tagRomanceFairmount Palliser

Fairmount Palliser


"The Palliser," I said. "Call me when you get to the parking garage."

Finally! We had been waiting for months and now we were to meet. Twenty minutes later another ring.

"Suite 531, just like your birthday, the door will be open," I told my beautiful partner.

Now I relaxed in the oversized chair for the most desirable woman in the world.

The door silently eased open and there she was. Blue jeans and a white blouse were hardly the proper attire for the Rimrock Restaurant, but slung over her arm was clothing bag.

"Nice white dress?" I chided. She had always worn black; the white dress was a special request.

Closing and locking the door, she scrunched up her nose and moved into the bedroom of our corner suite without a word. The rattle of hangers and running water in the sink were the only sounds. A soft, feminine chuckle followed the water being turned off. Then she appeared in the doorway.

You have never seen such a sexy, promising smile as she walked over to me. I watched. Standing in front of my knees, she kicked off her shoes and sat in my lap. While kissing me she swung her legs over the arm of the chair on my left and ground her ass onto my cock. We both moaned as our fulfillment began.

As we kissed, I kept my hands away from her body and caressed her hair, ears, neck and forehead. She in turn kept arching her back wanting attention. As I ran my fingernails down the side of her neck she had finally had enough teasing. With a whimper her right hand captured mine and moved it to her blouse buttons. One at a time, slowly, oh so slowly, I slipped the first three from the holes holding them. Her tongue moved more rapidly; her breathing became more ragged. My hand moved back to her neck and followed her neck to the center of her chest.

"Right or left?" I pondered. A pair of 36C's caused my consternation. The lacy yellow bra was only a minor distraction. Each breast was perfect. The nipples both sought attention.

"Definitely right," I decided. I moved my hand up and ran my fingers around her areola over her lacy garment. She was rubbing her thighs together, grinding her ass harder and pulling my head to her lips waiting for me to rub her nipple. I slid my hand under her bra.

"Oh YES!" she moaned as I attended to her hard nub. She moaned from her depths. Obviously the months we had been separated had created a volcanic effect in her and she was about to blow higher than Mount St. Helen. The rubbing, the grinding, the kissing and the pinching of her nipple were enough for a tremor to begin in her body.

"Oh NO!" she next groaned. Her body went rigid on my lap. Then the quivering began. I gave equal attention to each breast and kept her peak going as long as I could...a considerable amount of time.

"Oh MY!" she finally sighed as she stretched her arms over her head. She lay back and tried to relax. Sensing my opportunity I ran my hand down her belly past her belt and cupped her mound. The heat was intense. I rubbed her pussy through her jeans and moved my other hand to her breasts. She tried to sit up but I easily held her down with my right hand. My left began loosening the belt and removing my obstacles. My hand slid inside her yellow lace panties and discovered two wet, puffy lips.

I inserted two fingers into the most beautiful pussy with resistance. Was she tight! As I moved them methodically in and out she tried to sit up with more urgency.

"No, NO, NOOOO NOT AGAIN!" her body rose as if levitating. Only her shoulders and the back of her knees made contact with the arms of the great chair, not including my hands on her pussy and breasts. Her head snapped back. She held herself rigid but her body quivered like a tuning fork. My fingers continued to gently strum her sensitive clit. I moved my fingers from her breasts to her mouth and she sucked them in. I could feel her tongue bathing them. Finally I took pity on her and let her come down.

"Two to nothing," I observed.

"Three, four and here comes FIVE," as she rubbed her thighs together. She looked incredible as she came. Her face suffused with color. Her mouth open and her eyes screwed shut; she somehow managed an angelic smile. The last button still held on her blouse and her jeans were now half way to her knees. As her ass lifted from my lap I slid my hand under her and squeezed her cheeks alternating with caresses.

"How incredible! Do you do that on all your first dates?" she asked.

"Of course, or you may not be back for a second date."

"And how can I be sure you'll be back?" she asked. Not waiting for my answer, she kicked off her jeans and slid to the floor between my knees. I knew where this was going.

"I think it's time for dinner," I told her.

"I know," she said as her hands unbuckled my belt. This time I tried to sit up only to be gently restrained. As she pushed me back she pulled my slacks and briefs off.

