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Faerians: Succubus


Amaree checked herself out in the mirror one last time. She had donned a shimmering forest green gown that was strategically cut in places to reveal her curves and youthful, toned body. It was also showcasing spots that would bleed easily. She was going to play and get the antidote and enjoy every desire filled moment of it. Smiling in anticipation she vanished in a flash from the Cook and headed for Nebaru.

* * *

T'Pax sighed. Her brother was becoming a problem. She only hoped he did what he was supposed to. She was satisfied about her part of the plan. She had the antidote ready to hold Nebaru hostage. Now all she had to do was wait.

But waiting was not in T'Pax's nature. Although she was not the leader of this mission, she was a person to always keep busy. Her mind roiled with activity, plans, and future experiments.

She could not rest, not even to eat. She found herself pacing her lab, her mind tumbling in many directions at once, not focusing on any one idea for long before jumping to another.

"I need a distraction!" she murmured. "I need.... I need..." She reached for a hypospray and dug in her vials until she found the nerve stimulant.

"You need a good pain fuck," Amaree said from the shadows as she watched T'Pax's movements. She was practically purring at the thoughts going through T'Pax's head. My, my but the female was one big dinner plate of desires. Amaree felt positively decadent as she bathed in the flow of desires coming from the unsuspecting woman before her.

T'Pax put down the hypospray unused and turned to the Faerian. "And where will you be when Senek and I move to our next assignment? How will I get what I need?"

Amaree smirked and then emerged from the shadows. "Sorry, Tarencie isn't here to play with you but I am. Tell me, half-breed, would a tumble with the Goddess of Desires quench your thirst for pain?"

"Can you give me what I need?" T'Pax asked. Up to now, Amaree had only watched while Tarencie tortured her. She had grown used to Tarencie and knew what to expect from her. This, one, she did not, and she grew wary.

"Oh yes, I can give you what you need and then some. Besides," Amaree said and suddenly she was no longer in the corner but right in front of T'Pax. "My pain is pleasure." Amaree ran one finger down the side of T'Pax's face and instantly pain lanced through the facial muscles and straight to the pain center of T'Pax's brain.

T'Pax arched her neck and cried out. This was a different pain, one from inside, rather than without. Tarencie had used implements. Could this creature give her pain with merely a touch?

Amaree leaned forward and whispered in T'Pax's ear. "Yes. The pain will hurt then fade to pleasure as the high you crave burns through your body. And as you take your pleasure, I will take mine. All you have to do is say that you desire it to be so."

T'Pax took Amaree's hand and led her from the lab to her living quarters, then through a door to her bedroom. In her weakened state, she didn't think she could remain standing. She sat on the bed and looked up at the Faerian.

"I not only need it, I DESIRE it!" T'Pax pleaded, her body screaming out for more.

"Yes," Amaree hissed and instantly her skin danced brightly with the black aura of her power. "Your desire I shall gladly fulfill, but first, you must have energy or you will die before we get anywhere," Amaree said. She placed a hand below T'Pax's breast and sent a strong dose of healing and rejuvenating energy into the woman. Amaree healed the internal damage and restored everything, including T'Pax's damaged eye.

T'Pax gasped jumped up and gazed at herself in the mirror. She stripped and posed front and back, looking over her shoulder at the new skin. She put her face close to the mirror and ran a finger around her new eye.

Peering at Amaree's reflection, she asked, "Is it real or is it an illusion?"

"Oh it's real. Sexual energy is powerful and so is your desire to be perfect again. I am yours to command," Amaree laughed, her eyes dancing with mischief and the promise of dark wondrous things.

T'Pax turned, full of energy, her need thrumming in her very cells. "It is logical to assume that there is a price to pay for this restoration. I shall pay it!" She declared, opening her arms to the winged creature before her.

Amaree slid into her arms. "Price, no mention was made nor is it something to worry about my precious little seeker. For now, its time for you to scream," Amaree said and placed a kiss against T'Pax's collarbone that sent knifelike feelers of pain through T'Pax's body.

T'Pax found herself held tightly in Amaree's arms and wings so that she couldn't move. She screamed as the pain shot through her body. As the pain subsided, she felt Amaree's skin against hers, and began to shiver with sexual desire.

"More!" T'Pax whispered. "More!"

"But of course, eager one," Amaree growled as her midnight black wings opened wider and pulled T'Pax even closer as Amaree's dress vanished, leaving them both nude. Amaree's mouth descended and latched on to T'Pax's right nipple. She sucked on it for a moment, sending shocks of pleasure to balance out the pain. With her left hand she twisted, pulled and massaged T'Pax's other nipple.

