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Faerie Tale


The summer wind was soft and warm, blowing the young faun's hair around her shoulders, where it tickled her bare breasts. Nimue didn't mind the wind. It made her nipples hard, and she didn't have to worry about her furry legs getting cold anyway. She sauntered confidently through the woods that she had grown up in, nearing her favorite bathing pool. The water there was always warm, and the scent of the blooming lavenders was heady and intoxicating. She could feel the blush of anticipation in her cheeks as she drew closer, and caught the sweet scent wafting to her on the breeze. Then, her softly tufted ears picked up something as well...splashing? In her special pool?

Nimue stomped through the underbrush, drawing branches out of the way with her strong arms, ready to unleash fury at the intruder, when she saw the most beautiful vision she had ever seen. A lady, one of the lovely and noble Sidhe, was bathing in her pool, her long golden hair cloaking her like a wet silk gown almost down to her belly. The sparkle of the water on her fair, creamy skin was like rare diamonds, and her lazily half-open eyes gleamed as blue as the sky in the early morn. Every curve of her body was exquisite, her stomach and legs firm and smooth, her breasts perfection, a pair of perky globes that peeked out from under her golden mane like rare fruits. Nimue took the whole sight in at once, and gasped.

At the sound, the Sidhe lady turned, splashing water and nearly losing her footing in the pool. As she righted herself again, she looked up, her cheeks and the tips of her gracefully pointed ears blushing a bright red.

"You scared me! I didn't know anyone lived in this wood." the lady said in a voice as musical as crystal chimes, relief showing as her blush faded. She relaxed upon seeing that Nimue was not armed, or a rogue of some awful circumstance. She sat down, the warm waters enveloping her almost to he shoulders. Her hair floated around her like golden seaweed, drifting gently in the warm currents.

"These woods are home to my people, elfin one. Your kind would be more cozy in your palaces, wouldn't you? My father rules our kin here, and I could bring you before him as an interloper. Possibly as a spy for the Shadow Court?" Nimue asked teasingly, though she felt no Unseleighe taint around this woman.

"No, I'm not Unseleighe, I swear it!" the lady replied, horror plain on her delicate features, even if the accusation was in jest. "You must be able to feel it, can't you?"

"I can't feel you at all from there." Nimue replied slyly, her tongue slipping out over her full, red lips. "I'll have to get closer. Give me your name, elf."

"My friends call me Melly." she said shyly as the faun approached her, hooves splashing in the waters. She reached for the elf, taking her creamy shoulders in her hands and drawing her close enough to sniff her neck and ears. Melly felt an unbidden, but powerful, rush of heat go through her at this girl's forward attitude.

"You don't smell like an Unseleighe. I wonder if you taste like one?" Nimue asked, her tongue slipping out to flick the end of the elf's nose. Melly stumbled backward, sitting down hard on a flat rock in the pool, her legs wide.

"My, you really aren't the shy type, are you?" Melly asked, giggling at her own graceless pose before this wild, natural young lady. The primal heat in her gaze sparked something in Melly, and she didn't even think to wonder if it was a Glamour the faun was working, or genuine attraction. "And what do they call you, then?" she asked, batting her thick lashes coyly.

"I'm called Nimue, Melly. I'm very happy to meet you." she replied, stepping closer and leaning down to bring her face closer to Melly's. Their noses brushed, and then their lips connected in an impassioned kiss. Melly had only been with another lady once before, but Nimue's kiss made her old lover seem bumbling and clumsy by comparison.

Melly wrapped her arms around Nimue quickly, feeling the soft crush of their breasts together, and moaned softly into the faun's mouth. Nimue reached around to squeeze Melly's soft ass, and draw her up off the rock where she sat. They embraced standing, the water warm around their waists, hands wandering over each other's ripe bodies. As Nimue's hand touched the golden down on her mound, Melly gasped loudly, pleasure shooting through her like hot red lightning. She moaned at the touch of wet, slick fingers on her nether lips and clit as Nimue laid her back against the smoothly sloping bank of the pool, kneeling above her with a lusty smile on her face.

Melly craned her neck, straining her tongue to reach Nimue's gently swaying breasts. They tasted like salt and musk, and Melly found the taste very erotic. She latched onto one swelling nipple, suckling like a baby, and Nimue cooed softly, her fingers probing Melly's wet pussy deeper, more fervently. As her fingers slipped into Melly's hot tunnel as deeply as they could go, Melly clutched at Nimue's shoulders, as though she was drowning in passion. One of her hands grabbed Nimue's hip, then squeezed her ass hard, drawing a gasp from the sexy, sensual creature kneeling above her. Her hand guided Nimue to move up further, so that she was straddling Melly's shoulders now, her bushy vulva teasingly close to the elf's delicate face. The only thing that Melly regretted was that the move forced Nimue's fingers to slide out of her pulsing cavern. Nimue dropped her hips close enough for Melly's tongue to barely reach, and then pulled her hips up again, a teasing smile on her face.

Melly, in response, made a mock frown and grabbed Nimue's hips, forcing her pussy down onto her hungry mouth, so that she could feast on her wet womanhood. Nimue threw her head back, cherishing the oral lashing she was getting from an energetic tongue against her swelling clit. Her moans echoed heatedly through the trees, and her hands twisted in Melly's hair, tightening into fists as she approached her climax.

Melly lapped and sucked at Nimue's lush, thick labia and swollen clit, as two of her fingers slid deeply into the faun's sopping tunnel of lust. She pumped them in and out, faster, feeling the tension tightening her feral lover's muscles. Then it exploded, washing over Nimue in a glamourous wave as she arched her back, clutching her own breasts in her hands, screaming and howling her ecstasy to the sapphire sky.

When they had recovered their strength, lying side by side on the bank of the pool, Nimue gently rolled over on top of Melly and kissed her cheek softly.

"I'm sorry for being such a brat, Melly lover. I misjudged you at first. I was ready to be so mad at you for being here. But now, I'm glad I found you." she said, smiling sweetly. "Just promise to come back often?"

"I promise." Melly said, smiling back at the faun and licking the tip of her nose quickly. Their giggles were carried along on a warm, soft wind, and all was peaceful in the Satyr's Wood.

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