Fairy Tale Fantasy: White's Story


Richard caught the grieving woman before she fainted and held her close to him. He scooped her up and carried her to the rooms she indicated with her frail weak hand. Gently he laid her upon the bed that reeked of sex and he glanced down on her trim form. His eyes moved over her face and he read the hunger reflected upon it. Richard stood and glared down on the Lady of the keep. "You mock the death of your stepdaughter with this obvious ploy of bedding me. Good day," he hissed. He lifted his hand, and ordered his entourage to travel with him. Soon the group that traveled long and hard to gather up their Lord's wife, was once again making the long trek home.

Ice watched them leave, her anger at not having the handsome man in her bed showed clearly on her face. She looked over to Sophia who watched everything with great amusement, and yelled for her to leave. When she did Ice left her chambers and called for the Royal Huntsman. Her jealously spoke volumes as she proceeded to order him to take Sophia out into the woods, kill her and bring back her heart for Ice to feast upon.

Sophia knew none of this, and returned to her gardens. She wanted to recapture the moment that she and her betrothed shared before learning he would take another to his bed, while married to her. Then as those thoughts assailed her, she found herself wondering why Ice told Richard she was dead. With a heavy heart she turned back toward the castle intent on finding the answer to her question. She was stopped suddenly by the Royal Huntsman and she cried out in surprise when he lifted her upon his horse, and galloped away from the castle.

"Shhh... Your Highness," Gareth told her, as the war horse traveled deeper into the woods. They traveled for miles, until he felt it was safe to release her. "Go Your Majesty, for Lady Ice wishes your death. Her hate for you has consumed her, and she has ordered your heart for her dinner. You must leave this place, or you will surely be as dead as she claimed you to be earlier."

With eyes full of confusion, fear and sadness Sophia turned away from the man and ran farther into the forest. Her dress caught on brambles and her feet tripped over logs and sticks, until she finally collapsed in a heap upon a pile of dried leaves and broken twigs.

Gareth returned to the manor, the heart of a wild boar still warm when it was presented to Lady Ice. She purred in happiness, dismissed the huntsman and took the bloody organ to the kitchens. Ice prepared her own meal that night and dined happily on what she thought was the very essence of her stepdaughter, knowing that the special herbs and liquids she used in the preparations would allow her to absorb the beauty that her stepdaughter possessed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The following morning stirred the forest to life, and Sophia found herself awake upon the forest floor. Her eyes blinked rapidly as she took in a pair of dainty feet. She brought her hands to her sleep encrusted eyes and thought for a moment of where she was. When she relived the events leading up to her night in the woods she sat up suddenly. "Who are you?" she stared at the woman who sat quietly on a log, looking bored and annoyed.

"Hello Sophia, the gentlemen will be arriving soon, so you need to hurry along so please do get up," Hetta smiled at her newest charge and brushed her pale blue hair away from her face.

"Men?" Sophia asked the beautiful creature that was now hovering over the ground a few inches above the log she'd been sitting on. "What men?" she spun around trying to listen for approaching footsteps or horses. Her eyes flew to the woman's, "Ice? She has sent men??"

Hetta aimed a brilliant smile at Sophia, "No, my dear. You are safe, just follow the stream and you'll find the cottage, you'll be safe there. Enjoy your life my dear," Hetta lifted off into the air, happy with herself, and hoping she'd made another fairy tale ending. However, something told her that this wasn't right, so she promised to check in on the sweet woman later, for now she needed to deal with a child that needed a gift.

Sophia watched the woman become nothing more then a speck, and she chewed on her bottom lip for several minutes before taking the strange lady's advice and following the stream. She traveled for hours it seemed, until she came across an abandoned cottage. Once there, she found herself immersed in cleaning the rooms as well as mending torn clothing, in hopes that she would be allowed to stay or at least use the items to wear herself if she needed to. As the day wore on Sophia found herself growing more tired, and finally in utter exhaustion she fell asleep on one of the freshly made beds.

As she slept the sun fell on the second day of Richard's travels back to his keep and his thoughts were consumed with the woman he'd loved in the gardens. His betrothal was no longer an issue, and when he returned to his lands, he would seek council on a new Bride, for now he only wanted to bury himself in the soft body of his Mary. He watched the stars come out one by one as he settled into his bedroll telling himself that he would return for her in the morning.

