Fairfax Academy Ch. 03


Luke felt his cock growing in his pants, he knew he couldn't hide his erection any longer and he didn't care. Emily threw her head back and moaned aloud. Girls in beds all over the room were beginning to stir and look in the direction of Luke's desk. He stopped caring that the student's could hear what was going on, or that they could see the naked student begging him to fingerfuck her. He reached down and unzipped his pants, feeling his hard cock spring to life and feel the cool night air. Emily wasn't watching, her eyes were closed and she continued to moan shamelessly as she came against his swiftly moving fingers. Luke was mesmerized, his eyes fixed on his student's spread thighs and the stream of sweet juices between them. For the first time he was going to do what he had been wishing for since he came to this place. All he could think about was Emily's pulsating cunt and how much he wanted to push her down on the desk and show her how a good hard fucking felt. But just as Emily's climax reached it's peak, Luke heard something else. Another voice breathing heavily somewhere in the room, a voice that was most definitely male.

As Emily's moans died down Luke was sure he was hearing a male voice. Grunting and whispering. He turned his head to side and thought he located the out of place sounds. They seemed to be coming from the direction of the shower rooms. From his desk, Luke would be able to see the shower area just by swerving in his chair, but he had been so distracted by Emily's performance that he hadn't noticed. There was a man in the dormitory. Just who he had been charged to keep out and away from the girls. He felt his erection die down as the realization hit him that he had been played. There were men in the building. Men who were surely there to fuck the girls he had been charged with supervising. He could lose his job for this if he didn't handle it right.

Without looking back at Emily, Luke turned and quickly walked in the direction of the noise, the shower room. What he saw confirmed his worst fears.

Lindsey was lying naked on the floor of the shower room, the softly trickling water making her taut body look like it was shimmering in the dim light. The grunting boy was on top of her, mercilessly pumping her pussy full of his hot cum. The way he was fucking her, Luke could tell he hadn't fucked a girl in some time. The look on his face was one of raw determination. Lindsey, on the other hand, was smiling contently, softly whispering encouraging words in the ear of the boy on top of her. Luke noticed a pile of clothes on the windowsill of the changing area next to the shower. The blazer was adorned with the green and gold insignia of Duncan Academy. Luke suddenly had the uneasy feeling that Emily had been playing him. Sent to distract him from the shower area while her schoolmates invited the boys in for some kind of secret midnight orgy.

And an orgy it was. There was a tall blonde girl pressed against the wall next to where Luke was standing. A muscular twenty year old Duncan Academy student held her slim thighs in his strong arms while he drove his cock into her dripping pussy. With each thrust, her wet body slid up and down the shower room wall, her mouth in the shape of a silent "o". Luke could tell she was trying her best not to scream as she took the full length of the young man's cock. In the back of the room two Duncan students lay on their backs on the floor, while a Fairfax girl bounced on each of their hard cocks. There was another girl kneeling over their faces while they eagerly lapped at their wet shaved pussies. A fifth Duncan student was standing in the middle of the room with his eight inch penis in his hands, watching three naked Fairfax students who were washing each other's bodies under the shower head, paying such close attention to each other's pussies and breasts, that it looked like one of them was about to erupt in a mind-bending orgasm. Luke was torn between the anger he felt for falling for Emily's distracting tactics, and the magnificent site he saw before him.

"Fuck my pussy, Will! Oh more! More! I want you to fuck my pussy till I can't walk! I want your hot cum dripping down my legs!" The blonde girl against the wall yelled.

"You won't be walking, all right." Luke said, sternly.

At the sound of his voice, the action in the shower room seemed to come to a halt. The students all stopped what they were doing and turned to see who this man was. The girls all gasped when they saw it was their teacher who had caught them. They knew they were in over their heads. The Duncan boys scrambled to their feet trying to find their uniforms and cover their hard cocks from view.

"Stop right there gentlemen!" Luke ordered.

The boys stopped in their tracks.

"You won't be going anywhere just yet" Luke told them, motioning for them to line up against the far wall of the room. Will tried to get in a few more thrusts before withdrawing from the horny schoolgirl he had pinned against the wall, but eventually joined his classmates.

