tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFairy Tale Fantasy: Cindy's Story

Fairy Tale Fantasy: Cindy's Story


"Cindersoot!" Ellora screamed out, her voice shrill and loud.

Footsteps could be heard as Cindy ran down the hall; she skidded to a stop and swung the door open. "Yes Ellora what is it?"

The morning sun was finally lifting and Cindy had just gotten in from doing the chores outside. She had been up before the sun and had managed to milk the two cows and feed the young bull calf that had been weaned from his mother yesterday. Now Cindy stood inside her step-sister's room. Her tattered dress clung to her body, her nipples erect from the warm milk that had sloshed on her chest when she had stumbled carrying the bucket inside.

"The window you fool," Ellora said in disgust. "What is that God-awful smell coming from? Oh. It's you." She rolled her eyes and glanced at Cindy's body. She sneered at it, hating how lovely her sister was and jealous of her beauty. Ellora couldn't help but compare her own tall frame of 6'3" and her knobby knees with Cindy's 5'6" and slim perfect physique.

Cindy looked over to the window and gritted her teeth. A sliver of light was invading the room and Ellora was complaining of it. Cindy rolled her eyes at her sister and went over to the window. She pulled the curtain tight and blocked out the early morning rays of light, "Anything else?"

Ellora hadn't missed the sarcasm that rolled off of Cindy's lips, nor had she missed the hard nipples that were protruding from underneath the fabric. "What happened to you?" she asked.

"Milk," Cindy shrugged and looked down on the wet splotch on her dress. "It sloshed on me, and I didn't get to change before I heard you calling for me."

Ellora's brown eyes traveled over the firm breasts and she licked her lips, "Change now, you can use one of the slips in my dresser." She nodded her head and saw Cindy's hesitation. "Do it!" she ordered.

Cindy glared at her oldest step-sister and untied her apron, then slipped the buttons out at the front of her dress. Soon that too was piled on the floor and Cindy walked over to Ellora's dresser and found a slip to wear.

"Don't put it on yet, idiot."

Cindy still had her back turned, and she knew Ellora couldn't see the look of disgust on her face. She closed her eyes took a deep breath and masked her features. Turning she looked over to her sister who had pushed off her blankets and was lifting her nightgown from her body. Cindy fought the bile that threatened to overtake her.

Ellora knew that her step-sister hated this, but Ellora loved it. She had been controlling Cindy for years now, just as everyone in the house had. Cindy knew better then to refuse her orders so it was no surprise when Cindy removed her shoes and walked toward Ellora.

Cindy tossed the slip to the edge of the bed, and stared at Ellora. Hate filled the blue eyes of the blonde beauty, but she also didn't want the tip of the whip laid across her back either. So Cindy relented and climbed onto the bed and straddled Ellora's slick sex.

Ellora reached down and stroked Cindy's pussy. "You're dry sister dear," Ellora chuckled, and then pushed her finger into the blonde bush of curls. "I wish Mother would let you shave, I don't know why she likes hairy cunts." Ellora pushed deeper into the dry hole and eventually Cindy's body responded.

Disgust rolled through Cindy's mind and she shuddered at the thought of the act she and her step-sister were about to partake in.

"You hate this don't you Cindy. You hate knowing you're better then all of us and not being able to do anything to show it. You hate knowing your body wants this and you are stuck accepting it. Don't you?" she sneered moving her finger in and out, bringing God's natural gift to the surface. "Taste your lust Cindy," Ellora told her, placing her finger to her step-sister's mouth.

Cindy cleaned off the juices of her own sex, and still she said nothing to her rapist. That was what Ellora was, sure Cindy was doing this but not really by choice, not when the other choice was lashes across her skin.

A growl erupted from Ellora and she pulled her finger from her sister's beautiful mouth. "Come here, and turn around."

The bed shifted as Cindy spun around and straddled her sister's face with her legs and her hips with her hands. She could smell the arousal of Ellora's sex and once more Cindy thought she would vomit. She held off, knowing that was the worst thing she could do now. Ellora was right, she did hate the fact that her body would respond, and her body would find pleasure in what Ellora was about to do.

"Start Cindy, I'm tired of waiting," Ellora said thrusting her hips to Cindy's face.

