tagGroup SexFairies, Ghosts, and the G-Spot

Fairies, Ghosts, and the G-Spot


This story was written for the 2012 Halloween Contest. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.


"Just stick your finger in with your palm facing up. Then curl it and feel the top. You will feel a spongy...,"

Jami's voice cuts in over the phone, "Yes I know...the spongy area that will grow hard when I flex, but it does not feel any different." I can here the aggravation in her voice.

I have been through this before with her. Several times in fact, and each time it always ends the same; her getting annoyed that she could not find that mythical g-spot. She has read books, seen the diagrams, bought a special g-spot toy, and still nothing. We started talking about it one night and having me tell her how to rub it and where it should be and best angles to reach it, but my experience has always been from the other side where it was I exploiting this spot on other women. She started to ask questions and try to follow my guidance, but I cannot see her do it. So far she has not wanted to meet. She wanted to just keep this something anonymous.

We met online and shared erotic stories and experiences. We then started talking on the phone and sending texts back and forth. I have yet to actually meet her, and it sounds like I never will, which is actually fine with me. Since I was married and she did not want to fall for a married man the rule has always been to keep this anonymous. No last names, no pictures, no video, no webcam, and no seeing the other at all. I have agreed to this since I did not want to cheat on my wife and did not want to fall for her either. For the last nine months have kept this an anonymous relationship, yet personal... very personal and very hot. We have had deep philosophical conversations and have had very hot phone sex sessions and every other type of conversation in-between. She has this amazing sexy voice, a very creative and imaginative mind, great personality, and if her descriptions of herself are accurate, a great looking brunette with a toned body.

Then one day we started to talk about the g-spot and how good the orgasm seems to be. Since it does not get over sensitive like rubbing the clit can after you cum you can just keep getting orgasms over and over and over and this of course has greatly interested her. She had tried many times on her own and bought a toy for this as well, but still could not find it. I started to try and help as best I could, but so far nothing but frustration.

"Try two fingers Jami, curl them and then pull them back till they are stopped by the pubic bone." I repeat to her again.

"I am trying! One finger, two, three, the toy it makes not difference." She gives out an exasperated groan that just drips with aggravation. "If I keep this up I am just going to scratch the hell out of my pussy with my nails and never get off tonight."

Smiling, I resign myself to another failed attempt. "Ok Jami, let's forget about that then. I have been stroking myself slowly for the last five minutes while you have been digging around that wet pussy. I need to get you caught up with me. So I want you to straighten those fingers and start to finger fuck yourself. Start by moving them slowly in and out. Just close your eyes and picture me there with my fingers slowly fucking that hot pussy of your. " I hear her breathing change to the deeper more rhythmic sound of her getting turned on. "Good girl. Now just feel my fingers twist and turn inside, getting covered with all your wetness. Oh I bet it tastes so good. Take you fingers out and taste them. "

I hear the sounds of sucking and licking followed by a deep moan. "Oh Shawn, I taste good. Mmmm." I hear the wet sounds of her sucking her finger. "Tell me what to do Shawn. Tell me how you want to do me."

"OK. I will tell you Jami. I want you to put them back in and then speed up your pace. Plunge them in and out of your wet pussy. Let's get all that frustration out." I can hear the wet sloppy sounds of her fingering herself. I keep stroking, but slowly. I try to time it as close as I can to her actual cum. "Now pick up your toy, turn it all the way up and slap your clit with it." I hear the slap followed by the moan from her. "Again." She complies. "Harder now. Come on slap that clit like I would be doing with my hard dick." I hear the sound of wet impacts and her voice rising and falling with each one. "Now just set it right on that exposed clit. Push it in. Rub it up and down. Picture it is my cock is sliding up and down your pussy and rubbing that clit; your hand pushing me hard against you to increase the friction on your clit. Oh that feels so good Jami." Her breathing and groans are telling me she is close. I pick up the pace on my cock rubbing faster and envisioning it sliding between wet pussy lips and against that clit. "Oh I am almost there and I can tell that you are too. You want me to make you cum. Don't you?"

