tagRomanceFaerie Wings Ch. 03

Faerie Wings Ch. 03


Dawn was shining into the room, pooling on the soft white linens of the bed. Daisy sat on her knees, her long hair gracefully falling around her shoulders as she stared at the sleeping man. Daisy, that is what he kept calling her, and he was Falcon.

It seemed strange to her to be assigned a specific name, but then again, there was very little about this big, new world that did not seem strange. But what confused her most were her own feelings, completely new and a little scary.

When Falcon had first found her, she was determined to sacrifice herself to him, for the good of her people. But she soon found out that the more she lived as a human, the more she wanted to live. That's why she was so frightened when she thought that he and his friend were going to eat her, but all he wanted to do was feed her. And food, she discovered, was delicious.

But nothing compared to the wonderful pleasure she experienced when he touched her, and put his thing inside of her. She knew happiness when a flower bloomed, or a baby animal took its first step, but nothing compared to this.

Daisy grew wary of simply sitting in bed, and got up to curiously walk about the room. Daisy had never used her legs so much before, and was a bit unsteady. The room was small, and Daisy quickly navigated it, her hand on the wall supporting her.

Daisy recognized the bowls and spoons that they had used to eat out of last night, as well as the stove, table, and chairs. The rest of the objects were completely foreign to her, except some herbs in jars, that Daisy simply recognized as plants that had died long ago, and which she found to be a bit morbid.

Going to the entering and exiting portal, Daisy stared at for a moment, wondering how to work it, trying to remember what Falcon's friend had done last night. Putting her hands on protrusion, she fiddled with it for a while before the door suddenly came open.

Dawn had arrived, but it was not yet bright out, and the air still held a light grayness. Stepping out of the door, she felt the dirt on her bare feet, and wiggled her toes. She bent down to feel the beloved dirt, while gazing at the open sky, which she had missed while inside the box.

Standing up, she made her way further away from the cabin. She hadn't had a chance, while hanging over Falcon's shoulder, to view the inside of the fort. She saw countless other boxes like the ones she just left. There was another man only a few yards away, one that she didn't recognize. He was staring at her, so intently that it was making Daisy a little uncomfortable. She didn't know what it was, but it was something in the way he was watching her.

"Daisy," she heard Falcon shout, and turned to see him running toward her. He without so much as a word to the other man, picked her up and carried her back inside, kicking the door closed behind him.

"Daisy, you can't, absolutely can not, go outside naked anymore, you hear me?" Falcon was a little jittery, having woken up with her missing, he had been extremely worried that something had happened to her, and then that she had simply just decided to leave.

Daisy stared at him blankly, blinking. "What am I saying? I know you can't understand me," he said as he drew her into his arms, hugging her shoulders. He smiled into her hair as she nuzzled her face against his neck.

Pulling away, he gently kissed her forehead, then looked down at her standing without a stitch of clothing, and completely unashamed.

"God help me, but I need you again," he said as he felt his dick rising to attention. He picked her up under the arms and threw her slight frame onto the bed. She spread her legs eagerly, apparently knowing what he had planned.

He gazed hungrily at his innocent temptress before he climbed gently on top of her, kissing her neck and the flat plain of her chest. When he reached her breasts, she grabbed his hair in surprise, but didn't try to stop him, simply held on.

He took her erect, pink nipple into his mouth, massaging it with his tongue before gently biting it. This time she jerked on his hair, hard. Before Falcon had time to wonder if she didn't like that, she was pushing his head back into place.

Deciding to tease her for a moment, he laid his head inertly on her chest, unmoving. Daisy tugged at his hair, but he still wouldn't budge.

"Falcon," she whispered desperately, and this got his attention. He looked up at her sweet, little voice saying his name. So she did understand, she knew that was his name. "Oh Daisy, I wish I knew what you were thinking," he said as he gently ran his thumb over he plump lips.

She was looking a little desperate now, begging him silently to finish what he had started. Falcon chuckled a little, thinking that he was going to turn her into a sex fiend, but then she started to look as though she were about to cry.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Falcon said immediately, putting his hand between her legs. She moaned in pleasure now, sticking her chest out to him. He obligingly took her nipple back into his mouth, suckling and biting gently.

Daisy hugged his shoulders as he slid into her wet cunt, stretching the walls of her sex. She stretched her neck, reaching up with her mouth to kiss him. Falcon bent down to her searching mouth, sliding his tongue into it.

He slid his arm behind her delicate shoulders, capturing her completely in his embrace. Her soft breasts were pressed against his chest, and he stroked the back neck with his thumb.

