Fairy Tale Fantasy: White's Story


Now he held her slim fingers in his hand, and helped her to stand. Derrick's fingers slipped to Sophia's waist. He moved his strong hands to the small of her back, freed the buttons there, and allowed her skirt to fall to the floor. Derek knew his brother was enjoying the perkiness of Sophia's breasts, as he lowered himself to his knees and placed a long slow lick over her right butt cheek.

Sophia sighed and felt her knees weaken, as the two men slowly began an assault on her flesh. Deak's mouth moved to her neck, his interest no longer on her fingers. Derrick moved his tongue to the small of her back, licked long and then sucked on the sensitive flesh. She moaned when she felt both men's hands begin to roam over her body.

Deak moved his hand to Sophia's breasts, cupped each one, felt the weight of them before moving his fingers over their hard buds. His mouth continued to drink of the soft skin of her neck, nipping gently with his teeth, as he teased and pulled her hard nipples. When he heard her cry of pleasure, he increased his movements, and sucked harder on her skin.

Derrick heard the cries also and his hands moved over her hips, down her sides and then to the front of her sex. His fingers dipped slowly inside, while one hand moved to rest over her stomach. He rubbed the soft flesh with his palm, allowing his other fingers to move against the wet, slick folds of her pussy. His mouth moved over her left ass cheek, and he bit playfully at it, bringing a series of whimpers from Sophia's lips.

She pushed her hips forward, begging for more of Derrick's touches. As she did, Sophia also moved her hands from her sides, and pushed her fingers into Deak's hair. "My breast..." she gasped. "Taste them,"she pleaded.

Deak grinned wide and moved his head to her left breast. He traced the dark rosy circle with his tongue, slowly bringing the tip of his hard muscle to the center of her hardened bud. When he reached the finishing point of her breast, he flicked it, then bit down on it with easy pressure. She growled in pleasure, and pushed his head closer to her. "Again," she cried. Again he bit her nipple, sucking hard against the pink hued surface.

Derrick felt the hot syrup glide from her pussy, as his brother treated Sophia's breasts to tantalizing bites and caresses. He gathered her juices with his fingers, and pushed two hard digits into her cunt. Fingers stroked the sides of Sophia's pussy until he felt her shuddering with every sweeping pass he made against her. Soon the nectar from her body was coating his palm like a second skin, and he removed his hand from her pussy.

Sophia's eyes widened when she felt Deak leave her breast and slide his tongue down her torso. She looked down on him, watched his tongue move over the black curls of her sex, and tug on the silk curls that nestled there. A growl of emotion ran free from her lips, when she felt the invasion of a thick finger move into the opening of her pussy, along with the feeling of Deak's tongue sliding around her clit.

Deak lapped at her pussy, taking the hot liquid that flowed from her, and sucking it greedily. He pushed his finger into her slick opening, forcing more juices to free themselves. He savored her scent, tasted her honey and only wished to dine from her cunt as often as he could. He moved his other hand up her sides, only to tease and torment her nipple again with pulls and pinches, while he fucked away at the pussy beneath his lips.

Derrick had abandoned Sophia's pussy, and was taking his juice covered palm and rubbing the liquid down the crack of Sophia's ass, and against the opening of her tight hole. He pushed one thick finger into her ass, pulled it free, then slipped it in again. Each time he repeated the process, Derrick made each movement deeper. Soon he was inserting a second digit into Sophia and licking the drying juices he'd coated the crack of her ass with.

With the thrust of fingers inside her puckered entrance as well as the ones that were moving quickly over the walls of her cunt, it wasn't long before Sophia was feeling her body shake and vibrate with the rolling waves of an intense orgasm. She covered Deak's face with come and she squeezed the cheeks of her firm buttocks around Derrick's fingers as she crashed along the shores of lust-filled passion.

"Yes, Sophia!" Deak growled into her cunt, biting and licking his way through her.

Sophia cried, "Harder Derrick! Don't stop...Oh God Deak...please don't stop!"

The brothers continued to do as their Princess demanded and each one fucked the openings of her body with strong thrusts and hard licks. Deak pulled the sweet syrup from her pussy, and Derrick screwed his fingers left then right as she shuddered and quaked over his brother once more. He felt Sophia sway and he pulled free from her tight hole just as Deak left her pussy. She fell into Derrick's arms, and snuggled up against him. Deak kissed her lips, and watched his brother take the sexually exhausted woman to her bed.

