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Faerie Frolics


[dedicated to a superfantabulous faerie queen]

* * * * *

Ever had that feeling you're being watched? That somebody is talking about you?

Well, I felt like I had dozens of pairs of eyes on me - the hairs on the back of my neck prickling up, and my ears were burning. I was lounging out in the garden, in just my boxers trying to develop my tan, and half-dozing in the evening sun, but that feeling shot me upright.

I glanced around, but saw no-one. However, I couldn't shake the feeling. It was if there was a whispering, a chorus of voices, just out of earshot, talking about me.

Shaking my head, I picked up my orange juice from the small patio table beside me, and took a sip, setting it back down and trying to relax again. Eventually, despite that strange nagging feeling, I drifted off to sleep once again.

* * *

The sound of giggling, female voices awoke me, and I went to sit up, but found myself trapped to the lounging chair. I couldn't even raise my head, so I glanced around, trying to determine the source of the voices. I still couldn't see anyone around, but I could see what bound me.

Threads, thin and white like spider silk so numerous they seemed to almost cocooning my chest and thighs, ankles, elbows and wrists. I could feel the strands pulling at locks of my hair, and about my neck and shoulders, pinning me down quite securely. They looked deceptively light, but struggle as I might, I could hardly move a whisper. I found myself thinking of the children's story Gulliver, where the Lilliputians had tied up Gulliver on the sea shore, after his shipwreck.

"He's awake! He's awake!" the giggling chorus rose, and I heard a fluttering sound. Moments later, spiraling up from beneath my lounging chair and landing on my chest, came...


I blinked, once, twice, my eyebrows furrowing in disbelief. I must be dreaming, I thought. Sprites, pixies, whatever you might want to call them - tiny winged and distinctly feminine creatures like out of modern faerie tales. Surely, I must be dreaming?

But as the group of faeries, some dozen - each hardly a foot tall, with graceful willowy figures, which if were transposed to human size would do make many a human model jealous I'm sure, with glittering wings, some like butterflies and others like those of lacewings, and dressed in a multitude of colours, no one faerie wearing the same hue - began to dance around on my chest, forming two rings, the outer going clockwise, the inner in the opposite direction, their tiny feet skipping over my bare skin - I felt certain this was no dream.

It was all too vivid, despite the fantastical scene that I found myself watching. There was a scent like dozens of varieties of flowers intermingling in the air, from the faint glittering dust that seemed to be coming off of their wings I guessed. Everything seemed real, every touch, smell, sight and sound.

Their long, shapely legs - for their size - were completely bare, from tiny toe tips up to the hem of their tiny skirts, which fluttered up in the breeze, revealing that their dresses were all they wore.

"What do you want?" I managed to stammer out, still enraptured by their dancing display. They ignored me, and kept dancing, their lilting high-pitched giggling laughter was quite intoxicating.

"What do you want?" I asked again, a little louder, and one of the faeries in the outmost ring broke away from her companions, who quickly closed the gap as the dance continued, and with a brief flicker of her wings alighted on my upper lip. I couldn't help but follow the curves of her legs all the way up, to get a glance of her tiny naked slit before she leaned forward, the skirt hem of her bright blue dress dropping as she did so, bracing her hands on the bridge of my nose. This however changed my viewpoint to her ample cleavage - I say ample, for if she was human, her breasts would be more than a handful I'm sure - the loose-fitting silk-like material of her dress barely hugging her pale, unblemished skin.

"We want to play!" she laughed, looking me in the right eye with her tiny radiant face, her golden hair wavering in the breeze. "Doesn't human want to play? Too bad! We'll play with human anyway!"

There was a buzz of wings as the dancing faeries scattered off of my chest in a whirling spiral behind the one who remained prominently in view, leaving my field of vision. I could hear them fluttering around still though, then moments later a group of them came back into my sight, carrying between them... a glossy page which looked like it had been torn smoothly out of a men's magazine. The picture I recognized, for I had been looking at it the previous night, using it for, well, masturbatory purposes. The model, a blonde beauty with a quite wonderful figure, was naked, posed sat on a rocking horse, her head thrown back, one hand caressing her left breast, the other stroking across the mound of her pussy lips.

I coughed lightly and looked back at the faerie now stood up straight again on my upper lip, who laughed again. "I saw human playing with itself! Wouldn't it much rather like to play with others?" she said.

She then slipped the barely visible shoulder-straps of her dress off of her shoulder, and it slipped downwards, hanging provocatively on the swell of her breasts before she gave a slight shrug and it dropped fully down into a puddle about her ankles on my lip, revealing her naked body in all its glory. She kicked the garment to one side, and I felt it slide down my right cheek off of my face, then she sat down, perching herself on the tip of my nose.

I saw her take a glance at the magazine photograph still held aloft nearby by a few of her companions, then look back at me and grin widely, before she took on the same pose as the magazine model, my nose taking the place of the rocking horse. Her knees rested against my nostrils, and I could feel her shins across my lower lip, her tiny dainty feet against the corners of my mouth, her toes just about curled over my lips.

