tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFairfax Academy Ch. 05

Fairfax Academy Ch. 05


Luke was rushing around his empty classroom arranging desks and supplies. The bell would ring in a few minutes and he would begin teaching his first physiology class at Fairfax. He had been teaching for years, in many different schools, but he had never been more excited or nervous about meeting his new class then he was today. He had been working on his lesson plan for the past few days. The substitute who had been teaching before his arrival had left outlines of her classes for him to review. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lombard was a physical education teacher and had not been the best person to be instructing a science class. Luke was afraid he would have to start from scratch with the girls.

In keeping with Fairfax's sex filled curriculum, Luke had tailored his teaching content to the school's need. The girls in this class were 18 and 19 years old, but he knew their sexual education was already extensive. Since this was his first class he had planned on introducing himself and going over the class syllabus. He finished arranging the last desk just as the bell rang.

Luke took his place at the front of the room as the girls filed in. "Have a seat, Ladies" He said, motioning to the desks.

The girls put down their books and began to get into their seats. It was the end of the day and they were getting a bit restless. A few of the girls were missing an article of clothing or two from the dress code check earlier that day. And Emily Worthington was completely naked, as punishment for losing her panties yet again. Since she was required to be both naked, and a virtual sex slave to the other students for the rest of the week due to her transgression, Luke didn't quite know what to expect from her as a pupil in his class.

"Good afternoon, girls." Luke began, once the girls had settled in. "I am Mr. Ryder, and I am very excited to be your new teacher. I'd like to start by telling you a little about myself, for those of you I haven't met. I am originally from Los Angeles, where I have taught in various private schools for young men and women. I've had a wonderful welcome here at Fairfax so far, and I look forward to a productive year with all of you."

Luke heard a few snickers as he mentioned his 'wonderful welcome', remembering his rather loud activities with the English teacher earlier that week. "I know Mrs. Lombard has been teaching you in place of your last instructor, so I hope you will forgive me if my teaching style is a bit different. Since it is our first day together I'd like to start with a little introduction so we can all get to know each other a little better. How does that sound?"

The girls looked at him, and each other. They nodded and he continued with his explanation of the class.

"Our first unit will be on human sexual response. I know Mrs. Lombard went over this briefly with you, but I would like to get into a bit more detail. As you all are aware, sex is different for each person. And it is different every time and for ever partner you are with. No textbook, or lecture could ever give you the full description of human sexual responses. Instead of making you read text books and fill out worksheets, I would like to have a discussion about your own sexual experiences. I think this would give you all a better picture of how diverse and exciting sexual responses can be."

Luke saw a few smiles from the class when he mentioned a class discussion. He could tell he had the class's full attention and was quite pleased with himself.

"Now, I would like each of you to think about a sexual encounter you've had. It would be your first time, your favorite time, your most unusual time, or just one that stands out in your mind. Think about a time you'd like to share with your classmates so they can understand what sex feels like to you."

Luke was walking slowly between the rows of students now. Some girls had their eyes closed, thinking about what he described. A few were shifting in their seats, looking slightly embarrassed. Luke passed a blonde girl with bight green eyes who looked like she was trying to hold in laughter. He stopped walking and stood next to her desk. Softly brushing her hair from her shoulder, he asked if she had a memory in mind. She nodded.

"Would you like to go first, Anna?" He asked.

"Yes, Sir." Anna said, smiling at Luke.

"Please stand in front of the class. And take your time." Luke told the student.

Anna slid out of her chair and sauntered up to the front of the class. Her skirt swayed with each step, revealing a hint of her smooth white panties. Luke moved to the back of the class and sat on top of an empty desk. Anna turned to face the class and leaned back oh Luke's mahogany teacher's desk. "I was just thinking about a night I had my first term at Fairfax. It was late at night and everyone had gone to bed in the dormitory. The oldest girls had snuck out of the dorm that night to meet boys from Duncan Academy out by the lake, and my friends and I had covered for them, telling Mrs. Lombard they weren't feeling well and had gone to the infirmary. But the older girls had been making us cover for them every day that week, and we decided to teach them a lesson. We had stolen some chocolate syrup from the dining hall and squirted it inside he girls sheets. So that when they snuck back in to bed, they would be covered in it!" Anna said with a big grin on her face.

