya need ta get yer head out of the clouds an' back in a pussy where it belongs!" exclaimed Sheamus, as he adjusted his clothing; as though it were donned hastily."Ah'll tell ya what Ah tell every satyr; ya need ta forget about fame, wealth, or acclaim. Them things be only means to an end! The end bein' a girl's arse! As ye drill yer cock up inta her!" The leprechaun chuckled deviously.

"Zhen ve understand each other perfectly; for surely thees has alvays been my intent. I am curious; I had thought zhat you were reknowned for your dignity and discipline...." The leprechaun scoffed with a wave of his hand.

"That be but a smoke-screen ta bamboozle them humans what I haven't gotten me spells into yet! There be a system fer Fae ta flourish on Earth; many o' our kind only get half the picture!" Sergei was curious. The leprechaun began pacing; entering lecture mode yet again.

"Ye've come here because I be older an' experienced, so listen up laddy. Think about what one o' our women, a Fae woman does whenever she goes someplace new, filled with humans. She'll start seducin' any man in sight, but nigh ignore the women. Sure, if'n a human woman's nice ta her, one o' our girls' will turn her inta a lusty slut with boobs like the great pumpkin. And o' course the rest'll get insanely jealous! That be why Fae get so little respect! The jealous ones'll raise up a big stink!"

"What do you propose?" asked Sergei, hand on his goateed chin.

"Ye're job, whatever ye've been hired fer, that AIN'T yer job. Yer job is ta fulfill the sexual fantasies of every human in yer workplace. Use yer magic ta cause every woman, an' I mean EVERY woman to burst her bra with titties what could nurse the lovechild of Moby Dick. But ye've got ta give somethin' ta the men too lad. Make 'em all muscled studs what can shoot off their loads all night. And ye'll need ta do a lot o' spyin' on 'em all. Figure out every sexual fantasy in yer department, and make 'em real! No one'll report on yer peccadillos when ya fulfill they're deepest lusts! Everyone needs yer magical touch!

"Why, at the last college I was at students, secretaries, even the dean became lusty, sexual dynamoes! Anyone what might possibly report on me, I touched in my special way!" The leprechaun raised his small fist in triumph, before rubbing his hands together gleefully. "And no woman, whoever frigid, can resist the the magical cock o' Sheamus O' Aerin!" At that he began cackling diabolically. "Why even the janitor what swept the halls at me last place got a cock stretchin' from here to Blarney!" More wicked laughter, as the lecherous leprechaun danced a little ditty on the surface of his surprisingly disorderly desk.

"You are as wise as zhey say." admitted Sergei, nodding with a smile on his lips. "But I am presented weeth a magical mystery, and I believe you might have valuable eensight." Sheamus listened intently. "Zhe human girl, Nancy Cooper. She ees charged weeth dangerous levels of fertility magic." The satyr became wistful in rememberance, his right hoof making a hollow scraping sound as he dragged it across the floor. "Despite your years of experience, I venture to say zhat even you have rarely felt a cunt like hers. Eet es like a hungry beast; zhe folds of her womanhood seem to grasp at me hungrily. Countless times over nearly two weeks, we have coupled gloriously!" He clenched his fists.

"Zhe churning heat of her cunt ees like an engine of erotic potential! Ne'er have I felt zhe like! Her many teets never seem to stop jiggling! So many...so many times I have blasted myself vithin her womb. I have given her cunt all zhat I can produce, and yet she ees not pregnant! Despite the fertility magic coursing through her veins.

"Make no mistake wise sir," continued Sergei, impining passionately as he gestured. "I have come to college to study music; But I am not een college because I weesh a career, nor am I a music major because I appreciate music. I am here because college ees a meat-market, and many human women have soft spots for musicians. Eet ess a sacred duty; to replenish our kind. Fae by ourselves vill fade away, and I have done all I can to mingle my bloodline veeth that of the humans. Zhe thought ees vhat gets me up in the morningks, fillingk human women weeth my mighty cock! We both know the heady pride of seeingk a human belly swell veeth our young. Make no mistake; every scrap of ingenuity I possess is geared to zhe noble task of slippingk into zhe pants of zhe human girls, zhat I might pump their wombs full of my seed!

"That ees vhy I am so interested een Nancy; I can scarcely imagine zhe potential for child-bearing that exists between her thighs! She seems to be growingk more fertile daily, so why ees it that I have not impregnated her?! There must be somethingk...some magical interference. I need help! Help me wise sir, Help me to fill theese Earth veeth fairy kind!"

"Ah think I've got jest the spell fer ye lad....."


Some women resisted the inevitable. There were many human women that tried to protect themselves from the unnatural lusts brought on by magic. But not here. Not this town. In a college town, especially one with such a high population of Fae, the normal women soon realized that keeping men at bay was no longer necessary. Why bother with the frustrating emotions of human females, when fairy sluts with magically perfected bodies would spread their legs for most anyone? The old assumptions were invalid.

