tagSci-Fi & FantasyFairy Tale Fuck Fights 03

Fairy Tale Fuck Fights 03


Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep . . . . which really pissed her the fuck off.

Little Bo Peep was the baddest pimp in the entire kingdom, and she knew how to keep her little 'sheep' (prostitutes) in line. Although she was only 23 years old she had completely conquered the sex-trade years ago, and had been running the game since she was 19. Anytime a prince got a blowjob, she got paid. Anytime some bored housewife needed some young cock while her husband was at work, she got paid. Anytime some loser virgin needed to buy his first pussy, she got paid. Anytime a peasant so much as peeked through a keyhole at some young maiden stripping naked, Bo Peep made sure she got paid.

Little Bo Peep was obsessed with getting two things: money and respect, and God help the poor idiot who refused to give her either.

As she strutted through the village in her pink platform-heels the villagers cleared a path for her as if she were royalty. There was no mistaking Little Bo Peep for anyone else. She was almost six feet tall (the name 'Little' being somewhat ironic), slender as a willow tree but for a big, juicy ass and two giant tits like watermelons. Her curly golden blonde hair bounced under her frilly lace cap, and her evil blue eyes sparkled with erotic cruelty as her swollen, puffy lips sneered in arrogant distaste. Her giant breasts were barely held back by a tight pink latex corset that was always at the verge of bursting open. A frilly white skirt barely covered her award-winning ass, and the pink thong she had on rode high on her bare, muscular waist. Her long legs strutted threateningly as she walked, as if every step was crushing a pair of invisible testicles beneath the heel of her feet. The sight of her was impossible to ignore, and she was both terrifying and arousing. She carried a long white shepherd's cane in one hand, sometimes using it like a walking stick, but in truth it was really a weapon. A long series of tallies running down the side counted the number of testicles she had busted with it, and the number of pussies she had violated with its thick, phallic tip. She wanted everyone who saw it to know the score.

A busty older woman approached Bo with a happy smile, handing the young pimpette a small pouch of silver coins. "Thanks for sending those young studs over to my place last night Bo. They really wore me out. Next time I'm going to have my worthless husband watch. Maybe he'll learn something."

Bo laughed haughtily. "I actually teach a seminar for small-dicked men. I teach them how to eat pussy and how to hold a vibrator properly. You know, things they can manage. It's expensive but it's worth it."

The busty villager bit her lip. "I'll have to think about it. I guess I could sell some of his things to pay for the class."

"By the way, have you seen Marie, that little black-haired slut I've had working for me? Bitch hasn't paid me her dues this week."

The woman shrugged. "Sorry, but I've been recovering all morning from the cock-pounding those boys gave me last night. Go ask my niece though, Bebe. She works at the candy shop. I hear she and Marie have been licking each other's pussies almost every night for the last week."

Bo was not happy to hear that. Bebe was her own person, she could fuck whoever she wanted, but Marie was Bo's slut, her SHEEP. No one so much as looked at one of Bo's sheep without paying up.

"Thanks bitch," Bo said, and she exchanged a quick, tongue-filled kiss with the older woman, enjoying the taste of semen on her breath. As Bo walked away the milf was practically hypnotized by the swagger of Bo's perfect ass. The milf wanted nothing more than a night with Bo, in truth, but even kings went poor just paying for a night with the Bad Bitch Bo. She'd probably have to sell her husband's farm just to afford a quick finger-fuck . . . not a bad trade.

Bo strutted into the candy shop as if she owned the place, walking right behind the counter and up to the petite 18 year old brunette with pigtails who must have been Bebe. She was a cute little cherry, with a young angelic face but a tempting little body that was just starting to fill out. Bebe knew exactly who Bo was, and she knew to be afraid.

"Can . . . can I help you?" Bebe stuttered.


The back of Bo's latex-gloved hand smacked across Bebe's face, sending the poor girl sprawling against the counter, knocking several glass jars of candy shattering to the floor. Bo held her down and reached under her skirt, violently inserting two latex-clad fingers into the younger girl's anus, making Bebe squeal.

"You been fucking my ho?" Bo yelled. "You been fucking my ho and not paying, your little retard?"

Bebe squalled and cried as her ass got roughly finger-fucked. "Eek! Eeeeekk! No! What . . . what do you mean?"

"Marie! Your aunt just told my you've been getting your chin wet in my sheep's little cunt every night. Her pussy costs five silver pieces a hit, you fucking thief!"