The girls in the class laughed. "That's not sexual though! This is supposed to be a sex story." A girl in the back shouted out.

Anna hopped on top of the desk and leaned forward. "Don't worry Jeanette, I'm getting to that." Anna said.

"So, Amy and Meg climbed through the bay window at about four in the morning. They were hardly wearing any clothes as it was, so it didn't' take them long to get changed into their nighties and hop under the sheets. They shared a bed, so they both climbed in and tried to get comfortable. But as Amy rolled around, she felt the syrup!

'Amy, I know you get super wet when we play with the boys, but you got cum all over the sheets! It's all over my legs!' Meg whispered. Amy rolled onto her stomach and leaned on her elbows to talk to Meg, but as she did, her pussy rolled right on top of a big puddle of syrup!

'Oh my goodness' Amy said. 'I had no idea I was so wet. My pussy feels like it's dripping all over the bed! I must have made such a mess!'

At his point I was getting a little excited myself. They really thought the chocolate syrup was cum! I couldn't believe it!

Meg reached down and started fingering Amy, spreading the syrup across her pussy lips, which were now starting to become wet on their own. Amy was starting to moan and pulled the covers down so she could spread her legs easier for Meg. It was very dark, so the girls still didn't realize it was chocolate syrup they were spreading all over each other. My bed was next to theirs, and I was watching them from behind my pillow. I reached under my nightgown and started playing with my own wet little pussy as I watched them. Other girls in the room had been woken up my Amy's moans and there was movement under blankets all over the room. Finally Meg told Amy she wanted to sixty-nine. I was straining my eyes to see them as they got into position. Amy crawled on top of Meg's lovely body and straddled her head with her knees. Meg grabbed onto Amy's ass and pulled her pussy down to her lips. And then they stopped moving. They were totally still for a moment and then I saw Amy reach over to the bedside lamp and pull the cord. The dim night lamp went on and the girls saw that it was chocolate syrup all over their naked bodies! Meg had tasted the syrup when she tasted Amy's pussy and I had been caught! The first thin I thought to do was pull the blankets over my head. But a second later, Meg and Amy were on either side of my bed and yanked the covers down, exposing my nightgown pulled high and my fingers inside my pussy. 'Thought you could play a trick on us and get away with it, Anna?' Amy said, smiling. 'Looks like you have some cleaning up to do!'

They each grabbed an arm and I felt myself being dragged out of bed and of the dormitory. 'Where are we going?' I asked Meg. I knew they wouldn't hurt me, but I was afraid they were thinking up some humiliating form of payback. They dragged me into the shower room and threw me down on the floor. The two naked girls stood in front of me and looked down. 'You wanted to get us all dirty, so now you have to clean up the mess you made.' Meg said.

'Ok, I'll jus turn on the showers.' I said, about to stand up.

'No, Anna.' Amy said her smile widening. 'With your tongue.'

I looked right in front of me and there was Amy's shaved chocolate covered pussy. Her lips and thighs were covered in pussy juices and chocolate syrup. She was like a sex sundae. It was the first time I had ever licked a girl's pussy before. And under such circumstances. Meg grabbed me by he hair and pushed me an inch away from Amy's pussy. I reached up and grabbed onto her hips with my hands, leaning in slowly and slipping my tongue inside the bottom of her dripping slit. I slowly ran it up her pussy and touched her hard pink clit. Amy moaned the way she did when Meg had touched her, and I was feeling more confident. I gave her pussy a deep kiss and started lapping away. I sucked her clit up between my lips and flicked it with my tongue. It was so intense, she was pushing the back of my head against her snatch so hard I could hardly breathe. Then I felt hands on my tits and knew Meg was kneeling behind me, grinding her chocolate covered pussy against my ass. Before long, the three of us were on the shower floor licking every inch of each other's bodies."

As Anna finished her story, Luke could hear only the heavy breathing that had taken over the room. The girls had obviously enjoyed her tale of late night debauchery.

"Very good!" Luke called out from the back of the room.

"Thank you, Sir!" Anna said smiling, as she returned to her seat.

"Now class, who found that story to be sexually arousing?"