"Uh huh. Please can I cum... please." I hear her soft voice plead with me. Just waiting for me to give her permission.

"Ok Jami you can cum, but only after I spray my cum all over that pussy so that you rub into your clit would you like that? I am so close. Would you want me to cum right on your clit so you can then cum?"

"Please... cum on me... please let me cum." I can hear her labored voice; I know from the sounds that she has slowed down waiting to cum.

"Oh.... yeah... here... it... cums... AHHHHHhhhhhhh!," and I shoot over my hand still stroking myself. "Now rub that pussy baby. Rub my cum into that clit. Cum for me now." And with that I hear the pace increase and then a few seconds later her groan out loud. I love to listen to Jami cum and the slow let down and slowing of her voice as she regains the ability to talk.

"Wow Shawn!" she says between labored breaths. "That was a strong one. Mmmm. Did you cum as well?" For some reason I always smile when she asks that question. Like I was not obvious enough.

"You heard me and I told you I did. Only it was not onto your pussy, but on to my hand and stomach and left a sticky mess. Thank you Jami by the way. I enjoyed that." I tell her.

"No, thank you. You did all the work there. I just wish it had been you though. Still though, I really think it is better for us not to know..." silence.

I wait a few seconds for her to finish her thought. "Jami are you OK?" I ask not really concerned since I can still hear her breathing, but clearly something stopped her. Maybe someone came in or she heard a noise.

"Sorry. Yeah I am Ok just had a passing thought. Something that just popped into my head." I can hear something in her voice. I don't know what it was, but something changed just then.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" I ask.

"I don't think I should Shawn."

"Why not. Is it really that dirty?" I am smiling to myself and can see another session forming.

"Well it is, but not that dirty. It is just that for some reason I thought ..." She stops again.

"Come on Jami, just tell me. I am sure that whatever it is cannot be that bad. Tell me Jami." I tell her.

I hear a pause and can almost see her biting her lip wondering if she should tell me. "I thought about having you show me how to find and give myself a g-spot orgasm in a way that would still keep us anonymous."

I sit up excited at this prospect and start to think. The answer comes to me quickly since we just talking about it before we started today. "You are thinking of Halloween aren't you? Thinking of us meeting in our costumes. That's it isn't it?" She does not say anything, but her silence is damning evidence all the same. "Hmm... I wonder how that would work? Me coming over to your house all dressed up as the faceless ghost and you as your fairy princess. Boy there's a fantasy meeting if I have ever heard one." I said. It does sound ridiculous, but still though, it also sounds rather exciting.

I hear her giggles as clearly the image of that crossed her mind too. "Yeah what a site that would be. That's why I did not want to say anything. It's kind of strange. The innocent fairy princess with her skirt pulled up as the dark and terrifying ghost fingered her pussy giving her the long sought after g-spot orgasm. It really does sound like something out of a dark fantasy book."

She is right, but it still sounds exciting and erotic and I tell her as much. "I mean just picture it. You lying there, wings all crumpled on the bed. Breasts exposed to the air showing the princess's hard nipples. Her skirt pulled up and pussy lay exposed to the dark figure standing over the edge of the bed. Fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit, making her all wet." I can hear her breathing getting deep again and I know that she has started touching herself. "Your face covered in a gem studded mask and your long brown hair lay strewn all over the bed. Your brown eyes closed, as you are lost in the moment of me fingering you. Your hands rubbing those breasts knowing that I am looking at you from behind my faceless mask." I know that I am not going to cum so soon a second time but start to stroke as well. I hear her excitement and know that she never quite returned down from her last orgasm. This is going to be a quick one for her.

"As I start to curl my two fingers in your pussy I pull up and rub them back and forth against where I know that g-spot is found. You feel it building deep inside and moan telling me that I have found it. I move to the edge of the bed and you open your eyes to see my dick sticking out of my black outfit. My hand slowly stroking."

Then surprisingly she takes over. "I reach out... touching you for the first time. Feeling your hardness. I see your precum ... and scoop it up ... to my deep pink lips," she speaks haltingly in her sexy mesmerizing voice. "You take your fingers out ... and bring them up to your mask. I can hear you smell ... me and know how you long to taste me as well. Instead... you push your fingers back in ... and keep fingering that hidden spot." She waits and I just listen to her building up closer and closer. "Ohhhhh...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh!" And I can hear her cum again.

