tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaerians: Needing Your Touch

Faerians: Needing Your Touch


(this story was written with the help of my friend Mike who is constantly inspiring my fantasy side)


Oriana stopped just outside the flight deck and reached for Jaxom's mind. {Love, are you busy? Or are you done for the day?}

Jaxom chuckling, {Come to my office, I what to show you a holovid.}

Her interest piqued, Oriana reversed direction and headed for Jaxom's office. She pressed the chime and then walked in without waiting for him to admit her. "Yes?" she asked.

Jaxom leaned forward and reset the holopadd so they could see it from the beginning. The vid started first with the fight on the holodeck and the exchange of words there. Then continued to the flightdeck and what transpired there.

Jaxom smiled at Oriana, "Nice day's work for me, isn't it? Did you have as much fun?"

Oriana had to take a moment before she managed to stop laughing. "Not as productive as you apparently but it went well. Is your shift over? I'd like to have some quality time with my mate if you can squeeze me in?"

"You are always in my appointment book." He began to close down his office and switched off the holopadd. He rose and went to her side.

Oriana slipped her hand into his. {I missed you and almost reached out to touch your mind but managed to restrain myself} She told him as they headed to their quarters.

"We were together solidly for 4 months love, tis natural for us to sometimes forget our jobs and want to be with each other." Jaxom replied as the door to their quarters slid open.

"Yes but I didn't have this problem before the flight. I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin if my mind isn't constantly brushing yours," she admitted unhappily.

"Then brush my mind if it will make you feel better. But be aware that sometimes I might be angry at something, so don't come running to defend me." He said with a chuckle as he gestured for her to enter.

Oriana walked in and then turned and pulled him into her arms, smothering his face with kisses. "Our children are doing alright," she murmured once she came up for air.

Jaxom began to let his hands roam her body, "Braydenyah is messing with his new father though. Not bad but being a little pill."

"Braydenyah? Um yes, violet dragons are known for being mischievous. I told him to be nice to his new family and if he doesn't behave we'll pay him a visit," Oriana said smugly, her skin glowing golden for a moment.

"He's just being playful at the moment is all. Nothing terribly wrong." Jaxom said as his hands found the fasteners and Oriana's uniform fell away revealing her glorious body.

"I know." Oriana helped him out of his clothes, her eager hands running over his body.

He bit her neck as he dug his fingers into her butt cheeks squeezing them.

"Yes, missed your body. Not that your dragon form wasn't attractive but I wanted to feel you," she said softly, digging her nails into his arms and nipping his lip.

He began to speak poetically to her: "Your scent is like an aphrodisiac to my nose. Your body is beautiful like a moonrise over Dragon's Peak. Your..." He went silent as he picked her up and tossed her on the bed then pounced on her.

Oriana was giggling as her hands roamed over his body. She was relearning every curve, every muscle, every inch of him. It had been a long four months.

His hands found part of her body he hadn't felt in months. The time in the shower the other day didn't count, it was only a quickie.

"Yes," she moaned arching to meet his touch. "Sexy," she breathed as she felt her passion rise.

His hand roughly opened her legs and he settled between them.

Oriana growled, "Hurry! I'm ready now!" as she wrapped her legs around him.

He entered her roughly and quickly.

She hissed in pleasure and excitement for he was hitting the right spot and she could feel her orgasm building.

He took her quickly and roughly, driving her into the bed with each stroke.

"JAXOM!" she cried as her body shuddered with the force of her release. She screamed his name again and dug her nails into his back as her body glowed golden and enticed a black glow from his.

Jaxom's eyes went black as his release came and he pinned her to the bed crying her name.

Oriana was floating on a sea of pleasure and she regarded Jaxom through half-lidded eyes.

"Wow," she said, sounding sleepy as she watched the glow from her body creep up her fingers and flow across his body, his own glow rippling in response.

Jaxom felt the warmth of her pass through his body, "Wow is right," he gruffly said as he felt them become more as one.

"Never done that before either," she said with a yawn as the connection between them locked more into place.

Jaxom grinned at her. "I suppose this could have something to do with you wanting to be closer to me at all times." He moved within her to get her attention.

Oriana's eyes widened. "Umm, again?" she purred coming out of her half-sleep.

He grinned down at her as he began to move within her again his pace increasing with each stroke.

Oriana gave a seductive laugh as she started rocking her hips to meet his strokes. He filled her completely and that meant he was hitting her favorite spot every time.

"Harder lover, I won't break lover!" she growled, urging him on.

He began driving her into the bed again. He swelled within her as his release began to slowly build this time.

Oriana was writhing beneath him. She didn't know who would peak first but it would be as great an orgasm as the first one.

{Love you!} She said fiercely.

{Love you, mate} he whispered deeply into her mind.

Oriana shifted enough to try to get him to release because she didn't think she could hold out much longer.

He leered at her as he pounded into her. {When I am ready to release, I will. This time will be infinitely more satisfying.}

{Yes...dear} Oriana said breathlessly as mini-orgasmic shocks rippled through her body, teasing her and pushing her almost to the edge.

Jaxom drove his hips into her as he rotated them in a circle.

"Jaxom!" she gasped. "Please, you're teasing me!" her nails scored his upper back this time as she moaned her passion.

He bit her breast as he pushed deeper into her, his member swelling for the release.

Oriana growled and bit his shoulder hard, almost curling her body and plunging him deeper into her.

He lifted her hips and squeezed her butt cheeks as he pulled her to him as he pushed into her.

"JAXXOOMMMM!" she screamed when her orgasm slammed into her hard enough to bow her back.

{ORIANA! MATE!} He pushed roughly into her mind and into her body as he released deeply inside her.

Oriana welcomed the weight of his collapsed body on her. This was what she had missed most while stuck in dragon form.

"Sexy," she murmured and gently stroked his arms.

"Yes you are very sexy, M'love," his essence still draining from him into her.

Oriana yawned. "No more, I'm too tired my mate."

He grinned as he rolled her on top of him so he could stay inside of her but not crush her when he fell asleep.

Oriana snuggled against his body and pulled the sheets over them with her hand. "Night love."

His only reply was a slight swelling inside her as sleep claimed him.

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