I watched in mute fascination as the tiny faerie gave me a close-up animated display of the still photo, caressing her left breast, pinching and pulling at the nipple that peaked it, her other hand dallying with her pussylips. My mouth went dry, and I swallowed heavily, then licked my lips. My tongue brushed against her toes, and I saw her shiver and throw her head back.

"Oh, do it again!" she trilled out. I licked my upper lip again, brushing my tonguetip across her toes and the lower soles of her tiny feet. She threw back her head and began to play with herself quite vigorously. "Again!" she cried out.

I did as she bid, then noted the other faeries who had held the magazine page had disappeared again from sight, but I felt them, or others, landing on my stomach. It felt like they were kneeling down, their hands pulling at the waistband of my boxers.

From their dancing onwards my manhood had been steadily growing, and now, as I felt a couple of the faeries slip beneath the fabric of my boxer shorts, squirming in alongside my now straining erection, wrapping arms and legs around me, stroking my shaft with their tiny limbs. I even felt as if they were planting dainty little kisses upon me there.

I felt my boxers being pulled down by a myriad of places, the elastic band finally being trapped beneath my balls. Between the material and my balls however another pair of faeries had seemed to position themselves, their hands stroking through my pubic hairs over my scrotum.

While I felt this about my hardened rod and balls, however, my attention was still fixed on the display being put on by the faerie sat on my nose. Her fingers were a blur in between her pussy lips, as she delved deeply inside of herself with them. Her shrill little cries of passion were becoming more and more intense, slowly drowning out the low moans and groans of the faeries who were playing with my cock. I was licking at her feet as gently as I could, and it seemed my efforts were being appreciated.

Her wings began to beat, and she lifted up off of my nose, putting both of her hands between her thighs now, rubbing herself furiously. She began to spin about in airborne somersault's.

"I'm cumming!" she cried out, over and over, and a spray of liquid like drops of fine dew began to fly from her spinning body like sparks from a Catherine wheel.

Several of those drops fell across my mouth, and I found her love juices to taste sweet like honeyed nectar. More splashed in a rough line down from my forehead even against my cock. I tore my eyes from the quite wondrous spinning display of the faerie orgasming to my manhood now, and saw another two faeries just alight on my waist, then join the two who were wrapped about my shaft in pulling it up into a vertical position. All the faeries were naked now, it seemed.

Another pair of faeries then landed on my chest, laying down quickly, their hands beginning to stroke and play with my nipples, their tiny tongues lapping across my hardening nippletips.

The four faeries about my shaft had wrapped themselves about me, their tiny naked bodies pressed tightly against my swollen member. They were beating their wings in tempo, lifting their bodies up, then allowing themselves to drop back down again, wanking me off with. The feeling was amazing, and I closed my eyes to relish it, my gasps of pleasure causing the faerie above me to giggle out.

I felt the faeries about my nipples shift their positions, and I opened my eyes again to see what they were doing. My nipples were hard now, and a faerie was sat over each, rubbing their slits against the tips. The other two had crawled towards one another to the center of my chest, where they were beginning to kiss and feel one another, their bodies entwining, writhing together in my chest hair. The faerie above me, who had steadied herself now from her somersaulting multiple-orgasm, dived down to join them.

A lesbian threesome show was being performed upon my chest, faeries now fucking against my hard nippletips, their pussy-lips squeezing about my nipples, their juices flowing down their thighs over my skin, a pair of faeries fondling my balls, and four wanking me off... the sensations were unbelievably intense.

I couldn't handle their ministrations for long, and soon my cock was pumping out jets of my seed. the four faeries about my cock stopped fluttering their wings, and alighted, aiming my spraying cum over the three playing together on my chest. Their was much delighted giggling as those three began to roll about, becoming drenched in the sticky white fluid, like naked female mud-wrestlers. This seemed to set both of the faeries sat astride my nipples into orgasms, their cum juices flowing like rivers down from my nipples over my sides.

No of them stopped to rest, though. They milked me dry with their quite wondrous antics, over the next hour or so, until the sun was resting on the horizon. Their tiny mouths licked my body clean of all the spilt juices, my own and theirs, with seemingly much relish.

"Did human like that game?" laughed one of them.

"Yes" I stammered out. "That... that was an amazing game."

"Good!" they cried out in unison, before jumping upwards, wings fluttering, and then out of sight.

I lay there, trapped to my lounging chair by the tiny strands, panting for breath. I still couldn't escape the fine bonds, and finally, exhausted from the faeries 'game' and my attempts to break free, fell asleep.

* * *

I awoke, the sun now long set it seemed, and found myself free. My boxers were pulled back up, and I wondered whether it had all been a dream after all. I suppose it must have been. An intense, vivid dream.

I got up, and picked up my glass and taking another sip - briefly noting that it seemed sweeter and more full than I remembered it - and headed to go back inside my house.

I stopped on reaching the porch door. Stuck to it, with a spider-like web of tiny white strands, was a glossy men's magazine page.

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