The girls on the floor looked at Luke like deer in headlights and stood to face him with their gaze aimed towards the ground. He recognized them as some of the more well-behaved students. Always impeccably dressed, always with their assignments turned in complete and on time. This was probably their first infraction at school.

Luke knew he had to handle the situation calmly and with authority. He turned to Emily, who was still sitting on his desk with her legs spread wide. She was glistening with sweat and breathing heavily. "Emily, come here." Luke ordered.

The student did as she was told. Standing in front of him, she lowered her head and clasped her hands in front of her still wet pussy. "I'm sorry sir..." She began.

"That is enough!" Luke said sharply, trying to reestablish his position to the girl who had taken him in. "You are already on probation for losing your panties and now you have deliberately taken part in a plot to sneak schoolboys into the dormitory to engage in sexual acts with students. This will not go unpunished and will not be overlooked by the headmistress, I can assure you."

Emily bit her lip, which was beginning to quiver. She put on a tough front, but Luke knew inside she was really deathly afraid of the attention she craved. And she knew what was coming. Dr. Kroft, the headmistress at Fairfax, was a strong believer in corporal punishment. Luke grabbed her arm and lead her roughly out of the shower area and into the main hall of the dormitory. But this time, the commotion had woken up the other girls, who were now slowly rising from bed and rubbing their eyes, asking one another what was going on. Seeing Luke's angry face as he pushed Emily into the front of the room told them this was serious.

"Ladies, rise and shine!" Luke shouted at the sleepy students.

The naked shower room participants began filing in after Luke, and the nightgown-glad girls began to giggle and gasp at the sight of the naked boys. Luke was going to make this a night none of them would soon forget. "Ladies," He began again. "It seems as though several of your classmates have decided to have a little late night fun with our friends from Duncan Academy in our very own shower room. Since they are obviously not ashamed of their behavior, I thought they might enjoy sharing their punishment with all of you. Each girl and boy that participated in these activities will receive ten spanks, right here, right now. And since not all of you were invited to participate in these evenings' activities, you will all get a chance to participate in this punishment."

Luke looked at the faces of the Duncan Academy boys as he spoke. As he described what was to come, he could see them exchange looks that combined both fear and excitement. Then Luke looked at Emily. He was going to saver the next few moments. "Emily, please assume the position over the desk."

Emily took a few tentative steps forward and quickly bent over the desk and exposed her tight round ass to the hall full of girls. The cum from the evening's previous activities was still wet and dribbling down her left thigh. Luke pushed on the small of her back until her ass was as high in the air as she could manage, and she was nearly on her tiptoes to hold herself up. In this position the entire room could take in the lovely sight of her spread pussy and ass. Luke looked at the Duncan Academy boys standing in a line to his right, trying their best to hide their semi-hard dicks from the room full of gawking girls. "Gentleman, you certainly weren't shy when you were fucking my students in the shower room. Hands at your sides please." Luke commanded.

The boys reluctantly acquiesced and exposed their growing cocks to the room. The girls snickered to each other, commenting on the generous size of the members before them. "Now," Luke began, addressing the group. "Each girl and boy involved in this escapade will receive ten spanks from me or another selected student. They will also have an appointment with Dr. Kroft at eight o'clock sharp tomorrow morning for further disciplinary measures. Is that clear?"

The naked students silently nodded their heads. Luke thought he saw a few of them smile. With that, he raised his hand and brought it down hard on Emily's firm ass cheeks. She jumped and let out a tiny yelp as he made contact with her soft skin. He brought his hand down again and could have sworn he felt the girl try and wiggle her ass up higher to meet his hand as it came down. She was enjoying this."

After five spanks, Luke pointed to one of the girls in the front row of onlookers. "Susanna, right?" He asked the small blonde girl in her baby doll nightgown.

Susanna nodded, blushing slightly. Luke beckoned her to come forward. "Please finish Emily off while I attend to the rest of the perpetrators." He ordered.

