Fairyland in Ruins


With a single motion, he slid in all the way, eliciting a long, satisfied moan from Fiona's parted lips. He filled her completely, stretching the walls of her long-neglected vagina to their pleasurable limit. Caolan had never felt such an amazing sensation of intense lubrication, coupled with the tightness of first penetration. His moan blended with hers, and he almost let her slip from his hands, but Fiona clenched her legs around him, preventing them from detaching. No longer in control of his body, Caolan felt his hips pull back, then press into her with a small thrusting motion. In response to this, Fiona writhed atop him.

"Oh, do that again," she begged, swinging her hips into his in a futile attempt to recreate the feeling. She wrapped her arms behind the tree, securing herself to it, as she was attached to him by her legs firmly around his waist.

"Oh, please keep doing that," she said again, leaning back onto the tree trunk, abandoning herself to him. Caolan took his cue; he grabbed her ass firmly in both hands and began to work in earnest. He started out small, with tiny movements that brought him barely out of the warm enclosure of her body, but gradually, he expanded the action to swift, shallow thrusts. Fiona's pleasure was evident in the rhythmic cries that escaped her lips; they were so exciting, Caolan could barely keep from coming just listening to her. Concentrating on his job, and her delight, he angled his body back so he could watch her face. An expression of total rapture was evolving there. Halfway between ecstasy and pain, it was the most seductive thing he could imagine.

Their bodies came together faster and faster, slapping against each other with loud, wet smacks. Sweat was rolling down Caolan's brow, as it beaded along Fiona's hairline. They were both straining hard to maintain their difficult positions. Caolan's arms were about to give out, so he allowed his chest to collapse against Fiona's soft breasts, as he contained the movements of his pelvis. Faster and faster, the tension building, the gasps and grunts increasing in volume and intensity, he could feel his climax building. He knew that when it came, he could do nothing to postpone it, so he only hoped Fiona was nearly satisfied as well.

That was no worry at all. Fiona had never orgasmed from just sex before, but something about the way her body was angled against her lover's made it so that with every thrust he stimulated not only the nerves on the inside, but all around her clitoris as well. Her mews of passion became more and more desperate as she felt the rising waves of pleasure that indicated the approaching pinnacle. Franticly, she jerked her hips down onto his once, twice, then let out a scream of surprise and release as her orgasm overtook her. Writhing like a trapped snake, she rolled her body and thrashed her head against the tree trunk as the intense pleasure kept coming.

Somewhere in the midst of this hurricane, Caolan performed the final thrust that sent him over the edge. He groaned deeply as he felt the rush of liberation from his body, and he thrust into her twice more, until he was entirely depleted. His strength gone with his semen, Caolan dropped to the cushioned ground, pulling Fiona on top of him. They collapsed in a pile, their breath coming in tandem gasps, hearts racing.

For some time, they lay like that, the breeze chilling their sweating bodies. At length, Fiona's pulse slowed enough for her to move again, and she languidly rolled over atop her lover. He was staring at the sky, obviously trying to get his wildly beating heart under control. When he saw her looking, he tilted his chin down to regard her.

"God bless America," he intoned, a grin lifting one corner of his mouth. Fiona laughed at that. Caolan had never seen a prettier smile in his life.

"I've always had this idea of Ireland as an enchanted isle; you just proved it," she admitted shyly, "I imagined this place as fairyland, and myself as the Fairy Queen, dancing all alone. Guess I forgot about the Fairy King."

"Well, damn, I thought fairies were just an old farmer's tale, but you made me a believer!"

Giggling again, Fiona pulled herself up to sit above him. She adopted a falsely severe expression, and shook her finger at him like a preschool teacher.

"This doesn't mean you're off the hook, Mr. Caolan Fahy. I expect you to take me to dinner in town tonight."

With a smiling groan, Caolan pulled her back down on top of him and let their lips connect. He slapped her ass playfully, which caused her to chirp in indignation.

"Woman, I'll take you to dinner, if you'd only tell me your name! I can't go around calling you the Fairy Queen."

As ridiculous as it was to introduce herself to the man who had just finished fucking her thoroughly, Fiona twisted her hand around to clasp his in a friendly shake.

"Fiona is my name. It's very nice to meet you," she said in a solemn voice. Caolan gently removed her hand from his and enfolded her in his arms, bringing her down to his warm chest.

"Miss Fiona," he murmured in her ear, "I can honestly say it's a pleasure to meet you."

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