"But . . . but Marie's my girlfriend."

Bo gasped in offended disbelief. "Girlfriend? Girlfriend? My sheep aren't allowed to have girlfriend, or boyfriends, or fuck-buddies. They have clients. And clients have to pay!"

Bo slammed Bebe's face against the countertop before roughly drawing her fingers from the girls' perky little ass. Bo went to the cash register and opened it, counting the money inside. Assuming that Bebe and Marie had gone at it every night for the last week, that meant she owed her for five silvers for seven nights. That was 35 silver. The cash register only had 23 silver and a few copper pennies.

"You owe me another 12 silver for all that pussy you've been chewing on, plus another 5 in interest, you fucking pussy-thief."

"But . . . but . . I barely get paid that much a week, and all that money belongs to my boss. He'll have me arrested if you take it."

Bo chuckled. She suddenly noticed that there were three young men in the candy shop, all sitting at a table and staring at her in terrified arousal, each sporting a tent in their pants. She grabbed Bebe by one of her cute little pigtails and dragged the girl from around the counter to where the boys were. Bo held little Bebe in front of the horny, scared young men like she was a piece of meat for sale, and then with brutal efficiency Bo shredded the delicate dress Bebe wore from her young, supple body, leaving her completely naked except for a tiny thong of white lace that was bunched up between her firm ass-cheeks.

"Pretty cute, don't you think?" Bo asked the boys.

The nodded in agreement, too scared to contradict Bo.

"If I had a fresh piece of candy like this working for me, I'd easily change 10 silver a hit, but I'm feeling generous. What do you say to 2 silver each, and you three can gang-bang this little slut all you fucking want?"

The boys were nervous. They had all been harboring secret crushes on the cute candy girl, but it was pretty well understood that she was only interested in other girls. In their darkest moments they had all considered raping her, but despite hellish bitches like Bo Peep, most of the people in the kingdom were morally good, if quite perverted. There was no denying Bo Peep though. An icy stair from her evil blue eyes told them that if they didn't gang-bang Bebe it would be them being raped up the ass later. One by one they stood, and undid the fronts of their pants, unleashing three turgid young cocks. Bo happily noticed that one of the three was actually quite large, approaching nine inches, and as luck would have it he was decently handsome. Bo made a mental note to recruit him later for her flock. She was already calculating how much money he would net her.

Bebe was crying, the sight of three hard cocks filling her mind. "But . . . but . . . that only adds up to 6 silver."

Bo pinched Bebe's cheek. "What a smart little girl you are. That's right. And you need 40 silver to pay back your boss and me. That means once you're done here you'll have to fuck 17 more boys to get out of debt. I guess you'd better get started."

Bo grabbed Bebe by the ass and practically tossed her onto the table.

"Oh . . . and do you know where the fuck Marie is right now?" Bo asked in a sweet voice.

Bebe cried. "If . . . if I tell you will you let me go?"

"No. Of course not. I'd still need to get paid in either case. But if you tell me right now I won't have to shove my whole seven-foot shepherd's cane up you tight little cunt, now will I?"

Bebe's lips trembled. "She's . . . she went to Old McDonald's farm . . . to meet her boyfriend."

"A boyfriend and a girlfriend," Bo gasped. "What a busy little slut she's been. Alright, well I'll get on my way. You boys enjoy your gangbang, and take your time. I've got a feeling this girl's going to need a lot of breaking in."

Bo laughed evilly as she left the candy shop, the sounds of Bebe choking on one thick cock as another penetrated her hetero-virgin-pussy filled the air. Bo loved being a twisted, evil bitch, and the things she was going to do to Marie would make Bebe's forced gangbang seem like a merry-fucking-picnic by comparison.


No sooner did Little Bo Peep come open Old McDonad's barn that she heard the sounds of some very intense, passionate, almost violent sexual congress occurring within, the heavy sound of flesh smacking against flesh, and of soft, feminine voices moaning in orgasmic ecstasy. As she got closer to the barn door she expected to smell horseshit and cow-farts, but the only thing the air stank of was massive amounts of sex, the pungent, salty smell of release. As she got closer she saw a naked body resting on a pile of hay outside, glistening with sweat and gasping from exhausting. It was a young woman with short black hair and a petite but curvy little body. Cum was oozing from her busted cunt, and more coated her face.

It was Marie.

