Fairy Tale Fantasy: White's Story


Richard reached the castle and was quickly told about the faked death, as well as meeting the real Mary. His eyes ran over the short woman, who was as old as his mother, if not older, and he knew who his Mary and his betrothed was. He learned that Ice left the castle no longer looking beautiful, but hideous and old. The staff told him of her knowledge in the black arts, as well as her obsession of retaining the beauty of Sophia by eating her heart. That statement sent cold fear through his heart, but it was quickly replaced by hope when he learned through the wise old Mary that the huntsman served up the heart of a wild boar and not the heart of his love.

Ice moved faster through the woods, trying to distance herself from the man who would soon learn the truth, and move closer to the woman that she ached to see dead. Her mind was consumed with memories of the past. Memories of always trying to look beautiful, of trying different potions that promised to enhance her beauty. She thought of how her husband looked the day he drank the poison that was intended for Sophia. Ice saw the look of shock on his face when she whispered into his ear, seconds before he died that the drink was to claim his daughters life, but for him to rest easy for his precious child would join him soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The storm moved in over the night soaking fields and covering paths with mud and muck. Rocky cliffs became slippery and animals scurried around looking for shelter as the winds picked up and tossed trees limbs around, breaking branches and scurrying them into the air. Leaves swirled, wind howled and lightning flashed.

It was with great speed that Richard grabbed a fresh horse and rode to where he'd seen the woman. Then he tracked her as long as he could before even the moonlight was no longer a guide, hidden by the thickening black clouds of the raging storm and the biting sting of the sleet and rain.

Hetta watched from the branches of a tree wanting to interfere, but knowing she was only allowed so much intervention. She'd returned to check on her charge, her gift to the new baby Aurora Ann hopefully would be useless, but something told Hetta that the foolish girl would get into trouble someday. For now though all Hetta could do was watch the life of Sophia White take a tumble.

The brothers left before the storm started, they wanted to get a head start on the trek toward Opal Hill. Ian and the others agreed that they needed to mine earlier than normal now that Sophia was with them. No one wanted to leave her alone for the long winter, so they all gathered their equipment and set out leaving Sophia and their warm home.

Ice used her powers and spoke to the dark animals of the forest and soon she was being aided by the black leopard of the night. He carried her toward Sophia, and when she saw the men leave, she knew her plan would work. With slow steps she moved up to the door of the cottage, the wind whipping her now straggly hair around her bent and broken body. Her swollen joints curled into a fist, and she knocked against the door of the building where her enemy stood unsuspecting.

Sophia heard the quiet knock and at first dismissed it, then waited and leapt to her feet when she heard the weak "Help" come from the door. She swung open the wooden barrier and the old woman fell into her arms. A basket of fruit rolled along the floor. Sophia cooed words of comfort to the old hag and led her to the living room, where a cheery and warm fire burned. Covering the frail looking creature with a blanket, Sophia quickly returned to pick up the fallen fruit. "Here wise woman," Sophia said as she pressed a warm mug of cider into the cold bent hands.

Ice watched Sophia move about the room, her body healthy and strong, so unlike Ice's. She saw Sophia's beauty and marveled at how it seemed to have grown more lovely than before. How is that? She wondered to herself, feeling the putrid level of hate continue to fester and infect her soul. "Here my lovely child, eat of this fruit. A gift of thanks from this old woman." Sophia bit the offered fruit, her tongue swelled, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she fell to the floor.

Richard felt his heart tear in two, and he knew that something had happened to Sophia.

Ian stopped and his brothers all turned toward the path that led to the cottage.

Hetta closed her eyes, and a single tear fell.

Ice laughed, tears of joy coursed down her face and she stood up. Her eyes rested on the fallen figure and she twirled in happiness. She ignored the aching of her bones to trample over her happiness while she watched Sophia's last breath leave her. Ice shouted with glee and pulled open the door to the cottage. She hurried into the night but stopped short when she saw the lanterns moving quickly toward the cottage. She counted them, and cursed.

