tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaerians: Why Shouldn't I Kill You?

Faerians: Why Shouldn't I Kill You?


Dawn sat in her chair, aboard her dragonship the Windstalker, and tapped her fingers angrily against her desk. They were heading towards the Cook to drop Ayalia off but that was not the main reason for her ire. She was mad at Nimin. How dare he knock her out and send her back to a ship like a disobedient child? Well she was about to show him she was no child.

~Nimin in my office now!~ she ordered testily.

Nimin received the order and blinked into Dawn's office in a shower of sparkles he stood tall and proud in front of Dawn's desk looking at a spot on the wall just behind her.

"Care to explain to me what the hell you thought you were doing down on the planet? You could have messed the whole mission up," she growled.

"I was saving the mission from you Milady." Nimin said unemotionally, still staring at the spot on the wall.

"What?" Dawn said, her eyes going silver as her growled question sound inhumanly deep, her eyes on him.

"You had lost control Milady," Nimin said unmoved by the change in Dawn.

Suddenly Dawn vanished from behind her desk, reappeared behind him and in one swift movement swept his feet from under him, sending him falling backwards as she disappeared and reappeared in front of him.

Nimin hit the floor heavily, but recovered quickly to get back to his feet.

Dawn was growling and her skin was glowing blue. It hadn't gone to the silver that indicated kill mode but she was close. "I should kill you for insubordination," she snarled as she circled him.

Nimin once again stood tall, his muscles tensing showing a power he knew Dawn saw. "Understood Milady," He replied firmly and without fear.

Dawn's eyes narrowed to slits and she hissed at him. "Insufferable male," she said before vanishing and reappearing behind him as she launched herself into the air, intent on landing on his back.

Nimin spun and grabbed Dawn as she descended upon him, he took two quick steps and pinned her to the wall with his body, and he gave a deep primal growl as he held her to the wall.

"Weakling," she hissed at him, her body suddenly stilling.

Nimin grabbed her hands tightly pinning them to her sides as his body continued to hold her to the wall.

"You do not own me," Dawn said her eyes full of savagery and something even more primitive, desire.

"No I don't," Nimin replied in a low growl, sniffing at her neck inhaling her scent.

"You are like them," Dawn said suddenly, losing the glow to her eyes and skin as what amounted to a look of sadness passed over her.

Nimin stopped his movements, and looked into Dawn's eyes

"Derimic and Sergei. They were not afraid of me," she said softly, sounding lost and confused as she looked at Nimin.

"You intrigue me, excite me, heighten my desires, you are what I want, I should not have to be afraid of you," Nimin stated.

Dawn looked at him in surprise. "You want me?" she said and her mind slid to Ayalia's. She knew Ayalia had wanted another for their third but Dawn was dominant here and her desires would rule.

"I want you, yes," Nimin replied simply.

Dawn gave him a long look and then looked away. Lately she had been feeling emotions and it scared her. Always before she had been emotionless and now everything was changing.

Nimin softly held her head and turned it to face him. "I want you Dawn Huyman," He said.

"But do we want you?" she said her voice suddenly sounding like a blend of her and Ayalia.

"That is for you two to decide," He answered.

Dawn shook her head sharply and looked at him. "No it is for me to decide. I chose her. I will choose our third," Dawn said firmly as she threaded her hands into his hair and jerked his head towards her as she gave him a searing kiss. In her mind she could hear Ayalia screaming no but she blocked Ayalia from her mind. Ayalia had dallied with another and Dawn had not been upset. Now Dawn needed, wanted a male's touch. She hadn't realized it, until that moment, how much she missed Sergei and Derimic.

"Love me," she whispered when she stopped kissing him, her eyes bleeding to silver in her passion.

Nimin locked his eyes on to Dawn's and whispered his reply. "Always."

Dawn smiled and kissed him again. ~Mine~ she growled as she bit his lip.

Nimin returned her kiss with fiery passion

Growling Dawn dug her nails into his back, careful of his wings.

He pressed his body against hers, pinning her to the wall, growling softly he started to nuzzle at her neck, inhaling her scent.

"Yes, yes," she growled impatiently.

Nimin bit passionately at her ear, as his hands started to explore Dawn's strong body.

Dawn's nails were trailing all along his body as she grazed his neck with her teeth, her passionate evident.

Nimin's hands waved in front of Dawn, removing her clothes, leaving her completely naked.

"Ah you have Roe's skill," she said with a happy growl as she quickly helped him out of his outfit. She loved Faerian clothing designs.

Nimin's eyes flashed with heightened desire, as she removed his clothes.

"Beautiful," she growled as she took one of his nipples in her mouth and started sucking as her hands circled his belly and headed towards his hips.

Nimin's muscles tensed as her fingers ran over his bare skin, showing her the power that he held in his body, as his own hands reached behind Dawn and started running up and down her back.

"I need you Nimin," Dawn purred, feeling curiously alive and very, very feral.

Nimin teased Dawn with what she wanted before eventually sliding his manhood into Dawn, filling her with one swift thrust.

Dawn arched her back and let out a growl that was full of passion and desire. Her nails dug into his arms but she was lost in the sensations.

Nimin thrust hard with strong steady strokes, he lowered his head and playfully bit at Dawn's nipples, holding them between his teeth and lashing his tongue over them

Dawn moaned and arched against his mouth, enjoying the feel of skin on skin and his breath on her nipples.

Nimin swirled his tongue around her nipples, and layered fiery kisses across her breasts. His hands reached down, softly grabbing her inner thigh and lifting her leg slightly to penetrate deeper into her.

Dawn was growling as she shifted herself to accommodate Nimin's weight and angle. She wanted more and she said so by using her hands and her mouth on his body.

Nimin drove deeper, thrusting harder as he kissed Dawn hungrily, his free hand trailed up her body, to her breasts, strongly kneading her breasts, and pinching at her nipples.

Nimin growled as he felt her nails dig into his back, he felt her orgasm hit but still he continued relentlessly, as her release sparked the fires of passion in his loins, stoking the fire that would be released.

Dawn smiled when he continued. She had very good stamina. Her hands dropped behind him to massage his thighs and his buttocks, encouraging him to find pleasure in her.

Nimin growled passionately in her ear, nibbling at her earlobe while he penetrated the depths of Dawns womanhood, filling her with each stroke as his passions ignited, burning hotter and hotter, with one strong stroke he released, like a raging torrent filling Dawn with his essence.

Dawn screamed his name as she came again with him and then lay there gasping in sheer happiness. Never had it been so good. She smiled when she felt his weight settle on her. "Very good," she purred.

Nimin kissed her softly, still resting against her steadying his breath. "So you still want to kill me?" He asked with a soft chuckle.

"No, I want to bond you to us. Give me a few days to get Ayalia ready," Dawn said calmly as she licked his chin.

Nimin licked Dawns nose. "I will be waiting." He replied with a grin like a Cheshire cat.

"Good," Dawn said as she slid off the table. She turned to face him. "We're heading for Starbase where I have a surprise awaiting you. We also have an audience with Ambassador Amitola Moncha," she informed him before teleporting away.

Nimin replaced his clothes and returned to his office.

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