While thoughts of Mary consumed Richard, seven figures moved through the night slowly advancing toward their home, and unknowingly about to become entangled in the lives that only fairy tales are made of. Ian was the first to sense the change in the cottage, and he quickly hushed his six brothers. He lit a lamp and walked through the lower rooms of the cottage. The next eldest, Robbie took a lamp of his own, and moved upstairs. He too checked each room, while a third brother Mark grabbed a club from the wall and circled the outer perimeter of the building. The twins, Deak and Derrick both waited nervously for their older brothers to clear the area while Mac and Allen each took after Robbie and Ian respectively.

Robbie found her and kept his eyes locked on the soft inviting lips that allowed a soft whisper of breath in and out of the beautiful creatures lungs. His heart stood still for a moment, as he watched her sleep. Lifting the lamp at the sudden noise that Mac made upon entering the room, he shoved a finger to his lips to quiet the man.

Mac approached on soft feet and shared in the beauty that was Sophia. Each man felt the obvious attraction to the lovely woman, and both ached to touch her, only wanting to see if she were in fact real.

"If you touch her, we'll all surely die," Ian hissed at his brothers. He too entered the room, unbeknownst to the others and looked down at the Princess.

"Who is she?" Mac asked, concern showing in his face at Ian's reaction to the beauty in his oldest brothers bed. "She one of yours? If so she seems to have made herself quiet welcome in your bed."

Ian growled, "No, you fool. She is Princess White from Lincolnshire and you'll not be touching her. None of us will."

It was the growl that pulled Sophia out of her sleep, and forced her eyes to open. She looked up, paled and then gasped in shock over the words identifying her. "Please... I beg of you, speak not of this. I wish you no harm."

Robbie moved closer to her, and sat down on the bed beside her. Sophia curled her feet under her, tucked herself into a corner and worried the inside of her cheek with her teeth. "We'll not harm you lassie," Robbie said, then added, "unless you ask us to." He winked at her, and then felt the heavy blow to his head from his brother Ian's fist.

"We heard you were dead," he told the woman, her beauty beyond anything he'd heard or imagined. "Just heard the news yesterday as we passed through your village. Quite shocked to see you here, almost thought you were a ghost."

Sophia's eyes filled with tears, "My death was staged as you can see. She wasted no time in seeing that my demise was spoken of." Sophia turned her head and muttered to herself, "Probably hoping to get the rumor out there quickly incase the Prince should ask about my untimely death."

"What was that Miss?" Mac asked he too having stepped closer to not only see the woman, but to inhale the pure essences of sexuality that seemed to radiate from her.

By now all the brothers were making their way to the upper rooms, and finding Sophia huddled in a corner on Ian's bed. Soon however they were all ushered back downstairs, as was Sophia where she was forced to explain the circumstances that led her to her current state of home invader. Once she spoke of Ice's plans to murder her, the brothers agreed that Sophia should remain with them. In exchange for her room and board she would continue on as their cook and housekeeper.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The following morning proved to be educational for Sophia as the sun awakened her with a kiss as did Robbie. Her eyes flew open, and her lips parted further in surprise. "Hush now my sweet cherub," Robbie whispered against her ear. His tongue darted out and his teeth nipped at the lobe.

He hadn't planned on waking up their newest houseguest in such a manner, but when Ian told him to go upstairs and wake up their sleeping maid, he couldn't help but have thoughts of how nice it would be to wake her up in his own unique way. So when her lips parted for the air her body craved he swiftly moved his tongue inside the warm cavern of her mouth.

Sophia felt the shock of his kiss and she shifted from her side to her back, her hands moved from under the blankets to push him away. When they touched the softness of his shirt, he'd all ready deepened the kiss, and was stroking her tongue with long lazy slides back and forth. Sophia's hands did not push, but her tongue did. It pushed against his, while her fingers pulled his shirt closer to her, thus bringing Robbie closer to her as well.

Robbie groaned, "Yes."

