Fairy Tale Fantasy: Rachel's Tower


John thought of nothing but getting to the woman he loved. He dreamed of her now, thought of her every moment, and could feel her body next to his. His dreams died when he hooked his legs over the sill of the window and saw the witch standing in the center of the room. Rachel's locks fell from their anchored place on the ground and were left in a tangled heap on the grass below.

Melinda's eyes took in the man, she noted his features, the expressions that ran rampant across his face, and she laughed at him. "Not what you were expecting, heh Prince John?" she cackled loudly. "Perhaps a bit of blonde fluff that would open her legs for you? Well, she has been dealt with, just as you will be!" Melinda lifted her staff and aimed it toward the young man.

Seconds were speeding by leaving John barely any chance of surviving the powers that were erupting from the staff. Bolts of energy spewed out, forcing him to dodge the forces that appeared as fiery waves of glowing heat. Several times he was hit, forced back against a wall and his body burned. "What have you done?" he growled at the woman, then felt a staggering blow of power slam into his stomach.

The Witch was toying with him; John knew this. He could see it in her eyes. His knife was worthless and he knew not how he would survive this battle. The voice of an angel, or so he thought it to be an angel, reached out to him giving him the answer to his dilemma. "The staff," the sing song lyrics repeated over and over, willing him to continue to take the beating and advance on the powerful sorceress.

Melinda heard the voice, hissed the name "Hetta" and became distracted by a new enemy in her tower. It was that distraction that gave John his opportunity to overcome the woman. His body charged at her, barreling into her small frame and knocking her to the stone floor. He grabbed the staff and broke it over his leg. Splinters shot out, beads of power oozed from the veins of the wood and he watched as the eyes of the Witch became clouded with death. Her body stiffened and began to change. The once beautiful skin, free of all marks was covered in welts that looked as if they were placed there by a whip. She screamed as each mark appeared. Teeth marks and burned patches of skin erupted on her body. It was then that John realized what was happening.

He knew that every mark that she was receiving and every painful bruise that she had delivered to his love was being placed upon her skin. Her body grew thin from forced punishments of no food; she stank from the punishment of no baths. In the end she rotted in front of his eyes and disappeared. A thick cloud of black smoke absorbed the witch leaving him alone in the bedchamber and his eyes full of disbelief and sorrow. John knew his sorrow was not for the woman that had died as the Gods saw fit, but for his Lady who had suffered so horribly. His mind returned to the task at hand and soon he was running down the tower steps calling for his mate.

Their eyes met when John pushed the door open. Rachel was chained to the wall, her body covered in caked blood and showed several bruises and bite marks. He stopped short and wondered why these scars were not upon her flesh yesterday, the answer came to him in a small puff of blue smoke. The woman that stood next to his love waved a shimmering wand of silver up and down Rachel's form. John watched her heal his beauty and then release her from the chains that kept her from him.

Rachel ran to him, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and she pressed herself against him. She cried all the tears she had been forced to never shed, and she told him the words of love that were ripping themselves free of her heart. John held her close, caressed her back, and whispered those same words. His eyes went from her naked form to the wall where the woman with the pale blue hair had been. She no longer stood there, the room empty of all but the two of them. A door appeared to the left and when his attentions went back to Rachel she was garbed in a gown of the deepest blue he'd ever seen. He whispered his thanks to the woman that was no longer there.

Hetta watched the couple walk off down the pathway that would eventually lead them to Prince John's castle. "Another story all done up with a pretty bow," Daniel's voice whispered. He appeared by her left side and grinned wickedly. "You know the devices that Melinda used are quite pleasurable when used under the right circumstances." Daniel's finger trailed over Hetta's arm and he breathed in the fragrant perfume of the Fairy Godmother.

Her eyes went to his, a feeling of indecision weighed on her mind, but she turned back and looked to the couple, their figures disappearing over the hill. "Daniel," she sighed. "I must check on Ann," she waved her wand and left the Fairy Godfather alone by the tower.

He turned toward the offensives structure and swiftly removed it from the forest. In its place a tree of blossoming blue flowers rose up to cast a cooling shadow on an innocent's grave. "Hetta... one day," he whispered before sliding his wand back into his robes and disappearing into the clouds above.


Rachel felt the strength in the arms of the man who held her, the power in the speed of the animal that carried her toward a new life. When she saw him appear at the door way of the room, and felt her chains broken, Rachel knew her life was only now beginning. As the wind whipped around her, she turned into his arms and held him close. It wasn't long before she'd been lifted from the horse and stood on the hard ground. Immediately, she bent down, ran her fingers through the grass and allowed her hands to sift through the grains of earth she had only touched in her childhood.

John watched her, his thoughts circling around how innocent she was in some things, and how more experienced in some things than most others. His hands reached down for hers, together they walked through the courtyard and silently up to his chambers. The servants had noticed the change in their Lord and now they all knew why. In his hand he held the one that would ease the suffering the people felt when the young Princess went missing. It would be a few days before her death would be revealed to the Prince, for now all that was important were the events that were about to transpire in the rooms above them.

