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Faeophobia: Sarah Meets Satyr


As you might notice, this is quite a long story. Although not entirely just a fuckfest, it doesn’t have much in the way of literary pretensions either, so read it at your peril. Great thanks go to xxxecil who originally created the Faeophobia universe and has been supportive all through this story. He usually ends up with the disclaimer that anyone can use his universe, but you’d better ask anyway. His stories can be found here.

Feedback is always gratefully accepted and don’t forget to vote when (or if) you reach the end. If you liked this story, have a look at Seducing Dawn. Enjoy.

All of Sarah’s friends had warned her against the dangers of Fae. Ever since the Celestial Conjunction when the races of Fae returned to Earth, women had hated them. They were all too nubile, too voluptuous and too libidinous. Although many Fae had integrated themselves into society successfully, even to the extent of getting British citizenship, they were viewed with a certain distrust. Most humans didn’t understand magic and what they didn’t understand, they disliked.

Sarah didn’t care about any of the rumours. All of the Fae she’d met at Kingsgrove University were nice, kind people. A little oversexed maybe, but after years of females outnumbering men by twenty to one in the Fae races, that could be forgiven. She had almost given up hope of ever seeing a male Fae, when she met a satyr in a club in Kingsgrove.

She was very drunk and dancing like a loon with her gaggle of girlfriends when her approached her. He didn’t say anything at first, just moved over to her and cut her out of the herd of girls, drawing her away to one side. He almost seemed to ooze sexuality, his chiseled physique and lantern jaw drawing Sarah to him and soon they were dancing together, body to body. Her body ground against his, almost against her volition as she was swept up in the aura of abandon and sexuality that any Fae seemed to be able to generate on demand. It was only afterwards that she began to wonder whether he might have cast a spell on her, for she wasn’t usually the type for one-night stands.

Without seeming to move, they were suddenly out of the club and into her room. Sarah was a little shocked until she remembered the stories of satyrs being able to teleport from place to place. His hand found her breast and squeezed it gently as she remembered also the stories she’d heard about the insatiable libidos of satyrs and she made a brief effort to slow him down.

“Wait, hang on a second. I’m not sure we should do this.” He removed her shirt expertly and began to kiss her neck. “I don’t even know your name,” she said, gasping at the rough caress of his lips.

He removed his lips from her neck and spoke in a gravelly voice, which betrayed a slight Eastern European inflection. “My name is Mikhail.” That was apparently all he had to say and promptly reapplied his lips to her as his hands reached behind her back to undo her bra, allowing him better access to her breasts.

She moaned, finally giving into her burgeoning desires and sank down onto the bed that had appeared behind her. He followed smoothly and soon they were both naked, their clothes seeming almost to have evaporated as they tumbled together on the soft mattress. He was hairier than most men and his hooves were a definite distraction, but Sarah felt that his cock more than made up for it. It was much bigger than any she’d seen before and, although she wasn’t that experienced, probably bigger than most others had seen before. She wrapped her legs round his hips and pulled him into her. He moved slowly and Sarah groaned as it stretched her further than she’d gone before, spreading her lips in a painful pleasure and filling her completely.

He began to thrust, slowly at first, then speeding up, moving deeper within her with every plunge, the sensations causing her to moan, then shout, then scream as wave after wave of heat built up inside her, pleasure peaking and diminishing with every thrust, his hands roving over her body as she shuddered, giving in to the thundering orgasm that twisted her body.

When she woke, he was gone. Only a slight soreness in her pussy and a vague sense of satisfaction belied the fact that he had ever been there in the first place. She got up, smirking like the cat that got the cream and sashayed over to the bathroom to shower.

When she came out the shower, she realised there was something missing. Or someone rather. Janine, her roommate, to be exact. A loud thump at the door gave her a clue as to where Janine was. She grabbed a robe and went to open it.

Janine was not best pleased and intended to let Sarah know it. “Where the hell did you go last night?”

“I was…”

“You fucked off with the keys last night and I couldn’t get in. I stood here at four o’clock in the morning, banging on the door and nobody answered.”