Marie didn't notice her mistress until it was too late, and Bo already planted one platform heel onto the small of Marie's back, pinning her to the ground like a bug.

"B-B-B-Bo!" Marie trembled, choking up bubbles of semen as she stuttered.

"What. The fuck. Are you doing here?" Bo hissed, cruelly grinding her heel into Marie's back.

Marie whimpered. "I was . . . I was just . . .," but Marie couldn't think up a good excuse. She was too exhausted from the marathon of sex she had just endured. "Oh mistress, I'm so sorry. Please forgive-"


Bo silence Marie by taking her heel off of her girl's back and then slamming it into her face, knocking her out cold. Marie collapsed to the ground, lifeless but for a single whimper. Getting to kick this disloyal little slut in the face made Bo feel a little better, but she was still pissed that she hadn't been paid for what clearly had been some truly epic sex. She left Marie there, unconscious on the ground, but promised that her suffering had only just began.

Bo left her white shepherd's cane leaning against the barn wall, right in view of the unconscious Marie. Should she wake up, the first thing she'd see would be Bo's famous weapon, and she'd know the level of painful pussy-punishment that would be in store for her if she tried to run away.

Bo pulled the barn door open, using all the muscles in her slender back just to get the heavy thing to budge, thrusting her tits in before her, and instantly she was almost knocked out by a wave of sexual aroma. The stink of cum and sweaty bodies was so thick it made her dizzy, and the temperature of the barn must have been ten degrees higher than the cool air of the countryside. It was sweltering and damp, and the air was so sticky she could feel it clinging to her skin. It was almost as if the barn had been transformed into a giant cum-filled cunt, a veritable jungle of lust.

The floor of the barn was littered with naked female bodies, all different in age, size, and skin color, but every single one of them was sexy as hell, and Bo recognized every single one of them. They were her sluts, her sheep, her flock. They were all panting heavily, some were even crying as they clutched their battered cunts and assholes, some of them still groping one another in post-coitus bliss, others completely unconscious from mind-breaking sex.

Bo knew every single one of them. Brittney, Candy, Susan, Heather, Brittney Mae, Sandy, Sarah, Brittney June, Elizabeth, Giselle, Janet, Brittney Smith, Michelle, Brittney Lee (Brittney was a very popular name) Becky, Jasmine, Rose, Honey, and several others that Bo couldn't quite recall.

They had all been thrown about like discarded condoms on a porn set, but in the center of the barn, on a massive bed of hay, one girl was still going at it. Little redheaded Pepper was bouncing up and done on the biggest, thickest, veiniest, fattest, broadest, most mind-breaking, inhuman, blackest cock that Bo had ever seen in her entire life. And the man it belonged to was equally intimidating. He was a tall, broad, incredibly handsome and perfectly sculpted specimen of humanity, with bulging ebony muscles and smile that sent shivers through Bo's entire body. She couldn't believe the reaction she was having just from the sight and smell of this beast, but she could feel herself getting damp. Her knees were almost shivering.

"OH GOD THANK YOU!" little Pepper screamed as her once tight pussy exploded on the tip of the black demigod's ebony pillar. Her green eyes rolled back and she practically popped off him like a bottle-rocked, falling to the ground and squirting from her broken cunt. She shook around the floor in epileptic shock like a dying fish, screaming and crying about cock and cunts and sex and death. It wasn't quite clear whether the experience she was having was due to earth-shattering pleasure, or apocalyptic pain.

Once Pepper was done, and finally came to a comatose rest, the nightmarish stud realized that she was the last of his little flock. He had gone though every single slut he had gathered up that day, and yet they had barely felt like appetizers. There were no pussies left to tear open or throats to stuff. That was . . . except for this new bitch who had just walked in. He stroked in gigantic sex-weapon as he looked Bo over from head to toe, noticing the microscopic shiver that was running through her rigid body.

"Well, well," he said in a deep voice that vibrated in Bo's cervix. "What have we here. A little lamb late to the slaughter. Stop wasting my time, bitch. Take off those clothes and hop on. I like to test out my girls before putting them to work."

Suddenly it made sense to Bo. "You're a pimp," she gasped. "And you're trying to steal my flock."

The brute looked surprised for a moment, but then laughed. His laughter was like thunder echoing in the small, hot barn, and for some reason it made Bo want to kneel before him. "Wait. So you must be the famous Little Bo Peep I've been hearing so much shit about. These girls were all terrified of you when I first met them. Forced me to flex my nuts a little bit more than I usually have to just to get them naked and slobbering on my cock. But, haha, they don't look so scared of you anymore, now that they belong to me."

