tagLesbian SexFairweather Ranch Ch. 06

Fairweather Ranch Ch. 06


Yes, another chapter. I will finish this one this year! And of course, I'll most likely post other stuff as well...



Eve was feeling awful. She didn't want to lose the woman she loved but it seemed like that was going to happen. Several hours of crying later, she realized Melody might not be far out.

"Where are you rushing off to, young lady?" Eve's father called after her.

"I'm going to look for Melody!" Might as well be honest with him. If everything worked out, she might not even come back.

Carrying Melody's things and a few of her own, she went on the horse a few miles into town. There was a stagecoach stop, and a tavern near it, so she stopped in there.

"Hey there, you're the Chambers girl, aren't you?" the bartender asked, noticing her.

"I am. Was there a Melody... (she checked in Melody's things) Marron that passed through here?"

"Could have been. What did the lady look like?"

Eve stopped and went into a whole loving description, like one might do for a piece of art. "She has brown hair... blue eyes. She's slim, and puts out one side to the other when she walks. Her laugh is perfect, just at the pitch to be admirable. And when she looks at you, you can tell if she dislikes you... or if she'll love you forever." Eve started blushing, she had not meant to go on so long.

"Brown hair, blue eyes, slim? Yeah, she came through. She took the last stagecoach to Dallas. The next one leaves early tomorrow." Oh, well. A few coins for the inn wouldn't set her back, but she wondered about a large city. Could she find her love?

A woman about a generation older than Eve came up to her. "Pardon me, miss. I'm going on the stagecoach as well. Would you like to travel together? You can stay in my room." The woman seemed rather intent, so Eve agreed.

There was only one bed in the room, so the two women were sleeping together. Eve put on a gown, but her companion stripped off all her clothes and got into bed with her. She could tell she was a polite woman, so she doubted she would be aggressive.

Still, it was rather awkward sleeping next to her. Eve noticed she was avoiding any physical content. Eve was as well, her hand went to her pussy a few times, but didn't start outright masturbating. She wondered if her new friend was doing the same, and if there was a connection between them. Eventually, the two of them drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, the two were on the stagecoach. They were told they likely would get to Dallas before nightfall. There had been nothing other than plain land for miles. It was just them inside, so they began conversation. Eve admitted she was interested in women, though she wasn't sure where it would go.

"I am too."

"Yeah. Right."

"It's been a while since I had fun with a woman. Well, a lot longer than when I was with a man. Lord knows where he is, and our child, for that matter."

Was this really going to happen? She didn't know if she was ever going to see Melody again. She didn't even know the woman's name, and it might as well stay that way.

Giggling, Eve said "Let's do it then!"

"Oh dear, I'd thought you'd never ask..." She spread her legs and Eve noticed her fairly hairy pussy. She gave the woman a nice wet kids as she massaged the bush, trying to get at her clitoris. Apparently the husband was never able to get there, but Eve had it rather quickly. Still, she could sense the pleasure she was causing. Almost in a soft, tender way, she applied pressure with her mouth. Yes, indeed, her lips were on the woman's vaginal lips and they both were huge fans of that.

They started hugging, Eve suddenly being caught in a big one, and were touching each other. Both flashed their breasts, hard to do as it was, and those were massaged too. Eve played with her friend's breasts, and licked and kissed them. She sucked on each for a second.

The pair laid down on the one bench and rubbed their pussies together, which helped their sexual organs, every one ready for pleasure. This kept on until it went to outright scissoring, perhaps the best. Well, the woman was good, but Melody's scissoring was of course the best. She was sure Melody was the best at everything. Eve had been told that she was the best, even with as many partners Melody had previously. She stopped thinking about it, just as they both orgasmed.

Many hours of sex later, the stagecoach stopped in the city. The sex partners stepped out and were at a bit of an awkward moment as nome of them kbew what to say. They offered a simple goodbye and set off on their paths.

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