“I wasn’t…”

“If you bugger off in the middle of a night out, either leave the door open, or give me the keys. I had to sleep round Cindy’s last night and you know I’m not keen on rooming with pixies.”

“I’m sorry.” Janine’s ire always left Sarah at something of a loss for words. She was overbearing and loud, exactly the opposite of Sarah and usually won arguments through sheer volume. However an early apology seemed to dissipate her rage and she even accepted a piece of toast as a peace offering.

“So how was he?”

“How was who?” Sarah attempted nonchalance, but inwardly cursed Janine’s perception.

“The bloke who you disappeared off with last night. I may have been too busy chatting up Jenny to notice you two actually leave, but you both disappeared at the same time. And by the smirk that you’ve had plastered on your face all morning, I can tell he didn’t just stay for coffee.”

Sarah said nothing; irked that Janine had been able to see through her so easily. The rest of breakfast was eaten in silence.

Later that day, Sarah began to feel strange. Her concentration wavered and she was struggling to keep her attention on the thesis she was writing. It felt as though something was pressing on her skin, concentrating on a line from her groin to her navel. Vexed, she stabbed at the off button on the computer and decided to go for a walk. The thesis was due in tomorrow, but Professor Hamilton wouldn’t care if she handed it in late.

As Sarah walked across the campus, the pressing feeling grew stronger and her skin crawled as she felt a strange warmth seeping through her body. Her knees gave out from underneath her and she collapsed down on a handy bench to rest for a minute, outwardly calm, but inside, beginning to panic. She suddenly became aware that she was feeling very horny and the feeling was growing every minute. She felt her aureolae crinkle as her nipples hardened, pressing against her blouse and her pussy began to burn, the warmth radiating out into her thighs and stomach. Picking herself up, she started to walk home, unsure what was happening, but feeling instinctively she’d be better off in her room.

Halfway home, Sarah couldn’t take it anymore and almost ran into the public toilets, locking herself in the cubicle, with the intention of fingering herself briefly, just to take the edge off her desire. As soon as she locked the door however, an animal need took over and she tore off her clothes and slid her hand between her legs, moaning as her fingers touched swollen pussy.

Sarah was shocked at what she was doing, but couldn’t seem to stop, almost as though she was an observer from outside her body. Sensations racked her as she slipped her finger inside her sopping quim and curled it upwards, seeking her g-spot. A loud moan escaped her as a second finger joined the first and she began to slide them in and out in a corkscrewing motion. The thought of consequences if someone else was in the toilets (or even in the same town with the noise she was making) flitted briefly through her head, but were quickly expelled as the next rush of pleasure filled her mind.

Wendy was passing through the campus gardens when it hit her. Almost like a subliminal command, she could not resist it. She ducked out of sight behind a tree and slid a hand inside her trousers, enjoying the heat and warmth emanating from her pussy. Her other hand found its way inside her bra and started squeezing her breasts, concentrating on her nipples, which had grown suddenly sensitive.

Amy leant back against the wall of the shower and groaned, her fingers centring on her clit as the water rolled down her toned body. She shuddered as they found the sensitive spot and pressed gently, her body responding to the sudden waves of arousal that had shaken it.

Denise was filled with conflicting feelings. She was in the middle of a lecture, surrounded by hundreds of other students. What if she got caught? Another rush of excitement enveloped her and washed her will away. Damn the consequences, she had to masturbate. Her mouth emitted a slight whimper as her hand surreptitiously crept inside her trousers and began stroking.

Sarah finally got home, fully clad and appalled at the risk she’d just taken. What if someone had heard her? It didn’t bear thinking about. At least that self-destructive urge had dissipated with her orgasm. Now maybe she could get on with some work.

About twenty minutes later it happened again. The heat built further as she tried to ignore it and she was getting more aroused by the slightest movement. Scared witless at what was happening, Sarah ran into the kitchen, trying to escape the feelings.

As she entered she was greeted by Janine, who was dressed only in a bathrobe. Try as she might, she could not take her eyes off the triangle of cleavage that was visible. Janine had made a couple of passes at her in the past, but Sarah had never really had any interest in women before. Now the thing she wanted more than anything in the world was to touch Janine’s breasts. The desire was so strong it was burning and it was all she could do not to rip the robe off her and pin her to the floor.

