tagSci-Fi & FantasyFairy Tale Fuck Fights 05

Fairy Tale Fuck Fights 05


NOTE: This story is a sequel to Fairy Tale Fuck Fights (3 or 5 depending on the website): Little Bo Peep versus Baba Black Sheep.


STORY TILL NOW: Little Bo Peep is the most badass pimp in her little kingdom, hooking up every prince and pauper with the penises and pussies of their choice, but recently another badass pimp has been muscling into her territory: Mary Contrary. Mary sent her 'Little Lambs' to take out Bo Peep's 'Sheep' one by one, either by seduction or violence, and slowly work away Bo's whole network of sluts and studs. Bo Peep confronted Mary's main enforcer Baba Black Sheep, a titanically muscular black stud with a cock like an elephant's trunk. Bo managed to fight and fuck Baba into submission with her tight white pussy though, and now she plans to use him to exact revenge on Mary Contrary.


Bo's room was a mess. Her giant king-sized bed was broken off of its post, the wall behind it was cracked, and her mattress was a damp swamp of sex. The floor was littered with torn scraps of lingerie and undergarments, and every flat surface was frosted with the residue of cocaine and molly. A couple of her most talented sluts were passed out on the floor, their perky breasts peeking up from the ground like fleshly pillows, and their pussies broken and sore.

Bo was pretty sore herself, although she was trying pretty hard not to show it. She was just stepping out of the shower, and her tall, hour-glass, bombshell of a body was still dripping wet and haloed with steam. Her short, naturally curly blond hair was already bouncing back up into shape, and the bite-marks and scratches that had marred her flawless alabaster skin were starting to fade.

She stood in front of her full-body mirror (which was recently cracked) and moaned in approval. Bo had never met a woman that aroused her as much as herself. Piercing blue eyes, puffy pink lips, big round tits that defied gravity, a long abdomen that subtly rippled with muscle, and a firm, strong ass like a prize mare. Her hairless pussy still looked nice and tight even if it had gone through the beating of lifetime these last couple days, and on the inside her womb felt like a punching-bag. Still, she wanted more. She had just gotten done showering off the layers of cum that had coated her body, and already she wanted more.

"You want more, don't you?" a deep baritone voice came from the ruined bed, sounding a little intimidated by the arrogant 23 year old babe. "Damn woman. You're insatiable, you know that?"

Bo giggled. "It's not my fault that I can't get enough of that big black cock, Baba. Besides, looks to me like you're up for it."

The man laying in the bed was big, black, and hung like an elephant. Bo was a tall girl at six-feet (even taller when she wore her platform heels) but Baba still towered over her like a gigantic ebony tree. His muscles bulged obscenely from his body, and his stomach looked more like dark brown washboard. It was his cock that drew the most attention though. A giant, pulsating muscle of black-purple flesh, that even limp hung a devastating ten inches from his powerful waist. When hard, Baba's cock was like a third-leg, or a muscular dwarf's arm flexing upward, the bulbous head as round and plump as an apple.

One thrust from Baba was enough to cripple some girls, but for the last two days Bo had ridden him like a pony and conquered him completely, and now the buxom young white girl had the big, bad, black stud wrapped around her little manicured finger. Baba couldn't quite explain it. He was strong enough to snap Bo's neck like a twig, or break her body over his knee like a piece of cheap plywood, but when Bo smiled at him with those evil blue eyes of hers Baba felt his courage and independence melt away, and his cock get hard.

Bo was a lot like Mary, Baba's last mistress, who had also conquered him just as utterly with her perfect body, who's hot little pussy sucked out his soul on the first night they met. They even looked the same, with very similar bodies and bust-size, but whereas Bo was blue-eyed, hotheaded, and a curly blond, Mary was green-eyed, ice-cold, and her hair was short, straight and as black as oil.

Mary wasn't quite as . . . unquenchable as Bo either. Mary would fuck Baba once a week to keep him hooked on her and to remind him that he was the bitch in their relationship. Bo had also made Baba her big, black bitch, but she hadn't been off of his cock for more than twenty minutes for the last two days. Bo had pumped more cum out of his giant balls in that short time then Mary would in a month.

"Fuck," Bo moaned, rubbing her pussy as she looked over Baba's prone body with a predatory smile. "I don't WANT more of that hot chocolate, I fucking NEED it!"

She walked onto the bed, stood on his chest, and then squatted over his face, pushing her puffy pussy lips against his his mouth.

