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Fairy Fuck Festival


When Jeremy came to, he found himself lying completely naked on the ground on a bed of warm, soft moss within a ring of glowing toadstools. He felt strange, stringy cords binding his wrists and ankles to the forest floor; he was in a forest, or forest glade, at least. He could see towering trees beyond the glow of the toadstools. From the forest he heard the sound of laughter, singing, and music as dancing lights approached through the trees. It was only then, as he heard the approaching laughter, that he noticed his throbbing erection: a turgid totem reaching towards the heavens, caressed by the warm breezes of the forest. He felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment; he was no exhibitionist, and he couldn't remember how he got here.

Floating Into view through the night air came something that he could not credit. They looked like Barbie dolls; they couldn't have been more than two feet tall as they floated toward him on gossamer wings. They were nude women of exquisite beauty, who seemed to glow softly with their own radiance. Their wings came in all types; some had long wings like dragonflies and flitted eagerly from here to there and back; still others had great slow beating wings like butterflies or moths which came in all colors and patterns. Their ears were long, tapering out into antenna. Their eyes were unnaturally large, almond-shaped, dark, and made of a thousand facets.

They were fairies, they had to be, it was the only name Jeremy could put to them. Not that before that moment he would have ever admitted to believing in fairies. They came in all varieties, no one quite the same as any other. Some were slim while others were full-figured, but all were breathtakingly beautiful. Their skin and hair ran in all shades and colors, from those you would see on humans to exotic purples and greens.

Leading their train was a slightly larger fairy with large, pale green wings and ears that became feathered antennae. On her brow she wore a silver circlet, and he assumed she must be the queen. She was breathtaking, her proportions impossible for a human to match; her breasts were high and full on her chest, her slim waist flared out to full hips her legs were slim and long, her skin was pale as porcelain, glowing with its own radiance, and her shimmering aquamarine hair fell in waves down her back. Her full lips curved in a delicate smile as she and her fellows began dancing in the air above him. As they danced, shimmering gold and silver dust fell from her wings onto him and the ground around him. Where the fairy dust hit his skin a warm heat and heady ecstasy blossomed, and he felt his need build as the seductive sirens danced above him.

Finally, their Queen settled softly towards his face. She came to rest on the ground with her long slender legs straddling his face. Between her legs, he could see her sweet honeydew beading on her full nether lips. He couldn't help licking his lips as his eyes traveled up her delicate body, taking in her exquisite features. His eyes met hers, and he thought he would lose himself in their infinite faceted depths; the color he had thought before to be black was in truth deep sapphire.

Her full ruby lips curved in a warm smile as she leaned in to caress his cheek with her tiny hand. Her peach-sized breasts swayed pendulously before his face as she leaned close. His tongue reflexively moistened his lips in anticipation. Her smile broadened and seemed to take on a mischievous look as though she sensed his thoughts. "I am Luna, Queen of this fairy tribe, and you have been chosen to sire the next generation. If you accept this call you will know heights of ecstasy beyond anything you could imagine." Her great, pale green, gossamer wings spread wide, showering his face with her fairy dust and making him burn all the stronger with lust. "Do you accept?" she asked, her smile conveying every surety that she already knew his answer.

And she did. This whole thing was the strangest experience Jeremy had ever had, but he was about as capable of saying no here as he would have been trying to will his own heart to stop beating. "Yes," he gasped out, and that was all he could manage over the growing haze of fairy drugs.

"Thank you," Luna said and gasped as she pressed her tiny hard nipple against his lips. As he opened his mouth to taste her offer she pushed against him so that her whole breast popped into his mouth. His tongue massaged her breast as his lips sucked at its base. Her other breast pressed into his cheek as her hands grabbed handfuls of his dark curly hair and pulled her more firmly into his face and mouth. As he sucked on her whole breast a warm flow of milk began to fill his mouth, and he drank the sweet milk down greedily. It was by far the best milk he'd ever tasted.