Susanna smiled and walked slowly towards her immodestly displayed classmate. Without another word, she brought her hand down hard on Emily's reddened ass. Emily let out a small moan and arched her back upwards. Susanna rubbed the warmed spot on Emily's behind before applying the next smack, then repeated her caress. With each spank Emily seemed to become more and more aroused.

Meanwhile, Luke grabbed the arms of two more girls from the orgy and lead them to a bed near the front of the room. He swiftly bent their wet naked bodies over the footboard of the bed and told them to keep their asses raised in the air. Clearly frightened and curious, the girls obeyed. Luke then motioned to the schoolgirls nearest him that they would be administering the punishment to these hot and bothered young women. The students eagerly stepped forward and began applying the harsh but extremely sexual punishment. They too paused between strokes to slip their fingers between their victim's thighs and sample what had been the result of the evening's events. Soon Luke had assigned all the culprits to students who would be doling out punishment for the night. And the room suddenly became filled with the sounds of spanking, moaning, and arousal.

Luke could tell the Duncan boys were not quite as comfortable with the situation. Bent over the backs of beds, their cocks hanging awkwardly between splayed legs, they were suddenly at the mercy of the schoolgirls they had been lusting after for months. They were surprised at how much the swift blows stung their soft flesh, and they were very aware that their asses had become the center of the room's attention. Luke watched as the students finished their assigned number of spanks, and the guilty students slowly rose from their positions and rubbed their reddened behinds. Soon only one boy was still receiving spanks. Luke followed the remaining girls in the room to the bed he was currently bent over, being whacked on the ass by two full breasted brunette 19 year old's. It was Will, the boy who had been fucking the blonde against the wall of the showers. He had a scowl on his face as he submitted to this humiliating punishment. With every spank, he grinded his teeth and clenched his fingers around the blankets of the bed he was bent over. This had been his plan, to sneak over to Fairfax. He had been at Duncan Academy for only a few months, and watched the girls shower through his own dormitory window every night, pumping away at his cock, planning how to win himself a piece of ass from Fairfax. He had fucked several of the girls in the fields between the schools at night, but this evening was supposed to have been the icing on the cake. He couldn't even imagine what his classmates would say the next day when they found out what had happened.

Luke waited until Will received his final blow and stood looking over his with his arms crossed. Will slowly rose and rubbed his reddened ass cheeks. As he turned around to face the room, a few girls gasped, his cock had become rock hard from the spanking. Despite his facial expressions, he had liked it! Will looked down and smiled. Although it was humiliating to be caught and punished, at least now he had the attention of thirty nearly naked schoolgirls. While Will wasn't sent to Duncan Academy for his brains, he was extremely proud of his eight inch cock.

"Will, I believe your name is?" Luke said, accusingly.

Will nodded at the teacher.

"I presume you are the mastermind behind this ingenious idea."

Will nodded again.

"Please stand in front of my desk, facing the audience. I am not done with you yet."

Will did as he was told while Luke paced in front of him. He had to come up with something good. Something he could show Dr. Kroft the next day to make up for his lapse in supervision. Then he came across something a student had dropped on the floor. It was Jeanette's biology book, opened to the chapter on male reproduction. There were question marks and sentences underlined all over it. Then Luke looked up and saw Jeanette. She was a shy girl, but very eager to learn. She had been sent to Fairfax from another, more traditional college for wealthy young women after being caught in several compromising positions with professors. It had turned out she was only receiving passing marks in nearly all her subjects because of certain sexual favors she was performing on the side. It was one of these professors who had recommended she come to Fairfax. Surprisingly, Jeanette's trysts with faculty had always involved oral sex only. Crouching under desks in teacher's offices was much easier to hide than fucking on top of boardroom tables and on oriental rugs, as Luke knew all too well. And it was just as effective in scoring her good marks. Jeanette's only experience with full blown sex was in awkward moments with fumbling college boys, which is why she seemed to be having such trouble with the chapters on male sexual performance. Compared to her classmates, she had surprisingly little experience.

"Jeanette, are you still having trouble with your assignment on the male reproductive system?" Luke asked the young woman.

Jeanette's eyes opened wide. "Yes, sir. I just can't seem to picture how everything works without......seeing it for real I guess."