"Ummmm," then she dove for the first course. As her tongue caressed the tip of my cock her hands moved under my shirt. As her lips captured my crown her hands ripped my shirt apart. As her mouth slid down her fingers slid lightly over my nipples. As she took me into her throat my hips bucked up and she grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed.

She began a rhythm and started me to the edge. I was so distracted that I lost the location of one of her hands. As I enjoyed the action between my legs, this squishing sound captured a portion of my hearing. One of her dainty hands had remained on my chest while the other had moved between her legs and was rubbing her clit.

"Ummmm," sounded again from her throat, sending vibrations to my soul. She moved her hand from her pussy and placed it by my lips. I began to lick and suck enjoying the flavor of the tasty digits. Her other hand moved from my chest to refill the void between her legs.

"Ummmm," again as she now took me into her throat. She moved her hand from my mouth to my nipples and the other from her pussy to my cock. She coated the base with her juices then let me lick the fingers clean. Then she went all the way down my cock and I could feel her tongue recapturing her juices. This continued until.....

"Ummmm," we both moaned as I filled her mouth again and again as she sucked. There was a brief pause as she came. My cum splashed down her throat and some came back out as she couldn't swallow it all. She collapsed forward and licked the cum off my body. I couldn't move. She hugged her arms around my waist as her head rested in my crotch. I could feel her rockhard nipples against my legs as she rubbed them sensuously. Minutes passed as we reveled in our sexual haze.

"The shutout is gone and the score is EIGHT to one!" she stated. "We'll go for extra innings after dinner. Now are you going to feed me?"

"Of course, I want you to keep your strength up."

We moved to the bath and washed each other in the shower. The temptation was great but we resisted so we could play a riskier game.

"Now get out while I get dressed," she knew what would transpire if I remained. I had the pleasure of watching her apply her makeup. Every man should have the pleasure of watching a naked, beautiful woman primp. But now she was asking for her secret time. This was the time where each woman prepares for romance. Chastised, I moved to the parlor hearing the door close behind me.

Twenty minutes. That's how long it took Milo to sculpt Venus. The door opened to a vision. Beautiful hair, more than lovely face with a Mona Lisa smile. The dress was a feat of engineering: white as requested with a cowl front descending to below her breasts. Tied behind her neck leaving her perfect back exposed. White thigh highs and three inch heels completed the package that the public would see.

"Panties?" I wondered, but a gentleman would never ask. I knew I would find out later and the suspense would drive up the heat. A quick spin and we were out the door.

The restaurant was on the first floor and the elevator trip was uneventful. Rrrighttt! She stood as far away as possible from me. She would turn to look in the mirrored wall (and give me a view of her ass and bare back). Then she would turn to the front and adjust her dress. The bulge in my pants showed how uneventful the ride was.

Marcel, our maitre d', met us and was speechless. We had to shock him back to the present. I had reserved a corner booth with windows overlooking the street on two sides. Semi-private was just fine and in my plan. As Marcel moved the table aside for her to sit I realized I was out of position and he somehow was right where he wanted to be. You crouched down and gave him a view to your navel and then turned your body, legs open and dispelled any doubts about the status of your panties. Now he knew something I didn't!

The service for our dinner was over the top. Four servers, Marcel and a knockout English babe served us water constantly. Together they gave us their complete attention. After all, who could ignore such a dashing couple! I looked like a distinguished gentleman, 6'2" about 195 pounds and in excellent condition. OK, my present partner eclipsed me. Who could get passed a beautiful brunette perfectly coiffed. Her 5'7" body was perfect for her 3" heels. For three hours we enjoyed each other's company. With our sexual edge satisfied in the room, we became reacquainted intimately by conversing and laughing. Dinner included some touching but more anticipation-building. We had a great time enjoying each other. Did we eat??

The water or the wine had your kidneys swimming and you excused yourself to find the Ladies Lounge...all the way on the other side of the lobby. As soon as you left the restaurant our English water server came over to fill our glasses AGAIN. This time the message was different.

"Pardon me, sir. I have an offer for you and your woman. Me."

Oh boy! My mind spun with the options. Sandi, her tag read, was incredibly luscious in her conservative skirt and uniform blouse.