I wait, listening, stroking, and rock hard and know that I am going to have to cum again tonight. Then I hear her breathing start to slow and her moans die back. "Jami that was such an incredible image. You truly are such a sexy women." I hear her still just breathing and so push forward with this. "Jami, I want to do that. To touch you and show you and give you your first g-spot orgasm."

"Oh I would like that too Shawn. Wow! That was unexpected. I did not know I would cum so fast. I guess I must have liked that idea."

I suddenly really want this to happen. I take a deep breath, for some reason I am afraid to say this in words, but it does leave my lips. "Then let's do it. Halloween is only a few weeks away so let's do this Jami. Let's finally meet but in costumes and then let me give you a private hands on lesson."

I hear a pause and then in a surprised voice, "Are you serious Shawn? You mean like really meet? I thought that you did not want to cheat on your wife?" Jami asks. I try so hard to listen to some hint in her voice as to how she feels about it. I keep stroking.

"No sex Jami; just hands or toys. I know that this is a very gray area as far as cheating or not cheating goes, but I really like this idea." I really don't know just how this fits into my desire not to cheat on my wife, but at the moment it sounds just too fucking good of an idea to let this opportunity slip by. "I really want to do this for you Jami... with you... to you. The meeting of the dark ghost and the fairy princess." My precum is really starting to flow again.

"Oh Shawn I don't know. It does sound so fucking hot, but I don't think it is a good idea." I can hear the hesitation and weakness in her voice. My cock jumps in my hand. God I hope I don't fuck this up. She is a good friend and has been a lot of fun, but this is such an opportunity.

"Why not Jami? You will not see who I am. I will not see you in your mask. Neither of us would recognize the other in public. We could pass by each other on the street and never know. Let's do this Jami. We can still keep this just as anonymous as now, only just adding touching." There is silence on the other side of the phone and know she is thinking. "I know you want to as well. Look at how fast you came there Jami. We have two weeks to work out the details. We can meet in our cars or at a motel, we don't have to meet at a house at all."

I keep stroking and know that she can hear me on the phone. She is silent a little longer and when she speaks I know I almost have her. "Well I don't know Shawn. How would you feel about this? This is pretty much cheating."

She is right, but if I keep this to hands only..."That's why we keep this to hands only. I will be ok with this I promise. Don't make a decision now, just think about it Jami. OK?" My stroking is feeling very good. I know that I am going to be cumming again soon.

"No Shawn. I know I want to do this too. I want to have someone touch me. I want to know how to do this and this is as good a way as any and still remain unknown." I got her I think. I am going to do this! I feel the cum building and know I am only a few strokes away from cumming. "But I still think we need to think about this OK. Let's talk about this more later after we sleep on it. OK?"

My breathing is getting fast and I know that I cannot hide how close I am. "OK Jami. Deal. Now, I am about to cum as you probably can tell."

"Uh huh. I thought that is what you were doing. Do it Shawn. Let me hear you cum again before we go tonight," Jami tells me.

"Oooohhhhh. I am cumming! AHhhhhhhhhh," and I again coat my hand and stomach in cum. I blink a few times. That was really strong.

Jami gives me a few moments listening to me recover as well. "Mmm... That sounded hot Shawn. I hope I can see that soon. If I don't go soon I am never going to get to sleep tonight." Jami said. I can tell she is trying to resist touching herself again.

I take a deep breath. "Yeah I know the feeling Jami. Let's think about it, but I think that the faceless ghost is going to be playing with the fairy princess soon." I chuckle at this again and hear the giggle from her.

"Well then good night Shawn. Sleep well sexy and we will talk about this later."

"You too Jami. Sleep tight." And with that I hang up the phone. I lay back and think to myself. What am I getting into? Ideas start to form about this as well as excitement. I tell myself that I really need to think about this on a clear head and not one still clouded by orgasmic shadows.


