tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFairfax Academy Ch. 03

Fairfax Academy Ch. 03


The dormitory at Fairfax Academy was something out of the eighteen hundreds. Instead of modern college residence halls, where students lived two or three to a room, the Fairfax girls slept in large rooms that spanned the entire length of he building. The four floors of the building each housed one class. Freshmen on the lower floor, and seniors at the top. Each room was lined with beautiful leaded glass windows that went from floor to ceiling, and were flanked by panels of white gauzy curtains, which the headmistress, Dr. Kroft, explained the girls themselves had made in home economics class. In front of each window was an antique metal framed bed. The beds were all neatly made and alternated with cherry wood dressers. A traveling trunk and blanket sat at the foot of each of the beds, and each had two girls' initials emblazoned on the clasps. The beds were also slightly larger than average college issue. At Fairfax the students didn't have room mates, they had bedmates.

At one end of the large room was a wall of small closets that held the students clothes for more special occasions, as well as jackets and coats. And a central hallway led to the bathrooms and shower room. The shower room was a large tiled room with one unusual feature. Two full walls were covered in the same leaded glass windows as the sleeping area. From the sports fields outside, anyone could easily see the girls showering inside their dormitory. In fact, shower heads seemed to be arranged so that the girls would have to stand in front of the windows to shower. All in all, the entire building was designed around the girls showing off their bodies to each other and anyone else who might care to see.

The nighttime routine was simple enough. The girls returned to the dormitory at eleven o'clock the latest for lights out. Those who wished headed for the shower room and peeled off their clothes, taking their time to let the hot water relax them after a busy day. They slipped into the shear baby doll nightgowns the school provided, and hopped into bed with their bedmate. Most of the time, girls would stay up for several hours in a variety of sexual activities before falling asleep. It was not unusual for the teachers to enter the dormitory in the morning to wake the girls up only to find four or five naked girls sleeping in one bed.

Teachers hadn't always been required to supervise the dormitories all night long, but a recent event had set the new monitoring procedure in motion. Dr. Koft had expressed her concern at the last faculty meeting. A young men's college had recently bought land adjacent to the Fairfax campus, and their curriculum was similar. The Duncan Academy boys were accustomed to he same sex filled learning environment as the Fairfax girls. Unfortunately, they were not as fond of their single sex learning environment. In the past few months, Duncan students had snuck into the dormitories at night and were allegedly conducting shameless orgies with Fairfax students. Mrs. Lombard had walked in on a group of five boys and nearly ten Fairfax girls in the sophomore class bedroom one night after hours, engaged in every sexual act imaginable. She had nearly had a heart attack before chasing the boys off of school grounds. There had also been reports of girls sneaking out of the building to meet boys in the sports fields or behind the stables. Condoms and lost clothing had been turning up all over school grounds. It was very bad for the school reputation and had to be stopped. Dr. Kroft would not sit idly by as her students were being taken advantage of by horny schoolboys. They were at Fairfax for one reason, to become to wives of rich and successful men. And she was not about to see them running off with eighteen year olds from Duncan Academy.

Teachers were now assigned to spend three nights a month in the dormitory in order to make sure no one went in or out. At first a teacher just sat at the desk next to the front door, until two girls climbed out of their window on the French teacher's watch and went skinny dipping in the Duncan Academy pool. From then on, the teachers were stationed in the bedrooms themselves. A desk was set up at the end of the room, right next to the hallway leading to the bathroom area. From this post, whoever was on duty could see every bed in the room as well as the shower area if they turned around in their seat and leaned back a bit.

Luke Ryder's first night in the dormitory was on a clear autumn night. A perfect night for students to sneak out and meet boys in the fields surrounding the school. As a new employee, Luke was determined to make sure he did a successful job in keeping the girls in and the boys out. But, he was also looking forward to seeing what went on behind the closed doors of the dormitory at night.

He arrived at ten-thirty to set up his desk for a long night's work. During his first week he had been teaching basic anatomy and physiology to the girls. Boring subject matter, but necessary before he got to more interesting topics. He had brought his planner and textbooks with him, hoping to outline his next week of classes while the girls slept. When he arrived, only a few girls were in the third floor room, where he would be spending the night with nearly thirty students. Two girls were laid out on a bed reading fashion magazines, and a few others were doing homework in a circle on the floor. The rest of the girls were off at their evening activities and wouldn't be arriving for a few more minutes.