Robbie saw the figure leave the cottage and he chased after it, as did Deak, Derrick and Allen. Ian, Mark and Mac ran fast and reached the cottage. Each one tore into the room and fell to their knees. Their eyes rested upon the fallen beauty, her skin more pale but just as beautiful in death as in life. Her lips still moist from the juice of the apple that lay next to her lifeless body. Her delicate, yet thick lashes covered her azure blue eyes that each man knew showed laughter and passion at the same time. Ian was the first to move, he stood up and bent down, gathered her in his arms and cradled her close.

Mark and Mac watched as Ian lowered himself and the woman in his arms to the rocker and he proceeded to weep while he rocked the angelic figure in his arms. They moved outside, leaving their brother to his moment of grief and sorrow, each one knowing they would have their own times to say goodbye. Lightning lit up the sky and they turned at the same time. Each ones eyes widened as they looked up and saw the shadowy figure of four men and a bent old woman at the top of a high cliff edge.

Robbie reached the hag first, and he knew she was the evil woman that tormented Sophia before the blissful days that she experienced at the cottage. He and his brothers ran after her and they reached the edge of the cliff knowing she'd not escape punishment.

"Come down with us, you vile creature," Deak shouted, only to be seconded by his twin.

Ice cackled and lifted her arms to speak a spell of evil and destruction on those that pestered her. A lightning bolt filled the air and slammed into the edge of the mountainside. Ice stumbled, her hands reached out but grasped only air as the brothers reached for her as well. The men on the cottage porch watched the woman fall, saw her body spinning in the air, and though they did not hear it, they knew she'd crashed against the jagged rocks below. Their eyes moved back to the figures highlighted by the moon that was suddenly free of the clouds. Mac and Mark watched their brothers carefully make their way back down the mountainside.

When the men all gathered together on the porch, dawn was rising, and Ian was bringing out the body of Sophia. His eyes were bloodshot, his hands white from the death grip he held onto her with. Robbie took her from his arms and watched Deak and Derrick lead the eldest brother to the clearing that they arranged for Sophia's body to lie in. Though she was dead to the world, to them she was too beautiful to just toss away without allowing the world to know her story. Each one mourned her, keeping the erotic images as well as her smiling face and sing song voice locked inside their minds. It was the stirring of a gentle breeze that forced Robbie to turn his attentions to a glow that seemed to come from the forest.

Slowly his brothers became aware of the same glow, and they all turned as one. They looked upon the growing image then sank to their knees in respect for the beautiful blue haired woman who slid through the air. Hetta smiled softly at each one, noting their futures and feeling happy that each man would find a special place in her fairy tales. For now though she'd been granted permission to turn this tragic story into the ending that all good people deserved.

The brothers watched as the creature moved to Sophia's dead form, and they continued watching in awe as the pale haired lovely sang words of peace, healing and slumber. Then in a great flash of light that sparkled everywhere, they stood transfixed as the lovely Goddess disappeared.

Richard saw the flash of light, and he hurried toward it. His sword was raised when he exited the forest, and he moved to slash through the seven men, fear gripping at his chest that they'd hurt his Sophia. He stilled as the men parted and revealed the woman he met in the garden approximately one week ago. Richard felt his heart grow heavy; tears formed in his eyes and began a steady stream down his face. Dismounting from his horse, he dropped the sword and stumbled to the raised platform where his dead love now rested.

The brothers watched as the stranger gathered Sophia into his arms and kissed her red lifeless lips. They did nothing to interfere, sensing that this was the part of Sophia that none of them ever actually reached. None of them doubted her kindness, compassion or love for them, but each one now knew deep down inside that as they taught Sophia about her body, and her desires, she kept one place inside her locked away where only this man could penetrate.

The air rushed over the couple, the man breathed deep the sweetness of the woman he held in his arms, and he felt her lips return the fevered kiss he placed upon her lips. Richard wept openly as he felt the life return to Sophia's body, and he cried out his joy. The brothers looked up, their mouths slack jawed as they saw the raven-haired lovely's arms wrap around the stranger's neck and kiss him with a needy passion. Each one bowed as they realized that in Sophia's arms was the man she was to wed, Prince Richard of Warwick.

