It's the first day in port and you're excited because you don't have duty. Your "twin" comes up to you in one of the passageways and flags you down.

"Hey, I just saw Darkholme and he told me to give you this..."

She gives you an odd look, not realizing your connection. You take the small envelope, noticing that "Trinity" is written on the front in fairly neat cursive writing.

"Thanks, we're still going out today, right?"

She nods. You smile and wave, walking away.

You go to the aft galley, find an empty secluded table and sit down. Gently ripping open the tiny envelope, you pull a single folded note from inside.


Meet me at the hotel at 18. Ask the front desk for the key. Come alone. Wear something breathtaking.


You smile, thinking about what's legal, safe, and sultry. There's not much.

You head back to your birthing and change into a black dress that you have that fits loose but snug at the same time, thinking all the while of the zippers which will come in handy later.

You finish your hair and make up, choosing to leave your hair down and wavy despite the desert heat.

The day passes in town. You enjoy yourself well enough, but you watch the clock incessantly and you continue to try to think of a way to escape.

Amazingly, right around the time you need to sneak away your twin is asked to a party in the same hotel and she begs you to go.

You agree knowing there's enough time for you to make an appearance and then step out.

You get to the hotel and the room is pretty full. Music at a dull roar plays in the background and you are handed a beer at the door. Knowing his disapproval you pass it to your twin who takes it without blinking an eyelash. You check in with a few people, making a record of yourself in the room for anyone watching.

"It's time," you think, gazing impatiently at your watch as you head for the door. "I can't be late."

You head out and down, checking with the front desk. The key is in the attendant's hand in mere moments as he seems in on the whole arrangement.

You board the elevator, pulse racing. Looking at the stainless steel walls, you reach down and slide up both zippers on either side of your legs, ending right around your hips, a risque slit tantalizingly appearing.

The elevator door opens and you walk down the hall matching numbers. You have to walk all the way to the end of the hall to get to the room. You slide the key in and wait a moment. The green light flashes and you hear a satisfying "click" as the door unlocks itself. Pushing down on the handle, you slowly slide open the door.

You see absolute darkness. No lights are on, no electronics; The blinds are drawn tight, preventing any of the cityscape to pierce its inky blackness.

You feel, someone. You walk in, pulse hammering with nervous excitement. You step carefully, not wanting to trip over furniture. The chairs are moved though, clear space in front of the door.

As you walk your senses strain, but nothing: no sight, no smell, no sound comes to you. But you feel him watching you.

He paces around you soundlessly as you walk forward, you dare not even turn on a lamp. You know any such act would betray him.

You shiver at the feelings...the lust invading the room. You feel his thoughts as he tears you apart with his eyes, You know its just a matter of time.

You reach the bed, instinctively sitting as if commanded.

You feel him move behind you and without sound he wraps his arms around your body and his lips and teeth around your collarbone. Darkness seems to envelop you are you feel him draining...feeding.

Your head swims as you are overwhelmed by his intensity. He seems everywhere...inside your head, surrounding you. You orgasm without a single sexual penetration.

And then the connection is broke. You feel alive, aroused...on fire and wanting...needing him...lusting for more.

"Please...Master...I need more...I need you...Give me more..." You plead with the darkness, his presence once more fading into nothing.

"You are not ready, not yet. Now go."

His voice was firm, final. You have no choice but to rise...body screaming and you walk from the room, your head swimming.

You go back to the party in a daze...drinking a bit before collecting your buddy and heading back, but not without feeling him watching you all night...

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