He moved the blanket from her body, noticed her shift, and lifted the hem with one hand, while the other tangled in her raven-black curls. His fingers slid quickly inside the warm folds of her sex, bringing out the moisture, and he pushed deeper. "Good morning my lovely," he whispered against her neck, as he plowed her cunt with his thick finger.

Sophia felt the juices of her pussy thicken and surround his questing finger with their nectar, her muscles tightened and the kiss became more frenzied. Her hands pulled at his shirt, moved into his hair and tugged hard on the roots. Sophia's hips lifted and she ground his palm into her pussy. "Harder," she gasped, her body searching for the release that Richard gave her in the garden.

Robbie pushed a second then a third finger into her slick opening, pulling juice and scent from her womanhood, until he could do nothing more but fuck her until she came. His own cock jerked its release inside his tight breeches and he felt the woman shudder under his hand. "Good God, Sophia."

When Sophia climaxed over his fingers, she let her mind conjure up images of Richard over her possessing her and claiming her as his own property. She quivered as each wave of passion swept through her. When her body relaxed she smiled at Robbie and kissed him slowly. "Good morning," she whispered and pulled his hand from her sex, kissed it, then pulled her shift down.

Robbie grinned wide and chuckled. "You'll make a fine maid, dear Princess." He laughed at her smirk, and left her to go and change from his semen covered trousers.

Sophia shuddered again as her thoughts of Richard assailed her, and she rose from the bed trying to think of something else. The promise of his touch was gone to her now, and she would have to accept that.

Richard did turn back that morning, and as the day moved toward afternoon his thoughts moved back and forth to Mary and the Lady Ice. He found himself recalling how shocked Mary looked when Ice mentioned Sophia's untimely death. The surprise of hearing of his betrothed life ending so shortly erased all others expressions. Then when Ice feigned her unsteadiness, he again was distracted. Now as he rode toward the woman he wanted to take as his Mistress, he wondered why she said nothing the entire time he was there, no matter how short a time it was.

Ice grinned happily at the mirror. She awoke that morning as everyone else did, but her morning was full of giddiness and pure bliss. She brushed out the long tresses of gold, not noticing they were coarser than the night before, or that they were growing thinner with each pull of the ivory comb. Her fingers ran over her slim body, and she tweaked the hard nipples. Again she failed to notice the changes in herself. She felt soft skin, not the actual leathery and aged flesh beneath her fingers. Nor did she seem to realize that she pinched her rosy nipples harder than usual to get a reaction from her sex.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The afternoon brought heat to the members of the cottage and soon the brothers were swimming in the small pond behind the barn. Sophia asked the youngest brother to prepare a cool bath while the others swam off the heat and sweat of the day. Allen obliged the Princess and left her, only to return secretly and watch her from the window.

Sophia stepped into the tub, slipping her body under the water and closing her eyes while the coolness caressed her skin. She sighed as she moved her fingers slowly over her skin, feeling her nipples harden, and her mind play tricks behind her closed lids. Her lips parted, and she whispered the name Richard, while her fingers moved lazily in circles over her pert nipples. Each hand toyed and teased with the pink flesh, bringing a moan from deep within her, only to have it followed by another.

Allen watched, his eyes glued on her fingers, his hand glued to his straining cock. He watched her fingers move past her nipples and disappear from his sight and he knew where her hand was going. His hands moved the ties of his breeches and he was soon exposing his swollen rod to the welcoming air outside. He began to stroke his cock as he watched the slim arm begin to move in a steady rhythm.

Sophia did not know that Allen was taking advantage of her self pleasuring. She continued to dream of the man who seemed to live inside every pore of her body. She felt Richard with her, felt his lips upon her skin, and his fingers upon her flesh. Her body begged for his touch, and her hips answered the call for her fingers to move deeper inside. Sophia scraped the inside of her pussy, gathering juices and bringing them away from her body. She was slick with honey, and as she began to increase her stroking, the waters of the tub splashed over the sides.

Allen's eyes stayed transfixed on the woman as he continued to pull and push on his thick cock. His fingers roamed over the swollen head, and he rubbed the pre-cum over the tip, coating it. The slick oily substance eased his stroking so he began to increase his own rhythm keeping in time with those of Sophia. He felt his balls tighten. Thrusting his other hand to the sac that housed his testicles he squeezed and stroked them as well, rolling them as he jerked harder on his cock.