Cindy said a prayer for strength then dipped her head down to her sister's pussy. Her fingers moved to the slick sex, and pushed open the lips, exposing the clit that was swollen and wet. Taking a deep breath and gagging on the scent of her step-sister, Cindy licked the hard bud that was there for her to take. She ran her pink tongue back and forth over the juices and sucked on Ellora's clit.

"Oh yes," Ellora moaned then went to work on Cindy's blonde bush. She slid her tongue over the slit and began to drink of the fluids that Cindy's body gave up. Ellora moved her tongue deep and ate her little sister's pussy. The 18 year old cunt was well used as far as oral sex went, and if Ellora could someday convince her Mother to let her take the full package she'd have Cindy fucked good and hard one day.

Hating herself and her body, Cindy moaned as her pussy hummed in pleasure. It was betraying her and she hated it. Her mouth moved faster on Ellora's cunt, bringing more juices to the surface, where it was swallowed. Cindy pushed her tongue to the hole that was bringing forth the liquid that Cindy knew was her job to clean. She gasped in unwanted pleasure as she felt a bite on her pussy lips. She returned the bite to Ellora's cunt, but she knew it was harder than the Bitch would have wanted.

Ellora bucked up on the pain of Cindy's bite and she smacked her sister's ass hard, sending another wave of juices from both Cindy's cunt as well as her own. Ellora moved her head from Cindy's pussy, "You liked that didn't you? You're a slut Cindy, a slut that likes to eat pussy and get hit." Ellora slapped her again.

Soon Cindy's ass was red and tears stung her eyes, but she continued to eat at her sister's soaked sex. As she tasted the changing flavors she said a prayer of thanks knowing that it would be over soon.

As her step-sister captured the nectar of her cunt, Ellora inserted tongue and finger into Cindy's body, and began fucking her hard and fast. The taste of the beautiful pussy was excellent and Ellora knew she could dine all day on the tasty fruit. Soon she felt her belly tighten. "Take it all whore!" she cried as she climaxed for her sister.

Cindy's face curled in anger, but she continued to suck on the fluids that came gushing out of the bald mound. Cindy drank quickly so as not to leave too much of a moist stain on the sheets. Her tongue lapped at the juices, gathering them closer to her mouth. She took all the pussy offered and continued to drink in case more slipped out.

"Come for me now Cindy," Ellora told her. She pushed her tongue deeper and harder, and forced her body to accept a second finger then a third. "Damn it Cindy, come for me now."

Cindy only smiled against her step-sister's saliva covered cunt. One thing her body had never done was give her an orgasm. It would produce all the moans and sighs and quivers Cindy had, but not once had she experienced whatever pleasures that Ellora and the others had. She didn't know why, but whatever this orgasm was, it was something Cindy was thrilled she couldn't do. She knew if she did, then her family would have control over one last part of her, and she had nothing of her own.

"Fucking whore," Ellora screamed and pushed Cindy's pussy from her face. "Get cleaned up and get my breakfast."

Cindy moved from her sister's bed and picked up her dirty clothes, leaving the slip on the bed. "Breakfast will be here in a moment." Cindy left with a smile on her face, once more glad to know she hadn't been able to make Ellora completely happy.

Quickly she scurried to her room; her step-mother would have a fit if she were seen naked. Cindy made it to her room in the attic and quickly washed the scent of her sister from her face with the cold water she kept in a bowl by the small window. She scrubbed hard then went to work brushing her teeth, removing all traces of the vile act that she detested.

Once she was done she opened the window and let sunlight invade her dark space. Her eyes stared out into the distance and she made out the flags flapping from the castle on the hill. She stared at the beautiful palace, its towers high and pointed. The whiteness of its rock glistened in the morning sun and she wished she were there instead of here. She sighed and turned away from her dream.

Pulling a fresh gown from the closet she slipped it over her body, and put her feet into the worn black slippers. She laid her dirty clothes to the side and hurried back down to the kitchens. Soon dreams of the castle were gone and only the need to prepare breakfast and get it finished rolled in the young girl's mind.

Upstairs in another room in the house the Mistress stood looking in the mirror. Her eyes took in the wrinkles that were appearing around her lips. She was going to be turning fifty this year and it was starting to reflect in her face and on her hands. The mass of black curls were littered with gray and she pulled her lips back in frustration.

"You're lovely dear," her lover called from the bed.

Margaret turned from the mirror and looked at the man. She moved back to him and crawled up his body. "Do you think so?" she asked. Her legs straddled his hips. His cock was once again hard and she settled her pussy over it.