Janine caught her eyes and was shocked at the terror there. “What’s the matter Sar?”

“There’s something wrong with me,” Sarah managed to gulp, thoughts of Janine’s naked body filling her mind. “I’m wrong, there’s something wrong, it’s…”

Janine moved over to Sarah as she collapsed into floods of tears and embraced her, shaken at the wildness in her eyes. Sarah clung to her, like a drowning man to a chunk of wood, her body convulsing with the tears. They separated briefly and Sarah took the opportunity to move forward and begin a kiss. Their lips contacted and the feelings inside her jumped to a new level, the warmth of Janine’s lips sparking a new arousal which overlapped the old, overwhelming both of them as the embrace turned from friendly into purely sexual.

In seconds they were naked and Sarah pushed Janine roughly to the kitchen floor, pressing her arms above her head as she straddled her. She leant forwards and kissed her again, feeling Janine drag her tongue across Sarah’s, massaging it expertly. Moving down her body, Sarah used her tongue to caress Janine’s cleavage, working her way across every inch of her perfect breasts. When she was done she relinquished Janine’s arms and was surprised to find herself forced over onto her back. Janine moved between Sarah’s legs and began to apply herself to her dripping pussy.

Sarah yelped with pleasure as she felt the tongue graze her engorged quim and her hips bucked, trying to force Janine to pleasure her. Janine was practiced and took her time, her tongue working slowly, extracting the maximum pleasure from every second. Janine was getting a hell of a lot of pleasure from this, almost as if her every movement was being replicated on her own cunt. The two girls cried out in unison, their pussies convulsing as a single orgasm shook them both.

The urges left them as swiftly as they came and the two girls picked themselves up, slightly nonplussed at what had happened. A long silence ensued as they searched for something to say to each other. Eventually they turned away from each other, and went into their separate rooms, still struggling to come to terms with what had happened.

Sarah stalked into her room, tears brimming in her eyes, scared witless at what was happening. She hadn’t been able to control herself, and that frightened her. There was only one way to solve this and that was to think about it logically. There must be something that she’d done that had triggered this metamorphosis into a sex-crazed nympho. Well she had fucked a Fae. Sherlock, I think we have a suspect.

Furious, she decided to go and find that damn satyr, when she hit on a small snag; she didn’t actually know where he was. She didn’t even know where he lived. Or anything beyond his name. Finding him might be a problem.

Unfortunately, there was a bigger problem right now and it was manifesting in a pressing feeling all over her skin. “Oh shit, not again.” Sarah grabbed some clothes and ran out of the house, not wanting to face Janine again while this was going on.

Once she was out of the house, she realised two problems. The first was that the keys were sitting on the kitchen table and the door had locked shut. Second was that she was getting much hornier and outside wasn’t much more of a palatable alternative to inside.

Bad things come in threes and Sarah wasn’t really surprised when she spotted her ex-boyfriend walking towards her. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. She whimpered as she felt herself being drawn towards him, like a moth to a flame.

Richard had been her boyfriend for about 6 months and she’d been quite proud that she’d managed to pull such a handsome man. However he was well aware of just how handsome he was and used his looks and natural charm to work his way into every available female’s bed, so they’d split up rather acrimoniously a couple of weeks ago. He was possibly the last person her rational mind wanted to see right now, but top of the list of her burgeoning libido.

“Hey Sarah, what’s up?” Richard asked affably. He was aware that Sarah hated him avidly, but he still retained a latent affection for her. Her current disheveled appearance was fairly disturbing as she usually held her appearance in the highest regard and he eyed her with some concern.

Sarah managed only a throaty growl in response. “Err, are you okay?” Richard was very worried now. She lunged at him, her desires overtaking her and the sheer unexpectedness of the motion sent them both tumbling to the ground.

Richard felt a wave of energy overtake him and he ripped her shirt off, unconscious of where they were and who might be watching, his entire being swamped with the knowledge that he had to have her. She responded, tearing at his clothes with an animal ferocity.