"Well, Sandi, I love your offer but my partner may not want to share our time together. Tell you what. I'll apprise her of your generous offer when she gets back and we'll let you know. Alright?"

"Wouldn't have it any other way," she said and turned to go.

"Excuse me Sandi. I need some proof of your intentions...your panties."

The look in her eyes was priceless. "I'll be right back," she said.

"No! Right here and right now!" I tested her.

This was her challenge. Give in, submit, or move on. She moved back to the table which gave me my answer. She moved as close as she could to me and placed the water carafe on the table. With a cryptic smile on her face she pulled up the center of her skirt with both hands exposing two very long legs in thigh high stockings. I received only a glimpse of the Promised Land as her hands moved to the side of her waist. Bending over as little as possible she pulled one leg free then the other. In front of me on the table was a nice pale blue pile of damp lace. Without a word she turned and left.

The scent of her arousal rose to my nose. While inhaling deeply I heard your laugh and returned to the present. Marcel had you cornered at the concierge station. He kissed your hand and appeared to graze your breast. He obviously hoped for more but you moved quickly and returned to your lover. He thought to follow but sadly shook his head and yelled at the next people in line!

This time you sat down without assistance and appeared extremely flushed. In front of you there was that pile of blue lace. In your hand you held out a pile of very damp white lace. This was turning into a panty raid.

"You certainly were busy," we said at the same time.

"My trip to the lounge was almost very eventful," you began. "Marcel left people in line to escort me to the lounge. He was ready to follow me in when several women came in from the ballroom. I sat and laughed as I removed my surprise for you and waited to be sure he left. But as I came out he was still there. He grabbed my hand with the panties and felt the moisture. As we walked back he sniffed his hand and knew what I had. He tried so hard to get me to open my hand but had to settle for a kiss on the hand. He wants me!"

"Of course he does," I said. "It must be something in the air."

She gave me the whites and picked up the blues. "Nice! And pre-scented!"

"Let me explain." I told her my story and her eyes sparkled. "What do you think? I have no interest in being with another man. Have you ever considered a woman?"

You fidgeted with her panties and moved them to your nose. Inhaling deeply you nodded your head. "Why not? She is beautiful and she can be my gift to both of us!"

Did I mention I love this woman!!

The blues disappeared under the table as you slipped them on. I reached over and pressed them into your pussy. Gently you moaned. "Rub your nipples," I said. As I slipped two fingers around the center strap into your pussy your right hand slid into your dress. Now both your juices and Sandi's were on the blues. You slumped forward and vibrated.

"When you're ready, it's time to go. I'll pass Sandi a note with our room number on the way out. Do you think an hour after we leave will give us enough time to conduct our business?" All you could do is nod. I helped you from your seat and got the view Marcel enjoyed earlier. You walked unsteadily through the restaurant holding on to me. Sandi smiled as I took you passed her and I said an hour would be great. I slipped her the note with our room number. The note was wrapped in white lace!

When the elevator came I forced you into a corner and removed your breasts by pushing the cowl to each side. I only got two quick licks in before the car stopped at the second floor. You didn't have time to cover up so you wrapped your arms around my body and forced your chest into my side. Four middle-aged business types joined us and fell silent as the doors closed. One of them pushed "8". This would not be an easy exit for you.

Ding-ding-ding... The fifth floor. As the doors opened you shocked me when you pushed me aside and bare breasted walked between the men and off the elevator. I was rooted to the spot. You turned and said, "Are you coming?" Five cocks rose instantaneously and four chins dropped. With your hands on your hips you cocked your hip. "Not yet," I said beating the others to the punch. I exited just as the doors closed. We could hear the groans as the car left and someone punching the buttons belatedly.

"What a wonderful evening!" you said. Now you untied your top and let your dress cascade to the floor. Now you started off with only your pale blues, stockings and heels.

"Hey! I like this dress!"

"It's yours," you said.

"OK," I said picking up the dress. "But you'll need this."

Turning you saw me hold up the room key. You walked back to me and held out your hand. I took that opportunity to kiss you and slide the card key into the front of your blues.

"Cool!" you moaned as the plastic hit your clit. This time you walked to our door rubbing your nipples. I followed at a distance enjoying the view.