It was on my lunch break when my phone rang and saw it was Jami. "Afternoon sexy. Happy Halloween."

"I hope so. So, are you still going tonight?" Jami asked. It had been two weeks since we had the initial conversation about meeting. Since then there were several emails and phone calls back and forth. We have discussed this future meeting. As the time approached the more excited I became and the more I rationalized this meeting as not cheating. This was just helping a friend out. Still though, there was something so exciting about meeting her that I knew it was affecting my logic, but I really did not care. I did not know what was more exciting to me; the actual prospect of finally meeting, or the showing of Jami how to find her g-spot. There is just something so hot to be the first to do something for or to someone. The place that she agreed to meet at was at a hotel that was throwing a Halloween party in one of their ballrooms. I got the impression that she was thinking of going to this anyway with some friends. Well this sounded perfect to me too since I was going to be out that night and the hotel was not far out of my way.

"Yes Fairy Princess I am. My wife knows that I am going out with a friend and will be back very late. You still not telling me what you are going to look like?" I ask. This was part of the game she wanted to play. She said she wanted a way out at the last moment if she changed her mind. Despite how she is over the phone or email, she is still quite shy and timid.

"No, Shawn I am not. I really want to do this though just nervous." She tells me. For the past two weeks I can tell she has been fighting this internal battle. Even after this affirmation I still am not sure what the odds are of us actually meeting.

If she did show up though, the odds would be good despite what she wore. I did not want to burst her bubble and liked the idea of her thinking she was in control, but I could see one big flaw in her plan. "Ok ... Ok. You have the control. You will have to seek out the faceless ghost and you will be so glad when you do."

"See you there... and if you are lucky... you may even see me." And then I heard the beep of her hanging up the phone.


I picked out this costume at the store a while ago and have been modifying it to serve my purpose. I wore a tight fitting light gray shirt with equally tight fitting pants with an elastic belt line. The outfit came with a darker gray robe type thing that I cut up a whole lot more leaving large ribbons of cloth hanging off my body. I added a few extra lighter colored cloth ribbons here and there. These were of a different more rugged material then the rest. I then put on the gray faceless mask that matched the under layer. I had slightly modified this as well and cut a slit in it for my mouth. I looked at myself in the hotel mirror and was very pleased with the effect that I saw. Even in full light you could not see through the mask and the gray ribbons and shredded robe allowed full access to my pants. I looked around the room, packed my clothing that I wore in to the hotel in a bag and then headed down stairs. It was only about nine-thirty and we were going to meet at about ten. I just wanted to make sure I was going to be there to see her enter.

When I got there the room was still mostly empty. It was a bit early so there were not a whole lot of people there yet, but the music had already started. I got a drink from the bar and found a seat where I could watch the door. There were only about a dozen or so people there so far, no fairies, but people were still just starting to trickle in.

I still did not know how Jami planned to keep herself hidden from me. Fairies are not that common of a costume. I should be able to see her as soon as she walked in and then make my move on her first. I did not want to give her a chance to back out and knew that if I could start things then she would not say no.

It was about five after ten when I saw her enter. She was dressed as a yellow fairy in a tight fitting leotard with a multi colored miniskirt and blond hair... wait. I took a second look. Unless Jami lied about her appearance, that could not be her. Jami was taller and had brown hair. I sat back down still confidant in my plan of finding her first. Then I saw a second woman dressed as a fairy walk in, then a third, a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth all following the yellow one in. Each one had different colors and outfits. Four could have easily been Jami.

So, that was her plan at hiding from me. I watch as the group of fairies go and find a couple of tables to sit at. Well this sure puts the advantage back in her court and made me a bit uncomfortable that so many may be in on this plan. Jami has told me before how she has a few friends that she talk with about sex stuff. If these are them, there is no idea how much they could know, or how they think of this. I shook my head, finished my drink and got up and walked to the bar. I did not make it to the bar before I felt a pull on my costume. I turned around and faced the little yellow fairy smiling at me. "So, you must be this Shawn I have heard about." Just as I thought, Jami had told others. "I wanted to see you for myself before Jami did something stupid." There was very little warmth behind her smile.

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