Soon they were both naked and, impelled by the strange forces controlling them, began to fuck. Sarah howled with delight as he slid into her, grinding her pelvis against his. He began to thrust in and out and she moaned with pleasure. Sex with Janine was very nice, but she wasn’t a lesbian by inclination and this felt so much better to her. The stings on gravel in her back meant nothing to each other as the friction between them built. Richard’s hand brushed her clit and she convulsed, the pleasure racking her body, the sensations piling up over each other so much that it was almost painful.

John was walking through the campus gardens on the way to his thaumaturgy lecture, when he saw her. Lysandria was a nymph who was in some of the same classes as him. She was also very naked. At the sight of her, he felt a sudden shudder go through him, his body reacting dramatically as all the blood in his body rushed to his dick. He stripped off and moved over to her as she moaned and rushed to him. They met and she wrapped her long legs around his hips, his swollen penis twitching at the warmth of her quim as he thrust quickly and bestially into her.

Ellie was in the shower when she became aware of someone else in the room with her. Startled, she turned round to see her flatmate’s boyfriend Danny standing in the doorway, naked. Her eyes were drawn to his erect cock as he walked over to the shower and entered the cubicle. There was a brief moment of indecision on the grounds of morality, before she gave in and wrapped her arms around him. He clasped her and slid between her legs.

Sarah got up, rather sheepishly and realised that she had pieces of gravel embedded in her back and arse. Curious, they hadn’t mattered to her a minute ago. Then she suddenly became aware of what she’d done. Gravel was the least of her problems.

She looked around in surprise. No one actually seemed to care at the moment, they were just all picking themselves up off the floor and wondering where their inhibitions had gone. She grabbed her clothes, suddenly ashamed and ran, not to any particular place, just away.

Mikhail pushed away the blonde who had thrown herself at him and grinned. His plan was working perfectly; the girl had been perfect. Time to pay her a visit.

Sarah ran wildly, her breath coming gasps as her feet pelted the gravel. Her shoulder-length hair whipped into her eyes as she sprinted, desperately trying to escape the terror that consumed her.

She ran, on impulse, into an empty exam room. Grabbing a table, she dragged it to the entrance, blockading the door so that no one else could come in. She wasn’t fucking anyone else today, no matter what.


She screamed and spun round at the hand on her shoulder. She could have sworn there had been no one in here.

“You…you bastard” she spat, lost for words. The self-satisfied smirk on his face overwhelmed her and she rushed at him, hacking at his eyes with her nails. Mikhail caught her wrists easily and halted her advance without apparent effort.

“Calm yourself. There is no need for anger.” Mikhail didn’t bother to conceal the mirth behind his words, knowing it would rile her further. He was enjoying her performance and saw no reason to dampen it.

Sarah still struggled, vainly trying to free her wrists from his iron grip. Mikhail tired of her efforts and muttered something under his breath, causing her to fly across the room.

It felt like someone had punched her in the stomach, removing every molecule of oxygen from her body. She sank to the floor and fought for air.

Mikhail laughed, highly amused. “I have to say, you are much better than I dared hope for.”

Sarah found her voice. “What have you done to me?”

“After the Celestial Conjunction, the Fae returned to Earth for one reason: to replenish our weakened bloodlines. Male Fae were not plentiful and the varied species were slowly dying out. Many female Fae have mated with human males to produce half-breed children, in an attempt to ensure our survival.”

He flashed another grin at her. “I have of course been doing my bit for the cause by impregnating human females, but I am just one man. That is why I needed you.”

Sarah was about to speak again, but an arcane hand gesture from Mikhail silenced her. God, he looked as though he was really enjoying this; hamming it up like a Bond villain lording it over his captive.

“Every time you have sex, you inspire every other person in this university to have sex also. And every woman who has sex while under your spell will carry a Fae child. What do you think of that?”

There was a brief moment of silence until Mikhail remembered the mute spell. “Oh, right, yeah. You can speak now.”

Repressed words poured from Sarah in a torrent. “That’s hideous and disgusting. You can’t just co-opt every woman on campus for your sick breeding schemes. It would take a twisted mind just to think up something this perverse. More than that…”

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