Derrick laid her down, fought hard the urge to ram his cock deep inside her. He bent down kissed her lips, and moved his head to drink the fluids of her sex, that his brother hadn't completely stolen. Nuzzling his face into her pussy, he breathed deep her essence before covering her with a blanket and leaving the room. The door shut quietly, and Sophia turned toward the wall, her mind drifting off to dream of the man in the garden whispering words of passion to a girl named Mary.

Richard found himself once more under the stars, making wishes to hold his Mary in his arms once more. He was certain that he would have to have her, no longer wanting her as his Mistress but as his wife. His thoughts also led him to believe that Lady Ice lied to him concerning Sophia, for the look on his Mary's face spoke of surprise, not sorrow. He was concerned not only for his betrothed safety, but for the woman he'd suddenly found himself in love with, and unwilling to leave behind.

Ice shook the beautiful mane of golden locks she thought she saw reflected in the mirror and licked her lips. "Mirror, mirror on the stand, whose the fairest in the land?" she waited for the green mist to appear, the look of smug satisfaction looked back at her.

"A beauty rests in quiet bliss, her soul shines pure, her heart not missed. Her hair the color of the night, her eyes sparkle with delight. A house with seven men she sleeps each one making her feel complete. Sophia White lives this day, while your body wastes away," the mist swirled then disappeared, leaving nothing but the truth of its words behind. The scream that came from Ice's bedroom was soon followed by the crashing of the magic mirror.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The morning breeze touched Sophia's skin, and she gazed up at the clouds that looked to be slowly creeping toward the cottage. She hoped the storm would disappear; the day showed great promise for a picnic and she'd made Mac promise to take her on one, as well as teach her how to fish. Right now she watched the twins and Mac along with Allen head out into the woods to cut logs for the coming winter months. Her eyes caught Ian moving toward the barn carrying a large sack. Her curious nature got the best of her and she followed after him.

Ian heard her approach and bit back the words to drive her away. He'd done his best to avoid the beautiful creature, ignored her when he could and pretended to not notice her smile or her gentle nature. Now he could smell her as she stepped into the barn.

"Do you need help?" she asked politely. Sophia waited for his answer, she'd seen him glare at her sometimes, and she tried to come up with some reason as to why he disliked her. At first she thought it was because the brothers told him what she'd experienced with each one, but she dismissed that when she realized that all the brothers still treated her with respect. She felt as if each one kept the encounters secret and refused to doubt the trust she felt building between them and herself.

Ian turned toward her and his eyes gathered in her beauty. "Sophia, you should go. I do not need your help." He turned back and lifted the heavy bag to his shoulders, then proceeded to move into one of the barn's stalls.

"Why do you not like me?" she asked, surprised by her frankness, but not wishing to take the question back.

"Hate you?" he asked. "I don't hate you Sophia," he pushed his fingers through his hair after dropping the sack in the corner of the stall. He faced her, and saw the doubt of his admission in her eyes and he approached her. Ian told himself not to do it, he told himself it was wrong, but in the end, nothing else seemed more right to him at that moment.

Neither one heard the footsteps, or saw the shadow of Mac enter the barn, so lost in each others eyes that nothing around them mattered. Sophia felt the intensity of Ian's eyes, she became lost in them, as each step he took brought him closer to her. Soon she realized that she too was moving, closing the distance that separated them.

Their hands moved simultaneously and soon they were devouring each other with a freshly released desire. Sophia felt more alive then she'd felt since Richard introduced her body to the welcoming comforts of passion. Her fingers pulled at Ian's clothing, ripping the buttons free of their stitching. Ian did little to save Sophia's garments as his hands made quick work of her dress and soon his mouth was capturing her nipples, alternating the sucking and biting between each one.

Mac watched as his hands moved to his cock and he began to slowly stroke his hard shaft. He watched as Sophia laid back onto a bed of hay, while his oldest brother drove his tongue into the folds of her pussy. He gazed hungrily at Sophia as she pushed Ian's head into her hot cunt, and ground her hips into his face. Mac's hands worked quicker on his rod as he watched Sophia come for her lover, and he knew the show was only beginning when he saw Ian reach his hand for the leather strap that lay anchored to the wall of the stable.