Luke yawned as he walked past the student's beds and smiled at the students who looked up to greet him. He saw that two girls sitting Indian style on a bed were studying a textbook from his class, reading the chapter on the anatomy of the male reproductive system. Sitting the way they were he had an unobstructed view between the girls' legs under their short skirts. Luke had stopped trying to hide his admiration of the young student's attributes. He had already learned the students expected it. And that it would not be used against him by the administration as it had in his past place of employment.

"Mr. Ryder?" Asked one of the girls, a nineteen year old transfer student named Jeanette. "Are you our monitor tonight?"

"Yes, Jeanette." Luke replied, pulling his planner and textbooks out of his briefcase and arranging them on the desk. "All night. So if you have any questions about class that you'd like to go over, I'll be here."

"Thanks, Mr. Ryder. I have been having some trouble with this chapter. If I have any questions, I'll be sure to ask."

Luke smiled to himself as he sat down. He was looking forward to hearing the young student's questions on the assigned reading about male reproduction. He wondered what kind of hands on instruction he could get away with under the auspices of remedial tutoring.

The girls began trickling into the dormitory and started getting ready for bed. The girls had no shame when it came to undressing. They simply pealed off their clothes in the middle of the room and pulled the sheer baby doll nightgowns out of their trunks. Luke pretended to be busy at his work while they helped each other into their nightgowns and leisurely walked past him to the sinks to brush their teeth. He looked up as the first few girls walked by and noticed that the nightgowns didn't even cover their naked behinds, and none of the girls wore panties to bed. As a few girls turned to greet him as they passed by he was faced with their hairless pussies from his chair. A few girls giggled when they saw the look of surprise on his face.

Luke heard the showers start running and the laughter of several young women as some of the student's started taking their evening showers. He swiveled around in his chair and saw seven or eight naked girls standing in front of the darkened windows letting the steaming water relax their tired muscles. Luke spotted Emily, one of his most difficult yet alluring students shamelessly run her slim fingers over her shaved pussy, not even pretending to be washing herself. Her eyes were closed and her mouth curled into a small smile as she rubbed the scented bath soap over her skin. Other girls were helping each other bathe, rubbing soap over each other's backs, letting their hands migrate over firm breasts. Girls were pressing soapy bodies together and giggling, letting the water tickle them. Luke sighed and turned around to continue his work. He knew this would only be the beginning of tonight's sexual escapades.

The students finished showering and most had settled into bed. Luke turned the lights off and said goodnight to the group of students before returning to his desk. The only light left on in the large room now was his desk lamp. It let off enough light for him to do his work, as well as to see the beds nearest to his desk.

Luke knew the girls were encouraged to have sexual relationships with each other, and that nighttime was a perfect opportunity for the students to do this. They were sleeping two to a bed, wearing no panties and nearly nonexistent nightclothes. He thought about them slipping their slender fingers between each other's smooth legs at night, peeling off their nightgowns and climbing between each other's thighs. Luke waited to see what was going to happen tonight. And he could hardly stand the suspense.

After a few minutes, Luke decided he'd better get started on his schoolwork while he waited for the fun to begin. He opened his notebook to these weeks' lesson plans. While he worked he periodically looked up at the girls to see if there was anything worthwhile going on to distract him. A few girls were innocently cuddling in bed, and farther down the hall he could see a few incriminating movements under blankets, but overall the sight was disappointing. The elaborate group sex scenes he had heard rumors of seemed not to be taking place tonight. Luke worked for an hour or two without interruption, until he heard soft footsteps coming towards him from the side of his desk. He looked up to see a magnificent sight. It was Emily, the school trouble maker, naked in all her glory. She stopped next to his desk and took a deep breath as if preparing to say something important. "I'm sorry to interrupt you sir." Emily began.

"That's quite alright. Do you need something?" Luke asked, eager to hear the girl's request.