"Yes," he told her, his hands grabbing her hips and pushing her up and down on his swollen cock. "Beautiful."

She smiled down at him and pushed her fingers against her clit and began to mimic his movements. "I love that."

He encouraged her movements and soon was shooting his seed inside her. "I think you're one of the most beautiful women I know."

"One?" she asked as she rode him until her own come was flowing free once more. "Who else do you think is beautiful?"

His eyes flashed and he cocked a brow at her, "You know." He said nothing else as he felt her juices slip over his softened cock.

"Cindy," she sneered. "Everyone thinks she's beautiful," Margaret sneered. "She'll never be anything but beautiful."

Margaret saw the beauty of her step-daughter and her heart blackened further, "She's never had a man before. I've kept her virginity intact. I never know when I'll need to sell her for a high amount of coin."

"I understand," he told her. He had no money to buy the wench, but he would have loved to. "You have had her though, haven't you?"

A sly smile escaped Margaret and she sighed. Rolling off her lover she slipped off the bed and put on her slippers and robe, "Oh yes. . . " Margaret looked back at the man in her bed, and she ran her eyes to his cock. "You can not fuck her," she told him. She pulled the cord signaling for Cindy to bring her breakfast to her room, and she went into her bathroom, to cleanse herself while she waited.

It wasn't long before she heard the soft knock on the door, and she knew her step-daughter had arrived with the morning meal. She moved back to the bedroom, and saw her lover watching Cindy arrange breakfast. As she observed her lover and her step-daughter she felt her blood quicken.

"Cindy," she called to the lovely blonde cherub.

Cindy turned, her face flushed red from seeing the man in her dead father's bed, his body bare and his hand stroking his sex as he watched her. She had felt his eyes on her and she hated it, every part of her revolted against his looks on her skin. "Yes, Lady Margaret?" she asked quietly.

"I don't believe you said hello to our guest," her brow rose and she looked down on the woman before her.

Cindy closed her eyes and curtsied to the man who continued to stroke the organ in his hand, forcing it to grow within his grasp. The slap that hit her face rang in her ears and she stumbled back, grasping her painful cheek. Tears stung at her eyes and she glared at her step-mother in confusion and anger.

"You disrespect and embarrass me!" Margaret screamed, gathering a handful of Cindy's hair in her fists. "You close your eyes to our guest, as if he is not worthy to look at. You whore; you are the one not worthy to look upon him." She pulled Cindy toward the bed, and pushed her against it.

Her eyes were full of lust, and her sex was wet once more. "Apologize to Lord Sinclair, now!" she yelled tightening her hold on Cindy's hair.

Cindy's lip trembled and she bit back the tears that were going to spill over. "I beg your forgiveness My Lord," the words a mere whisper.

"Louder!" Margaret ordered, yanking harder, this time bringing a yelp of pain from the woman's scalp.

"I am sorry My Lord Sinclair!" she shouted in pain, the tears now falling free.

Sinclair looked at the beautiful woman, and felt his cock twitch. "I believe you are sorry, but you still have offended me, and should pay restitution." His eyes went to Margaret's and sought her approval. The look in her eyes was all he needed. "You will need to drink from me my dear Cindy."

He aimed his cock toward the delicious morsel. His eyes looked at her face and a sneer escaped his lips, "I shall be offended it you do not accept this gift from me. It is my gift of forgiveness."

Cindy had never touched a man intimately nor had she ever heard of such an act where one drank from a man's sex. She watched him stroke his cock. As he did, she realized what she would be doing. Cindy shuddered at the thought, but the sting of the whip was something she didn't want to bare. A series of whimpers escaped her, as she was pulled back toward her step-mother. Soon Cindy's clothes were pulled off.

Her body was once again naked and would once again need washed this day. Thoughts of what was going to happen filled Cindy with horror and she begged to be left alone. Her pleas fell on empty ears as she felt the man pull her to the bed. Margaret removed her slippers and robe and moved behind Cindy, her fingers reached between the blonde's legs and plunged into her dry sex searching for her step-daughter's clit. She pulled it and commanded Cindy to suck on Sinclair's cock or continue to feel the twisting pain against her sex.

The painful pinching and twisting hurt Cindy terribly, and she was soon putting the cock in her mouth and sucking on it with vigor and passion. She drew the flesh to the back of her throat and tried to please this man, praying that soon she would be able to return to her rooms. She hadn't known how to do this, so she only tried what she hoped would make this event end quickly.