"She'll never harm you again," John whispered to Rachel, pulling her close to him.

She tilted her head and pressed a finger to his lips. "There were times when she cared, times when she was almost likeable, but the moments disappeared on a whim. I never knew when to trust her or her actions, so I fought the feelings she awoke in me, until the day I met you. Then I pulled you to me and I loved. I loved not the woman who tormented my soul, but I loved the man who owned it."

John lowered his lips to hers, captured them and slowly began a dance across their soft texture. He traced the shape, each crevice became heated and moist from his attentions. The movement was a deliberate act to tease her mouth, to memorize it and force it to take his attentions. Rachel trembled violently, her tongue moved to be with his. They touched, tasted, stroked and soon were merging together. He kept his eyes barely open, taking in the shape of her cheeks while they kissed, loving how they would look when he pressed the kiss deeper. Her lashes fluttered against the pink flushed skin, and he heard a growl erupt from within him.

Rachel's fingers moved to his neck, toyed with his hair . It was satin in her hands, falling freely in small rings that lay at the nape of his shirt. Her small feet lifted her onto her toes and she pulled herself into him. "Love me," she begged leaving his mouth so she could tip her head back.

With a hungry groan he bent his head, and traced the veins of her neck. Licking with the skill of a painter, his tongue the brush that lay upon her skin. He moved the tip over her skin, nibbled with his teeth as he traveled to her ear. His lips captured the soft lobe, sucked softly before blowing a puff of warm air against her. "I will love you forever," he told her. With the skill of that same painter his fingers moved over the shoulders of her gown, releasing the bows that were tied in place. The lace fell free and hung low on her body. Fingers continued to work the opal buttons free and her breasts were soon spilling free of the confining dress.

John leaned back, took in her beauty, and worshipped her breasts with his hands. He cupped them, while her hands removed the strings of his tunic. Soon there was no shirt blocking the scorching touch of his skin. She felt the rippling muscles that flexed as she continued her own path of exploration. Her nails grazed down the center of his chest, over his stomach, up his sides, and then to both of his nipples. She teased them to hard points, flicked them with hard fingers, bent her head to taste them causing his to fall to the side.

"Rachel," he hissed. John allowed her the freedom she desperately craved. He knew she'd been bound for years and suppressed sexually in so many ways. He fought the fire that burned deep and raged in him to take her, drive into her sex with force and passion. With the slow learning steps of an innocent let free to experience at her own pace, John waited for her torture to continue.

Her tongue easily handled the pearl button of his left nipple while her fingers prepared the right for the exploration she knew she'd be giving later. Biting his nipple gently she felt the beat of her pulse firing through her veins. His hands moved to her hair, combed through it while he moaned softly. John felt the shots of flaming heat cover his chest, as she licked her away around the darkened bud. His sex jerked when she introduced the same bites and flicking caresses to the opposite side of his chest. "Yes," he whispered, loving the sensations that were rolling through him.

Dancing hands slid lower to his waist. Her breasts rubbed against him as Rachel went to her knees. She'd not seen his sex, only felt it pressing against her as they hugged, only saw it respond while they dined on fruit in her prison of stone. As her mouth made its way down his firm stomach to rest at the center of his body, she heard his breath hitch and she looked up into his eyes. "May I?" she asked, concern, curiosity and the need for permission evident in her face.

"You never need to ask me anything," he told her. By the look in his eyes and in hers they both knew that the statement covered all ground and she felt her smile light up the room. Her lips found a place to rest and love while her fingers began to make themselves known to the rest of his body.

She skated them down his legs then back up again, all the while John watched in awe over the sight of perfection that was nestling herself against his sex. He pushed his feet free from the leather shoes that he wore. The air stumbled across his flesh, bringing goose-bumps to the surface as he felt her nails scrape his body while she removed the breeches from his form. He licked his lips, swallowed the groan and absorbed the want to make her hurry.

Rachel sat back for a moment on her knees and legs. Her eyes were wide in both fear and excitement. Carefully she touched the swollen staff, and she felt the jerking of its power under her fingertips. Her lower lip trembled as she let loose long stroking touches of her fingers allowing them to trail over the extended veins of his sex. The glow from the setting sun hit his flesh, a bead of liquid escaped the opening of his cock, and Rachel whimpered with want.

John heard the noise, focused on her face having been lost in the view of her sinless touch upon his shaft. "You may taste if you desire," he told her. His voice was thick with lust. When he watched her tongue move between the pink lips he clenched his jaw. The first touch of her tongue upon his purple head made him shake and he bit down on his tongue. "Rachel," he gasped. "More... please, my Love."

Her tongue roamed over his cock. She took the job of tracing the hard veins from her fingers and wrapped them around his rod. Rachel lapped over his tongue with one long, slow, caressing movement. She marked him in her own way. Her tongue traveled over the ridge, down the shaft, over the base, circled his balls, and back to the opening where she drank more of the oily liquid. Her own needs were increasing but she ignored them. "There will be time for more later," she told herself.