She rose from the high placed perch that the brothers rested her on, and she walked toward them. Her eyes reflected the love she felt for each one, and she cupped their cheeks. Sophia's lips touched the faces of every brother, and whispered words of gratitude and love caressed their ears. Richard rose to his feet, mounted his horse and reached down for his lady love. He pulled her up to him, and rode toward home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Richard traveled for hours, Sophia pressed to his side and his eyes never leaving her face, expect on rare occasions to mark where they were traveling. His fingers caressed her side as she lay pressed against him, his other hand remained curled around the reigns of his horse. He kissed the top of her head often, inhaling the scent of her hair, and skin. "I thought I lost you," he whispered against her, suddenly stopping his horse and bringing her lips to his.

He traced her lips with his tongue before giving up the need to move slow and savor her. Richard lost what thin grasp of patience he'd possessed and soon was driving his tongue into her mouth. He retraced the paths his tongue took days before, relearning each crevice of her mouth, tasting the morning air, and Sophia.

She turned her body to face his and her fingers moved into his hair, locking him to her. The kiss begged of need and desire, and soon she was feeling his hand upon her skin, as his fingers danced slowly under her gown and caressed her thighs. Sophia moaned into his mouth, her tongue dancing and battling with his. She tasted perfect, and she knew he'd been the core of every lesson she learned from the men at the cottage, men that would always be friends to her, and lovers in her heart.

Sophia ran her hand down Richard's chest and over his nipples. She pinched one then the other, teasing them through the fabric. Richard growled, left her mouth, and captured the sensitive place behind her ear. He sucked her flesh, bruising it and marking her as his. Sophia opened her legs further and she groaned when she felt his warm palm lay over her pussy and begin a steady rub over it.

The horse they were sitting on shifted on his feet, distracting Richard long enough for him to look away from Sophia and off toward the mountains. He left her sex, and gathered her close to him as he led the stallion to the cave he saw at the base of the mountain. Sophia kept her hand moving over his body as he directed the beast. Her slim fingers rubbed back and forth over the swollen shaft that begged for her to continue caressing it.

The cave was quickly reached and Richard pulled her hand from his shaft, he bit the inside of her palm, licked the bite. He dismounted and gathered her to him, lifting her easily into his arms and let her slide down his body. Richard grabbed his bedroll, then his hand stilled as he felt the cool air hit his cock. His eyes closed when he felt the warmth of Sophia's mouth envelope his head, and her tongue began to circle over the head. He gritted his teeth and used the stallion for support while his love began to roll her mouth over the head of his sex.

Sophia took the opportunity she'd been given, and when she felt his cock pressing against her, while she slid down his long body she just allowed herself to continue sliding until she sank to her knees. Her fingers worked quickly to expose the hot flesh that she longed to taste and feel. Her tongue treated the head to long licks and strokes before she sucked on the swollen tip. She released the rod, and ran her tongue up and down the length of Richard's shaft. With slow deliberate moves she traced the extended veins, and nipped at his flesh, before sliding her mouth down further.

Her fingers wrapped around his cock and her other hand lifted his testicles. With lazy laps of her tongue she licked over the sac and traced each crevice, breathing in his scent as she did so. Determination set in and she gathered the royal jewels into her hot mouth, began to suck vigorously on the ever tightening package. Rolling the spheres in her mouth she lavished each one with tantalizing movements while her hand moved swiftly up and down on his hardened muscle.

Richard gripped the bedroll tight, and watched his balls fill up his betrothed cheeks. He felt the heat of her mouth, the rolling wet pleasure of her tongue and the increasing speed of her hand on his cock, and he marveled at her talents. He gazed in awe as she took her time in bringing him to a point of release then slowed her movements till he felt the urge to give up his seed diminish slightly, only to be brought to a fiery need again. For a fleeting moment he thought of the men who surrounded his Sophia's body, but he dismissed them when he felt her mouth leave his balls and replace the emptiness of her mouth with the hot, thick shaft of his sex. She was his now, and that was all that Richard cared about. Nothing would interfere with their lives now.

His fingers left the bedroll and curled into her thick black hair. Both of his hands gathered the thick curls into his palms and he began to show her the tempo he wished for her to perform on his massive rod. He felt her mouth take him and he continued to push her head deeper over his rod, until he felt her nose nuzzling the hairs of his sex.