"Oh fuck yes, my Slut," Sinclair cried out bucking his hips into her face. His cock throbbed hard and he knew he would want the slick warm mouth often. "Harder Whore!" he cried, adding his own hands to Margaret's and pushing the hot mouth deeper onto his cock.

Margaret rolled over and spread Cindy's legs open. She lay down and began to suck and work the sex of her step-daughter.

Cindy felt the roll of her stomach the second she knew what Margaret was going to do. She tried to close her legs on her step-mother's head only to receive a hard bite on the inner lips of her pussy. Her cry was covered by the cock in her mouth, but she heard the man growl in pleasure.

The vibration of Cindy's cry rocked Sinclair and his growl had been heard by Margaret. He knew she had recognized the lusty noise when he felt another wave of vibrations across his cock. Whatever Margaret was doing that Cindy didn't like he knew he wanted her to continue.

"Again... Margaret! Again! Oh fuck its wonderful." Sinclair held Cindy's head to his rod and felt her try to gag as he shot loads of his seed down her throat.

Margaret bit and tore at the blonde bush and sucked the blood from the lips she had injured. She drove her tongue in deep taking what little juices had been forced from Cindy's cunt. Margaret's own pussy was slick and hot from the smell of her step-daughters sex hovering over her. Her fingers moved to her pussy and she smeared the juices over her black mound of hair, while she buried her face into Cindy's blonde curls.

Cindy wanted to spit the fluids that had suddenly sprung up into her mouth, but something told her not too. If she did her punishment would be severe and cruel. She couldn't lift her head from the man's sex, so she continued to suck on him, hoping it would all be over soon. Finally she felt her head being smoothed and caressed; Sinclair's fingers were combing her blonde strands from her tear streaked face. "Good girl, you are forgiven," he whispered to her.

Margaret sucked the rosy clit once more then moved her head from Cindy's pussy. "Stand up," she told the blonde. She watched Cindy move quickly from the bed, and stand at the end of it. Her eyes refused to look up to see the look of pure delight on Margaret's face. "Go and ready yourself for the day, you foolish girl." She laughed as Cindy tore out of Margaret's bedchamber.

"Wonderful Margaret," Sinclair smiled.

A smirk rose from her lips. "I still need to come; my Love."

"Wonderful Margaret," he repeated opening his arms and taking her pussy into his mouth, where he dined on her slick juices for several more minutes.

Cindy threw herself on her bed and cried with renewed pain and sorrow. She hated everything, her family, her home, her life. Cindy felt as if she were nothing; she pulled her milk encrusted dress from the pile of filth on the floor. She had to clean her clothes, and the dress was the least dirty thing she had. Taking a deep breath she put the smelly dress back on and hurried back down to start her chores.

The taste of the man was still in her mouth, but she knew if she wasted more time ridding herself of his and Margaret's filth she'd not get her chores done. One thing she was thankful for this morning had been that Abigail had slept in. Abigail had stolen away into the night, and it was the one thing that often kept Cindy from receiving problems from her other step-sister.

Cindy had caught Abigail coming home from a night with several men and Cindy had wasted no time in finally using something to her advantage. Abigail had stopped forcing Cindy to pleasure her, and now Cindy did all she could to catch Ellora in some compromising position so she could force that part of her life to end. Abigail still made Cindy's life Hell, but the sexual perversions were no longer an issue.

Hours went by and soon Cindy had served lunch and watched from a distance as Lord Sinclair disappeared toward what she assumed was his lands. As she turned to gather apples from the orchard, a set of horse's hoof beats brought her attention back to Lord Sinclair. A fear shot through her as she turned to face him. Much to her surprise a horse the color of the darkest black was trotting toward her.

Cindy dropped to her knees and kept herself there, having recognized the royal colors of the rider's mount and his uniform.

"A missive from the King," the voice called down to her.

With a slow timid hand, Cindy reached for the missive and took it, not once looking at the man on the giant beast. Her own hands were close to the animal's hooves and she feared it would step closer and crush her fingers.

The man said nothing else, just turned his stallion around and headed off down a different road. Cindy stood up and looked at the scrolled parchment. She itched to open it, but the wax seal of the royal family held it tight. Knowing that Lady Margaret would want the missive immediately she abandoned her quest for apples and headed back to the manor.

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