tagSci-Fi & FantasyFairie Tail Ch. 01

Fairie Tail Ch. 01


This is my first attempt at something non-human, I hope you enjoy reading it. I was told it would be better without the sex. I'll let yall decide.

Hidden in mist beyond human reach, is Tir Nan Og (Land of The Young),

Where the Faeries live and play. The sacred Hawthorn Tree flourishes amongst endless wild flowers and flowering trees. Humans never see its beauty except in their dreams unless one of the Tir Nan Og people takes a fancy to them and invite them to their world.

Gloree walked amongst the humans in their form, her nakedness hidden behind a scarlet robe of velvet. Her robe was the only clothing she could wear. If she ever adorned one piece of human clothing she would forever remain in this form. She loved the humans and the way they lived but not enough to give up the freedom of fluttering naked through flowers and dew covered grass or the freedom of love making wherever and whenever the faerie people desired. Their lifestyle was filled with partying and pleasure every night.

Even the restraints of her velvet robe made her uneasy. But she knew the humans viewed nakedness in a different light than the faeries did and today of all days she was determined to bare with being covered.

She made her way through the crowd making sure not to look any of them in the eyes in fear they might see the magic twinkling in the bright sky blue of her own eyes. She stopped outside the blacksmith’s forge and looked inside. He was there. The man she had seen swimming naked in the lake a few days before. Being overcome by how handsome he was she had watched him swim for a while before lying on the banks in the sun.

She continues to watch as he did something she had never seen anyone else do before, human or faerie. He took his manliness in his hand and began to caress it, bringing it to its full length of excitement. He continued to stroke it until his juices flowed from its tip as his moans echoed through the trees. He continued to lay there in the sun and recovered from his orgasm before cleaning himself with the cool waters of the lake. He dressed, mounted his horse and rode back to town. Gloree, in her faerie form followed him, keeping herself hid from his view. His horse seemed to sense her presence glancing directly at her several times. She watched him enter the forge and knew she would come back another time. She had to.

As she stood watching him work through the window he turned slowly toward her as if sensing her presence and motioned her inside. She hesitated a moment before accepting his invitation.

“Good Morning my dear.” He greeted as she entered, “how may I help you?”

“I was just watching you work,” even in human form her voice sang.

“Where are you from? Your accent is unusual and the robe seems a bit much for the warm weather we are having.” He questioned.

“I must be going.” She tried to leave before he asked too many questions she couldn’t answer. As she turned to flee her hood fell from her head letting her golden locks fall past waist. He didn’t try to stop her for he knew now she wasn’t human. Only Faeries had hair that flowed so silkily down their back in ringlets highlighted by pure gold. She would be back. Maybe not in her human form but being such curious creatures they both knew she wouldn’t stay away.

It was days before she ventured from Tir Nan Og again and this time she stayed in her faerie form, but she had to see him again. The way the muscles of his bare chest and arms rippled as he pounded the metal into shape stayed on her mind. His eyes were as green as her own were blue and sparkled and he looked at her.

She slipped into his shop and hid behind a beautifully engraved sword leaning against a wooden beam. It intrigued her to see the detailed hawthorn tree and violets decorating the blade. These were sacred to faeries and most humans didn’t appreciate their beauty. Could this magnificent creation belong to him?

“You don’t need to hide. I know you’re here my dear faerie.” He called to her, his piercing green eyes looking directly at her.

“How??” She asked him.

“Not now, maybe I’ll explain later.” He avoided answering her. “Now come out from behind my sword. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

It was his sword, she whispered to herself. She knew there was something special about this human man that called to her, even more so now. She trusted him and fluttered gracefully to him, still keeping her distance enough he couldn’t touch her.

“Even more beautiful than in human form.” Gloree actually blushed from his compliment, something faeries rarely did. This human was special. She didn’t know why but she knew he was.

She heard someone coming and Gloree quickly disappeared. The man smiled then turned to greet the female customer. She was obviously flirting with him as he handed her the silver items he had mended for her. As she handed him the money she asked if there was anything else she could do to repay him. When he refused she became mad and stomped out. He let out a loud laugh as she walked away.

“Why didn’t you let her pay you more?” Gloree asked him returning to her visible state.

“She is a widow searching desperately for a new husband.” He explained

“But she’s very beautiful.” Gloree wondered.

“Yes, she is but not what I want for a wife. Her heart isn’t as beautiful as her body.” He explained. “And even though she offers her body to me I can tell she would be frigid in my bed. Not willing to give or receive the pleasure to people in love should share.”