"Sophia, trust me..." Ian whispered in her ear, when he saw the fear in her eyes.

She nodded her head yes and she watched him wrap the leather strap around her wrists binding them tight, then he pulled her to her feet, and hung the strap on a hook that ran from the low rafter of the stall. He tied the end of the strap to the hook, then opened her legs wide for his tongue. Ian again attacked her pussy. This time as he worked his way through the slick folds of her sex, he pushed a long rod into her slick opening. He began a steady rhythm on her sex, pushing and twisting it until he'd made her body shudder with lust.

Sophia looked down on Ian, watched the metallic tool disappear into her cunt, and she gasped when his tongue began to bite at her clit. She heard the shuffling of feet and her eyes widened as she saw Mac make his way toward them. His clothes were gone, and his cock was stiff in his hands.

Ian too heard his brothers footsteps and said nothing, just stared as Mac moved into the stall with them. Ian kept his eyes on his young brother as he continued to lick over the sweet flesh of Sophia's body. "Sophia... do you want him to stay?" he asked her, as he worked the rod in and out, letting his tongue trade places on occasion.

Sophia's body ached and she couldn't think for a moment, then she moaned, "Yes... stay."

Ian chuckled when he heard Mac's sigh of relief. He closed off his brother, and went back to the swollen lips of Sophia's sex. His tongue drove up and down the clit, his hand moved the artificial cock deeper into her, until she was bucking against his face, and riding the rod with hungry need. She came over his tongue and the tool, coating his lips, teeth, tongue, and chin. Ian licked at her pussy, until he gathered all her nectar for himself. He released her, cutting the strap, catching her as she collapsed against him.

Mac stroked his cock, knowing he'd be coming soon, he growled deep. "Oh fuck... Ian that was wonderful, thank you."

A quick glance to Mac showed Ian that his young brother hadn't come, so he pushed Sophia to her knees and told her to drink. Sophia didn't hesitate as she felt the desire to take the hard cock into her mouth. She felt the swollen head covered in a slick moisture and she ran her tongue over it. Mac closed his eyes as Sophia's lips encased his cock and she began to move her head slowly up and down on the hard tool.

Ian moved to his knees, and spread her legs wide. His hand guided his sex to her pussy and soon he was burying his dick deep into the folds of her sex. She sucked faster as he fucked her cunt, and Mac helped move her head up and down on his sex. Soon the group was thrashing and groaning as movements became harder, quicker and more frenzied.

Mac exploded first, sending load after load of hot liquid down Sophia's throat, until he shuddered each drop into her sweet moist haven. He coated her mouth with his seed, and watched her drink her fill, relishing each drop. She licked his cock clean, pressed kisses along the shaft and then he watched her back arch and her mouth opened in awe as she climaxed over Ian's cock.

Sophia screamed as she came. Her pussy tightened and she released her own hot nectar once more just as Ian shot his seed into her. He covered the walls of her pussy, making her slick with his juices. The liquid merged, mixed and danced along the sides of her sex. Ian pounded inside her until he felt his balls were free of the precious gift of his come. He pulled her hair back and he bit her tender flesh. "You were made to be fucked Sophia," he growled into her ear, then bit her again.

He pulled his cock from her pussy, and looked to Mac, "Prepare our Princess a bath, and say nothing of this to anyone."

Mac nodded his head and soon was leaving with Ian to hunt for deer, while Sophia relaxed in a hot tub of water scented with lilacs and violet oils. Her eyes closed as the warmth of the water and the intoxicating smells took her back to the barn and the image of Richard taking her as Ian did.

Richard was gaining ground and making good time as he headed back to Lincolnshire when he came across an old woman. "Hello wise one, what brings you out in the woods this fine day?" The woman said nothing, only stared at Richard, and he got an uneasy feeling as he looked back at her. "Do I know you?" he asked, trying to recall any old codgers and their wives that he may have seen lately. The woman only glared and snarled at him, then threw a clod of dirt toward him. Richard said no more, only shaking his head at the sad state of the woman's mentality before moving on to Mary.