Sophia's hands came to Richard's hips, rested there and locked herself into his crotch while her throat welcomed him fully and deeply into its warmth. They moved as one, he pushed and pulled her up and down on his cock; she sucked and stroked using her teeth to graze along the sides of his cock, as her tongue pushed against his hot skin. Fucking him quickly and with renewed vigor and passion Sophia was soon accepting his seed and feeling it warm her throat as it splashed against her cheeks and traveled down to settle in her belly.

"Sophia," Richard groaned as he felt her hand squeeze his balls, and her mouth continue to pull every drop of fluid from his sex. He tangled his fingers in her hair, stroked the silk strands and shuddered as he released another stream of come into her warm cavern.

She licked clean the softening rod, kissed it with long slow strokes of her tongue and her lips. When Sophia heard her name fall from his lips she felt the passion inside her erupt and she knew that Richard would be all she would ever need. Her eyes looked up to him, her knees still rested solidly on the floor of the forest.

"Come here my Love," Richard told her, his voice thick with emotion. He watched her lick her way up his body, until she stood against him. Pulling the bedroll from the horse and taking Sophia's hand he walked her to the cave and quickly explored it, while the passionate woman waited outside. Soon Richard returned to her, and took her to the back of the cave. The cool temperature did little to lower the heat of her aroused state. When they reached the bedroll, spread out for the two lovers, Sophia's heart quickened and her body flamed up once more.

Richard cupped her cheek and kissed her gently, before lowering her to the cave floor. The moistness of the damp cave was absorbed into the covering and chilled Sophia's skin, bringing shivers of pleasure though her. She watched Richard remove his clothing as she released the ties and buttons of her gown. She opened the fabric, exposing her flesh to his eyes, as well as the cold air. Her nipples hardened with anticipation as she watched him drop to one knee then the other.

Sophia felt the touch of his fingers waltz across her thighs and travel onward toward the center of her sex. He trailed one finger between the slick folds of her pussy, then bent his head down to taste the rosy nipple that was peaked with desire. Long laps of his tongue ran over the rosy bud, while his fingers moved over her clit, and then dipped into her wet hole. He pushed further in, his mouth devouring her breast as his fingers made lazy strokes along the fleshy thick sides of her pussy.

He continued to tease her with bites and kisses, pulling gently on her nipples and moving from one to the other, until he felt her body arching and her breath coming in gasps. "Richard," she moaned, gasping for air, and thrusting her hips against his hand, grinding back and forth on his fingers. "Faster... please faster... I can feel... oh Richard. Please" Sophia begged in a voice she could barely recognize. Her fingers curled into fists as she squeezed his fingers tightly locking him inside.

Richard twisted deeper and screwed her sex with fast movements, until she cried out and covered his palm with her fluids. His eased his movements, ebbing more honey from her slick walls. His cock ached and he left the hot furnace of her sex, straddled her hips and drove his dick deep into the come soaked pussy. Richard's eyes clenched tight as he drove deeper with every thrust, impaling her and digging his fingers into her hips as he lifted her ass and took her back to the high cliff she'd crashed over moments before.

Sophia's legs wrapped around Richard's waist and she locked herself tightly around him. She felt each stoke of his cock, felt the head of his swollen sex slam into her, and her nails dug into his skin. She brought her lips up to cover his neck in kisses. Her teeth bared themselves and she bit his salty flesh. Her tongue lapped at the bruise and she felt the waves of heat simmering and rolling to a boil.

Richard moved one hand from her hip, and pushed it between their joined bodies. His fingers rubbed against the nub of her sex, twisting and teasing the swollen clit. His cock continued to hammer inside her, scraping the sides of her pussy and moving faster with each thrust. Soon he felt the wave of semen leave him and he collapsed over her body, his mouth locking onto hers, and his tongue battling with hers for ownership.

As the hot seed coated her sex Sophia screamed his name, felt the waves of lust roll through her and she too climaxed. Her come left its mark on his cock, coating it with sticky juice that eased his shaft in and out of her, bringing tremors of desire and more rushes of fluids from deep within her. She held him close against her, feeling him cover her neck and shoulders with kisses as they both came down from the rocky cliff, and gathered their thoughts together.

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