Bo's bright blue eyes sparkled in hatred as she snarled at him. "They . . . don't . . . belong . . . to . . . you. This is my fucking flock! MINE!"

Bo was panting so heavily in frustration that he large tits nearly exploded out of her tight latex corset. She was getting hot and bothered, both from sheer hatred and from the undeniable arousal of this man's presence. A warm trickle of sex-honey started to drip from her cunt and trailed down her leg. She hoped he didn't see that.

The black man didn't say anything. He just stood up, and stepped up to the angry pimpette like a massive, dark goliath. He was taller than her, not by much but that meant he was well over six feet tall, his muscular shoulders were so wide that he almost took up her entire field of vision. His giant cock was hard to ignore, bobbing in the air, as big as a strong man's arm. He was fucking huge in every way, and Bo wasn't sure if that excited or terrified her. He stank too. The thick smell of sex and pheromones was almost a physical cloud around him, and Bo felt like she was being suffocated just standing in front of him.

"Who the fuck are you?" Bo hissed, still trying to look dominant, but that was hard when she couldn't take her eyes of his massive meat-snake. She hoped she didn't look as horny as she felt.

"Why do you ask? Do you want to know what name to scream when I'm fucking your brains out? Do you want to know the name to tell your boyfriend is the reason you're breaking up with him? Do you want to know that name to tell all your little girlfriends when they ask what a real man is like?"

She stepped up to him, thrusting her big, melon-chest into his brick wall of black muscle, looking him dead in the eye.

"No. I want to know what name I should write on your tombstone . . . right under five big, bold letters spelling BITCH."

He chuckled, his laughter so deep that it rumbled in her chest like a subwoofer. Suddenly he leaned down slightly and kissed her, his strong lips prying her fat cock-suckers open, his strong tongue sliding in and easily subduing hers. It only lasted a moment but it sent an electric shock throughout Bo's entire body, ending in her cunt with a small, wet release. She squeaked a muffled protest as he essentially fucked her mouth with his tongue, and she jumped back.

"You fucking ox," she spat, although the taste was delicious. "I was already going to kill you for fucking my sluts, but now I'm going to do it slowly."

She grabbed at the frilly material of his puffy skirt and tore it from her body, and then did the same to her hat. She stood before him in her latex corset, thong, gloves, and thigh high boots, all bright pink. Her slender, athletic, and buxom body was quaking with rage as she panted heavily. She was ready to fight.

"Sluts!" she screamed. "Get the fuck out, right now!"

The dozen or so whores who littered the barn whimpered and bolted for the exit, except for a few who had to crawl because this man had simply fucked them so hard. Pepper stayed right where she was. She was completely knocked out by cock.

The black colossus chuckled again, and also took a wide stance. If this bitch needed to get slapped around before submitting to his thirteen inch bitch-breaker so be it. He was going to destroy this former queen-pimp, and then he'd lead her though the streets by a leash, with his name tattooed above her ass. After a parade like that there would be no doubt who was running the game.

"Baba Black Sheep," he said.

"Excuse me," Bo sneered.

"Baba Black Sheep. That's my name. Don't worry. You won't forget it after I've had it tattooed over that fine ass of yours."

She almost laughed. This guy was cocky, which was appropriate considering he had the largest cock she have ever seen. Even she could admit he obviously deserved to be a little arrogant. But that was about to change. There was a good chance that she was going to castrate him after this fight.

"Let's fucking do this," she said, and then charged at him.


Baba let Bo have the first one for free.

Her platformed foot came up as she high-kicked him in the head, her blow landing with a sound like a sledgehammer striking a brick wall. Her kick had been so powerful that she had expected his head to pop off, or for at least his jaw to break, but instead the only reaction she got was a small wince of pain.

"Holy fuck," she gasped, realizing what kind of opponent she was facing.

He grabbed her by the foot that was still resting on his massive trapezoid muscle and pulled it up even higher, causing her to lose her footing and almost dangle off the ground as her body was stretched into a vertical leg split.

Her body fell against his, her enormous breasts mashing against his hard chest, her hot inner-thighs pushing against his hot, ripped abdominals. Her big blue eyes blinked in disbelief as he firmly grabbed her by the waist and lifted her in the air, spreading her legs apart and extending out his knee. She saw what was coming.

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