Jeanette looked around at the other girls, as if for approval. She was a bit self conscious about her lack of sexual prowess compared to her classmates.

"Well, tonight we are going to put a stop to that." Luke said, addressing the group. "I think that all of you who have been having some trouble with this week's assignment will benefit from tonight. Will here is going to help us all get a better understanding of male sexual arousal and performance."

Will's eyes opened wide as he wondered what Luke meant.

Luke continued. "Jeanette, please hop on the desk."

Jeanette looked surprised, but excited as she did as Luke instructed. Her body was taut and bare, as were all the girls, but there was something exceptionally fresh and inviting about her. She left her textbook on the floor and sat atop the desk facing the other students, and next to Will.

"Now all of you can see Will's penis has become very hard and erect from all the fucking he's been doing tonight, as well as being humiliated and exposed in front of a hall full of attractive young women. Susanna, will you please come here and stroke Will's penis for us?"

Susanna smiled and quickly moved closer to Will. She gently ran her fingers along the underside of Will's cock, then wrapped her other hand around his shaft and started to move it up and down ever so lightly. Will drew in a deep breath and his cock rose even higher. "Oh god, it's still getting bigger!" Susanna cried out with excitement.

"Yes, it is." Luke said. "It seems Will here has a very large penis. You will not often find men who are as well endowed. But for tonight you have a treat. Now feel his balls, Susanna."

Susanna kept one hand on Will's cock and cupped his balls with the other.

"As you can see, Will's penis is still becoming more rigid from Susanna's manipulations. Stroking a young man's balls is also very arousing to him. Will, tell us how you feel right now?"

Will's jaw dropped as he looked at Luke. "Um, good, sir."

Luke spoke sharply. "Tell the young ladies, Will. Tell these girls you were so eager to screw tonight how you feel while this hot blonde strokes your manhood."

Will looked forward at the students, who were now moving in in a tight circle around the desk. "I feel horny." Will told them. "I want to bury my cock to the hilt in some hot wet pussy. I want to fuck as many of you chicks as I can tonight."

"Good!" Luke said. "Now, Emily, I want you to get Jeanette ready to fuck. Finger her clit, kiss her, play with her tits. I want her to be good and ready for Will's attention. We want her to get the full appreciation of what this boy can do."

Emily grinned and quickly moved in front of Jeanette on the desk. She put her arms around the girl and gave her a long, passionate kiss. Emily pushed her naked body against Jeanette's, letting their breasts touch and their arms intertwine. Jeanette seemed overwhelmed but pleased with the attention, and returned Emily's advanced graciously. Soon the two were grabbing each other's breasts and Emily was easing Jeanette's legs open with her own. Meanwhile, Will looked like he was about to explode from the attention his cock was getting from Susanna. His eyes were nearly rolling back in his head, trying to keep control of himself. Susanna was doing her best to keep him aroused while preventing him from becoming completely satisfied. She was running her fingertips over his shaft every few seconds, just barely touching his skin. Making him beg for more and never giving it to him. The smile on her face showed how much she was enjoying this.

"Good work girls." Luke said, keeping his sharp tone as he spoke. "Now Susanna, take will over to the Desk, in front of Jeanette. Show her how to touch Will's cock to keep him hard, but not so aroused that he'll shoot his load too early. I want her to enjoy this for as long as possible. Emily, stand behind Jeanette and play with her breasts while she plays with Will's cock."

The student's rushed to their positions as Luke spoke.

"God, you are killing me, man. Just let me fuck her, I can't stand this!" Will pleaded.

Luke ignored the boy's comments. "Lindsey, please give Will five spanks for his insolent tone. I will decide if and when he gets to have sex with my students.

Lindsey, the girl Will had been fucking against the shower room wall, stepped forward and eagerly administered the blows to Will's already sore ass cheeks. He gave a yell at the first spank, but bit his lip for the rest, trying not to show his frustration. He couldn't decided if this evening was making him sore, embarrassed, or more turned on than he'd been in his life. Lindsey was enjoying her assignment, and finished administering Will's punishment at her own pace, pausing to rub his reddened ass after she had finished.

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