Someone else approached sending Gloree into hiding yet again. This time a man entered and asked about a sword. He wanted the sword she has hid behind earlier, but the blacksmith refused and told him he could make him one as magnificent. The man agreed and left.

“That sword must be special to you.” Gloree asked again returning to visible.

“Yes it is, very special to me, a very special part of my past.” He seemed to drift into his memories.

“I must go before I am seen.” Gloree turned to leave.

“Will you come back?”

“It’s too dangerous here. How about the lake you swim in? Will you meet me there?”

“Yes my dear I swim there every morning, but somehow I think you already know that.”

She flew around his head one time before disappearing through an opening and into the sky. She flew with the birds until she was out of human site. She couldn’t stay invisible for long amounts of time without tiring herself too much so staying out of human view was easier.

As Gloree returned to Tir Nan Og she encountered their King, Finvarre. By the stiffened state of his substantial faerie cock she knew what he wanted from her. He was a known womanizer even though his wife, Queen Donagh, was the most beautiful faerie in all of Tir Nan Og. He had even been known to steel beautiful human women away on their wedding day.

Gloree didn’t dare deny her king his pleasure with her. She was at his need until she married then he would move on to another young faerie. She didn’t mind sharing the pleasure of uninhibited sex with him. Sex among the faeries had always been open and carefree, even done in open areas where anyone could see.

He grabbed her and placed his hand on her perfect rounded breast, massaging it for a moment before commanding her to kneel before him and take his cock in her mouth. She ran her tongue over every bit before taking its head between her lips. Sucking slowing and drawing it all into her mouth. His sheer gold wings flittered as she gave him pleasure the way he enjoyed most. As he came close to his climax he grabbed her hair and forced himself further into her mouth. With a hand on his balls she could feel them tightening as they prepared to empty into her mouth. She prepared herself for the magical seed that filled her mouth and sent a tingle down her throat as she drank it up.

Even though he used the female faeries for his pleasure he always returned the favor. He lay on top of her pushing his cock against the wetness of her bare folds. Faeries didn’t have hair like humans, only what resembled hair atop their heads. He grew hard again quickly and shoved his way into her soft pussy. As he pumped himself into her they floated above the ground as all faeries do when they come together. He moved with precision hitting the spot inside her that brought her to her greatest pleasure point. He never missed when he was with her, always rubbing it perfectly with his large faerie cock. Her inside were tingling as she grew closer to her climax. Her legs wrapped tighter around his waist pulling him deeper and deeper into her as they sang out together. She cried out as he began to throb inside her bringing her over the top at the same time he spilled himself into her again.

She continued to float above the ground in almost a trance like state as she recovered from the tremendous orgasm she received. As her body returned to normal she drifted back to the earth below her. Exhausted from the magic she used visiting the human and the lovemaking she just shared she climbed into the petals of a nearby rose and fell asleep.

She didn’t wake until late the next morning. Realizing she was going to miss the human man she hurried on her way. Flying as fast as her iridescent wings would take her she arrived just as he was stepping out of the water. She found herself aroused as he stood dripping wet in front of her. She tried to push the desire to make love to him away from her thought before making her presence known to him.

“You’re here.” he smiled at her as she flew toward him. ”thought you weren’t coming.”

“I’m so sorry. I overslept.” She explained.

“Guess going invisible took a lot out of you yesterday.” He smiled.

How did he know so much about faeries Gloree found herself questioning? The sword, the way he sensed her presence and how he knew the way using magic drained her body. He knew more about her than she did him. She didn’t even know his name.

“Please tell me your name.” He asked as if reading her thoughts, “I am Chay.”

“Chay, not a normal human name. I am Gloree.”

“My parents weren’t exactly normal humans.” He explained, “How do I tell you this?”

“Tell me what?” Gloree questioned.

“I don’t even know why I’m telling you this but I need to for some reason.” Chay proceeded, “Well I am a faerie, well was.” Gloree’s mouth dropped not knowing what to say she dropped to the ground and sat on a rock listening. He sat beside her and continued to tell her his story, “My parents were both full faerie and we lived in Tir Nan Og. I was an infant when my father disappeared. My mother went searching for him and finding him in human form and human clothing with a human woman, she knew he was gone forever. She was ashamed and felt she couldn’t return the faerie kingdom disgraced ,so taking on human form she dressed us both and moved into a town near, the one my father was in, as a widow. I grew up not knowing until my mother became ill and revealed it all.”

Gloree could see the sadness in his eyes. He had missed out on living amongst his people and knowing his father. She turned herself to human form and placed her arms around him, comforting him. It was the first time she had touched a human or part human, she wasn’t sure what he was. He returned her embrace. They sat quietly for a few moments, arms wrapped around each other.