As Luke turned his head he almost gasped. From his seat in the low chair his face was only inches from Emily's sweet young pussy. If he was only a few inches closer he would have turned around with his lips nearly touching hers. Emily had by far the most beautiful pussy in the school. Her neatly shaved lips were nearly always glistening wet and pink, giving her the appearance of having just had sex, or just being on the brink of it. Her hand was moving slowly across her inner thigh absent mindedly as she spoke. "Mr. Ryder? I have a little problem."

"Yes, Emily." Luke said.

His desk lamp illuminated only her body from the waist down in the darkened room, and he couldn't move his gaze from between her slightly parted legs. Her little clit was gently poking out from between her lips. "What do you need help with?"

Emily swung one leg back and forth slightly as she spoke, each time causing her pussy lips to open slightly, revealing the red flesh between them. "Well, you know about my punishment for losing my panties..."

Luke knew it well. Emily had to be a naked sex slave to the entire school for a week as punishment for losing her expensive uniform panties. She had sucked off and fingered nearly every girl in the junior class in the last several days. At first she always had a mischievous smile on her face as she climbed under a school desk or reached under a classmate's skirt. But by today she was exhausted. "Yes, Emily. And I hope you will be more careful with your clothing next time."

"I know, I know. I'm trying, really. But you see, because I've been so busy helping my classmates this week, I haven't had time to do a lot of my homework or even go to some of my classes. And I have a big assignment due tomorrow."

"What kind of assignment?" Luke asked.

"English class." Emily said. "We were supposed to tell a story and have it critiqued by another student or teacher. Then we were supposed to turn it in. I put it off till the last minute, but now everyone is asleep. I don't know what to do! If I don' have this assignment done by first period I don't know what Miss Miles will do. She is already so strict and I haven't been getting good marks in my public speaking assignments this term."

Luke looked up and down Emily's naked body, and then at the room full of sleeping girls. Angela Miles was indeed strict with her students. And he was sure she wouldn't mind if he helped Emily with this project. "Have you finished the story, or did you wait till the last minute to write it as well?"

"Oh no!" Emily said, he eyes widening. "I wrote it! I have been working on it all week. We were supposed to write an erotic story and our partner is supposed to tell us how it made them feel, you know, if it makes them hot, if it makes them want to touch themselves.....or me."

"Hmmm..and she said a teacher could critique this story?"

"Yes Sir. She even did a few in front of the class so we would know what to do." Emily said, defending her request. "And I know you and her are close...I'm sure she'd love to have your opinion."

Luke sat up straighter in his chair. He wondered how many students had heard of he and Angela's close relationship. "I suppose she would." He said.

"So can I, Mr. Ryder? I worked really hard on it. And it's not very long." Emily asked again, leaning in a little closer.

Luke pursed his lips. He constantly had to remind himself that relationships between students and teachers were not allowed, yet all she wanted to do was tell a story. A sexual story yes, but then again, much of what the students and teachers did together was sexual. They felt their wet pussies and breasts during dress code inspection, they shaved their pussies bare in grooming class, they spanked them when they misbehaved, and in some rare classroom circumstances, even engaged in some sexual acts with them. At Fairfax, having sex or doing sexual things didn't constitute a relationship. After thinking it over, Luke leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head. "Alright, Emily. Lets get started then. But be forewarned I am a tough grader, and I will be reporting my exact feelings to Miss Miles."

Emily smiled widely and clapped her hands together. "Oh thank you, Mr. Ryder!" She said.

Emily hopped on top of the hard desk directly in front of Luke and placed her feet on the arms of his chair. Luke held back a grin, in this position, her legs were spread wide apart and her pussy lips opened to reveal her delicate sex. As usual, she was slightly wet and her clit glistened in the moonlight streaming in through the many windows. "Now, my story is a little different from the other girls in class. They usually write stories about other people fucking. But I like to write ones about me fucking." Emily began, looking Luke right in the eyes. "So here goes."