With her orgasm, she made a sound halfway between a whimper and a scream. And then her muscles relaxed. Daisy was surprised when Falcon didn't stop, but instead kept his cock moving in and out of her. She watched his face when she felt the liquid spurt inside of her, and realized that it was bringing him pleasure too. It wasn't just her who felt this incredible need.

Afterward, Falcon cradled Daisy in his arms, stroking her spine gently.

"Time to get up little one, I'm going to have to find you something to wear." Daisy watched as Falcon got out of bed, and she followed him the short distance to the other side of the room.

Falcon looked down at her expectant face. "You'll just have to do with something of mine for now," he said ruefully, taking out a clean shirt and a pair of breaches.

Bending down at her feet, he lifted a leg and guided it into his pants, then doing the same to the other. They were of course too big for her, and wouldn't even stay up around her hips without her holding them there, which she obviously didn't care to do.

Laughing as she stood with his pants around her ankles, he made a notch in his old belt where he thought her waist might fit. Pulling her pants up, he awkwardly held them while he got the belt around her.

"Not so bad now is it?" he asked her, although she was already tugging at the unfamiliar material. "This should be easier," he said picking up his shirt and pulling it over her head. It fell down to her knees, but he simply took the two ends and tied them together.

Even in men's clothes, she still looked all too tempting, her breasts clearly outlined through the thin, white shirt.

"What am I going to do with you, Daisy?" he asked as he picked up the jacket he had given to her yesterday, helping her arms back through the holes.

"Ta da," he said stepping back when he was done. "Well, as lovely as your hair is, we might want to tie it back, out of the way."

Grabbing her and turning her around, he combed his fingers through her hair, which was remarkably untangled, as smooth as if she had just painstakingly brushed it.

Separating it into three chunks, his deft fingers quickly braided it into one long braid that fell straight down her back, and tied it with a string.

"All done, Daisy," he said as he turned her around, patting her on the head. Daisy grabbed her braid into her hands, running her fingers over it to examine his handiwork.

"You like it?" he asked, but of course she didn't respond. "We need to work on your English. Then maybe you can tell me where you're from."

"Come on now," he told her, pushing her gently to the door and going back outside. Daisy followed obediently.

As soon as he stepped outside, Falcon sensed there was something wrong. No one was around camp, and the few men he did see seemed to be in an incredible hurry.

"Jase!" he shouted when he saw his friend hurrying off somewhere with great intent. "What the hell's going on?" he asked as Jason approached him.

"The boat is here!" Jason shouted excitedly, "The one with the supplies and women!" He barely had the words out of his mouth before he was rushing again to his previous destination. Falcon walked briskly along side him, and Daisy followed, taking two steps to Falcon's every one.

"Why the hell didn't anyone tell me?" Falcon demanded angrily. He was captain, and therefore should have been the first one informed of any news, especially something this big.

"Well," Jason hummed out nervously, "We all thought you were busy with your woman," he eyed Daisy who was watching them curiously.

"I'm still captain here!" Falcon shouted, slamming his fist in his palm to emphasize his point.

"Okay, okay, don't have a heart attack." Jason said, slapping his friend on the back, "We all know who's captain."

They had reached the little hill which presented a clear view out to the ocean, and sure enough, a couple miles out were two ships with white sails blown out in the wind.

All the men were gathered around, staring and waiting for the ship to come in. As Jason walked off to talk to another man, Falcon looked around at the settlers. Thank God the boat had arrived, because these men looked like they desperately needed it. The winter had been hard, and the crew had been greatly diminished in size. The survivors were scraggly and worn, and some fresh blood would do everyone good.

He looked over at Daisy, who was trying to see over men's heads at what everyone was looking at. Falcon pulled her in front of him, and pointed to the ships that were ever so slowly approaching.

Daisy, unlike the men, didn't seem too impressed by the sight. After watching for a minute, she got up and started to wonder away. Like she knew exactly where she was going, she walked directly into the woods.

Falcon followed her. He wanted to be there to meet the ships when they came in, but he was unwilling to let this girl of by herself. Even though he knew that she must have lived in the woods before he found her, he was still adverse to the idea of her fending for herself alone out there.

She ran her hands over the rough tree bark as she passed the giant oaks. Her bare feet treaded comfortably over the dirt and sticks and she navigated well through the brush, almost like the branches were spreading for her to pass through. She glanced back at Falcon every once in a while to see if he was still following her, and indeed he was.

He wasn't sure how much farther he would let her go before stopping her and dragging her back to camp, when he suddenly recognized where they were. She had stopped and was starring down at the rock he had first found her on.