"Get mommy wet, bitch," Bo smirked, reaching back and taking a hold of Baba's sore, tired cock. Even though his dick burned and his balls felt ready to implode, Baba still responded to Bo's electric touch, and within a fer merciless strokes he was fully hard, the tremendous size of his penis straining his foreskin back and unveiling the engorged purple head.

Baba did what he was told and he ate his mistress's pussy, plunging his tongue deep into her hot little sex-pocket. It amazed him that even after two days of wild, violent sex she still tasted as sweet as raspberries and cream, and her flower overflowed with sticky nectar.

"Oh God," Bo moaned in her husky, raspy voice. "You're tongue is bigger than most other men's cocks!" She began to wriggle on his face, rolling her wonderful ass over his chin and grinding him deeper into the pillows. Her grip on his cock tightened, and her stroking grew fast and mean. She leaned back and slid over, her pussy still planted on Baba's face, but now she was cradling his sledgehammer between her massive tits, and she kissed the big helmet of his cock, running her tongue around the flanged tip, and even penetrating into the slit of his urethra. Her jaw hurt trying to fit the whole thing in her mouth, but she did, and she was getting more comfortable taking the whole thing down her throat, although every time she did so it felt like someone was reaching down into her gut.

With hard, loud, enthusiastic slurps Bo bobbed her bouncing blonde head up and down the full length of Baba's ebony pillar, rocking her whole body back and forth over his, sliding her smooth stomach over his bulging abdominals. Bo didn't care that his cock was sore, or that she might even hurt him by pushing him to such superhuman limits of sex. Bo was a very selfish girl, and she only had sex for her own please. Baba was still going to cum though, Bo would make sure of that, but only because Bo wanted him to. She loved the taste of cum, and Baba's was especially thick and salty.

"Bo . . . Bo I'm-"

Bo didn't need for Baba to say it. He was cumming. His shaft was widening even more, and she could hear the spunk boiling its way upward from his groin.

She sucked down, and then slid up until just his bulbous helmet was in her mouth, and a second later her cheeks were swelling with his cum. He came hard and fast, and although she swallowed the first few gulps the rest exploded from her lips. She smiled and licked up as much as she could, but a good mouthful of it lubricated Baba's shaft.

"You're not fucking done yet," Bo said, licking her lips as she repositioned herself over Baba's spitting anaconda. He was still hard, a stud like him would be for another few minutes even after cumming. Bo loved that about him, that even after deflating his cock kept an impressive plumpness far behind the size of most men were when completely erect.

Bo bit her lip and giggled as she aimed his semen-soaked head up into her wet cunt, his cum and spit lubricating the impossibly insertion. Groaning deeply, she eased her body down, and let Baba's massive ramrod impale her, leaving a visible impression in her stomach.

"Oh yeah. Oh fuck yeah. So fucking big. Stay hard for me, bitch. Stay hard," Bo said as she began to bounce up and down on his cock, her big tits bouncing on her chest. "Don't you fucking go soft! Keep it up bitch!"

Baba was a large, powerfully built man, but right now he was whimpering like a little girl. He couldn't have gone soft even if he had wanted to, the very scent of Bo's arousing pheromones was enough to keep him hard. He was fucking her into the bed so hard that it began to slid across the floor, the already broken headboard banging against the cracked wall. Bo squealed and clawed at his chest, leaving long, slender scratches across his rock-hard pectorals.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Of fuck yeah!" Bo cheered orgasmically. Her blue eyes were rolling back in her skull and her tongue was flailing out. She leaned over and slapped him across the face, and then spat into his open mouth. "I'm . . . eek . . . I'M CUMMING!!!"

Baba was cumming to, but he was in too much shock and too tired to cry out. He just bit his tongue as bullets of sweat ran over his shimmering black body, and he felt his mind slowly slip away into unconsciousness. His cock exploded with hot, thick cum again, this with the very last his body could produce, and when Bo felt it she squealed in joy.


Bo stood up on shaking legs and quickly squatted over Baba's vacant face. Her hand was a rapid blur over her engorged pussy, and she was flicking her clit like it was broken light-switch.

"DRINK IT, BITCH!" Bo cried, and her pussy erupted all over his face, spraying him with a hot shower of girl-cum that left him drenched from head to mid-chest. Bo squeaked and squealed as she came, her long body shaking wildly from the power of her orgasm, and when it finally subsided she fell back onto his body, leaned back until her head came to a rest on his genitals, and she too slipped into a deep, warm coma.

Just before passing out though, Bo managed to whisper in a shaky voice, "I'm going to need another shower."