Sophia could feel her body on the edge of a great divide, one side would allow her to capture the glorious feeling of release the other would bring her body to a slamming halt. It was that slamming halt she refused to give a chance to win, and she shoved a second finger into the hot cunt that was being abused by actions that her body was reliving. Each hard thrust of her fingers were those of Richard burying himself inside her. Her other hand moved from her nipple to her clit and she began to rub vigorously on it until she was screaming her betrothed's names and crying out her release.

With the eruption of her orgasm, Allen himself lost his control and covered himself in his own come. He too cried out, but the name that fell from his lips was that of the woman in the tub. "Oh my Sophia," he grunted as the white seed shot over the walls of the cottage and splashed back against his groin and legs. He stood there moaning his orgasm as his hips gyrated against his hand, until he was finally free of all his seeds.

His eyes opened and he stared into the window, a grin grew on his face as he looked at Sophia's azure blue eyes sparkling with the realization of what happened. He blew her a kiss, and left the window, giving her the privacy she deserved earlier. Allen said nothing as he dove into the pond, and he promised himself another fantasy when he went to bed that night.

When Sophia opened her eyes, and saw Allen watching her, she knew right away that he'd seen everything and she sensed that he'd found his own release just as she did. To her surprise she was not upset or angry, but touched that he found her attractive enough to take pleasure just in watching her release the pent up desires she was experiencing since Richard took her virginity.

The afternoon kept Sophia busy and she no longer the opportunity to enjoy brief moments of day dreaming as she bustled over lunch for her new family. Richard filled her thoughts, but she pushed them back, not knowing that he was thinking more of her with each passing second.

Richard stopped his travels, instructed his men that he would return to the castle of Lincolnshire alone, and ordered the men to turn back and go home. His Captain of the Guard protested strongly, but knew his Highness would not budge and so they all left, allowing Richard to continue on his own. Richard moved quicker toward his destination. He felt it now, a voice spoke to him, telling him that he'd been made a fool, that Mary was in danger and Sophia lived. He pushed his horse hard, and prayed to the heavens that he would reach his Mary and rescue his betrothed before Ice did something foolish.

Ice moved toward the mirror, a look of pure contentment and satisfaction crossed her face as she smoothed back her long tresses. If she'd not been so lost in her thoughts she'd have felt the stiffness of the locks, as well as sensing the large amounts that seemed to fall from her fingertips. She was unable to see these things, or feel them, as her heart and mind were consumed with the pure pleasure of knowing she'd bested her stepdaughter. She stood before the mirror and looked upon her beauty, her eyes sparkled before her as she ran a long finger over the glass and gazed upon her reflection. "Beautiful," she whispered to herself, still not seeing the truth of her image.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Evening approached and Sophia found herself captivated by the men that seemed to surround her with laughter and joy. She'd blush whenever Allen or Robbie looked at her, and her eyes often found Deak watching her. When dinner was finished, she brought out dessert and the group of family and new friend began relating stories of childhood antics. The laughter continued into the night, and soon she was crying tears of joy.

The brothers slowly dismissed themselves one by one, until Sophia looked up to see herself alone with the two handsome twins. Her smile shifted from one of humor to one of uneasiness and curiosity. She watched as Derrick left the room, and Deak rose from his chair, approached her, and lifted her hand to his lips. He kissed her finger, drew it into his mouth, sucked gently then released it only to capture another and treat it to the same silky strokes of his tongue.

Sophia gasped in surprise when she felt the warm touch of a man's lips upon the back of her neck. She glanced quickly back, saw the face that mirrored the one that was tasting her delicate fingers. Passion sparked in her eyes, as she watched Derrick lift her hair from the back of her neck, and she saw his mouth descend toward her skin again. She closed her eyes on the feeling of his tongue darting over her flesh and she felt her bodice begin to open.

The twins had spent the day thinking of Sophia and how wonderful it would be to show her how pleasurable she was and how much they desired her. Deak watched each brother leave the room and his excitement and anticipation grew as soon as he realized that he and his brother would be alone with Sophia.

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