"Now Rachel," John growled. His fingers stopped combing her hair, now they were clutching it tightly.

Lowering her mouth onto the head of his cock, she felt it jerk toward her. Rachel answered its knock, opened her mouth wider and took the hot tool deeper. She welcomed the invading muscle with strong sliding strokes of her tongue. His cock slid over the sides of her teeth and she felt him shudder against her.

She moved her head up to the head of his cock, felt a soft press against her scalp and recognized the request to continue her movements. Rachel began a steady motion and rolled her tongue as she did so. Her lips sealed around the firm tool and she sucked on his cock. He moaned and growled soon she was increasing her tempo. Fingers reached up to cup his balls, rolling the spheres between her fingers until they laid tight against his body. Rachel moaned over his cock while he massaged her scalp and began to pump into her hot cavern.

"Oh yes," he growled as he plowed deeply into her throat. He wanted to come for her, in her, over her. John wanted to feel his seed spill out while she ravished his cock, but he wasn't ready for that as much as he was ready for delivering his load into her thick juice covered sex. "No more love, not this time, another time we will go further."

Rachel released his cock, licked the sides, and looked up to him. Silently she stood and slipped her hands to her waist. The remaining garment soon was released and she stepped back allowing him a full view of her heated flesh. John gazed upon her skin, he reached out cupped her breasts and teased both nipples with the pads of his thumbs. He felt the ridges and bumps that pulled her skin tight over the dark pink areolas of her firm globes. His lips moved to them, and he sucked one then the other, until she was pulling at his hair, and begging for more.

John left her only to carry her to the bed, and lower himself over her body. He wanted to taste her everywhere, to drink from her for eternity and now that she was here with him, he knew he would have a lifetime of chances to do just that. His mouth moved to her lips and his hand slid down between them. His fingers toyed with her sex, while his tongue stroked along the sides of hers. "You're so hot and wet Rachel," he growled into her mouth. Pushing his tongue deeper, his fingers began to enter her slick pussy. He scraped the walls, gathered the sticky fluids and brought them to his lips. The aroused scent of her filled his senses and he cleaned his hand with long lazy licks before sharing the taste with her.

Rachel took his offering and tasted it with a needy hunger for more. John gathered more, dragged it over her nipples, pressed it to her lips then shared with him a heated kiss. Lifting his hips, John moved his hand once more between them, and guided his sex into the slick folds of her sex. Carefully he entered her, capturing her breast with his mouth, the other was treated to torment with his fingers.

She gasped when he finally pressed the full length of his cock into her. The hairs of his sex rubbed against the clean mound of her own. She pressed her hips up more, rubbed hard against him, so she could feel the texture of coarse curls and smooth skin. Her head fell back, her mouth opened in awe and her back arched bringing her nipple deeper into his mouth.

"John," she cried as he began to take her on a rippling of emotions that rocked through her. She moaned for him to continue driving her closer to the edge of release.

With every thrust John gave her, her muscles clenched around him. The head of his cock drove against her, each movement becoming faster and faster. He pulled her hips to his and together they matched tempos. John's fingers dug into her skin, bruised it with the marks of love and passion he felt rolling inside him. His mouth moved to her breasts, cleaned them of the now dry fluids of her sex, fluids he'd placed earlier for this very purpose. He bit at her skin, and felt her body begin to shake around his cock. He stopped moving inside her until her shuddering stopped then he began again.

Rachel's fingers slipped down his back, and over to his hips. Her nails dug into his flesh, tore into his skin, and she lifted her hips to grind deeper into his. "Harder John!" She cried out. Rachel lifted herself up, bit his shoulder, his neck and his ear before she growled the command again.

A chuckle of relief freed itself from John's throat and he began to pound into her relentlessly. He buried himself deep, covered her with his body and drove into her with the passion she pleaded for. "Rachel. Oh God! Yes!" His balls slapped at her, the head of his cock slammed into her and when he felt the hot flow of her come cover his cock he yelled out her name, shooting the first load of his seed deep into her. John's back arched and his eyes were clenched tight as her body contracted around his shaft and he continued to empty into her as hot syrup rolled down the sides of her warm cunt.

"John!" She screamed as the edge of the cliff fall away, and felt her self fall along the rocks, and become consumed with the raging waves of fluids that rushed out of her. Rachel felt the quivers that coursed through her, her eyes closed and colors sparked to life behind her lids. Power fueled her body as she climaxed in a continuous wave of heat and flame. Every thought she possessed left her. Her joints ached from the tension she placed on them, while her body held itself stiff. She allowed her mind to feel every tingle that presented itself to her.

John held her as she came back to him. Kisses were rained over her face, across her neck, his fingers moved into her hair and he whispered the words of love she desperately longed to hear. "Welcome home," he told her as he pulled free of her, gathered her against him and held her close to his heart.

"Home," she repeated, kissing his chest before sleep claimed her. The wind whistled by and a pale blue haired beauty looked longingly at another happy couple.

And... they lived happily ever after.

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