You reached the door before me but couldn't open it. "Damn. I can never get these things to work."

"Perhaps it's not lubed enough," as I took it from her hand. "It's a little known fact that the wetter these things are, the better they work." Sounds good. I slipped the card back into the blues. My hand followed over the top of the card and my fingers bent up in between her lips forcing the plastic against her clit. Oh the lube flowed! You leaned into me and bit my shoulder. I then pushed you against the cold door.

"ENOUGH! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!" Never before has a door opened so quickly. You slammed the door and pushed me toward the bedroom. Shoving me onto the bed you ripped off the blues. Like a panther you attacked my belt pulling my pants to my ankles. Seeing my cock drove you into a frenzy. With my cock standing tall and hard you climbed on the bed and positioned your pussy above me. Down you moved taking all of me on the first stroke. You held that position like a statue. I could feel the heat and the motion inside your body. Then you began to rock. Then you would move up and down. Then you would stop. This drove me wild seemingly forever. I was holding out as long as possible. I felt you begin to move faster, your breathing more ragged.

"YESYESYESYES........" We came together. You collapsed onto me as I grabbed your asscheeks. We both fell asleep immediately. What an incredible six hours with more to come!

I woke to an empty bed. The clock showed about an hour later and there was a soft, but insistent, knocking at the door. I quickly got up wondering what happened to my vision. When I cleared the bedroom door I saw her.

She was in the chair we had previously made use of and she was again making use of it. She was in her own world. Slouched with eyes closed, one hand held a breast the other was buried between her legs. I beheld her while I groped for the door handle. I opened it without looking. Sandi stood there looking at me, at first. She followed my gaze. Mesmerized, she moved toward the chair. As she moved, items of clothing began to hit the floor. I closed the door and leaned against it watching.

Beauty moved to Beauty. Sandi tossed her blouse and bra aside. Then she shed her shoes. As she stood near the chair her hands moved to her waist. Skirt and white panties slithered down her long legs as one item. She bent at the waist allowing me an incredible view and pulled the clothing away leaving only her thigh-highs. My Beauty never stopped and never opened her eyes since I first saw her. Her moans were coming more rapidly. Her hands moved more quickly.

Sandi fell to her knees and placed her hands on two vibrating knees. Both women smiled as Sandi slid her hands up those soft thighs. Nicole was smiling, then she opened her eyes. A shock appeared on her face as she realized it was Sandi between her thighs. I began to move forward. She looked at me and the smile reappeared. Her eyes closed again as Sandi licked the moist place where Nicole's hands had been.

"OHHH, OHHHHH, OHHHHHHHH," Nicole exclaimed. Sandi was riding a bucking bronco with her mouth. Nicole had both hands on the back of Sandi's head entwined in her hair. Sandi was tugging at both breasts and pulling the hard nipples. I knelt behind the offered body and slowly moved my diamond hard cock into the tightest of pussies. Not expecting this intrusion Sandi raised her mouth from its succulent feast and groaned to the depths of her soul. Nicole wasn't having any of it and pulled Sandi back to her previous endeavor. I held myself still and my conjoined partner went back to work. Seconds later Nicole exploded. Her body jumped from the chair. Sandi grabbed Nicole's ass cheeks and pulled her even closer, sucking the flowing juices. Sandi's movement forced her back even deeper onto my cock. As Nicole humped Sandi's face a rhythm developed. I felt Sandi's pussy grabbing my cock, milking it. Nicole collapsed back into the chair and Sandi lay her head on a very satisfied, vibrating pussy. Sandi had her arms around Nicole's waist as I began to pleasure her. She moaned on every stroke. Nicole bent forward and rubbed Sandi's back and pulled her hair. Sandi's orgasm hit. Nicole held her as I pumped my load into her spasming pussy. Nicole rubbed my nipples and played with Sandi's tight rosebud. As I was finishing Nicole pulled my cock out and placed it between Sandi's cheeks. She used my fluids to insert her index finger into Sandi's nether hole and take her to greater heights as her second orgasm hit. Nicole pumped her finger vigorously as I rubbed Sandi's clit. She now was jabbering an unknown dialect. She REALLY lost it! We had to hold her through her pleasure. She went on this way for what seemed to be minutes. Then she went limp, unconscious.

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