Every girl except one raised her hand.

"Anna, why don't you share with the class what made this experience special for you? Was it the chocolate? Watching Meg and Amy having sex with each other? Or maybe getting caught in your prank?" Luke asked.

Anna looked thoughtful for a moment. "I think it was watching them eat each other out. I get so turned on by listening to girls lap each other's pussy juice up and watching them squirm in bed. That was the best part."

"So we have at least one voyeur in the class!" Luke exclaimed, causing several girls to giggle.

"Now what did the rest of your find arousing about the story? It had a little of everything in it. I'd like to hear what turned you on the most. Lindsey, how about you?"

The blonde girl in the front row looked around at her classmates before responding, as if looking for approval. "I um- I liked the words Anna used. No matter what the story, the way she described Meg and Amy's pussies made me so wet."

"That is a very good observation, Lindsey! The words we use to describe sexual encounters can be very arousing. Who else? Jeanette?"

Jeanette had been squirming in her seat for the entire story. She blushed when Luke called her name, remembering the performance she had recently given him in the girl's dormitory herself. "I liked when the girls dragged Anna into the showers and made her go down on them. I think I like the dominance and submission aspect of the story. It made me imagine what that would be like to have my face pushed into an older girl's wet pussy and being told what to do. It sounds so sexy."

Luke smiled; his lesson was really bringing out the student's secret desires. This is just what he had been hoping for. Surveying the room, he could se many disheveled skirts from where the girls had been discretely stroking their pussies during the story. Then he noticed the one girl who had not felt a tingling in her loins during Anna's lurid tale. "Betsy, you didn't raise your hand earlier. Did Anna's story leave you unaffected?"

Betsy took a deep breath before responding. "Well Sir, it's not that I didn't think it was sexy, I just don't get that turned on by stories. I really need something visual to get me wet. If I had been watching what was happening I know I'd be jumping in on the action."

"An excellent point, Betsy. Some of us are more visually stimulated than by sounds or words."

There were a few nods from other girls in the class after Betsy's statement. Just then, Luke had an idea.

"Now, Betsy brings up a good point. Some people are more stimulated by watching a sexual situation, not just hearing about it. Now we've just heard a very sexy story, how about a very sexy visual performance now? Then we can discuss how the two forms of stimulation make you feel. Since Anna's story was an actual observation of students, let's try and recreate another interaction between Fairfax girls. I want two volunteers who can recreate a sexual experience that has actually happened to them at school. Then we can have a class discussion about how that performance compares with a story alone."

The girls immediately began talking amongst themselves, Luke heard a lot of "Remember that time when we-" and "No, we can't do that in front of the whole class!". After a few minutes of conversation, Luke noticed Jeanette and Lindsey's hands were up.

"Girls, do you have an idea for us? Something that happened to you?"

"Yes sir," Lindsey replied. "Something that happened right after school began this term. Something that happened to Jeanette and I in the gym locker room."

"Oh, this is a good one!" Betsy exclaimed before clapping her own hand over her mouth.

Jeanette blushed. "Yes, I think it will really do the trick, Sir."

"Very well, ladies. Take your place in the front of the class. Now girls, pretend you are just a fly on the wall in the gymnasium locker room. Do whatever feels right." Luke instructed.

The two girls walked to the front of the room and pantomimed opening lockers and putting away gym bags. Jeanette pretended to run a comb through her long red hair and Lindsey untied her blouse and removed it, throwing it over the nearest chair as if it was the inside of her locker. She then pretended to take some sort of container out and rub its imaginary contents all over her hands, arms and chest. Jeanette took off her blouse, and then removed her skirt as well. All she had left on was her tight white panties in front of the entire class of horny schoolgirls! Lindsey moved as if she was about to unzip her short plaid skirt but then stopped, turning to Jeanette.

"Jeanette, can you help me take off my panties and skirt?" Lindsey asked. "I used too much hand lotion and I don't want to get any lotion on my clothes."

"Of course" The redhead replied, stopping in the middle of undressing herself. She walked over to Lindsey wearing only her panties and sat down on a chair in front of her friend. Lindsey held up her hands as Jeanette reached under her skirt. Jeanette ran her hands up her classmate's tan thighs before reaching for the small white panties. "Wow, Lindsey, you have such smooth legs. I hope you don't mind me feeling them."

