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Fairy Tail


featuring art by RhinoGuy

Each year on the day of All Hallow's Eve, the Queen of the fairies gathers all of the new fairy maidens to her and announces their special task to serve the kingdom of fairy spirits. This year, however, there would be a different outcome, one that would change the world of the fairies.

Aeval, the Queen, had the fairy maidens, who had served her all year long, sit down to a banquet and let them be served by the next year's maidens. The greatest delicacies of the kingdom were served; yellow honeysuckle pistils and bee pollen, fresh morning dew and fragrant sweet pea petals all pale blues and lavenders and pink. The maidens talked and laughed and smiled with their brilliant little sharp white teeth. You see fairy maidens are like kittens, they love to play and they love to snuggle, but they do have sharp teeth and very sharp nails.

On the night before their transformation, Queen Aeval looked over her latest brood and smiled. She had a lovely bunch of girls this year and she felt confident that they would help her work the magic her kingdom needed.

"Girls," she said, clapping her hands lightly. "Girls! I need your attention on me. Now."

The fairy maidens had been trained all their lives to listen when their Queen spoke. They sat on their knees, rapt in her words and listened.

"It's time to get ready for the task you've been preparing for since you were born in my realm of the fairy kingdom.

"Each year we gather the one special ingredient that allows us to release the fairy spirits for one night. This is a great magic that requires much work on your parts to bring it to pass.

The maidens were delighted and giggled at the prospect of being involved in the Queen's magic.

"Have you all heard of the Brown Man? She spoke in a questioning manner. At the maidens' confused looks, she continued. He who protects the animals of the forest?

A look of understanding dawned on the faces of the girls and the Queen continued seriously.

Everywhere the Brown Man makes water in the woods; the spore of a special mushroom grows. This mushroom only grows during harvest season and tonight, the only night of the year this happens, the mushroom releases a special fluid that I need to make the magic work.

The maidens murmur rose as they wondered at the magic.

"This mushroom looks like the phallus that a man pushes deep in woman to get her with child!

With a single gasp, all the maidens stopped their excited chattering and listened closely once again.

"If you don't find these mushrooms and bring their caps back to me, the spirits cannot be released and the fairy world is doomed to a hard winter and a dark, dark year to look forward to.

"When you find these mushrooms, we will only need the cap. It is huge and you must reach up and twist the end off the mushroom and bring it back here. You'll only be able to bring in one at a time, so you must hurry.

Each maiden was rapt with attention.

"If you find one of these mushrooms and you cannot get the cap off, if it is too big or too tight, run back to our circle and I will come to help you.

"Now go my maidens and return to me before dark with the magic mushroom caps.

The maidens scattered in all directions though the woods. Each chose her own path to explore for the phallic mushrooms and scurried along quickly in her excited hurry.

Asrai, was a strong lass, often accused of playing too rough with her sisters and too much with the brownies in rough and tumble games. She went fearlessly deeper through the thicket than any other maiden dared; hoping to easily find everyone else would miss. She looked by the stream, and up on the rotting trunks of dead trees. She looked by the swamp and in the cow fields. But nowhere could she spy the shape she was seeking.

Naughtily, and against the teachings, she decided to cheat. Fairies have very strict rules about being seen. They must have. Flying is one of the easiest ways to be noticed. Small human shaped creatures with wings, flying through the air are not easily explained away. But with so little time allotted, Asrai felt she had no choice. She did not want to fail her Queen either, so looking carefully in all directions; she spread her wings and leaped skyward.

From her new vantage point she spied what looked like a whole patch of the mushrooms. Elated, thinking she would bring more magic to her Queen than any other maiden; she swooped down and landed right next to the pale shafts.

But they didn't reach above her head, and she could carry far more than one at a time. She frowned and picked one of the mushrooms. It was about as long as her forearm, but it did kind of look like a phallus – not that she'd seen any, but it looked like what the girls all talked about.

She wondered what one might feel like. If she ruined one, there were plenty more to take back. Looking around just in case some other fairy might be wandering by, she surreptitiously took the mushroom and pushed it at her little hole. Nothing happened. She tried rubbing it against herself. That felt pretty good, but it didn't go inside her. She tried pushing harder. But the shaft broke. Disappointed, she stamped her dainty foot in frustration.

Asrai was surprised and ashamed at what she'd done. What if all these were required? She quickly kicked the broken mushroom under some leaves, trying desperately to hide the source of her shame. But still this didn't seem right. The mushroom was supposed to be so large she would only be able to carry one. These were tiny and how much magic could there be in a mushroom that broke so easily.

She decided to pretend she hadn't even seen the mushrooms and continue to search for the larger phallic fungi-rod.

Asrai looked high and she looked low. The sun was getting closer to the horizon and still she could not find the magic mushroom.

Frustrated, Asrai decided to sit on a log and think about what she was doing wrong. Of course, fairies are small and what looks small and soft to us can look like a solid place to sit to a fairy.

When she sat down, the log twitched. Asrai jumped up and looked at it. It was a white log, not too big, but big enough to sit on. Then she noticed that one end looked like an egg, large and roundish with one end a little larger than the other. When she inspected the other end, she had to push some moss out of the way. What she saw made her heart leap with joy. It was a mushroom cap. Not like any other she had ever seen, to be sure, it was green and smooth with frown lines that ran from base to tip, but it was a cap nevertheless.