Enter the G-Spot. Literally. Night clubs of this sort, in college towns like this were filled with human women trying to regain the upper hand in the dating scene. A normal girl never had to worry about leering eyes, or slaps on the rump; that sort of attention was reserved for the Fae. Now free from male advances, that oldest of emotions; jealousy had kicked in. Yes, they whined about what pigs men were, but to have the pigs pass over you on a permanent basis was not as gratifying as some had expected. So out came the boob-spells, pheromone perfume, and magical amulets of Charisma. In clubs like the G-spot, human women were determined to take their men back. Yes, there were Fae here too, but not as many as you'd think; since Fae didn't need to go anywhere to meet men.

The bald, muscular bouncer understood the new rules; he wouldn't let in anyone unless they looked like they had some sort of magical augmentation. He blinked dumbly as the four, hugely pregnant co-eds approached the door. They seemed truly absurd; there were two mountain nymphs dressed in lurid fishnet stockings, calling obscene attention to their bulging wombs. The two humans wore incredibly short, sleeveless skirts, which seemed doomed to fail at the task of containing the jutting orbs of boobflesh perched upon taut wombs ripe with impending motherhood. Their faces were heavily masked with glittering, enchanted make-up.

"And what do you girls think you're up to?" he asked laughingly.

"Revenge." said the brunette human. Seeing no plausible excuse that would be better than the truth. The bouncer laughed, and laughed.

"Go on in." he waved them through.


She couldn't worry about Bridgitte. Odd that her roommate had been staying with friends, and hadn't been at their room in more than a week. She was probably off at some Lesbians of the World conference. No matter. She had arrived. Her pussy burned more furiously than before, and she had come to the conclusion that one man, even a satyr wasn't enough to satisfy her. Oh yes, she should have been alarmed, and she was to an extent. As each day, she saw her body becoming yet more fine-tuned to bear offspring. She was spiraling out of control; transforming into a....well, she wasn't sure what she was, except that she was endlessly horny. And it felt good! She felt more alive, more vigorous than ever! She would continue her plan, continue her lactating life of excess.

Nancy knew she wouldn't have trouble entering the G-spot; she never did. The only delay came from the bouncer staring with distracted lust at her rows of cleavage. But he remembered to wave her through. And what cleavage! On campus, she had augmented her body to garner maximum attention; here she was dressed for the same. Not topless, but Nancy wore no shirt. All that covered her chest were two vast, pink, bras to contain her acres of womanhood. Before the Conjunction, GG-cups would probably have to be custom made, but not now. All clothing stores had adapted to the bustline of the American woman, which seemed to increase every year. She wore these bras as a top, and the reaction was just as she wished.

Those that saw her from the front beheld her glorious quartet, seemingly jiggling in time with the pulse-pounding beat of the music. The tattoo on the small of her back, in the shape of red, puckering, female lips continued to command attention as her backside faced the onlooker. Her pants were a metallic weave, skin tight around her jutting hips and bubble-ass, flaring out into bell-bottoms towards her feet. The silver color of those pants matched her silver eyeshadow and lipstick. All the while the pink tiger-stripes complemented her bra-top.The crowd seemed to part around her as she approached the dancefloor, swaying provocatively on her transparent-plastic open-toed sandals.


As it turned out, Nightclubs were the perfect place to cast spells on people. The overwhelming noise drowned out your chanting, and any gestures the spell required could become a part of your dance routine. The Reversal spell-scroll that Fauna had hidden in her geneous cleavage would turn the tables on that Nancy bitch. Professor Sheamus had told them all about it; a magician of his caliber had been able to trace the source of the spells put upon them. And as Fauna cast the spell he gave her....well....things would become interesting. She stayed far from Nancy, and the human never noticed her on the dance floor, as the chanting began.

Sergei would have to take his time. He wasn't quite certain what purpose the multiplier spell the professor gave him would serve. But, the sprightly leprechaun had assured him that this was part of the plan, that Nancy would yet bear his offspring. She smiled devilishly at him, as the music played on. Sergei didn't recognize it; some band from before the conjunction, luscious something.

"With my Naked eye, I saw all the falling rain..."

As their hips ground together, Sergei mouthed the words of the spell he had been given, thankful that the nightclub noises covered up the chanting.

"Falling down oo-on Me...."

Here in the G-spot, with the unspoken emphasis on the necessity of magical augmentation, the club itself had been fitted to meet the need. There were in actuality two dance floors; the main one, with tiles and railings, and the special floor. There beside the main floor was a circle of arcane symbols, many of different colors. Nothing too complicated; a first year thaumaturgy student could duplicate the formula with the right components and parameter calculations. The D.J. stood, holding aloft the scroll to provide focus as he chanted the trigger phrase to the cheers of the crows. The symbols glowed; blazing with eldritch light as the spell fired. All those dancing and gyrating within the arcane circle cheered as their feet began to rise above the floor. Sure enough, Nancy, Sergei, and a host of others began slowing rising into the air. They still danced, just as though they had remained on solid ground, yet the plane upon which their feet rested kept rising. Below them, a suspicious, red-haired man cackled maniacally, as he began chanting the words to a multiplier spell....

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