Amaree smiled seductively as she dragged her the nails down T'Pax's firm stomach.

T'Pax was swallowed up in sensations. Amaree was far more adept at playing her pain against her pleasure than Tarencie had been! All thoughts of anything else in her life fled, leaving her only to the creature embracing her. T'Pax whimpered in pleasure, the creature's ministrations igniting her passions even more.

"Yes, love me, feed me," Amaree whispered as her right hand slid lower and tangled in the curls of T'Pax's womanhood. Amaree's nose flared as the scent of sex and desire flowed into it.

She stopped sucking on the right nipple and went for the left, treating it to a delicious round of sucking and licking. Her left hand trailed down T'Pax's side, blazing a trail of fiery pain down T'Pax's side.

T'Pax shivered and moaned in Amaree's embrace. The exotic scent of the Faerian's body filled her head and mingled with the endorphins flowing through her. She dug her nails in Amaree's back, wanting desperately to merge herself with the creature.

"In time, in time," Amaree promised as she arched her back in response to the nails in her back. She took that pain and fed it into T'Pax's mind just as she slipped a finger inside T'Pax's hot, waiting core.

T'Pax's whole insides burned with fire as the pain and pleasure mixed together into an almost unbearable orgasm! She screamed long and loud even as she buried her face between Amaree's breasts. She couldn't tell where her body left off and the creature's began!

Amaree felt them melding, blending and then her black aura whipped out into tentacles that encircled T'Pax's arms and legs and lifted the female up into the air a few a foot away from Amaree's body. Amaree's eyes were solid black. The tentacles burned where they touched T'Pax's body. Then from Amaree's navel, a solid black tentacle seemed to writhe forth and snaked forward until it was even with T'Pax's very wet core.

"Do you want to have the most unique experience of having been loved by the Goddess of Desire in all her glory?" Amaree offered.

"Yes!" T'Pax whimpered in mixed fear and anticipation. The sight of Amaree's transformation both terrified and lured her!

The new tentacle shook and then split in two. Amaree smiled evilly. "Your desire is my command!" The top tentacle slid home inside T'Pax even as the smaller, more slender one squirted a lubricating liquid that coated the tentacle right before it slid home inside T'Pax's butthole.

"Now it's time to take you for a little pleasure pain ride," Amaree cooed as the two tentacles began pumping in and out. The other four tentacles began to transmit a steady dose of pain through their designated pain receptor spots on T'Pax's arms and legs.

T'Pax's mouth opened in a silent scream as her whole body, her muscles, her organs, every nerve writhed in pain! Under all that was the undercurrent of sexual pleasure. Her mind was filled with only the pain, while her body on its own volition responded illogically, hungrily, to the sexual torture. For what seemed like hours, T'Pax felt herself in exquisite agony, even on the edge of death.

Slowly, darkness crept in around her consciousness and she screamed once more before she fell limp in Amaree's embrace.

The tentacles around her arms and legs vanished and the ones filling her holes slowly retracted, merged and then disappeared back inside Amaree's navel. Amaree was grinning happily for her aura was even darker than before. She was well and truly filled. Who knew such a pathetic mortal could contain so much desire. Amaree would enjoy feeding off her until the T'Pax's demise and what glorious sessions they would be.

Easily picking up T'Pax, she carried T'Pax to the bed and laid her down. She reached into T'Pax's mind and overrode the part of her mind that was keeping T'Pax from eating and rewrote the command so that T'Pax would at least eat twice a day. Then she temporarily reworked T'Pax's pain centers so that the slightest pain would give T'Pax a high. Amaree didn't want T'Pax to go to extreme lengths to get her high when Amaree was there for that purpose. So she made it easy for the high by letting little things like a paper cut give her new toy a buzz.

The unconscious T'Pax twitched and trembled while Amaree adjusted her neural pathways. When Amaree was finished, The Ramian beauty's face had a small satisfied smile. She rose into REM sleep and dreamed of a magical creature that gave her everything she needed.

Happy with her work, Amaree went into the other room and picked up the antidote. A medical tricorder appeared in her hand. Smirking she scanned the components and had to marvel at the simplicity of the antidote. She had to admit, T'Pax had many faults but cunning was not one of them.

Amaree put the antidote back down blew a mental kiss of pain/pleasure through T'Pax's mind and then vanished in a flash of black light.

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