"This is great!" she shouted then covered her mouth. She looked around her hoping no one had heard.

She wouldn't even have to reach above her head. But was it good, she wondered, after all it was laying down. She hoped it wasn't defective.

She grasped the trunk, just below the cap to see if she could lift it and make sure it was okay. As she put her arms around the trunk, pressing herself against it, the mushroom seemed to rise by itself. And it seemed to be bigger than she thought. She let go, expecting it to crash back onto the forest floor, but it stayed upright. She walked all the way around the huge stem and looked for damage. But she could not see any.

She touched the cap, and it flared out a little. Asrai stepped back a little, and then hugged her wonderful find, pressing her cheek against the side of the cap. That was when she noticed the split in the top of the cap. She felt horrible. The mushroom was damaged after all. She could see clear fluid trapped inside the tear in the skin. And she couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Fairies need dew water, a lot of it, in their daily lives. They are connoisseurs of dew; they can tell if it has been filtered through the leaves of sycamore, or the needles of a pine. They gather it from flowers and never from rocks. But they all agree that the best dew is found on fungi. The spores keep dew good longer than anywhere else, and a taste of themselves which the fairies find intoxicating.

Asrai lowered her head and put her mouth on the slit, stuck her tongue out and licked at the dew. This was different from any dew she had ever tasted before. Her head spun a little and she felt giddy. But it was also very good, the best she'd ever tasted. She had to have more. She put her mouth to the slit once more and suckled. The dew made her feel good, very good, and she pushed her mouth against the slit harder, trying to reach the wonderful nectar. The slit gave way a little and she slipped forward, almost immersing her face into the liquid. Quickly, she wrapped her leg against the shaft and drank deeply.

As she raised her head to catch her breath, she felt the ground go out from beneath her foot. In a panic, she held onto the mushroom shaft and swung her other leg around it. When she looked down, the mushroom seemed to have grown three times its original size.

In her befuddled state, Asrai thought the dew must have fermented in the mushroom and that she was hallucinating.

Oh well, she thought, if she was incapable of getting back to her Queen, she might as well have fun.

With practiced ease, learned from all the time she spent with the brownie boys, Asrai shinnied up on top of the mushroom. Even the cap seemed to have grown and made a comfortable seat.

Now she could reach between her legs and scoop the dew which seemed to have gotten closer to the surface of the cap. Intoxicated with the dew, Asrai stuck her hand into the slit and scooped out some of the dew. There was so much and she was so woozy with it, Asrai managed to get more down the front of her breasts and her belly than in her mouth.

At this point, she started to slide back and forth across the slit making herself very wet right where she was sitting. That felt better than when she had tried the small mushroom before. Asrai started to have naughty thoughts running through her head. The first mushroom was too small and this one was certainly too big, but she could play and use the mushroom like it was really a man.

The very thought spurred her on to faster, harder movement. The liquid was overflowing at the point and she hung onto the edge of the cap while she slipped back and forth.

Suddenly Asrai felt very tingly down where she sat against the mushroom. She pushed harder and started to rub herself against the edge of the slit. Then she erupted inside herself. If she wasn't under the influence of the dew, she may have panicked. She'd never felt anything in her body like this before. And it demanded her hand. She didn't know how her body could make demands that her hand would obey without question, but it happened. Her hand moved between her legs and scooping a handful of the dew, she spread it all up and down her undersides.

Doing something she'd never even imagined before, she found she could slip her fingers insider her own little slit. This felt too good to believe, but she kept pushing and pulling in and out of her body.

When her second orgasm hit, Asrai almost slipped off the mushroom. But she managed to turn over and grasp the edge of the cap and maintain her perch. How she knew the word for what had happened was as much an amazing mystery as what she'd just experienced.

"I love you," Asrai announced to the mushroom. Yes, she thought, I am crazy in love with a mushroom. Since this was so, Asrai proceeded to kiss the cap of the mushroom all along the edge, turning herself on top of the cap in the slippery dew.

The next thing that happened was more astonishing than anything that had yet happened to Asrai.

The mushroom erupted with a liquid geyser of its own, pushing Asrai up and transforming her and the forest floor at the same time.

Asrai's body grew larger and larger, the small geyser, which seemed strong and powerful at first became a trickle. As she was pushed clear of the cap, her body naturally swung back into a sitting position and she sat down on a cap which now became too small to hold her off the ground. But as she sat, the phallus poked its way up into her body. Yet that was not what made a look of complete surprise come on her face. Up out of the forest floor, the Brown Man sat up, leaves falling off his hard body. He was a sight that would strike terror into the hearts of children. But Asrai was not a child, certainly not any more, she was a maiden fair – a fairy maiden, and they have completely different ideas about beauty.

To Asrai, her new lover was the most beautiful man in the world. And as he forced himself into her body, they struck up a rhythm that the breeze of the dark forest whispers only on All Hallows Eve. Asrai threw back her head as the Brown Man held her, grunting with his effort, and she opened her mouth in a piercing scream as the spirits of the fairy world, spewed forth from her queenly body.

When the Brown Man and Asrai walked back to the fairy circle, Aeval was waiting for them with wreaths made from flowers for their hair, and a special, magical brew made from the caps of the mushrooms all the other maidens had gathered.

"To Queen Asrai and her consort, the Brown Man," said Aeval.

"Long live our Queen!" the fairy folk shouted.

And the fairies and the fairy spirits danced the night away.

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