Out of the corners of his eyes he saw the other fairies descending, and he began to feel small hands and mouths caressing his body. Tiny mouths affixed themselves to his nipples, pinching and teasing them in just the way he loved. He felt his fingers begin to be kissed and licked by minute lips and tongues. Near his crotch he felt the weight of two fairies on his thighs, and a moment later, long slender tongues began ministering to his aching member. Another tongue began playing over his balls.

As the flow of milk from her first breast started to ebb, Luna pulled back the ripe peach of her breast, which popped wetly from his mouth as she did. His tongue shot out to lick the last drop of milk from her nipple before shifting to her other breast. Like the first she pushed the whole peach-sized orb into his mouth, and he again began eagerly drinking the milk she produced.

He couldn't turn his head to see properly, but he felt with fascination the fairies guiding his fingertips into their nether entrances, one fairy on each of his fingers and thumb, their bodies pressed close together as they lowered themselves. Slowly their labia stretched around his fingertips as they pushed each finger deeper. The sensation for him was bizarre, but incredibly pleasurable. It probably had something to do with the fairy dust and milk; his fingers sent sensations to his brain as though each one were a cock being engulfed by a hot, wet pussy. Their pace started slow but built in tempo, their bodies intertwined with each other. Impossibly long tongues designed for licking nectar from deep within flowers writhed continually over each other as they pressed together and their hips gyrated on his fingers.

In his mouth, the flow of milk from Luna's second breast finally ebbed and stopped. She pulled back with a wet pop, his tongue again eagerly licking up the last drops of milk. Moving up his face she positioned her hot snatch over his mouth; as she lowered herself over his lips his tongue eagerly darted out to taste the sweet nectar glittering invitingly on her pussy lips. The taste of her honey was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before; rich and sweet, and incredibly intoxicating. It was what he imagined the nectar of the gods must taste like. His tongue eagerly went to work as she arched her back above him, the view incredible.

He could not tell what was happening beyond her wings, but he felt more and more fairies landing on top of him. They hopped onto his thighs and calves, and he felt long tongues start to play with his toes, probably inspired by the fairies riding his fingers. He felt other fairies writhing together as they lay atop his chest, and wherever the fairies touched it felt amazing. It was probably a good thing that the binds on his wrists and ankles kept him secured to the ground, or he might have accidentally crushed some of them as he moved in response to their overwhelming attentions.

On his fingers the fairies started to climax, their bodies quivering uncontrollably as they came explosively, one after another. As each of the fairies came there was a sharp prick of pain at the base of his finger and he orgasmed, but these orgasms were different; the sensations were centered on each finger and his cock remained hard and in need of release.

As his fingers exploded in climax he screamed out into Luna's cunt. The vibrations of the scream pushed her over the edge and she climaxed, her tiny body and wings quivering in the throes of her ecstasy. As she came her nectar poured forth into his open mouth, but also as she came Jeremy felt a sharp stab of pain on his tongue before an orgasm exploded in his mouth. The sensation was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before, and he almost choked on her sweet juices as he was swept away by the torrent of ecstasy.

As Luna came down off her own climax she collapsed against his face, her soft breasts brushing against him as she pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. She lay there for long moments before she pushed herself up and climbed back to her feet. She pushed herself up and climbed back to her feet, swaying provocatively as she walked lightly on her delicate feet down his chest. Her ass was displayed alluringly as she moved, and now for the first time he noticed the slim sting, which emerged from the base of her spine to curve down between her ass cheeks. Looking at the other fairies writhing atop him he noticed that they all possessed those dangerous-looking stings. His head and hands were still buzzing from his orgasms, and if that's what those stings did, then he wasn't about to complain.

As she approached his member, still rising like a totem pole, she motioned the other fairies away from his cock. On reaching his cock she knelt behind it so that she faced him and wrapped her arms around it. She positioned his cock so that it rose up between her breasts with its tip resting just below her mouth. With a smile she extended her long tongue, slowly wrapping it down the length of his cock. This was the first clear view he'd had of a fairy tongue. It was incredibly long and slim; like a hummingbird tongue it was intended for sipping nectar and pollen from deep inside flowers. As she drew her tongue into her mouth, leaving a wet trail behind it on his turgid pole, an impish smile crossed her face.