Ice watched him leave, and knew deep down he was on his way to claim Sophia. It took her most of the night to find directions to the house of Deluc where seven brothers lived alone. She knew Sophia was there, and she almost told the Prince that his betrothed was living with seven handsome gentlemen. She knew that if she did, he'd have turned away and gone to Sophia. If he did that, then her plans for revenge would not be achieved. She continued to trek through the forest, anger and hate growing stronger, as was the poison in the fruit she carried in her basket.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mark arrived back at the cottage before his brothers, his thoughts full of Sophia and the need to catch just a glimpse of her. What he saw made his heart yearn and his body shake with need. "Woman, you are more lovely then I could have ever imagined," he whispered as he took in her figure.

Sophia gasped and looked toward her bedroom door. She'd fallen asleep in the tub, and woke up with the afternoon fully approaching toward evening. Her hands flew to her breasts and she covered them. Mark approached her cautiously, not wanting to upset her, or scare her into disliking him. "Please, don't hide your beauty," he told her, his hand reaching out and moving her palms from her breasts.

She watched him look at her, she felt the peace of the moment, and sensed that this brother sought to stake his claim in his own way as the others had. Her arms fell to her side and he led her to the bed. "Don't move, my love," he whispered against her ears, as he pressed her to the bed and instructed her to lay down and be still.

Mark took a long feather from the band of his hat and left his hat on the edge of the bed. With slow teasing strokes he ran the soft textured toy down her body, teasing her nipples and caressing her sex. Mark watched her lips curl in delight, her chest rise and fall with each ragged breath, and soon she was thrashing and lifting her hips in anticipation of more.

Sophia moaned out in pleasure as she watched him dip his tongue into the folds of her sex before rising up and removing his clothes. Her eyes grew wide as she watched him move over her. His cock hovered over her mouth, his breath caressed her pussy, and soon she was tasting his shaft, while he fed from her slick mound. She guided his cock in deeper, long strokes of her tongue caressed over the firm tool that was buried inside her hot mouth.

With determined strokes of his tongue, he pushed through the opening of her cunt, inhaled her fragrance and sucked greedily the nectar that poured from her. "More Sophia, take me deeper."

She opened her mouth wider, drew his cock further into her mouth, while stroking his testicles with her palm. With graceful movements she rolled the spheres back and forth, bringing hungry growls from deep within his chest, to vibrate over her cunt. Sophia felt the pressure of his sex being rammed into her face and she pulled harder on the hard shaft with the movements of her tongue and mouth.

Mark rode her sex hard, grinding into her wet pussy lips, and moving his tongue deep into the crevices of her cunt. He pushed into the hole and sucked greedily. Each movement became more hungry and needy. His fingers joined in the frenzy and he gathered up her sweetness, drank it and begged for more. Soon he was feeling her hips lift and the taste of her passion and lust changed. He felt the hot come cover him and he unloaded his own seed against her mouth.

Together they emptied their desires, each one drinking from the other, as if they could only live off the juices that flowed so thick and hot. Bands of light stretched across Sophia's closed lids and she shook as the release rolled over her, leaving her feeling slack and sedated once more. As Mark worked her pussy, she knew inside her fantasy world it was Richard that drove her to such heights of passion and fire.

Mark cleaned her, taking each drop of honey rolling it in his mouth and then allowing it to flow down to rest in his stomach. He kissed the warm mound, lapped at it with long lazy licks, before removing his cock from her face and changing his position. "Amazing woman," he told her, then kissed her gently with admiration and love. He shared with her the taste of her sex, as well as taking his own flavor and mixing it with hers.

Sophia felt her body caress his and her fingers danced slowly over his skin, until she felt her whole being fall into a heavy sleep once more. Mark smiled down at the sleeping cherub, and moved off of her. He'd seen the hungry eyes each of his brothers gave Sophia and now he suspected that the pleasure she'd bestowed on him hadn't been her first time. He touched lips, then covered her with the blankets, looking forward to the next time he would feast upon her skin.

Evening came and went for Sophia, dreams carried her through the night. She dreamt that Richard knew her as Sophia and wanted her for his only love. Her thoughts continued to bring erotic images to the forefront of her mind, and she felt as if she'd cheated herself out of a happy ending. Her dreams produced questions. What if she'd told him the truth in the gardens, or if she'd immediately denied her own death? It was there in her subconscious that she realized why she hadn't denied her fake death, she was hurting from the knowledge that he would willingly take another to their bed. Sophia was lost in dreams that were not the usual pleasant ones, but instead were full of darkness and terrifying fear.

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