"No, go ahead, I like it." Lindsey said, smiling.

Jeanette slowly pulled down Lindsey's panties and noticed a wet spot right where her pussy had been touching them. "Ooo, you wet your panties, Lindsey!" She exclaimed. "And dress code inspection is next period! What will you do?"

Lindsey bit her lip and thought. "I guess I'll have to leave them off to dry. But I feel so wet; I know I'll just soil them again as soon as I put them on."

"Do you feel like you want to cum? I could help you so you won't get in trouble for getting your panties wet. I'm a new student but I'm pretty good at fingering pussies. I haven't gone down on any of the other girls yet though." Jeanette offered.

Lindsey smiled, realizing her naked pussy was just inches away from the younger girl's face. "Do you want to touch my pussy? Jeanette? I'm so wet, and I know you could make me come if you tried. I'll tell you what to do, ok?"

"Ok." Jeanette said, looking up at her.

"Take your finger and touch my clit. Can you see it? It's that hard red little nub. Do you feel how hard and wet it is? That's how it gets when I watch the other girls taking off their clothes and washing their pussies and breasts in the showers."

Jeanette reached out with her finger as Lindsey instructed and touched her friend's glistening pussy. Holding her skirt up with her other hand, she was giving the class a great show. Lindsey's clit was barely visible between her smooth folds, and Jeanette looked up at the older girl's face for conformation she was in the correct spot. Lindsey smiled when she felt Jeanette's touch. "That's right, honey. Now start to rub it in little circles." She instructed, enjoying how hard her classmate seemed to be concentrating on pleasing her. She lifted one leg up and placed her foot on the chair Jeanette was sitting on, giving her classmates an unobstructed view of her opened pussy. Girls around the room were starting to reach between their legs.

"Good, Jeanette." Lindsey said, as she began to move her hips in little circles along with her friend's gentle touch. "Now why don't you unzip my skirt so you can use both hands where it really counts?"

"Oh, of course! Silly me." Jeanette said, quickly pulling down the zipper that was holding the tiny skirt together. Lindsey was now completely nude and spreading her pussy wide for the class to see. Jeanette resumed her fingering of the other girl's clit and awaited further instructions. "Now take your other hand, and slide two fingers into my hole." Lindsey told her young friend.

Jeanette did as she was told, keeping one hand on Lindsey's wet throbbing clit as the other fingerfucked her slick pussy. Lindsey started to moan and threw back her head. "Mmmmm, that's it baby, keep going just like that..." She said, closing her eyes.

Now Jeanette was starting to move her hips and lifted them off the chair she was sitting on. All she was wearing now was her tiny panties and as he behind rose out of her seat the other girls in the class could clearly see the wet spot that was forming between her legs.

"Excuse me, Mr. Ryder." A voice rose from the corner of the room.

It was Emily, who had amazingly remained quiet throughout the entire lesson thus far. "You said to do whatever this scene makes us feel, right?"

"That's correct, Emily." Luke answered, wondering what Emily had in mind.

"Well, I can see that Jeanette has wet her own panties from all this excitement and I feel like I'd like to help her out myself. May I join in?"

Luke smiled. Teaching at this school got better every day. "I suppose that would be alright. After all, Anna's story did end as a threesome, so it would be appropriate for Lindsey and Jeanette's story to do so as well. You may join them." Luke said, motioning the naked girl to the front of the room.

Emily stayed with the scene, pretending she was opening the door to the locker room and pretending to towel off her hair as if she had just gotten out of the girls' showers after gym class. When she spotted Lindsey's spread legs with Jeanette between them, she gasped and pretended to be shocked. "Oh my gosh! Lindsey! Jeanette! What are you doing!"

Jeanette continued her ministrations on Lindsay's spread open sex, but turned her head to speak to Emily. "Lindsey wet her panties, and I didn't want her to get in trouble during dress code inspection next period. She took her panties off to dry and I'm helping her cum so when she puts them back on she won't wet them again. She just felt so turned on she was afraid her pussy would keep leaking juices unless she had an orgasm." Jeanette graphically explained.

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