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Baba asked as he ate his breakfast of egg, steak, coffee, and toast. Bo was cooking for him, wearing nothing but an apron and her high-heels, and she was feeding him a very high-protein meal to get his spunk back. Baba was inarguably Bo's bitch, but she still wanted to cook from him. It made her feel feminine and sexy, and everything about this relationship was going to about what Bo wanted regardless of how Baba felt about it.

"Mary, Mary, quite Contrary wants to fuckign go?" Bo said, serving Baba more eggs and leaning over so he could see her vast cleavage in her low-cut apron. "Of course I want to take that bitch on. She's been muscling in on my turf for weeks and stealing my customers. She even sent you to take me out (and although I'm very happy at the way things have turned out) I can't have uppity little wannabes like her taking shots at the queen. Off with her fucking head, that's what I say."

"You know, she feels the same way about you."

Bo sneered, and for a moment it looked like she was going to slap her bitch. "What do you mean?"

"You've only been in the game for a few years, and you may have stuck to your own turf, but Mary's been at this for a decade, and she's had designs on this area for a while. When you sprang up and filled the void before she could it set her back a ways."

"Mary's got her own fucking turf to pimp on. What's she want my little hamlet for?"

"Jack's been upping his taxes recently, so if Mary wants to keep the lifestyle she's got she's needs to expand."

"Jack?" Bo asked with an arched eyebrow and a sexy sneer. "Who the fuck is Jack? I thought the prince's name was Charming or something faggot-sounding like that."

Baba put down his knife and fork. "You've never heard of Jack? Jack Horner? Jack the Giant-Killer? Jack the Pussy-Slayer."

Bo shrugged, causing her pink caps of her nipples to slip out of her apron. "Should I have?"

"Mistress, Jack Horner is the biggest criminal kingpin in the western world. They say he was born into poverty, but after stealing a magical goose that lays golden eggs from a cloud-giant he became incredibly wealthy. Unsatisfied with wealth, he became an adventurer, and then a conqueror, and then a slaver. He controls everything in the underground. Prostitution, drugs, weapons. Even kings are too afraid of Jack to cross him."

"And . . . what? Is Mary his underling or something?"

"Not until a couple years ago, when his territory expanded over hers. Mary didn't go along with it very willingly, but Jack can be . . . persuasive. Especially with women."

Bo couldn't stop a twisted smile from growing on her face. "He fucked her brains,didn't he? He dominated her?"

Baba nodded. "It was a contest, and Jack won. Mary's been his bitch ever since."

Bo bit her lip and smiled. "Just as Mary made you her bitch, and I then I fucked your big black balls empty and made you may sheep." Bo looked kind of excited. "Tell me something stud, am I a better fuck than Mary was?"

Baba looked frightened of answering the question, but when Bo started to raise her slender pimp hand (which looked delicate and feminine but packed enough power to slap a slut into next week) Baba quickly answered.

"YOU! You, baby, c'mon why you even gotta ask questions like that?"

Bo kept her hand up for a moment, but then lowered it. "Well, it stands to reason then, that if this old bitch Mary and I went clit to clit, I'd come out on top, wouldn't I?"

Baba wasn't confident about that. Before Jack nearly fucked Mary to death she had never been dominated before. Giants, ogres, and demons had all been brought to their knees by Mary's little tricks, and as excellent as Bo was at sex, she had only managed to defeat Baba by a narrow margin. But when Bo started to raise her pimp-hand again, Baba had to answer.

"YEAH! Yeah, baby. You'd fuck the shit out of that old hag."

Bo smiled. "That's what I fucking thought. And if I can put this Mary Contrary in her place as MY bitch . . . who knows . . . maybe even this Jack fucker might find out what it's like to be Little Bo Peep's submissive sheep."

"What are you planning?" Baba asked, noticing the evil sparkles of greed and ambition in Bo's beautiful blue eyes.

Bo licked her lips and took off her apron. "Get dressed. We're going visit this Mary Contrary, and find out exactly what makes her garden grow."


"Mary, Mary, quite Contrary,

How does your garden grow?"

"With big fat cocks, hard pink nipples,

And pretty sluts all in a row."

Mary's Garden was the most exclusive brothel in the small kingdom of Silvercockle, and at one time it had made Mary the most influential woman in the kingdom. If the pitiful Prince Cute (a more petite relative of Prince Charming) wanted to get his little dick wet in some hot pussy, he had to come to Mary. That was true of the king, the duke, the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick-maker as well. Mary had a preternatural eye for talent, and she had a taste for sweet pussy. Every starry-eyed peasant girl, wicked little witch, and enchanted princess that so much as skipped through Silvercockle got analysed by Mary's critical eyes, hands, and tongue, and if the little slut was to Mary's liking she'd recruit the bitch . . . one way or another.

