Faeophobia: Shrinking Violet


As if she was not curvy enough. The unicorn-girl, even as she mated with the awestruck human, began to change. He didn't think her hips could have gotten curvier, yet he could feel her pelvis expanding in his grasp, for greater ease in carrying offspring. Slowly, boobs that were scarely bigger than bowling balls began to ripen, filling out inch-by-burgeoning inch, the glorious, golden-tipped teats were making good progress growing towards the ground, amidst throaty howls of savage lust. It was too much to bear.

In moments, Freshman-Boy was spent, gouts of cum exploding into the moist sanctuary, as he kindled hope for the Fairy races. He collapsed, mind and body reeling from the experience. Cori withdrew her thrusting rod from Violet's ass.

"Oh no you don't. You're not done yet, human!" her eyes narrowed dangerously. "Once is never enough for the Fae..." She grasped the exhausted human boy, and rolled him over, on his face.

"Mmph...y-you...that was AWESOME! But I'm tapped out! S-so what's your name? I'm-NNGYAAAAHAHAA!!" But it was too late, that golden spiral had penetrated his ass as well. Where was it...Cori's horn fumbled around inside the boy's ass, searching for that spot....there! Amidst piteous howls, she found his sensitive prostate gland.

"Wh-wha! my cock!" The unicorn healing magic instantly restored his potency! His member flared to life again with a renewed vigor never known before as she withdrew.

"Y-you like to stick people with that thing huh, well it's your turn now slut!" proclaimed Freshman-Boy, as he tackled the wanton fairy, and delivered a mighty thrust with his own prick. Her cry was somewhere between a giggle, cheer, and laugh. If it was laughter, she was joined in her mirth by Dmitri, reveling in the perfect fit of Violet's pussy around himself.

Freshman-Boy was in a frenzy; never before had his cock been so hard! This little hoofed slut wouldn't be scampering around sticking her horn up people's asses! She was happily pinned down, while his engorged member rutted inside her Fae pussy. He...he could feel her becoming more fertile even as his cock thrust within her; her pussy seemed to be stretching; enlarging. Her hips seemed to widen, and her boobs blossomed upwards with an ever-swelling abundance of titflesh. Not her own struggles, nor the gazes of the stunned crowd gathering outside the room could extricate the over-horny freshman from his bosomy captive; much to her giggling delight.

Both Fae exulted in the sexual frenzy they had forced upon the hapless humans. This was the answer, this was the key to survival for them. Mankind seemed accepting enough today, but attitudes change, and people change. A day might come when people came to despise the Fae, but so long as they continued to give humans orgasms more powerful than anything they had imagined, the Fae knew they would endure. The path to survival was through the cunt.


Cynthia Lamont tried to stop them. As the 'Community Advisor' for this floor of the Dorm; she had been instructed by the Housing Administration not to allow dorm room orgies! She was to watch out for horny frat boys with breast-growth potions; or libido spells. And Cynthia was indeed vigilant in her duty. But how could she have suspected that Violet's own tits contained the potion....*UNNGH* so sweet....

She was stunned when she saw Violet; the otherwise athletic girl seemed to have even larger tits than ever, one of which turned towards her and spurted. The milk was smoother than molten velvet, sweeter than wildflower honey. As it spewed into her gaping mouth, the substance seemed to sink inside of her like a cloud of silken mist. Cynthia fell to her hands and knees, scampering forward, securing the rubbery nipple into her mouth as she savored the divine elixir.

She was supposed to stop them, but she hadn't anticipated the erotic firestorm that enveloped her, as Cynthia felt her own body growing more voluptuous. In moments, her voluminous ass burst through the back of her Umbros, she grunted with passion as she felt her own pelvis widening, and her tits! Never more than B-cups before; but soon the tiny mounds pulsed and stretched in size, throbbing as they increased from the size of orange halves, inch-by-blooming-inch to the mass of grapefruits. She was not alone.

That Fae with the hooves; the Vet major who said she was a shape-shifting unicorn in humanoid form, and the elven Poli-Sci major from room 207, they reclined in languid nudity here upon the floor. The silver-haired elf's hips flared out in seconds; pelvis widening, and every breast in the room quivered, shook, and blossomed in size like ripening flowers of erotic potential. The rest where human girls, all moaning as their minds drowned in hormonal lust. She would have counted them, if Cynthia's mind could focus on anything beyond her own sudden desire to breed.

But she did notice both Violet and the Unicorn's body undergo startling changes. It began below their navels, a small swelling. A tiny bulge that swelled outward, at the same speed as the blossoming of titflesh that was rapidly filling the room with G-cups. Soon, the pair...they were pregnant! Their wombs carried magical offspring, feeding off the magical fertility that had permeated them all.

Soon, rounding domes the size of Cynthia's backpack dominated their bellies, as though they were perhaps 5-months pregnant. But they did not stop there, as the girls clutched their wombs amidst gasps, they ripened further as their gravid bodies grew ever plumper with fertile promise. At the end, perhaps they both seemed to be nine-months ripe with twins. Cynthia could see their bodies shimmy with the kick of healthy young. She knew that their every thought was dominated by a raw, primal breeding instinct, the urge to entice men as they opened their thighs to receive delicious cock. Everything else was secondary to the yearning to conceive and birth legions of offspring; Cynthia knew, because this was her own condition.

They did not have long to wait; the lurid spectacle continued, because every woman who came to investigate became ripened for breeding, and every man that got wind of the orgy was unable to resist the urge to grab one of the blossoming girls, and drag her off for him to impregnate.

The man that grabbed her was a black-guy, a pledge from the Tau-Iota-Tau house, Cynthia wrapped her legs around his waist, plunging her G-cup, stripper tits into his face, like fleshy honey-dew melons that very nearly smothered him as her blond hair flowed across his shoulders.

"Breed me like a bitch in heat!" she demanded.

"N-numm...o-okay." he agreed.

Cori caressed the taut, beach-ball dome of her gravid womb, trying to soothe the healthy, half-human offspring within her; eager to be born. Yet more milk, to nourish her brood, appeared on the nipples of her water melon-sized bazookas.

"Hmmm....so Violet; what's your major?"

"P-pre med, Gynecology emphasis."

"Oh, that's...logical."

The End?

Others may write Faeophobia tales, if they wish.

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