"I want you to think about me and my friends in the shower tomorrow morning. Imagine us helping each other out of our tight little nightgowns, and touching each other's small breasts. My favorite to play with in the morning is Lindsey. She is always horny when she wakes up. Sometimes, I take off her nightgown and the bottom of it is covered in cum, from all the fingering her bedmate has been doing at night. She always stops right before she comes, so her pussy lips are still red and full and hot when we get ready for the shower. I like to touch her pussy lightly when I undress her, listening to her breath fast and move towards me. But I like to wait and wash her first. We go into the shower room filled with naked girls with the water streaming down their breasts and between legs. Mmmm....just thinking about it makes me wet, Mr. Ryder. It makes me want to touch my pussy now. May I touch it?" Emily asked, looking deeper into Luke's eyes. "Please can I touch my wet pussy, Mr. Ryder?"

"You may, Emily." Luke said, trying not to show emotion yet.

Emily closed her eyes and reached slowly between her legs. As her fingers got closer and closer to her pussy lips Luke crossed his legs to hide what I feared was the beginning of a hard-on. She lightly traced the outside of her pussy lips and brought her finger to her lips, licking a drop of her sweet juice off her fingertips. "Mmmm...do you like how a girl's pussy tastes, Mr. Ryder? I love how it tastes. I've had nearly every girl in this school and I know the slight differences in all their pussies. Some are sweeter, some are juicier, but all of them make me want to dive in and lap up their dripping cum."

Luke resisted answering Emily's question and shifted in his seat. She was rubbing her pink little clit now, arching her back as she talked to him in hushed tones. "Do you know what I think about when I play with myself, Mr. Ryder? I think about all the other girls watching me. I sometimes loose my panties on purpose because I love know the whole school will watch me stripped of my clothes in dress code inspection, and that I'll spend the rest of the week naked and ready to fuck. I love feeling the cold air as it hits my wet pussy lips. See how wet they are now, Mr. Ryder?"

Luke looked between Emily's spread thighs and watched the cream literally flow out of her pussy. He's never seen a woman that could get as wet as Emily so fast. Her fingers were dancing over her sweet young clit as she spoke to him in hushed tones. He couldn't take his eyes off her. It was as if they were the only two people in the room. He could hardly hear the autumn wind blowing outside or the creaking of the ancient building. All he could focus on was the naked girl on his desk.

"I know you like to watch me get my sweet pussy eaten out by the other girls in class, Mr. Ryder. I love knowing you are watching when I get my pussy licked, and feeling your cock get hard in your pants. I know you try to hide it but your cock is so big in there, you just can't help it, can you?" Emily asked, locking Luke right in the eyes as he watched her play with her spread pussy. He was getting hungry for that sweet cunt laid out for him on his own desk. He wanted to taste her.

"Mmmm...I can't wait until one of the girls wakes up tonight ready to fuck, and pulls the covers off my bed to demand I service her. I hope she wants to bend me over one of the tables in the middle of the room and mercilessly fingerfuck my pussy hole while the other girls watch and finger their own little clits. That would make me so hot, Mr. Ryder. Wouldn't you like to watch too?"

Luke felt himself breathing heavy now. He couldn't decide whether he should answer Emily's questions or stay quiet. The horny schoolgirl on his desk was now bouncing up and down as she fingered herself. Watching her from behind the desk it would have looked like she was fucking herself on some sort of dildo attached to the surface. Luke could hardly breathe.

"Oh, God, Mr. Ryder!" Emily said, with an exasperated tone in her voice. "I need something inside my pussy. I can't stand talking about this for so long without something inside my pussy!"

Luke didn't know what to say. Her lips were spread for him, her clit erect; her nipples were so hard they looked painful. He wondered what harm it would do if he followed her request. This was after all, an academic assignment, not some back room tryst. And the object of the story was to turn him on.

"Please, Mr. Ryder." Emily pleaded, looking straight into his eyes. "Please touch my pussy! Just slip one finger inside my hole, it would make me feel so good. Just one finger couldn't hurt, right Mr. Ryder?"

Luke swallowed hard. Then, without thinking, her reached out and put two of his fingers inside Emily's dripping snatch. They slid inside her like butter. He felt a sudden wave of release come over his body. Emily pushed against his hand, doing all the work herself. She nearly lifted herself off the desk with her hands and braced one foot on Luke's knee while she impaled herself of his outstretched fingers. "Oh god yes, Mr. Ryder! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it! Don't stop! Oh god yes! I'm going to come! Keep fucking me!"

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