Leaning forward, she pressed her lips to the tip of his glans, and then she extended her tongue. The sensation was bizarre to say the least, pleasant, but very strange. As she extended her tongue through his meatus down his urethra his pleasure from the sensation started to grow. She slowly worked her tongue in and out, developing a slow rhythm as the other fairies played across his body. Between Luna's ministrations and the sight of the other fairies' orgiastic fun he felt his climax fast approaching. But just as he neared its peak, she removed her tongue and stopped the slow caress of her hands and breasts. Grinning, she said, "Now, now, we can't have you wasting your precious seed."

She lifted herself into the air and moved to position her moist vulva above his glans. He had no idea how she would actually fit it through her tiny entrance, let alone inside her. Now, he was no porn star, but his cock was a respectable enough size that the porn stars had never made him feel inadequate. However, next to Luna it seemed like a monster; it was easily half as long as her torso and as big around as her thigh. Somehow, impossibly, she slipped it inside her, slowly lowering herself on his shaft. The sensation of her flesh wrapped around his member was mind-blowing; she was so tight it was all he could do not to come instantly. With great effort he held back as she sank slowly onto his shaft, her hips finally resting against his as her legs nearly did the splits. Strangely, there was no distortion of her belly from the shaft that somehow had to be buried inside her up to her chest; her belly remained taut and her waist slim. The only sign of the monster inside her were her gaping cunt lips spread impossibly wide, and the look of total ecstasy on her face.

Luna began to slowly beat her wings, sending swirls of fairy dust out from her as she slowly slid back up his member. Her distended labia seemed to cling greedily to his moist shaft as she rose. Once she had nearly pulled herself free, she paused then allowed herself to drop back, impaling herself on his rigid lance. She arched her back in rapture as she felt his flesh suddenly fill her once again. As she dropped on him and her muscles clenched around him Jeremy felt his balls jerk and knew he could not take much more.

New fairies had replaced those who'd satisfied themselves on his fingers and he could now feel hot pussies eagerly sucking on his toes. The first ten fairies that had been on his hands now circled around his crotch, their long tongues licking over his balls and around the base of his cock as their bodies intertwined with one another on his belly and sides. One of these fairies climbed over the others to reach Luna and began aggressively making out with her. The fairy wrapped her legs around Luna's waist and began grinding her hips against Luna. This final added pressure combined with their erotic display pushed him over the edge.

He came deep inside Luna, shooting jet after jet of his seed into her. He was surprised that she did not explode from the sheer volume he felt like he was releasing, but no, that did not seem to be the case. On his third or fourth jet, Luna arched her back, quivering with her own climax. And yes, as she came he felt the sharp stab of her sting and his orgasm redoubled. Pleasure seemed to radiate out to every corner of his body like an exploding supernova, only to rebound as fairies on his fingers and toes started coming.

He must've blacked out for a moment, but when he came to, Luna was no longer impaled on his cock. Instead, a cluster of fairies held their Queen in the air, while others eagerly licked up the excess come from between her legs before slipping their tongues into the depths of their fellows, apparently to ensure that his seed would not be wasted. Still others were lapping eagerly around the base of his cock for any come they could find then performing the same service for each other as long come-covered tongues sought out moist cunts.

To his surprise, his shaft was still hard as adamant and another fairy prepared to mount him, the one who had been making out with Luna. She rode him fast and hard, and it was not long before he was coming again.

He lost track of the number of times he came. The night became a blur of pleasure and moist fairy flesh pressing against him. At some point, Luna decided to lie atop his chest and settle her small head beneath his chin. Other fairies periodically offered him their milk or a taste of their nectar.

Eventually, he had no idea how much time later; he came inside the last fairy as she passed out still astride his cock. Finally his member relaxed, and sleep claimed him.

As he drifted off to sleep a fleeting thought on the edge of consciousness seemed to nag at him: what happened to Alice? But he was too exhausted and drunk on fairy dust to form the thought clearly before sleep took him.

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