He suddenly jumped up and started dressing. ”I must go. I need to work. I will come back tomorrow.”

“I will be here.” She whispered turning herself back to faerie form then watched him ride off longing to spend more time with him.

She tried to stay away from town, circling it a dozen times before deciding to go watch him work. She fluttered down trying to stay out of site while he talked to the same woman he had seen a few days before. Gloree became jealous as the woman threw herself at Chay. She could tell he wasn’t interested but she continued to rub against him and bent over several times letting her ample cleavage all but fall out of her top.

Moving to a place she could hide Gloree changed into human form, and changing a violet petal into a silk robe she covered her nakedness and entered the forge. The woman stopped for a moment and with a scowl on her face watched the smile that spread across Chay’s. Gloree didn’t remove her hood but lifted her head so her eyes met the widow’s. She sent a piercing stare into her. The widow turned to Chay then back to Gloree. Chay saw the anger growing in Gloree and quickly stepped in. He hadn’t realized until now Gloree was falling for him as much as he was her even knowing human’s and faeries shouldn’t be together.

“Gloree,” He whispered in her ear. “Honey please don’t do anything harsh.”

She calmed quickly and smiled brightly. She reached for the tie on her robe and untied it letting it fall from her nude body. The widow gawked at the perfect delicate features. Gloree’s hair flowed over her shoulders. She turned to Chay and pressed her nude body against him where she placed his lips on his. Chay didn’t pull away. He actually returned the kiss letting his tongue find hers and his arms wrap around her waist pulling her closer to him. The widow turned and stormed out.

As soon as she was gone Gloree pulled away and turned quickly back to her faerie self.

“I shouldn’t have done that, I just don’t know what came over me.” She sat down on a table with her back to him.

“Please don’t look away.” He pleaded. He reached out and touched her.

“I’m ashamed of myself. I should never have came here or acted like that in front of a human. I jut couldn’t stay away and then I saw her and I got jealous.”

“It’s ok. I’m sure she will stay away for a while now.”

Gloree flew over to him and sat on his shoulder, kissing him on the cheek before resting her head against him. He stroked her hair gently with his finger.

“Thank you Chary.” She whispered in his ear. “I’m sorry this will be that last time I see you.”

“Why?” He asked visibly upset.

“Because I have feeling inside me growing for you, stronger everyday. And we both know we can’t be together, that is even if you wanted to.” She flew away quickly, tears filling her eyes.

With his heart broken Chary avoided the lake for days. He put everything into his work. From dusk until dawn he worked. One day as he pounded a piece of steel only putting hurt and anger into each swing, he was visited by a creature he had only heard of, a faerie dragon. She was a creamy white with iridescent scales that turned a rainbow of colors as she flew around him. Besides being only three inches tall she looked like a full size dragon.

“You are Chay?” She asked him as she hovered in his face.

“Yes, you are?”

“I am Opal. I am a friend of Gloree. She needs you.” Opal explained.

“Why? What is wrong with her?”
“She is sad. Faeries can not be sad Chay. If she is not happy soon she will turn into a troll.”

“I know this but how can I help?”

“It is you she is sad over. She cries and cries to be with you.”

“But I am not a faerie anymore.” Chary explained to the tiny white dragon. “She would not give up her world for me.”

“She does not have to. Please come with me.” Opal flew over his head in circles. Chary became sleepy. He fell fast asleep as Opal raised him into the air and then they disappeared.

When Chay woke he was laying in a bed of wild flowers under a large weeping willow tree. Around him a dozen faeries flew one being the Queen Donagh. She stood on his chest and looked into his eyes.

“I know who you are Chay.” the queen told him. “And you can not be held accountable for the actions your parents took in taking you away from us as an infant.”

“But I am no longer one of you.” Chay exclaimed.

“You will always be one of us. But unfortunately you can not be reversed back to true faerie form except under one circumstance. You were taken away because of a broken heart so only two hearts full of love can reverse it. A wedding must be performed under a full moon beneath the Hawthorn tree between the two that are truly in love and after the consummation of marriage you will be brought back to your true form.”

“But how can consummation possibly take place if she is faerie and I am human?” Chay questioned.

“Do you love her?” Queen Donagh asked.

“I don’t know how in such a short period of time but yes I do love her.”

“Fate works in mysterious ways” Opal sang out.

“If you truly love her and all of us come together we can bring you down to our size long enough for the marriage to take place. If it is true love you will remain a faerie size and your wings will return. If it is not true love you will return to your human size.” The queen continued to explain. ”We will begin preparation for the full moon wedding to be in 5 days.”

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