But success attracted competition, which Mary had been more than content to deal with herself. A tough bitch like her didn't need enforcers or thugs to deal with the other pimps and trolls that tried to steal her Little Lambs away. She'd kick the ass of anyone who crossed her, and she'd leave them tied up in the public stocks with their pants around their ankles and their every available orifice stuffed with something long, hard, and uncomfortable.

Mary was the baddest bitch in town, and she answered to no one . . . that was until Jack came to town.

Things of course still looked the same. Mary's Garden was always being renovated and enhanced with lewd statuary, erotic paintings, and every kind of sex-toy, drug, and magic she could find in the Black Market, but none of it really felt like hers anymore.

Mary was at the moment sitting in her opulent cushioned chair, one that looked like a throne, leaning back and sipping at a glass of wine while she overlooked tonight's orgy. The floor before here was filled with hot, sweaty, sex-stained bodies writhing over one another, all of them fumbling in a hurried, aroused, almost panicked need to fuck each other senseless. The crowd was a strange mix of people, mostly human, but there were a few elves and ogres and such. All of the girls were perfect and sexy (being Mary's Lambs, they had to be) but many of the men were fat and ugly, with disappointing penises and hair in odd places. Mary saw past their physical features to what was really important though . . . their money.

These fat pigs would through their money at Mary's high-heeled feet just as quickly as their busted thier nuts, and once upon a time Mary got to keep all of that money for herself . . . but now . . . now more than half of it went to pay off Jack the fucking Giant-killer.

"Mistress," one of Mary's little lambs interrupted her drinking, a cute little brunette in a skimpy set of lingerie meant to look like a maid's uniform. "Jack's people are here to see you."

Mary seethed. "Have them wait in the hall," she commanded, her voice cold and deep.

The Lamp blushed. "I'm . . . I'm sorry Mistress, but they already went up into your bedroom. I tried to stop them but-"


The back of Mary's leather-gloved hand slapped the Lamb across the face so hard the slut was lifted off of the ground and she was sent sprawling across the floor. Mary got up and strutted by the prone slut, her footfalls nailing into the ground, her high-heels deadly enough to pierce like rapiers. The maid was trembling in fear, but all Mary did was pour her wine onto the girl's face and chest, and then dropping the glass for her to clean up.

When Mary walked the earth shook, but not because of her weight, she was actually quite tall and slender, but possessed a hour-glass shape that exploded around her breasts and ass. The earth shook because Mary had a swagger the oozed confidence and power. Her long legs pulsed with strong muscles, her ass swung threateningly like a wrecking ball, and regardless of what she wore over her chest, her nipples seemed to poke through with obvious dentations.

Right now she was wearing all shiny black leather. Her large, bubble-shape breasts were encased in a leather corset that threatened to explode with every inhale, and her ass was barely tamed by a tight leather skirt that had some frilly lace at the bottom to look like a peasant's dress. Her long legs and arms were covered by thigh-high boots and shoulder-length gloves, and the tips of her toes and heels were solid, sharpened steel. Her dominatrix look was finalized by short bobbed hair that was as black as oil, thick black-painted lips, and heavy mascara.

Mary was a sex-bomb waiting to explode, and most people knew to fear that . . . most people who didn't work for Jack that was.

Mary opened the door to her bedroom and found a small party going on in side. Several of her Little Lambs were there, some of them passed out on the floor and twitching in post-orgasmic shock, and the others being fucked nearly to death.

Jack normally only sent one of his enforcer's to collect his tax, but now there were four. Mary knew all of them.

Standing in the corner and snooping through her underwear drawer were two attractive twins, one boy and one girl, each of them blonde, blue-eyed, and sickeningly 'perfect' in that fairy-tale sort of way . . . other than the fact that they were both dressed like sluts.

Hansel and Gretel. Hansel was tall, well-built, and probably one of the most beautiful men Mary had ever seen, if you liked that sort of rugged-but-feminine look in a man. Mary knew she liked one thing about him though, and it was the tremendous bulge that hung halfway to his knee. Gretel was much shorter and skinnier than her brother, with an athletic build and perky, medium-sized breasts, and an ass that looked edible. Her body-type made Mary think of a gazelle, and Mary wanted to be the lioness that brought that sexy gazelle down.

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