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Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 08


Author's Note: I've truly enjoyed writing this series, I hope that you have enjoyed reading it =) This particular chapter contains MF sex, regular and anal. Enjoy!


Kristen awoke as the sun was coming through the leaves of the trees... she felt completely refreshed, and rather glad to be so well-clothed.

As she walked along, she found a little side-path that led to a stream... thinking it would be nice to take a bath, Kristen stripped off her peasant-girl outfit that she'd gotten from the Beast's castle and climbed in. Splashing and playing she almost felt like an entirely new person!

Suddenly, the whinny of a horse made her turn around... and she gasped. The most beautiful man she'd ever seen in her entire life was atop the horse, in fine glittering clothes with a gold circlet round his brow. He was tall, obviously muscular, with perfect masculine features, the deepest eyes and the most enchanting smile that she'd ever seen. Kristen was completely transfixed.

"Good morrow, beautiful peasant maid," the gorgeous man said, "I hope I did not startle you."

"Um," Kristen said, trying to gather her thoughts together, "Well, maybe a little."

"My deepest apologies," the man swung down from his horse, the movement almost making her gasp with its beauty. Then he began to strip.

Kristen nearly moaned with lust as he pulled off his clothes, he had the most chiseled physique she'd ever seen... but without looking uncomfortable or unnatural. She wanted to run her hands over his smooth, bare skin... and when he pulled down his trousers she saw the most perfect cock a girl could ever hope to see in her life time. Still smiling, the gorgeous man began to wade into the stream, and Kristen realized that he was coming towards her.

Feeling completely paralyzed, she just stood there, hands over her breasts, as he came closer and closer.

"I'm Prince Charming," he said, once he stood in front of her, "And you are?"

"Kristen." she gasped... Prince Charming! In the flesh! COMPLETELY in the flesh!

"A beautiful name for a beautiful maid," and he cupped her face in his hands and leaned forward to kiss her.

Even if Kristen had wanted to resist him, she wouldn't have been able to have. He was even more beautiful than Goldilocks or Little Red... and he was MAN. The first that she'd met since she'd started traveling through the fairy tales, Jack didn't really count, he'd been a boy. But the Prince... he was as strong and compelling as the Big Bad Wolf or the Beast, but he was purely and totally human.

The kiss deepened, and she found herself pulled to him, their slick bodies pressed against each other and her arms around his body. She felt so small and delicate pressed against his hard, broad body; and his hands gripped her flesh tightly as they traveled over her body. Slowly, the Prince moved them back towards the shore, bringing her to a soft patch of grass by her clothes where they sank to the ground.

His lips left hers then, leaving her mouth feeling swollen... and then he left a trail of fiery kissed down her neck and to her breasts. Fingers pressed against her soaking pussy as he began to suck on her nipples.

Kristen moaned, "Are you supposed to be doing this? Isn't Prince Charming supposed to find his Princess?"

"Ah, but sometimes there are Princess' in disguise," the Prince smiled as his fingers penetrated her, "And how am I to know unless I approach them?"

"You thought I was a Princess?" Kristen was surprised.

"Not anymore," the Prince replied, grinning wickedly, and his fingers thrust hard into her pussy, making her gasp and her hips lift.

Kristen didn't like the intonation of his voice, on the other hand she couldn't really deny after the past week or so that she was most definitely a slut. And she was enjoying the Prince on her own free will... there was no compelling force in her body other than her own female lust for his perfect body and rather talented mouth and fingers. Moaning, she pulled him down for another kiss as his fingers pressed in and out of her pussy, mimicking the sex act that she knew was coming.

He played her body like a musician plays his instrument, stroking and nuzzling, biting and pressing... Kristen writhed on the ground next to him. Finally, when she felt like she could take no more, Prince Charming rolled on top of her, his dick pressing against her pussy hole, and then he thrust in hard. With a wild shriek, Kristen thrust her hips upwards to meet him, his dick buried itself in her tight slickness with that one thrust, and she gasped with ecstacy at the completion.

Wrapping his arms tightly around her body, Prince Charming began thrusting in and out of her pussy with abandon, Kristen thrashing underneath him as her orgasm came closer and closer. Fire burned eagerly in her belly, making her feel like she was going to explode.

As she began to scream her orgasm, his plunging dick making her ecstacy mount even higher, Prince Charming pulled all the way out of her pussy and slammed into her ass. Lifting one of her legs over his shoulder to further open her up, the Prince fucked her ass as hard and mercilessly as he had her pussy. Kristen shrieked with the pain that mixed into the pleasure and completely buried her body in an avalanche of sensation, her orgasm becoming almost overwhelming in its intensity.

Then the Prince lunged, trapping her body between him and the hard ground, his dick completely lodged in her tight ass. She actually felt him swell up and begin shooting frothy cum deep into her asshole, its tightness convulsing around him pleasurably as he groaned with completion.

"Thank thee wench," The Prince said, and he leaned forward and kissed her. Then, abruptly, he pulled out of her ass (making her gasp) and put his clothes back on, hopped on his horse and left.

Kristen was completely shocked at the sudden behavior, until she realized that the Prince Charming had thought she was a peasant maid. Chances were, he would have been much more polite had she really been a Princess and not just a peasant.

As she lay there, with his cum dripping out of her ass, she felt everything start to waver... her surroundings, her body... and suddenly fell back into a faint.


Kristen awoke in a dark room with her friend Daniel leaning over her, "Kristen? You ok?"

"Yes..." she got out shakily, looking around the room. The witch was sitting there looking smug, her friends were looking at her as if totally shocked. "What's going on?"

Assured that she was ok, Daniel - being the only male in the room - suddenly grinned, "You sure fuck good... I never would have guessed it of you."

"What?!" Kristen gasped.

"Here's your book," The old witch interrupted, "Thanks for coming."

The entire group suddenly found themselves outside of the tent... except that the tent wasn't there anymore. Clutching the book was Kristen's best friend Jenna, except that Jenna was staring at Kristen as if she didn't recognize her at all.

"What's in the book?" Kristen asked... feeling very wary.

"I... You..." Jenna opened the book and looked in it.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and the book clattered to the ground... Jenna was gone.

"Jenna!" They all yelled and jumped forward.

Kristen turned beet red when she looked at the page that it was open to and saw herself in the middle of a clearing, a little man with his dick up her ass and another with his cock in her mouth. "Oh my god..." she whispered.

Quickly she turned a large group of pages, ignoring the depictions of her being fucked by the wolf, sodomized by the Beast, and then they found Jenna... a moving picture, as though the book was playing a movie. A very confused and dazed looking Jenna, traveling down a path towards a very familiar looking cottage.

"You watched everything?" Kristen whispered, completely shocked... and also surprised at herself for feeling envious of Jenna's eventual fates.

"Everything," breathed Daniel.

"Everything," said Cathy, in a completely different tone. Glancing at her friend, Kristen realized that she knew who might be the next of their group to take a peek in the book. After Jenna was done. Reluctantly, Kristen returned her gaze to the book... Jenna was just entering the cottage, a beautiful, buxom blonde girl leading the way.

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