He wondered why she had come back here, and if she wanted him to do anything, bus she just seemed content to sit down and run her hands over the moss covered ground.

Falcon knelt down in front of her. He reverently cupped her soft, white cheek in the palm of his hand. Suddenly, she pulled back and picked something up off the ground, staring at it in amazement.

"What is it?" Falcon asked as he gently grabbed her wrist and held her palm up to his view. Resting easily inside her hands was something Falcon had never seen before. It almost looked like a wing, but it was too small to be from a butterfly, and too ornate to be from anything else.

Falcon curiously picked it up out of her palm and held it in his hands. It was soft and thin, yet it had a certain toughness to it too, he didn't feel as though it would break very easily at all.

Daisy plucked the mysterious wing out of his and held it tightly in her fist, pressed to her heart. Falcon was more confused than ever, but he simply let his questions go.

"Let's go," he said as he helped her up and gently corralled her back in the direction which they came.

By the time they had gotten back, there were already rowboats coming into shore. Falcon quickly picked out the man who must have been the captain of the ship, mixed in with the women on the little rowboat and the sailors.

"Welcome sir, I'm Captain Falcon St. James," he held out his hand for the other man to shake.

"Ah, what a pleasure, a fellow captain," the man said regally as he stepped out of the wooden vessel and onto the wet sand. The women were busy being helped out of the boats by the eager men, where they then formed an exclusive little huddle a few feet away.

"I'm Gary Colbert," the captain introduced himself. "I'm sure you heard we were coming."

"Of course, of course," Falcon assured him, "We are all too glad that you've arrived."

"Happy to be here," Gary said jovially.

"And who's this?" Gary asked, noticing Daisy for the first time, "I didn't think there were any woman settlers with the first ship."

"There weren't," Falcon assured him, "She's a native."

"A native! If the rest of them are half as pretty as her, I just might be persuaded to abandon ship and set down fort here as well."

"As far as we've seen, she's the only one."

"Very fortunate for you then," Gary noticed the way Daisy was clinging to Falcon's.

Both Falcon and Gary seemed to remember their duties at the same time, and they both walked briskly over to where the women were huddling and the sailors were unloading supplies.

"Huston, Gortly, Flakerty, White," Falcon addressed the four men who were standing nearest him, "You help these men unload the supplies and show them where to take it."

"Yes, sir," they all agreed. Even though Falcon had technically stopped being the leader as soon as they had reached land and were off his ship, he was still treated as such, and therefore naturally fell into the role.

"Ladies," he addressed the women, "I'm Captain Falcon St. James, and let me speak on behalf of the men in saying that we are all incredibly glad that you are here. You must be tired, so let me take you to the church where you can stay for now."

The woman all nodded there agreement, most looking around wondrously at the sights around them. They were a bedraggled bunch, their clothes dirty and stained from weeks at sea, their hair messy. They still had their sea legs, and they stumbled pressed together as a single unit behind Falcon.

"Here we are," Falcon opened the door for them. The church was the biggest building in the little fort. Even then, however, the women were still a little cramped. They all fit, though, and the tight space didn't bother them for they knew they wouldn't be there long.

They had come over to be wives for the settlers already there. They knew this was their duty, and some of them already had some potential prospects from the men they had already seen. They were not weak women, nor romantic; they were strong and adventurous, with a yearning to be good wives and mothers. They would not have signed up for the journey if they were not.

Daisy didn't seem fazed in the slightest by all the hustle and bustle, Falcon noted. She simply seemed curious, and vaguely pleased at the arrival of fellow women, and when he turned to leave the church, Daisy didn't follow him. She was busy watching the women.

Falcon looked after her for a moment, then decided that she would be fine by herself for a while and left to do his work.

Daisy couldn't get over the new creatures that had just arrived. They all looked like her, and Daisy wondered if they were faeries too. She walked over to one, and reached out a hand to touch the other's hair.

The girl made sounds at her, but Daisy didn't understand what she was saying. The rest of them were looking at her now.

Daisy didn't know what she was expected to do. She quickly glanced around for Falcon, but he was no longer in sight. She pushed past the women and ran out of the big box, looking desperately around for Falcon. He wouldn't just leave, would he?

Daisy saw him standing in the distance. Filled with a great relief, she ran toward him, launching herself into his arms as soon as she met up with him.

He wrapped his arms around her, holding her feet up off the ground. He made some noises she didn't understand.

What a strange thing it was to be human she thought. She didn't feel happy or safe unless she was near Falcon. When he put his arms around her, she never wanted to leave them. Did all humans feel like this?

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